A Movie or a TV Show Always Seem Incomplete without a Snack! Here, Complete Your Cinematic Experience at Home with the Best Popcorn Makers Available in India (2021)

A Movie or a TV Show Always Seem Incomplete without a Snack! Here, Complete Your Cinematic Experience at Home with the Best Popcorn Makers Available in India (2021)

Making popcorn at home is not everyone's cup of tea, but it can be if you have the right popcorn maker at home. There are several types of popcorn makers available in the market, and it may be difficult to choose the right one for your kitchen. Worry not, as in this post, we bring you the complete guide on selecting the right popcorn maker along with the best choices for popcorn makers available in India.

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Making Popcorn Gets Easier with a Popcorn Maker

We love Popcorn; after all, it's our favourite movie time snack, soft teatime munch, and fluffy pastime crunch. A Popcorn machine, popularly known as a Popcorn popper or Popcorn maker, is a small electric device designed specifically for heating the corn kernels to the point where they start to pop. These popped corns are known as Popcorns, which people of all age groups alike. Charles Cretors invented the first commercial Popcorn machines that can be used for large-scale production in the 19th century. After that, many other models were invented, and the evolution slowly led to the small Popcorn makers that we use in our kitchen today.

The Popcorn machines you see in movie theatres or carnivals use hot oil to produce Popcorn with about 45% of fat, while the hot air Popcorns designed for home use in the 70s have only 5% fat content.

What are Different Types of Popcorn Maker?

So you are an avid Popcorn lover and like to munch on a bowl full of the airy, fluffy, and crunchy Popcorns on a movie night or while binge-watching your favourite web series on your tablet! But before you order a Popcorn maker for your home, you should know about the basic varieties of Popcorn makers available so that you can make an informed decision.

  • Stovetop Popcorn Makers – The first-ever Popcorn maker, which is basically a pot fitted with a stirring blade attached to a handle, a stovetop Popcorn maker is one of the best Popcorn makers when it comes to durability, and convenience. These are generally made from stainless steel thus are sturdy and easy to use on a gas stove. Just place the stovetop Popcorn maker over a low flame, add the desired amount of kernels along with a little oil or butter, sprinkle in your favourite seasonings, and close the lid. Rotate the handle slowly, and delicious and crunchy popped corn is ready in a few minutes.

  • Microwave Popcorn Makers – As the name indicates, a Popcorn maker that can be put inside a Microwave and let's enjoy fresh and healthy Popcorn in minutes is a Microwave Popcorn Maker. The main container is generally made of glass or plastic, and you can prepare the Popcorn oil-free. The silicon lid can be used to melt butter, so if you like your Popcorn with a little salted butter, then putting a small dollop of butter on the lid would do the job, and you can enjoy salted butter Popcorn in 2-4 minutes.

  • Hot Air Popcorn Makers – These Popcorn makers have a coil that heats up, and a fan-like impeller blows hot air through the kernels with which pops the kernels without using any oil; thus, the Popcorn cooked through them is a healthy alternative. These Popcorn makers produce crunchy and fluffy Popcorns, and the plastic guard attached at the top starts popping the Popcorns once they are prepared.

  • Electric Popcorn Makers – Electric Popcorn makers have an electric plate beneath the vessel and a lid on top. When you pour the kernels and switch on the machine, the kernels start popping.

  • Commercial Popcorn Makers – These are big, expensive, bulky, and are meant for producing large amounts of Popcorn. They are mostly installed in malls, movie theaters, parties, or fairs. The commercial Popcorn makers usually have a metallic holding tray attached to the top of the machine which is closed when the machine is turned on.

