Don't Waste Time on Boring Wedding Gifts! 10 Food-Related Gifts for Your Foodie Friends Who're Getting Married (2019)

Don't Waste Time on Boring Wedding Gifts! 10 Food-Related Gifts for Your Foodie Friends Who're Getting Married (2019)

Buying a wedding is a daunting task, especially if you are looking for something unique. But, if your friend is a foodie, consider it done. Below are gifts from speciality accessories to serving platters and even cooking gizmos. Whatever is your budget, we have something unique and attractive.

How to Give Food as Wedding Gifts

A wedding is that once in a lifetime, (in many cases even today!) event which marks the start of a new life. In India involves not just the life of the two people getting married but their entire family as well.We can go on about what that involves and the other myriad intricacies of an Indian wedding, big and fat or otherwise. But for the rest of us attending a wedding, what is the one thing that unites, holds and moves us? Food!

Wedding finery, presents and air kissing friends and family all take a backseat when the dining area is thrown open. Even before then, we have all been guilty of scanning the crowd to spot those bearing food and making a beeline in that direction. Which all goes to show that everyone has a soft spot for food. But if there are foodies involved, that soft spot becomes something of a love affair.

What kinds of food qualify a wedding gift?

  • Shop to impress: if there is a time to indulge in those expensive gourmet gift baskets, buy those gleaming and slightly intimidating kitchen appliances whose purpose is unfathomable to you, or go searching for books on exotic cuisines, this is it. You're not looking for regular food items you'd buy daily or even for festive gifting. When giving at a wedding it has to be the fancy stuff.

  • Leave out the outdated box of sweets: a box of mithai or even a box of gourmet chocolate doesn't cut it. Not even close. Those cute looking chocolate bouquets may make your sweetheart puppy eyed on Valentine's Day but unless you're a distant relative or acquaintance who was surprised to be invited, don't even think of it.

  • Read the expiration date: giving fresh foods with a short shelf life is a bad idea as the newlyweds will likely fly off for a honeymoon somewhere and even if they don't they will take a few days to sort through their gifts and figure out what to do with them. Locating a gift by smell (not the good kind) is not what you want for them. Trust us, they have far too much on their mind than to remember the large basket of exotic fruits you gave them on the night of their reception. Foods with a long shelf life, the kind that comes in jars that go on a shelf or will be fine even if found a month or two later are best.

  • Non-edible goodies: useful appliances, cool kitchen gadgets, fancy tools that need an entire booklet to describe what they do are some of the best things to gift foodies because as much as they love exploring food, they almost always want to try whipping up things in their own kitchen. While the rest of us are perfectly happy with well made fried chicken, they'd rather take a shot at making sous vide duck. They will receive unique kitchen tools with the same glee as a five year old given unfettered access to the candy store and their wedding day is the right time to give them that kind of joy.

Food Related Gifts to Give at a Wedding

There are a plethora of options available if you want to gift a food-related gift for a wedding. Let’s explore a few modern and attractive options out of the food-related wedding gifts.

Handcrafted Wooden Spices Container with Spoon


The square-shaped elegant Handcrafted Wooden Spice Container has nine equal compartments to hold different spices. The transparent fibre lid ensures that one can see the variety and quantity of the spices and also gives a very natural and classy look to the box. The box is airtight and a wooden spoon is provided with the container. It can be purchased from for Rs. 725.00 and can add a little spice to the life of the newlywed couple.

Master Chef Personalised Engraved Board


If you want the gift to be personalized with a name embossed on it, then consider this engraved chopping/serving board. This wooden board is made of fine quality wood and also adds up to the beauty of your kitchen. This Master Chef Personalized Engraved Board is available on for Rs.999.00.

