Don't Waste Money on Useless Gifts, Instead Buy Beautiful Silver Return Gifts which are Loved by All Indian Guests: 30 Lovely Silver Return Gift Options (2022)

Don't Waste Money on Useless Gifts, Instead Buy Beautiful Silver Return Gifts which are Loved by All Indian Guests: 30 Lovely Silver Return Gift Options (2022)

Silver gifts had had their relevance in Indian households for centuries, and the tradition doesn't seem to die down. One reason for this is that the silver metal is considered an auspicious one in Indian households, and is associated with idols of gods as well. Keeping this in mind, we bring you 30 lovely options for silver return gifts that you can present to your guests.

How to Pick the Right Silver Return Gift?

Consider the Budget

When deciding on the silver return gifts for your loved ones, it is important to consider practical aspects of it. Your budget should be the first thing that comes to your mind when considering pricey silver return gifts to everyone.

If it is an intimate affair and you have only a few people to give these gifts to then you can expand your budget to quite a bit as per desire. However, if it is a big fat affair then you should stick to minimal pricing and silver plated items come to your rescue for it.

Bulk Buying Always Help

When you are catering to a large number of people then you always have the option to bulk buy. Whether you are buying a silver gift or something else, bulk buying always helps in decreasing the price per piece to quite some extent. If you are not able to find something reliable and affordable online then you always have the option to bulk buy from local stores.

Brownie Points for Customization

No matter which silver return gift ideas you pick for your guests, what makes it stand out is the customization done on it. Whether it is about engraving the name of your guest on it or the date of the occasion or anything else you like, customized items always stand out from the crowd. In fact, this will also work as a token of remembrance for your guests.

30 Silver Return Gifts for All Occasions

Silver Return Gifts for Wedding

1. Peacock Sindoor Dabbi - A Priced Possession of Married Women


Donned between the hair partition, a dash of sindoor on a woman’s forehead is considered as the holiest mark. The vermillion is a symbol of married women and an Indian tradition that has a profound significance. A Sindoor Dabbi makes an auspicious wedding return gift. The container is useful to put sindoor in it. The Silver-Plated Peacock Sindoor Dabbi with a lid is available on Amazon. The peacock figurine on the lid of the dabbi is decorative and makes it unique. The price of this shiny metal sindoor dabbi is Rs. 339.

2. Pure Silver Antique Finish Keychain - Destined to Impress Your Guests

A keychain has great utility and makes a perfect wedding return gift option. This practical gift is available in varied designs. The fancy-looking Saxophone Keychain is available on has an antique finish and is crafted in 925 sterling silver. This unisex keychain is destined to impress your wedding guests. It is priced at Rs. 1,600.

3. Dry Fruit Airtight Bowls - Aesthetically Designed Functional Gift


The decorative dry fruit bowls make a nice marriage return gift. These bowls are artistically crafted and look great. The silver finish and the stylish outlook of the bowls are sure to enhance the dining table. The elegant royal bowls and the well-designed tray can be used for dry fruits or to store multiple kinds of snack items. This elegant bowl set is available on for Rs. 175.

4. Silver Tealight - A Cosy Gift


Silver tealight is a wonderful way to enhance the elegance of empty spaces. This unusual silver-plated tealight piece with its absolute drooling quotient is sure to be appreciated by your guests. It can be used as a centrepiece to get an appealing royal look. Crafted in silver, it has impressive metal detailing and looks stunning. You can purchase this silver tea light on for Rs. 247.

5. Swan Bowl Set Resembles the Graceful Swan

This beautifully crafted swan bowl with its modern grace is an absolutely stunning piece that also includes a tray and a spoon. The silver bowl is crafted to look like a graceful swan and has an indentation, which is perfect to pour in dry fruits, or even use it for pooja rituals. You can check out this swan silver bowl set on for Rs. 1,100.

6. Pure Silver Rose Flower - an Everlasting Gift

A rose is a symbol of beauty and love and is exceptional as a wedding return gift. The silver rose is a handcrafted marvel that is unique, everlasting and one-of-a-kind. Impress your guests by presenting them with this gorgeous rose. The entire rose including its petals, leaves and stem is crafted in 999 silver, which further enhances its elegance. You can buy this unique rose on for Rs. 736.

