10 Cool Things to Give Your Teacher as Gifts for Christmas in 2019: They Spend All Day in a Classroom and Deserve Un-Boring Presents!

10 Cool Things to Give Your Teacher as Gifts for Christmas in 2019: They Spend All Day in a Classroom and Deserve Un-Boring Presents!

Let's face it, the first Christmas gift ideas that come to mind at the mention of 'teacher' are boring mugs, uninspiring stationary, maybe cake or something entirely unimaginative. For people who instill imagination in the minds of the young, you ought to put a little more effort into making them feel appreciated. So here's a whole bunch of stuff that will put your favourite teacher in a very good mood this Christmas.

Buying a Teacher Gift for Christmas: Make Them Feel Good This Festive Season

Christmas is an important occasion that puts everyone in a good mood. It is on this day that people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and more importantly an occasion to celebrate together. Everybody would love to receive a gift on Christmas from people that matter in their lives. Teachers will also be happy to receive gifts from their students.

It is said that teachers train the nation. Giving them gifts is a sign of appreciation for their efforts. Do not worry about the size and cost of the gift you offer to your teacher as most teach with no expectation of getting anything in return from their students. Above all, teachers handle a lot of headaches and disturbances from their stubborn students and yet try to correct them accordingly for a better tomorrow. Offer them gifts in the Christmas festive season to make them special.

When you give teachers gifts, you strengthen the bond that you share with these teachers. Seeing that a teacher benefits from your gift will bring a sense of gratefulness and appreciation in your life. Giving a gift to the teacher without expecting anything in return will trigger acts of kindness in your child’s life as they witness someone showing genuine care for others.

Be Careful While Choosing

Picking out a gift for a teacher needs careful though as there are several aspects you need to keep in mind so it does not become embarrassing or awkward. Don't buy gifts that are too expensive, too personal or intimate in nature or that are very unique in some way. You do not know the person well enough so you be careful that your gift does not cause offence or cause issues for them in any way. Keep the gifts formal, sober yet thoughtful.

Making the Gift Count: Add a Personal Touch

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If your child is young, buying a gift for his or her teacher is mostly likely your choice and responsibility! After all your child is hardly going to be able to plan and buy something. However, do make sure to involve your child in the process. Talk it over with him or her and ask what they think the teacher will like. Take in their opinions before making the final purchase. More importantly, ask them to help you prepare the gift in terms of its presentation.

They can make it personal by adding a handwritten note on how they appreciate their teacher(this is always a good idea!). They can also pick out the gift wrapping and write the note on top. All these things will make the child feel that they are giving a gift and this feeling will get communicated to the teacher. So instead of a token gesture, it becomes something meaningful and builds the relationship further.

Top 11 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Teacher in 2019

We know that it's very hard to choose gift for teachers since you have to take extra care for the teacher. You know the teacher very well at the same time you don't know him/her very well. This situation makes the work really difficult. But you don't need to worry about it. We have selected some perfect gift options which you can give to your teacher. These gifts justa click away from you and you don't need to go out for this.

Silver Gold Plated Ball Pen, Visiting Card Holder, Feng Shui Tortoise and Apple Table Clock Gift Set

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The Jewel Fuel 2 German Silver Gold Plated Ball Pen, Visiting Card Holder, Feng Shui Tortoise, and Apple Table Clock Gift Set is a perfect gift to appreciate the contribution of your teacher. It is a formal gift that works well for both teachers of both genders.

A pen shows respect to your teacher’s profession and this gold plated is a lovely recognition of the teachers' commendable service. The gift set also holds a visiting cardholder which is pocket-size friendly yet elegant and can accommodate many cards neatly. The gold coated Feng Shui Tortoise is a symbol of good luck and prosperity as well as a stylish addition to any working table. Your teacher will be happy to have this item on their office table. Order for this gift set from Amazon at only Rs. 1,999.

It Takes a Big Heart: Teacher Notebook Journal by Young Dreamers Press

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This themed notebook is an ideal teacher gift that features an inspirational message on the cover. This notebook is a good multi-purpose journal for writing down thoughts, planning a workday and taking notes. This book has a well-designed cover that has an inspirational message that will make any teacher smile. This gift again is suitable for both male and female teachers. The Notebook journal is available on Amazon at only Rs.419.

Ultra Point Sharpie 75847 Permanent Markers in Assorted Colors, 24 Count

If you want to give your teacher a very useful gift then consider this set of sharpies. These markers can be used in classes, at home, at the office and anywhere suitable. These markers are resistant to water and the ink in them never fades when putting on paper. This is a small but useful gift for teachers that will be thoughtful gesture. Add a box of cake or sweets to this and your gift to your teacher is done. They come in 24 different colours and are attractively packed to entice the buyer to have a full packet or more. For a price of Rs. 991.53, Amazon delivers these permanent markers.

Teacher's Thank You Personalised Mug

A mug is an ever-popular gift that usually everyone welcomes. You can get this personalized mug for your teacher with a specific message of gratitude. This mug is available in different colours that you can choose from. This is a unique mug as you can add your teacher's name to the mug making it really personalised. Whenever your teacher needs to make coffee, this 330ml mug with amazing personalisation will be a wonderful option for him. For only Rs.175 you can get this from excitinglives.com

Christmas Decoration Lamp

Your teacher will love this fashionable Christmas gift that can be used to decorate Christmas trees and even the house itself. You can order this item in any desired design and colour from the Alibaba website. Excite your teacher to these beautiful twinkle lights and add life to their Christmas holiday. Pay between Rs. 77 and Rs. 360.2 on Alibaba.com to get this Christmas gift.

