Gift Guide for Girls Under 10 Years and the Top Pick of Gifts for 9 Years Old Girls

Gift Guide for Girls Under 10 Years and the Top Pick of Gifts for 9 Years Old Girls

Know what your little one likes and yet having a hard time sorting through the toys, books and games on the shelves to find a gift she will like? We hear you. That's why at BP-Guide India we sift through the tonnes of goodies available for little girls to give you the best gift ideas for 9 years old girls, making it so much easier to buy the best gifts for her.

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Understanding the Sweet Little Things That 9 Year Olds Are

Women are programmed to expect good things and without any doubt, they do deserve better. Little girls, especially at 9 years of age, tend to think a lot more than kids her age you supposed would. At this age, girls are the epitome of sweetness and delicacy. Their bodies are also readying for dramatic changes in the next few years. Every tiny thing matters to them and even the smallest happening against their expectations can lead to a teary emotional breakdown. On certain occasions, little girls put a lot of expectations in the gifts they are about to receive. In fact, quite often they know exactly what they are looking for. If identified and delivered in the right manner, it makes these 9 years old princesses the happiest little things ever.

Shopping for 9 Years Old Girls: 4 Things to Consider

Target Her Passion

Yes, we all want to feel unique and special, whether it’s the clothes we wear or the gifts we receive. Sweet little girls at the age 9 are no different. They have certain ambitions and goals set up in their mind, which they expect to be targeted. A gift that goes well with the nature of the girl and inspires her to follow through and pursue her ambition is what your little angel is looking for. Paying attention to the little girl and looking after her hobbies, wants and needs; a person can find out what the 9 years old is expecting from her birthday gift. A girl who’d like to see herself as a great musician, might be expecting a kids’ piano or a girl who’s intrigued by art might be looking for paints and pencils. Perfect parents are the ones who know what their beautiful little girl wants and deserves. They understand their kid’s needs to present the best.

Her Choices, Taste and Nature

You do not want to gift an angel’s dress, though it may work with 90 per cent of the situations, to your little girl who loves to play football and considers herself one of the boys. Girls are unique and every girl has their own nature that makes them special. Understanding what the sweet little girl actually is trying to do with life and her hobbies can help a lot in determining the best gift for her. Know her favorite color, her favorite pattern and her favorite go-to place before deciding the gift for her.

Be Sensitive to Her Emotions

Human beings are sentimental creatures, of them girls tend to be affected by emotions slightly more than boys. Furthermore little girls are much more sensitive to their environment. The way they grow up, the things they have to face, the kind of conversations they happen to hear at home and the gifts they receive have foremost effect on their personalities. The right environment, right words and right gifts provided to little girls are important keys for the better growth of a girl who’s just 9 years old.

Whatever the occasion, the person intending to give a present to a 9 years old has a lot to consider before making his decision because we may think otherwise, but it really matters to the 9 years old girl. If you thought any games and toys or gifts will do and they're all the same, think again. No matter her age, every little girl has her own personality and needs. Hence, one is obliged to consider all of the best gift ideas for 9 years old girl and then choose the one that goes with the little angel of yours perfectly.

The Occasion Matters!

Right gift, wrong day? You do not want that. Whenever you are going to get a gift for someone, especially a gift for a 9 years old little angel, make sure that you pick the gift according to the occasion. Occasions infuse specific feelings in the atmosphere and little girls are expecting presents that go with the theme of the celebration, be it Diwali, her birthday or Christmas. When met with the wrongly picked gift, it only makes things worse; the impression, the atmosphere, the expectancy level, every meter advances in the negative direction. If it’s her birthday, let her know that she’s the most important person in the world on that day. If she did an amazing job at school, let her know she has earned something worth her hard work and dedication. Little girls are undoubtedly sensitive creatures which notice their surroundings quite a lot, make sure you don’t disappoint a sweet little angel in her moment of happiness.

10 Best Gift Ideas for a 9 Years Old Girl

Her Favorite Doll


Barbie dolls are every little girl's favourite doll and your little one too would have a few of them in her toy basket. Every little girl imagines herself in her pretty perfect doll's outfit at times. They literally love their dolls and imagine them to be their best friends. Everybody loves to have a best friend and so do little girls but their best friend is in a form of a doll. When you gift a doll to a 9 years old, she gets attached to the doll and cares for the doll as if the doll is the person closest to her. Gift your little girl a doll and look at her joyous face that is guaranteed because dolls are as pretty and delicate as your 9 years old little angel. Go to Amazon to look for Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll, priced at Rs.1,599. It is a sweet and unique doll whose tail glimmers when dipped into water! The perfect mermaid gift it is.

Pretend Play Makeup Kit


Girls like to dress up, it’s in their genes. From a very early age, they want to look like the prettiest princess out there and will often hang around to watch their moms get dressed and apply makeup. 9 years old girls sure know make up and the wonders it can do! Make up helps girls appear the way they want to with a lot of uniqueness and glamour and 9 years old love that feeling of being all grown up. Get your little girl the perfect make up kit to make her feel like the most beautiful and talented grown-up out there. Saffire Beauty Set for Girls at Amazon, priced at only Rs.299, is the beauty set you are looking for your girl. Next time you start getting dressed up, instead of pleading with you to let her try on some lipstick, she will be busy doing her own makeup.