Glass Food Storage Containers with Air Vent Lids- Set of 3-300ml, 500ml, 800ml


These Glass Food Storage Containers are a perfect gift for those health-conscious and environment-conscious people who don’t prefer plastic. Made from borosilicate glass, these airtight, leak-proof, freezable, microwavable and oven safe set of three food storage containers can warm food in seconds. The containers are dishwasher safe and hence cleaning them won’t be a challenge. The kitchen storage container can be used for storing, freezing, reheating, baking and serving. The containers are spill-proof and the air vent lid at the top of every container provides for easy release of steam. The set of three beautiful containers can be owned from Amazon for Rs. 1,125.00.

Wedding Gifts for Food Lovers

If you know that the couple and their family are big-time foodies, then don’t let them wait to prepare something on their own. Instead, gift something which can be opened and slurped instantly. Let’s have a look at few of such gift items.

Belgium Chocolate Box - 24pc


The Belgian Chocolate Box contains 24 delicious luxury chocolates. These chocolates are prepared from high-quality coverture chocolate beans imported from Belgium and are then processed through European machines to provide the same taste in India. These Chocholik chocolates are packed in special ice proof packaging which is melt-proof in all weathers and have a shelf life of ninety days. This chocolate box is available on Amazon for Rs. 1.399.00.

North Indian Cuisine Sweet Rajasthani Ghevar


One of the famous North Indian desserts, Sweet Rajasthani Ghevar is one delicacy from Rajasthan which is famous in entire North India. It is a disc-shaped sweet with a hole in the centre and prepared from flour, milk and sugar syrup. The disc is fried in pure ghee and then soaked in sugar syrup. Later on, it is decorated with finely chopped pistachios. You can order it from Amazon and a pack of two will cost you around Rs. 912.00.

Nuts And Roses Combo

Now, this is a gift which will satiate the three senses; taste, eyes and smell. You get twelve multicoloured roses beautifully bundled in a bouquet and half kg of nuts wrapped in a beautiful tray with four partitions and each chamber filled with different varieties of dry fruits. This combo is anytime better than gifting a plain bouquet. This Nuts and Roses Combo is available on for Rs. 1,399.00.

Food Serving Items for the Newlyweds

When the family sits together for dinner, they will surely talk about you if there is something on the table which was presented to them by yourself. These food serving items are a useful kitchen and dining utility and add beauty to the room as well.

Wooden Matt Briefcase Bar Set


An apt gift for those barbeque parties or the kitty parties at home. This Wooden Briefcase Bar set comes in leatherette finished matt look and is ideal for cocktails, mocktails and drinks etc. It creates a mini bar in minutes and has 1 hip flask, 1 tong, 6 glasses and 1 peg measurer inside the briefcase. This whisky set case is ideal for travel and picnic and also has a triple-digit password lock intact. The set can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 2,799.00.

Wooden Tray for Breakfast Coffee Butter Serving Table Decor


The set of Three Wooden Trays can be used for multiple occasions, be it the morning tea, guests at home, breakfast or even a family dinner. These premium quality rosewood trays look classy, can brighten up your kitchen décor. They are eye-catching on the dinner/coffee table as well. These easy to clean trays can be used to serve food, snacks or beverages to your guests and is available on Amazon for Rs. 1, 299.00.

Algeria Opalware Dinner Set, 14-Pieces


The Opalware Dinner Set is 100% vegetarian and bone ash free, made from food grade 100% hygienic material. The lightweight and snow-white utensils have a smooth surface, are lightweight and 100 per cent microwave safe and dishwasher safe. These are made of toughened glass (Opalware material) and hence are break, chip and scratch-resistant. The mirror-finished elegant set by Borosil has aesthetically appealing 4 Pieces Full Plate, 4 Pieces Soup Bowl, 4 Pieces Veg Bowl and 2 Pieces Serving Bowl and can be ordered on Amazon for Rs. 1,179.

Golden Colored 3 Tier Platter for Dining


The Porcelain Three-tier Platter for dining is a useful utensil when you are hosting a small party at home as it has ample place to keep your snacks and sauce etc. These hand-decorated, translucent and 100% euro fine porcelain plates are lead and cadmium free, dishwasher and freezer safe and are bone ash-free. This set is not only useful but also increases the beauty of your dining table. The plates are easily detachable and can be quickly assembled. The three-tier platter is available on Amazon for Rs. 1,790.00.