7. Silver Plated Potpourri Decorative Bowl


The lustrous and elegant silver-plated bowl with its minimalistic pattern grabs everyone’s attention. The naturalistic detailing and simple design show its ultimate sophistication. The unique silver sheen gives a luxurious vibe to the bowl. Whether filled with fragrant potpourri or used to light scented t-lights, this stunning piece gives a festive look to any celebration. Check out this bowl on for Rs. 490.

8. Silver Wine Glass Set - A Classy and Stylish Gift


This is the time to move on to something more glamorous and fancier when it comes to buying silver return gifts. You just can’t buy something more eye-catching than these wine glasses. These stunning wine goblets/glasses look breathtakingly beautiful. The gorgeous detailing done on them is simply out of this world. We are pretty sure that your guests would be thrilled beyond words upon receiving these beauties. These are crafted in German Silver. And of course, you also get a fancy velvet gift box with them to keep them safely inside. The stunning engraving on these goblets would make it a classic toast for sure. Do not wait and grab this pair of silver-plated wine goblets on for Rs. 1,495.

Silver Return Gifts for Housewarming

9. Sreenathji Coin for Good Luck and Fortune

The Shreenath Ji Coin mentioned here is just an example, you can pick any God of your choice and belief to give out as a return gift. This one here is amongst the pure silver return gifts as the coin is made up of 999 pure silver and it looks pretty fancy. Reserve this special pure silver return gift to people you wholeheartedly love and care about or for a special occasion in your life.

The coin here weighs 5 grams and comes with a matching gift box too. This oval-shaped coin looks quite pretty with the stunning detailing and the engraving of lord Shreenath Ji on top of its white base. You can buy this coin along with its gift box on for Rs. 827.

10. Silver Tortoise - Gift Your Guests, the Revered and Sacred Symbol of Feng Shui

Tortoise is seen as the symbol of prosperity and wealth and giving it to your guests would leave a really positive impact. This one is also a silver-plated gift item, which is originally made out of brass. You are going to love the gold and silver tones on this metal tortoise here. This one is known as Feng Shui Wish Turtle, which comes with a secret wish compartment. The shell of the turtle opens up where you can keep a paper with your wish written on it or anything else you like. This lucky charm turtle is a sign of good luck and positivity. Buy this turtle, which comes with a gift box on for Rs. 699.

11. Lotus Flower Stand for Good Luck and Happiness

The Lotus flower representss purity, peace and enlightenment and is regarded as a good fortune flower. So, gifting this lotus flower stand as a return gift brings in good luck and increases the peace and joy of the recipients. The lovely silver-plated lotus flower stand has 2 layers of petals and comes with a stand that makes it sturdy. It can be used to place small idols or as a candle holder that brings a tasteful elegance to any space. You can purchase this lotus flower stand on for Rs. 1,350.

12. Silver Table Platters Set to Enhance the Beauty of a Table

Table Platters are extremely versatile and functional pieces. The fancy-looking silver-plated platter set available on Jaypore is absolutely stunning. This would be a great addition to any tableware as it looks really amazing and classy. Your guests are sure to be impressed with this return gift. The set includes three pieces in different shapes – Leaf, Bird and a Swan. These handcrafted silver-plated table platters add charm and beauty to a table. The price of this product is Rs. 1,150.

13. Silver Plated Tea Cup Set – A Unique Gift Idea


Next, we have is one more piece of silverware for this list. This one is metal teacups, which come with a saucer and a spoon and all of them are silver plated. As pure silver articles can cost a bomb and it won’t be great for your budget to give something expensive as a return gift, you can always rely on these silver-plated items instead. This traditional style set has beautiful engravings done on it which makes it look quite antique and royal. In fact, from the cup to the saucer and the spoon as well, everything looks quite exquisite. Anyone would like to have some tea in this cup. So, grab it now on Amazon for Rs. 799.

14. Ganesha Stand Showering his Blessings on Everyone


Ganesha, the remover of obstacles is one of the most loved Hindu deities. If you are looking for a special return gift for your housewarming party then this Ganesha Stand is just perfect. It adds a touch of divinity to a home. The silver Ganesha stand crafted in 999 silver is an auspicious gift that spreads happiness and joy. You can purchase this gift on for Rs. 135.