You can also find several such options at a store in your nearby market including candle sets or lamps as well.

Elegant Desk Organiser

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Teachers spend a lot of time at their desks both at school and even maybe their home. Why not give them an organiser which will help them keep their desk neat and sorted out? This organiser made of ABS Plastic comes with a set of 7 compartments that can store pens, pencils, rules, and even mobile phones. The dimensions of the organiser are 39.8 x9.8 x6.5 cm (LxBxH). There are separate small compartments to hold those odds and ends as well. Buy it on Amazon for Rs. 499.

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If your budget is higher there are several wonderful options like ExclusiveLane Wooden Decorative Organiser for Rs.1,199 from Amazon.

Cast Iron Reindeer Shaped Tealight Holder

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To add delight and glamour to the festive season of your teacher, then this is the ideal gift. This cute reindeer shaped tealight holder designed in a quirky style can be a wonderful touch to your teacher's Christmas celebrations. Each metal reindeer has a holder on its back for holding the candle. Being made out of iron, it is durable and measures 5.5x5 x2 inch. You can a set of two for 399 INR from Amazon. If you want to give a larger gift then go for the set of four for Rs.699.

Elegant Scarf

Scarfs are a great gifting option for teachers as they are useful gift yet not in any way inappropriate. It is also something that you can gift teachers of both genders. However, do remember to select non-controversial prints and sober colour options. You may not know the specific styles preferred by your teacher so buy them something they can easily wear for formal occasions. This Esprit Women Grey Solid Scarf is a perfect choice as it is in a sophisticated grey with subtle beads. The scarf is a mix of polyester and viscose, making it easy to maintain. Buy it on Myntra for Rs.1,049.

Gift Set of Handmade Soap

Typically personal hygiene products are not favoured as gifts but this exclusive handcrafted soap set is an exception. This gift box contains 4 premium soaps featuring curated fragrances picked out from across the world and handmade with natural ingredients. Packed in an elegant gift box, this gift is an idea for a female teacher that you know well. Available on Purplle for Rs.1,039.

Tea Gift Hamper

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If you know the beverage preferred by your teacher - tea or coffee, you can get them a gift set themed around it. For instance, this season special tea gift box has six amazing tea blends that any tea lover will love receiving. The box contains flavours from Assam, Darjeeling as well as other classical Indian blends. Available on teabox.in for Rs. 974.

If your teacher is more of a coffee fan then you can gift them this cool set of 6 coffee blends from flyingsquirrel.in for Rs.450.

Chocolate Gift Box

If all fails, a box of chocolates is the way to go. If you know what your child's teacher would prefer then you can pick out something they would like. If not, no fuss. Look for gift packs like this Lindberg Assorted Gift Pack that has four varieties of crispy chocolate treats - milk chocolate, white chocolate, mocha flavoured and finally pineapple. While this gift box costs around Rs.325 on bigbasket, you can find several more options online as well as in departmental stores. So pick according to your budget and you are all set!

Gifts That You Should not Give to Your Child's Teacher

Although teacher and student relation is sometimes closer than family and friends also but still there will be some restriction bubble before choose a proper gift for a teacher. Her we are listing some of the gifts which you should avoid from gifting.


Tshirts, shirts, dresses etc are all a bad idea as they are too intimate in nature to gift teachers. Plus you will not know their sizes, colour/pattern preferences or even styling. So keep away from any kind of clothing.

Very Expensive Perfumes

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While you can give items like scented candles as gifts, stay away from perfumes or colognes. These again are quite intimate, and are best given as gifts by close family or friends.


Within families and even on occasions like weddings cash is perfectly acceptable as a gift. However, in the case of teachers, it is an absolute no-no. In fact, if you give cash it may be seen as insulting! Not only that many school organisations bar teachers from taking cash from students or their parents. So keep away from this idea!


Flower gifts are great for your spouse but not your child’s teacher. Although flowers are usually a foolproof way to greet people, they may just send the wrong impression to the teacher. Plus it can get awkward to carry as a gift!

Alcoholic drinks

Alcohol again is simply not a good idea for gifting teachers. While it is a great option between friends and family, but it sends a wrong message and can embarrass both you and the teacher.


Personal ornaments like necklaces, rings, bracelets are simply a bad idea! Giving your child's teacher jewellery is a complete "NO". Jewellery too sends the wrong message to the teacher who may think that you are trying to influence them!

Bonus: Gift cards are a great idea!

Yes, while cash as a gift is definitely a bad option, gift cards are a wonderful way to make the teachers happy. You can give gift cards to local restaurants, cafes, stores and even online sites like Amazon. Such a gift allows them the flexibility of treating themselves to exactly what they want. There is no need to give our gift cards of large denomination, just enough so they can enjoy it for a few uses. Just pack up the card in a lovely envelope and hand it over to them with a box of chocolates or sweets for a gift that they will appreciate.

From our editorial team

Gift with Love and Respect

While gifting something to the teacher. the size and the cost of the gifts do not matter. Love and respects are the two things that every teacher expects from their students. Nowadays students stopped respecting their teacher. This should not happen. Respect is the thing that a teacher deserves. Likewise, there are many ways to show your love to the teacher. Try to pack the gift from the student's hand this will show the teacher the love and gratitude of the student. Add a note or handmade greeting card with the gift and it will work as a cherry on a cake. Happy Gifting.