Versatile Ethnic Wear that Can Be Worn in Any Setting: Classic Nehru Jacket Combinations with Top Options Available Online (2021)

Versatile Ethnic Wear that Can Be Worn in Any Setting: Classic Nehru Jacket Combinations with Top Options Available Online (2021)

A Nehru jacket has undoubtedly become one of the most vibrant pieces of clothing in the men's fashion segment. It can be worn with almost any lower-wear, be it your casual pajama or a pair of skinny jeans. In this BP-Guide, we bring you some of the best Nehru jacket combinations, with tops options available online for you to choose from!

A Stylish Ethnic Option for Men: The Evergreen Nehru Jacket


Are you tired of wearing the same old, same old outfits when you want to show off your ethnic side but want to look modern too? Most of us wear a kurta pajama, a sherwani or if feeling a little too ethnic, then wear a dhoti, but you can now wear a Nehru jacket in different combinations and look stylish and trendy at the same time. You can wear a Nehru jacket by teaming it with your traditional or modern outfits to cocktail parties, a Sunday brunch, or even a grand wedding.

The Interesting History of Nehru Jacket

Nehru jackets are quite popular in India, but they have made a place around the world. They are very popular in our neighboring countries as well as in Western countries. Nehru jackets were named after Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. The major difference between a Nehru jacket and a normal suit jacket is its mandarin collar. The collar is kept short and is not turned down like other jackets.

Earlier in the 10th century, these jackets were more of a short shirt worn over a long kurta or a coat by men. It has evolved since then, although the structure of these jackets has remained the same. It is still made with a straight cut fit and has a mandarin collar. It was made in Khadi earlier, but now you can find them in whatever material you want.

Some people refer to a Nehru jacket as the Mao jacket. Mao jackets are made with a turndown collar, and four flapped patch pockets different from a Nehru jacket.

A Plethora of Options Today

With Nehru jackets becoming a prominent fashion trend, there have been many interesting innovations in its design. You can find these jackets made in linen, cotton, tussar silk, or velvet. They are made with various designs, be it embroidery, hand-painted, printed, etc. Nehru jackets look formal and elegant, and men of all ages can wear them comfortably without looking too dressed up. You will also find many women wearing them on salwar kurtas or even on saris. They are so popular now that you will surely find one in every man's closet.

Here we have compiled a list of some combinations of wearing a Nehru jacket as well as different styles of Nehru jackets you can get from the market and look really cool this festive season

5 Cool Nehru Jacket Combinations

Here are six cool Nehru jacket combinations you can wear to the next party and look hip. Men of all ages can wear these combinations. They are trendy and comfortable, and you can wear them to any occasion or according to your mood.

Team it up with a Classic Shirt

You can always wear a Nehru jacket with your classic shirt. They really fit in well together. Wearing any Nehru jacket color with a simple and elegant white shirt or any solid colored shirt will make you look very elegant and ready for a formal meeting. You can also look for a Nehru jacket made with denim and look very hip. Simply team it up with a pair of sneakers or a formal shoe, and you are all set.

1. You can buy this Allen Solly Maroon Nehru jacket. The jacket is sleeveless, and the jacket's stunning Maroon color looks good on men of all ages. It is a self-designed jacket which looks lovely with shirts. You can team it up with a pair of pants and look dapper. The jacket is available for Rs. 2,940 on

2. If you are looking for a smart formal shirt, you can check out this Poplin cream shirt from Turtle. This is a slim fit shirt made with sharp cuts. It has a front pocket and a spread collar. Wearing it under your Maroon Nehru jacket will complete your formal look. You can buy it for Rs. 995 only from

Nehru Jackets with Kurta Pajama

The only formal or traditional wear for men that is most used in the Kurta Pajama. It looks great, and even kids can wear it and look exceptionally cute. If you pair your kurta pajama with a handsome Nehru jacket, you indeed will look out of the world. It will make you look sophisticated and elegant. You can choose a Nehru jacket that matches your kurta pajama's color or go with a contract color. Either will look very trendy. Simply pair it with leather shoes or go with a vibrant Kolhapuri chappal and get ready. Here are two great looking sets with kurta pajama and a Nehru jacket for you to flaunt.