Choosing the Right Popcorn Maker

While you're charged hefty amounts for a bowl full of Popcorn in a movie theatre, you can prepare them at home at almost 1/10th the price that you pay for them in multiplexes. The right Popcorn maker allows you to prepare Popcorn at home with your favourite seasonings, and butter, etc., and you can enjoy them while watching your favourite movie at home without risking going to a theatre during this pandemic. Few essential points you should consider while buying the best Popcorn Maker are:

  • Variety – You wouldn't want to invest in a commercial Popcorn maker unless you live in a big joint family with dozens of family members or purchasing it from a business point of view. For making Popcorn at home, stovetop Popcorn will give you crunchy classic style Popcorns. There are vintage Popcorn makers that allow you to cook on either a stove or through electricity, and if you're looking for a healthy and oil-free Popcorn maker, then a hot-air Popcorn maker is the right alternative. It would be best if you chose the model as per your convenience and utility.

  • Material – The material plays an important role in deciding the weight, size, and looks of the Popcorn maker. While a stainless steel stovetop Popcorn maker can be big and bulky with average pot type looks, a Popcorn maker with glass walls let you see the corns popping inside the vessel. The hot air Popcorn makers come in attractive models and increase the décor of your kitchen.

  • Size – Will you munch the Popcorns alone while watching your favourite show, or the other members in your family also want their own full bowls of Popcorn? We bet it's going to be the latter! Notice the capacity of the Popcorn maker while you're ordering the best Popcorn maker because a small-sized Popcorn maker may give you the pain of making Popcorns multiple times to fulfill the required amount for everyone in the family, while a Popcorn maker with a large kettle will make plenty of Popcorn in one batch that would be sufficient for your family and would also be useful if you're hosting a small party at your place.

Best Popcorn Maker in India: Top Brands and Model to Pick From

We have picked a few different varieties of Popcorn makers so that you can choose the best Popcorn maker and enjoy delicious and fluffy Popcorn in the comfort of your home.

iLife Vintage Collection Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Source amazon.in

The Vintage collection hot air Popcorn maker by iLife is a mini model of the Popcorn makers that we see in malls. With a large capacity of producing up to 80 gm of Popcorn in one batch, this one-button quick operation machine can pop enough corn for your family. The lid on the top is used as a measuring cup and can also be used for adding butter. Just add one or two cups of dry corn kernels to the Popcorn machine, turn on the switch and wait for 2-3 minutes to enjoy fresh and oil-free Popcorn. You can also add little butter from the top of the machine that has a butter melting tray inside. This machine is light, compact, and easy to use, and you can order it from amazon.in for Rs. 7,227.

MINI CHEF Classic Style Popcorn Maker

Mini Chef has this very attractive and stylish Popcorn maker that will add to your kitchen's aesthetics with its spectacular design and charming color combination. The classic Popcorn maker uses hot air to prepare the Popcorns and runs on 1200W power that can give you a bowl full of Popcorns in just a few minutes. The upper part is easily detachable; thus, the machine is easy to clean, and the compact size makes it easy to store in your kitchen or dining room. You can order this Mini Chef Classic Style Popcorn maker for Rs. 1,890 from tandoor-online.com.

Inalsa Plastic 1200 W Popcorn Snack Maker (Red)

Source dillimall.com

This red-colored Inalsa Popcorn maker has a plastic body that is heat as well as break-resistant, and the transparent cover allows you to see the corns while they are popping. This machine runs on 1200W power and uses hot air to make fluffy, fresh, and crunchy corn in a couple of minutes. The multipurpose lid can also be used as a serving bowl and is easy to clean. Inalsa Popz has a non-stick frying bowl and a rotating arm that works together to pop-out about 60 gm of Popcorn at a time. This Popcorn maker can be ordered from dillimall.com for Rs. 1,050.

Singer Corn Diet 1200-Watt Popcorn Maker

Source shoponn.in

Singer is a well-known brand for electrical appliances, and they won't disappoint you with their Diet Popcorn Maker, a healthy snack maker. Apart from popping corn, you can also roast dry-fruits, peanuts, papad, etc., in just 2-3 minutes, without using a single drop of oil as it uses a stream of hot air to roast and cook these edible items. Simply place a bowl beneath the pop-up window, add the desired amount of kernels into the machine and turn it on to see fresh and crunchy Popcorns pouring into the bowl. The transparent cover is removable and easy to clean. Singer Corn Diet Popcorn Maker runs on 1200W power and can be ordered from shoponn.in for Rs. 1,265.