Kitchen Appliances as Wedding Gifts for Food Lovers

If the newlyweds are moving in together in a new home after marriage or will be living as a nuclear family after marriage, then these DIY food appliance gifts can be nice gift options. They are going to love these gifts because these appliances can make their everyday life easier by saving time and energy.

Automatic Electric Cooker with Non-Stick Cooking Pan


This Multipurpose Electric Cooker with Non-Stick Cooking Pan is surely a boon for busy couples. It can easily cook up to 1.25 kg of rice in one go and you can steam food at the same time. It has a convenient lid made of stainless steel and two plastic handles on the side which protects your hands from the temperature of cooker while lifting the utensil. It also has a keep-warm function, which can maintain the ideal temperature for up to 5 hours. The auto cooking feature lets you do other chores while your food is being cooked. You can also boil eggs, noodles, make pasta, boil sweet corns, steam momos/vegetables/ steam fish, chicken, prawns, curry, pulao and also cook Idli by installing an Idli stand inside the cooker. This automatic electric cooker by Panasonic adds elegance to your kitchen and can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 2,725.00.

Air Fryer


Oil-free, healthy cooking; Fry, grill, roast and bake with this Air Fryer by Prestige. It has temperature and timer control, a specially designed basket and a filter and safety button as well. With a capacity of 2.2 litres, it has ample calibre to fry snacks for a small party. You can cook oil-free chips, snacks, meat and even pulses in this air fryer. It comes with a safety switch which automatically turns off the air fryer if the basket is pulled out during the cooking process and then starts from the same point when it is inserted back, thus making it safe and user-friendly. It has an inbuilt oil and smoke filter which absorbs any excess smoke and oil and keeps your kitchen odour free. The frying basket inside has a non-stick coating and hot air is rotated evenly in the basket, so the food inside is cooked evenly. The basket can be removed and cleaned easily when not in use. Purchase this Prestige Air Fryer on Amazon for Rs. 4,398.00.

Pizza Maker


Let the newlywed couple enjoy time at home while they cook their favourite pizza at home. This Pizza Maker by Wonderchef not only can cook delicious pizzas but also makes mouth-watering uttapam, dosa, roti, paratha, pancake, frankie, poach eggs and cook any gravy dish. It opens to a complete 180 degrees and so you can grill on the top side and cook other dishes at the bottom side. The grill feature can be used to prepare sandwiches, kebabs, sausages, and tikkas. It has a faster heating option which lets you cook a pizza every 2 minutes. This pizza maker is made of aluminium and is quite easy to clean. This amazing utensil can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 2,400.

38 Litre Oven Toaster Griller with Rotisserie


For a party at home or for a family lunch, you need something bigger and this can be easily taken care of by this 38-litre OTG with Rotisserie. One can roast, bake, grill, toast and make many delicious recipes with the help of this OTG. It’s an absolute delight for non-veg lovers due to the inbuilt motorized rotisserie with forks for spit-roasting of meat. The 0-60 minute timer lets you plan and ensure that your food is cooked on time. The glass door and the illuminated chamber lets you see the food while it is being cooked. It also has an automatic thermostat, auto shut off and ready bell (when the food is ready) as the safety features. The OTG with Rotisserie is available on Amazon for Rs. 3,999.00.

From our editorial team

Choose Something Unique; And Personalize it;

No one wants a pass-on wedding gift! In case the couple has a wedding registry, you can choose one from the registry or something similar to it but within your budget. If you are unclear about what your foodie friend likes, it is better to choose something unique and might not be gifted by others. Personalized gifts work the best; they are likely to have a personal attachment when it is addressed to you. Gizmos top the list. It is not always you get a cooking appliance as a gift.