15. Silver Plated Bowl and Spoon


This silver-plated bowl looks quite exquisite and is an amazing return gift for housewarming parties. The beautiful detailing and engraving on this bowl along with its scalloped edges make it quite attractive. Your guests can use this bowl to keep fruits and other items in it as it comes attached to a stand beneath. You can buy this bowl on for Rs. 540.

16. Decorative Toran for Joyous Celebrations

Torans are used to decorate the main entrance of the house, as it is believed to attract Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. It also keeps negativity at bay. This traditional décor item would be a wonderful return gift option for housewarming. Conventionally, toran consisted of mango leaves and marigold, but now there are various colourful torans available like the Decorative German Silver Toran on Flipkart. This multicolour toran has traditional dori, gota and beadwork. The ethnic embellishments enhance its appeal and is a perfect décor element for joyous celebrations. The price of this toran is Rs. 269.

17. German Silver Utility Decorative Platter


The German Silver Decorative platters are a perfect ethnic choice for return gifts. It is perfect to serve mishri (mouth freshener), dry fruits or titbits. The royal and stylish silver-plated platter has a unique design with subtle engravings all over. It is neatly packed in a luxurious gift box. You can buy this decorative set that comes with a spoon on Shopee for Rs. 1,299.

Silver Return Gifts for Baby’s Naming Ceremony

18. Kamadhenu Cow and Calf


Kamadhenu is a symbol of prosperity and assures us to fulfil all your well-deserved needs. The kamadhenu cow and calf idol serve as a great return gift that is sure to be admired by your guests. The silver-plated figurine reflects artistic elegance. Crafted in brass metal and coated with pure silver, the idol looks just like any pure silver article. You can purchase this auspicious figurine on for Rs. 269.

19. Silver Currency Note

One of the unique return gifts that deserves a special mention here is the silver currency note. It features the auspicious Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha, who bring prosperity, abundance and remove all obstacles. The currency note is crafted in 999 silver. The note is placed in a nice gift case. You can purchase this silver currency note on for Rs. 939.

20. Pure Silver Bal Gopal Idol a Charming Gift Depicting Little Kanha

Kanhaji is a symbol of supreme beauty and bliss of life. This pure silver idol in his bal Swaroop is beautifully depicted. The charming posture of the little kanha holding laddu in one hand is a perfect baby shower or baby naming ceremony gift. This beautiful figurine weighs 7 grams and is available on The price of this idol is Rs. 719.

21. Pure Silver Elephant an Impactful Gift for Your Guests

Elephants are a symbol of courage, resilience and strength. An elephant figurine at home is considered to be auspicious according to Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. It is believed to bring in happiness, protection and good luck. The elephant idol makes an impactful return gift option and your guests are sure to appreciate this gesture. You can check out the pure silver elephant artifact available on The elephant is standing on an oval base and measures 3.5 cm in height. The price of this silver elephant is Rs. 1,199.

22. Silver Bowl - A Tiny Perfection

For something designer and exclusive, you can try out this one-of-a-kind pick of silver return gifts. This pure silver bowl gift looks absolutely beautiful and would make a perfect choice to give to your guests for baby showers or baby naming ceremonies. This tiny perfection is very cute and is of excellent quality too. The bowl weight 11.5 grams and is available on for Rs. 1,649.

23. Sterling Silver Ganesha Pendant - A Divine Gift


One simply can’t say no to silver return gifts especially when they are so enchanting and unique. Take a look at this Ganesha pendant and you will be quite convinced with our statement. This is simply a tailor-made option for gifting purposes. The pendant is made of 925 sterling silver and is of height 5mm. This exquisite pendant is absolutely divine and you would not want to take your eyes off it. This beautiful Ganesha pendant is available on for Rs. 585.

24. Pure Silver Spoon for Positivity and Health Benefits

Whether it is holy ceremony or just any other day, using a silver spoon brings positivity to your pooja room. Silver spoon is also used to feed small babies as it is believed to have elements that are beneficial for health. Gifting silverware during baby ceremonies is quite common in India. It is also a good choice for return gifts, especially for baby showers or baby naming ceremonies. The silver spoon available on has beautiful engravings on its handle. It weighs 8 grams and is priced at Rs. 865.