Pigeon Popcorn Maker 1200Watts, Yellow

Source shoponn.in

Pigeon, a homegrown company, is popular for its decent quality home and kitchen appliances. The stylish and suave design Popcorn maker in yellow is one more gem from their house that boasts of a powerful 1200W machine that pops faster than a microwave. The simple one switch operation makes it easy to use and the top detachable cover is made from transparent material, which makes it easier to see the kernels while they are popping. This machine consumes low energy, weighs around 1 kg and can be ordered from shoponn.in for Rs. 1,302.

Royal Chef 1200 Watt Oil-Free Snacks Cum Popcorn Maker

The made in India Royal Chef Snacks cum Popcorn maker is a stylish and compact machine that allows you to get crunchy Popcorns in minutes. Moreover, snacks like dry fruits, papad, peanuts, fryums, etc., can also be roasted in this Popcorn maker without using oil; thus, it allows you to have a healthy alternative for snacking munching. The acrylic cover on the ABS plastic body keeps the machine cool during use, and the anti-slip rubber feet provide stability to the Popcorn maker. The transparent cover with snacks ejector allows you to check the snacks while they're being roasted. Royal Chef 1200 Watt Oil-Free Snacks cum Pop Corn Maker makes oil-free snacks in just 3-4 minutes and can be purchased from myshopprime.com for Rs. 1,432.

Norpro Old Time Popcorn Popper

Source amazon.in

The Old Time Popcorn Popper by Norpro is a Stovetop type Popcorn maker that uses the old-fashioned technique of preparing Popcorns. It has a crank gear with a wooden handle that can be rotated while you're heating the corn kernels so that they can pop evenly. This Popcorn maker is made from non-rusting aluminum and can be easily cleaned by hand washing method. Dimensions of the vessel are 20.96 x 19.69 x 19.69 cm; it weighs around 950 gm and is listed on amazon.in for Rs. 3,499.

West Bend 82505 Stir Crazy Electric Hot Oil Popcorn Popper Machine

Source desertcart.in

West Bend, a USA-based company, was founded in Wisconsin in the year 1911. The Stir Crazy Hot Oil Popcorn Machine can pop up to 6 liters of Popcorn in just about 4 minutes by using a triple-layer heating plate. The heating bowl has a non-stick surface and is equipped with a stirring rod to pop all the corns evenly, while the top lid is vented and large enough to be used as a serving bowl for the entire family. This product can be purchased for Rs. 8,869 from desertcart.in.

Femora Borosilicate Glass Microwave Safe Popcorn Maker

Source tatacliq.com

For those who prefer glass utensils, this Borosilicate Glass Popcorn Maker by Femora is a nice option. This Microwave Safe Popcorn maker is complemented with a lid that can be used to measure the corn kernels and mix ingredients like butter, salt, etc. This glass Popcorn maker's capacity is 2000 ml, and you can order it from tatacliq.com for Rs. 990 only.

Cuisinart CPM-28 Classic-Style Popcorn Maker, Red

Source amazon.in

A commercial Popcorn maker by Cuisinart, the classic style red colored Popcorn maker, can pop 10 cups of hot and fluffy Popcorn in just a few minutes. The door and non-stick kettle can be separated while cleaning the machine, and you get a Popcorn scoop, oil measuring spoon, and kernel measuring cup with the machine. The machine's dimensions are 29.8 cm x 29.8 cm x 55.6 cm; it weighs 4.5 kg and can be purchased from amazon.in for Rs. 20,563.

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Though plain, old popcorns are a go-to snack for a lot of us, you can add a little bit of spice (figuratively and literally!) to them using simple kitchen ingredients such as butter, garam masala, Maggi masala, or any other material of your choice. There are several videos available online you can refer to for making your popcorn flavourful for your next movie evening!