Why You Should Make a Big Deal of Your Anniversary & 10 Magnificent 6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Why You Should Make a Big Deal of Your Anniversary & 10 Magnificent 6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Has looking for an anniversary gift for your husband turned into a chore? If not, you will be thrilled with the 6th anniversary gift ideas for husband that Best Present Guide has put together for you. And for those of you it is a chore, let us help remind you of the magic of your relationship and give you several reasons to celebrate your marriage.

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What's the Importance of a Wedding Anniversary?

Do you remember what happened every day in your married life? How about your anniversaries? An anniversary goes beyond just being another date night where you share gifts and a card. It is during anniversaries when you celebrate being with your husband and gift him something that says “I really am glad that you are here for me”. It is the day you stood together and vowed to be with each other in sickness and health. And it's a day you shouldn't let just slide past you.

Celebrate Your Relationship

The first thought that comes to your mind when talking about your wedding anniversary is your wedding day. The anticipation, the sneaky looks and just plain happiness, and above all the vows you said when you held each other. Marriage is a celebration of bringing not only the two of you together; it also brings two families together. It is also the birthplace of a new relationship. Don't forget to gift each other something wonderful to commemorate that. It might not be materialistic. Instead, it can be a memory or time spent together.

Honour Your Marriage

Don't think it is just another day where you perhaps exchange a few presents and go out for a nice dinner. Take the time to assess your relationship. Think about where you are, compared to where you want to be. Set new goals for the oncoming year, not only as a couple but also for your life and your career. Think about what you want in life as a couple. Maybe you want to move to a different city or a country. Maybe you want to have kids. Take time to understand each other and know, if you both are happy where you are at. Ask if there is anything he would prefer you change. Above everything, tell him how much you love him. It might be an old-school love letter or a card, as long as it talks about your feelings.

Create Memories

Life goes by very fast. Often there is no time to stand by and marvel at the beauty of nature or even your relationship. On this anniversary take time out to create memories that you can reminisce when the going gets tough. Stop everything and just bask in the love that you both have for each other. Life has no smooth sailing. It is these memories that give you confidence in your love.

5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

An anniversary isn’t about gifts and love letters. This anniversary, take time out from your regular activities and spend time with each other. Reinvent your love for each other and celebrate your unbreakable bond. We have a few tips for you to help you celebrate this day in a unique fashion and create memories that can be passed on to your kids and grandkids. It is these memories that stay with us beyond all those gifts.

Recreate a Memory

If you have dated before marriage, you definitely have some special memories that you love to talk about even now after 6 years of marriage. Pick out one of these special memories. It may be a movie night or the night when you cooked for him or your first coffee date or your favourite restaurant. Recreate one of those special memories right down to the finest detail and surprise him on your anniversary. There’s no better surprise like walking down the memory lane and living it all over again.

Plan a Romantic Activity

We are sure you have thought wistfully about how you would love to visit that new restaurant with your husband. What about the small town a few miles over that you always wanted to visit. Or maybe the hiking trail he always wanted to try out. Choose one that suits the day and set out on your romantic adventure. Hold hands and leave all the serious talk back at home when you set out. It’s the time for romance, not anything serious. Humour him for the day and don't squabble. It would definitely ruin what you have planned for the day.

Do Something New

After 6 years of being together, you must have fallen into a routine that is pretty much the same every day. How about shaking things up a little? It might even help to bring you closer to your husband.

Find a class or an activity nearby that attracts you. It may be cake decorating or painting or pottery classes; Enroll for at least a month and take time out to attend classes. This way you might even find a common ground and love doing it in the future too. If you know baking, you can follow a recipe and try baking your anniversary cake at home with your husband. It might not turn out perfect or even edible, but the time spent together matters and you will find yourself loving every minute of it. You can also take up cycling or hiking or even camping out in the wilderness.

Plan A Couple's Treat

By now you would have realised that time and tide wait for no man. Whatever plans you made for a trip was just plans since you never found time to bring it to fruition. How about forgetting everything and heading out on a trip? Get the urgent tasks done, leave the rest for later, inform your offices, pack everything and just head for a mountain retreat. Stretch your legs and sip lemonade while you read your favourite book.

Hold hands like when you were dating and visit tourist spots. Forget everything and imagine that life revolves around you. The retreat can bring you guys closer and strengthen your marital bond. It might also solve any unsolved issues in your heart and love blooms stronger than ever.

Create a Tradition

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As a country that places a lot of importance on tradition and cultural roots, everyone has a few traditions that you follow on special days. On every anniversary, you might visit a holy place or visit your parents and get their blessings. This anniversary, create a tradition that involves just the two of you. If you have kids, you could involve the kids and make it a family bonding session.

For example, every anniversary, write a love letter and give to one another. Write every incident that spoke of his love. Above all, write about your feelings. Don't lose this letter instead file it up or make a love letter scrapbook. Keep adding to it every year. After a few years, you will have quite a big book. You can pass it on to your kids later as a keepsake or a family heirloom.

10 Amazing Gifts for Half a Dozen Years Gone By

Now that you have spent 6 years together, you may know what delights him and what gifts he would be interested in. Keep it as a baseline for your gift and choose one that blows him away. To make it easier for you we have made a list of all the trendiest gifts currently in vogue now. You could choose one or use it as an inspiration for your cause.

Black Satin Bowtie

Source www.amazon.in

What better way to elevate an outfit other than a bowtie? But a bowtie may be pretty complicated to tie especially if your husband doesn't wear them often. Here comes the Sorella'z Bowtie to make your life easier with an elegant solution. It is a readymade tie with an elastic strap which keeps it snug without having to adjust. It also comes with a pocket square which is a perfect complimenting accessory for the bowtie. No matter how many bowties your husband owns, he can never have enough. This classic black bowtie is just what he needs for that red carpet look he is planning for his office party or your romantic dinner date later that night. Buy this from amazon.in for ₹284.