A Pretty Costume


Your girl grew up watching Disney cartoons and all the pretty princesses, and fairies which look like the prettiest and the sweetest creatures on the planet with the ability to fly! The wings to fly means that a girl has the freedom to fly to wherever she wants and everybody admires her for how blessed she is. Now your angel at home is wishing to somehow get the capability to ride the winds and prove to the world how special she is! Royals Fairy Butterfly Wings Costume for Baby Girl on Amazon is priced at Rs.220. It comes with a hair band and a fairy stick. It’s lightweight and magnificent; the best gift you can give to a 9 years old little angel! If not a fairy, get her costumes of her favourite characters and let her live out her fantasy.

Animal Puzzles


Get ready to mix fun and entertainment with learning for your sweet little girl. A well made puzzle gift for a girl is a great way to provide edutainment to your 9 years old angel. You can find many interesting and educational puzzles on Amazon, an example being the Creative Educational Aids 0704 Animal Puzzle No. 4 which is priced at Rs.180. It has 10 to 25 pieces and intends to sharpen your little girl’s visual recognition skills, power of concentration and the sense of logic. This is a set of 4 puzzles with variety of difficulty level, designed to be the best learning gift for your 9 years old girl.

Nintendo Switch


Some girls like their dolls and pretty frocks, others like to play video games. Many kid love to play video games but most people tend to associate them with boys rather than girls. There is a wide variety of games to choose from and there are plenty of girly games too that will appeal to different girls. Buy her a gaming console and let her discover the joys of gaming. Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy is a great choice and the console is available on Amazon for Rs.27,499. From Mario to Zelda, it provides all the amazing games that your 9 years old girl will soon be hooked on to. It is an expensive gift and the games will cost extra so be sure she actually likes video games before buying this for her.

Jewellery Making Kit


Sweet 9 year old girls grow up watching their moms and other grown-up women putting so much effort when it comes to makeup and jewellery. This generates a lot of interest and admiration in kids and they want to try on their very own jewellery – after all they want to look beautiful too! Ekta Wood Beads Jewelry Kit For Girl Kids can be bought on Amazon for Rs.425. It combines the pleasures of pretty trinkets with the fun of crafting and DIY projects that most little girls adore. It makes little girls feel all grown up using the beads to design their own pieces of jewellery. She can make different designs in pretty colours using the multicoloured beads, necklace clasps, bracelet clasps, fish hooks, ear hooks, beading wire. The kit comes with a detailed instruction manual to guide her.

Play Kitchen

Children start imitating things they see in the surroundings at a very early age and even by age 9 years they are still fascinated by what grown ups do and like to pretend play. A kitchen set is a great gift even at this age. If she played with a bay version when she was younger, buy her an upgrade like Kidkraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen. It has all the fittings and fixtures to make her feel like a grownup running her own kitchen. From oven to fridge, from cups to bowl, this espresso kitchen has it all. It is a big enough for her to invite er friends to come over and play with her, is beautifully detailed and doors of all appliances - microwave, dishwasher, oven, fridge and freezer, open and close, making her pretend play all the more real. It is priced at Rs.17,876 on Amazon.

Favorite Movies’ DVDs


If nothing physical, a person can go for a virtual gift for their 9 years old girl too! Kids love movies. Pick up a couple of Barbie DVDs, or copies of her favourite Disney movies from Amazon. They are nominally priced at priced between Rs.200 to Rs.400. Write a cute note of love, wrap the DVDs for the princess and gift her the stories of her favorite childhood princess. You can also give her a DVD of an all time favourite movie, Frozen, that has caught the imagination of little girls the world over. A copy will cost you Rs.350.

Doctor Kit


Most passionate little girls imagine themselves to be future doctors. They love the idea of being humane and helping people save lives. Gifting a little girl a doctor’s kit depicts how much admiration and belief you hold for your pretty angel. Let her train herself to be an amazing doctor of the future, gift her A2B Battery Operated Doctor's Kit with Light Sound Effects, priced at Rs.499. With beautiful colors and real effects, the stethoscope along with a thermometer and mirror is surely making your angel’s day!

Giver Her a Pet to Care For

A pet is a very sound companion for a delicate little kid. Little girls love to share their life happenings with their pet whether it’s a cat or a dog. One can definitely make their way to to look for a baby Persian cat which costs about Rs.7,500 to Rs.11,000. 9 years old girl want something real in life are definitely going to adore this pet as it is the best thing to play with as well as the best thing to share life with for a cute little angel. Another option is to adopt a young animal and gift it to your daughter. But before you do make sure the animal has been properly vaccinated and cleared by a vet so it is safe for your child to play with it. Teach her to care for it, love it and teach it tricks and she will have a loyal friend.

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