1. This black Dupion Kurta Pyjama Set comes with an attractive printed Nehru jacket. The kurta pajama is made of high-quality dupion silk, and the jacket is made with satin. The combination looks great as the black color-matched with a printed floral design will make many heads turn. You can buy this set for Rs. 1,873 from


2. Next very attractive and elegant set is the Gold cotton silk kurta pajama set with a very stylish blue Nehru jacket or recently called Modi jacket. The jacket has gold polka dots on it, making it a perfect match with the kurta pajama set. You can easily wear it to a formal event or a wedding if you like. This set is available for Rs. 2,499 on

Nehru Jackets with Slacks

Another great combination you can try is to wear your Nehru jacket with your slacks or formal pants. You can wear this combination to a family function or a casual meeting with clients. You can wear a plain shirt and pair it with a bold colored Nehru jacket. Try to wear a slack in tan color to make it look trendy. You can wear stylish loafer with it and look ready to go.

1. Check out this dark-colored flat front trouser, which you can wear comfortably. You can wear this trouser with your Nehru jacket and many other shirts and blazers to look very stylish. It can be bought for Rs. 1,999 from


2. If you want to turn this ensemble into something traditional or ethnic, you can pair it with this Linen cotton Nehru jacket. The Jacket is deep purple with a cool self-design which would look perfect with your navy trousers. Buy this jacket for Rs. 1,945 from

Nehru Jackets with Sherwani

If you are tired of looking at your favorite Sherwani hanging in your closet for years and don't know how and where to wear it, here's one excellent option. Nehru jackets look great on Sherwanis. If you have that basic Sherwani at home, then pair it with a cool Nehru jacket either in matching color or in contrast color to look hip. It will instantly add a whole new style to your plain old Sherwani. You can wear a pair of loafer shoes or a Punjabi jutti and look great with this Indo western look.


1. Check out this Neutral brocade Indo western set. If you thought that brocade was only for women, think again. This set is made to perfection. The kurta is made of brocade and silk, and the jacket and the inner kurta is in fawn color. It has a beautiful embroidered patch on its left side, which makes it look very ethnic. This set can be bought for Rs. 16,999 on


2. Another set you can buy is this Regal affair. This is a cherry blossom color-matched with the strong black color on silk looks exceptionally great. The jacket is made with an Indo western cut and will make you stand out in the crowd. The kurta in the set is bright red and is knee-length. It has a well-fitted churidar with it. The print on the jacket is unique and will make you ready for a wedding or grand event. You can buy this set for Rs. 15,999 from

Nehru Jacket With Jeans

Most teenage boys hate dressing up for events or parties. They want to wear their comfortable jeans everywhere they go and have their parents at their back demanding to wear something better. Well, now you can make your parents happy by teaming your favorite jeans with a Nehru jacket and look cool without compromising your comfort.


1. Check out this Capitol Nehru jacket from Mr. Button and wear it like a blazer. This is a lightweight cotton jacket, and you can easily wear it on different occasions. It will turn you into a sharp dresser. You can easily wear a T-shirt or a cool shirt under it and look stunning. Buy it for Rs. 1,449 from


2. Now look at these very comfortable stretchable jeans from Locomotive. This is a navy blue, dark wash jeans with five pockets. It is mid-rise jeans with a light fade style. The jeans are made with 98% cotton and 2% elastane, making them very comfortable to wear in any weather. You can buy this product for Rs. 949 from

5 Different Styles of Nehru Jacket You Can Sport

Here is a list of few very cool styles in Nehru jacket you can buy for yourself or for your dads and brothers to look cool and trendy in ethnic wear.