Puja Themed Return Gift Items

25. Puja Thali Set - A Gorgeous Addition to Mandir


A Puja Thali is a must-have item for religious and spiritual occasions like Pooja and festivals. It’s a perfect piece for gifting for all occasions like Raksha bandhan, baby shower, festivals or a housewarming party. This beautiful puja thali set surely deserves a chance to be here in this list. The set includes Tarbhana, spoon and 15 cm pooja thali. You can purchase this item on Amazon for Rs. 326.

26. Paneer Dani to Spread Beautiful Fragrance Around


Paneer dani or Attardani is used to store scented liquid. The fragrant liquid is sprayed during special auspicious occasions. It holds a special place among pooja items as it is widely used during holy ceremonies. The silver paneer dani is available on Amazon has beautiful floral engravings all over. There is a dispenser at the top to sprinkle the liquid. The price of this silver-plated attardani is Rs. 779.

27. Pure Silver Incense Holder for Positive Energy


The next one here is a pure silver incense stick holder crafted in a traditional design. It is a perfect addition to any sacred space and aids those in pursuit of Feng Shui and Zen energies. The burning of incense fills the room with goodness and joy. This silver incense holder can be given as a small gesture to shower love on your guests. You can buy it on for Rs. 1,150.

28. Pure Silver Tulsi Plant - An Auspicious and Devotional Gift

If you are looking for something more spiritual and divine then you are going to like this silver-plated gift item. This is a miniature Tulsi Plant, which comes along with leaves too that have been enamel painted. It looks extremely enchanting and very surreal and would be a perfect return gift for occasions like Pooja and Bhajan at your home.

This return gift is seen as the symbol of wealth, prosperity and wisdom and giving it out to your guests means that you wish the best for them. You can also give this return gift on the occasion of festivals too. This miniature Tulsi plant is available on for Rs. 1,082.

29. Silver Round Chowki for Religious Rituals

Chowkis are an integral part of every pooja and other religious ritual. These chowkis are ideal for placing idols while performing pooja or for sitting purposes during pooja rituals. So, it is a useful gifting option. The silver round chowki is available on is a stylish and durable product. It has beautiful engravings and is 100% handcrafted in India. The discounted price of this chowki is Rs. 150.

30. Silver Plated Haldi KumKum Cups for Graceful Pooja Rituals

Haldi Kumkum ceremony is an integral part of our culture where women exchange vermillion powder and turmeric. It is a traditional way of wishing prosperity and good luck for everyone. Gifting the auspicious haldi kumkum cups is sure to make your guests happy. These silver plated haldi-kumkum cups add a graceful touch to the pooja rituals. The elegant silver-plated cups are available on Flipkart for Rs. 575.

What to Know Before Buying Silver Items?

Just like any other precious metal (gold, platinum) you should be quite cautious while buying silver return gift items too. There are a lot of details to keep in mind when buying gold or silver or any other such precious items. Do not worry as we have got you covered with every little thing you should know about while shopping for silver gift items.

Check the Hallmark

Hallmark is a sign that states that the silver you are buying is pure or not. Only the registered jewellers from BIS can provide hallmarked jewellery to you so always enquire about it before buying any silver item.

Purity of Silver Used

One thing that you just can’t forget about is the purity of the silver used in the making of the article. This is the basis on which the price is decided. Grade 9999 and 9995 are considered fine silver which is ideal for buying coins, utensils, bars etc. For jewellery, you can consider grade 990 and 925 which is also known as sterling silver. You should also know that oxidized silver and German silver aren’t as pricey as fine or sterling silver.

Use of Gemstones


Many times you can find beautiful gemstones and other decorative stones studded on silver return gifts and other items. You should make sure that your jeweller isn’t considering the weight of these gemstones in the weight of silver. You can ask the jeweller to make a bill highlighting the price of gemstones and silver separately.

Making Charges

Usually the making charges for silver are much lower as compared to that of gold but you should better ask the jeweller to clarify everything to you. Generally, we do not even consider making charges and the total value is considered as the face value of silver but making charges are also included in it.

From our editorial team

Treat Silver Like Any Other Precious Metal while Buying!

Just like any other precious metal (gold, platinum), you should be quite cautious while buying silver return gift items too. There are a lot of details to be kept in mind when buying gold or Silver or any other such precious items. Do not worry and just follow the above mentioned tips, and you're good to buy your first silver product!