Leather Briefcase

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A leather briefcase never gets old. Your husband can be a professional or a corporate executive, a leather briefcase never loses class and will always work to his advantage. Get him this gorgeous vintage briefcase for that stylish look that never goes out of fashion. The briefcase is made of high-quality buffalo leather which is the best and the toughest leather. The other fabrics in the briefcase are of high-quality, supplementing the leather for durable use. The smart and sophisticated briefcase is a perfect accessory for your husband and it will only get better with age. The leather briefcase is manufactured in India by Hammonds Flycatcher and is available on amazon.in for ₹2,599.

Wine Rack

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Looking for an ideal 6th wedding anniversary gift for your wine connoisseur husband? We have something for you made with the traditional symbol for the sixth wedding anniversary, which is Iron. Unlike plain old rusty wine racks, this wine rack is designed to fit the aesthetics of your room. Designed to look like a leafy creeper, the wine rack can hold up to 6 bottles. It is made of top quality wrought iron with the finesse of a laser cut steel. The wine rack is shipped directly from the USA through amazon.in and is priced at ₹8,797.

Sweat Pants

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The comfort of changing to a pair of luxurious sweatpants is incomparable. But when was the last time your husband bought new sweatpants. Probably not since the last time you got him one. Why not gift your husband a pair of comfortable sweat pants for your 6th anniversary? Get him the Tommy Hilfiger classic fit sweatpants made from pure cotton for that unbeatable comfort. It has the classic Tommy Hilfiger waistband for an authentic look and doesn't leave marks on the skin. It comes in four colour variants namely black, dark navy, grey and grey heather. You can buy your favourite variant from amazon.in with the price starting from ₹1,640.

Iron Hearts

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Can you think of a better gift than a personalized one commemorating your 6 years of marriage? The Interlinked Iron Hearts from Etsy is a perfect iron anniversary gift for your husband for the 6th anniversary. It is made of cast iron and engraved to make this a symbol of love and care you have for each other. These hand forged hearts are unique and since they are handmade, no two hearts will be the same. Hence, your heart will be unique and only yours. This thing of beauty can be bought for £61.95, which converts to ₹5,712.

Nightstand Valet

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Is your husband the one who excels in emptying his pockets of everything as soon as he comes home? Get him, his own nightstand valet which holds pretty much everything like his wallet, phone, glasses, keys, watch and more. How amazing would it be when everything he needs when he leaves for work is in one place? The phone slot also has a hole to insert your charging cable. Place your phone here and use it as a charging station. This handmade valet is made of wood which is your modern symbol for the 6th anniversary. You can also personalise it by inserting your picture into the slot provided. Surprise him by getting him the nightstand valet for £22.22 which is about ₹2,050 on Etsy.

Godiva Chocolate

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Candy is another traditional symbol for the 6th wedding anniversary. Get him the Classic Gold Ballotin Chocolate by Godiva Chocolatiers, the unmatched experts in the chocolate industry. The Belgian chocolate makers use the finest of ingredients to make these heavenly chocolates. The divine bunch of deliciousness comes in a gold wrapped gift box which makes it perfect for gifting. The gift box has an assorted mix of white, milk and dark chocolates with classic Belgian fillings. You can buy it from amazon.in for ₹10,430.

Personalised Collar Stays

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As life goes on we forget to talk about our love and even say “I Love You”. This anniversary, why not give love notes to your husband just like old times. However, with advanced technologies why write love notes when you can keep them hidden on his shirt close to his heart with these collar stays. Collar Stays are very important if you want your attire to look sharp and crisp. Floppy collars do nothing to enhance his look and confidence. These collar stays can be engraved with your personalised messages or you can choose the messages they come with. These flirty messages of love are sure to make his day. You can buy them from gifts.com for $49.00 or about ₹4,518.

Purple Chocolate Bouquet

Source www.amazon.in

What better way to celebrate your candy anniversary than with chocolate? This chocolate bouquet contains chocolates and flowers, two gifts that make a person’s day. The bouquet has 17 pieces of chocolate flavoured with butterscotch, fruits and nuts and crackle. The flowers that come with them are artificially made but look very realistic and pretty. Buy the Purple Chocolate Bouquet from amazon.in for ₹1,375.

Couple's Key Chains

Source www.gifts.com

After being together for a better part of half a dozen years you would have now realized that you are two halves of the same heart. You shine brightly when you both are together. These couple’s keychains say exactly that. The product has two keychains with cut out shapes which when put together form a heart saying “You have my whole heart”. How true is that? If you’d like you own message engraved, you could do that too. The Couple's Keychain is available at gifts.com for ₹1,435.

Traditional 6th Anniversary Gifts

Your travel to your sixth anniversary would not have been as simple as it seems. It would have been wrought with pain and struggle. The traditional and the modern anniversary themes of the sixth anniversary represent the same. Here are the traditional and the modern anniversary themes for the ease of choosing a gift.

Traditional 6th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

  • Candy: to indicate the sweetness of a relationship
  • Iron: showing the iron like strength of a six year marriage

Modern 6th Anniversary Gifts

  • Wood: associated with wisdom and solidarity
  • Amethyst: the gemstone is a symbol of love and happiness
  • The colour turquoise: to show protection and strength
  • Calla lilies: reminiscent of romantic love and desire
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Pick a keepsake over a trendy gift

Anniversaries are landmarks in the journey of a marriage and it will be nice to have a tangible reminder or keepsake of each year that has gone past. Trendy gifts such as cool gadgets or things that have a momentary appeal will be forgotten once their use is over, but keepsakes stay with you. Years later when you look back, along with memories you will have small physical reminders of your journey together.