Craft a Look with Motifs

You can find Nehru jackets in various styles and prints, but one of the coolest prints is the motifs. Motifs make a Nehru jacket look very traditional and different from other jackets. They are usually in bright colors and catch a lot of attention. You can pair them with long kurtas, pair of jeans or even with your trousers and look confident. This style can be worn on different occasions like a pre-wedding party or a birthday party.


1. Check out this very cool blue Banarasi-print Nehru jacket. This is made with good quality fabric and is stitched to perfections. It has three pockets and will create an aura around you. The dark blue color with small prints on it goes well with any color kurta pajama or your jeans. It can be bought for Rs. 1,199 from


2. Want your son to look different this season or want his attire to match your ethnic attire, and then get him this cute couture sleeveless digital printed Nehru jacket with motifs on it. The jacket is made with silk and has a button closure. The jacket is comfortable, and the fabric is perfect for a handsome little man in your family. You can buy it for Rs. 999 from

Floral Nehru Jacket

Floral prints have always been in style and will be for many years to come. They look good on men of all ages and come in hundreds of colors and prints. A Nehru jacket with a floral design can be easily paired with a simple Kurta pajama, a pathani suit, and look stunning. They look classic and elegant at the same time.


1. This Beige Nehru jacket with light blue floral prints would look perfect on a kurta pajama. It is made from Khadi and has an unconventional open cut front without buttons, making it look unique. The jacket has one chest pocket and a curved edge. You can wear it with a navy blue straight kurta pajama or even with jeans and look very trendy. The jacket can be bought for Rs. 2,132 from

2. Another great floral Nehru jacket is this Ethnix Nehru jacket with a floral design. It has a mandarin collar and is made of polyester. The solid off white jacket with light blue flowers on it makes it look stunning. You can buy it for Rs. 3,495 from

Double Breasted Nehru Jacket

Another great style in Nehru jackets, which has become popular recently is the double-breasted jackets. They are more formal than a single-breasted jacket and makes you look slimmer than you are. You can wear them to formal, semi-formal events, to weddings, etc.

1. This stunning Jacquard Nehru jacket in olive green color looks great on men of all ages. It has a beautiful blue colored floral print on it, which makes it look even better. The double breast style makes it perfect to wear with your plain kurta pajama or with your jeans. You can buy it for Rs. 3,640 from

2. You can also check out this Jacquard Nehru jacket in Beige and brown color. This is a great jacket to wear in a formal setting or to a wedding. The jacket is made in Jacquard and has zari work on it, which makes it look exceptional. You can buy it for Rs. 2,457 from

Velvet Nehru Jacket

Velvet, yes velvet Nehru jackets are quite in demand these days. They look very attractive and goes well with different attires. They come in various solid colors and can be worn in formal or informal settings. You can pair them with classic shirts or kurta pajamas and look stunning.

1. This solid color velvet Nehru jacket in Royal blue color looks out of this world. It has a satin lining with buttons on it. You can wear it with your jeans and make your friends jealous. This jacket is available for Rs. 3,960 on


2. Another beautiful velvet Nehru jacket is this brown one. This is a double-breasted Nehru jacket that looks exceptionally stunning and goes well with kurta pajama or even with Sherwani. You can buy it for Rs. 1,444 from

Nehru Jacket in Checks

You can also wear Nehru jackets in checks. They look really cool and can be worn in professional settings. You can wear them with your jeans or with a simple kurta pajama.


1. The Maxence orange Nehru jacket with checks on it looks stunning. It is made in polyester, and the super attractive orange color goes well with different colors. You can buy it for Rs. 2,199 from


2. You can also buy this Navy, and Khaki brown slim fit checked jacket from Park Avenue. This is a single-breasted Nehru jacket. The combination of blue and khaki brown checked Nehru jacket with mandarin collar makes it a great buy. You can buy this jacket for Rs. 4,999 from

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Don't Forget to Get Matching Footwear!

If you are looking to buy a Nehru jacket for an event, such as for a wedding or a festive occasion, make sure you buy a matching piece of footwear that contrasts with your Nehru jacket to complete your look!