Gift for My Husband on Our Anniversary: Looking for Ideas for Gifts to Give Your Partner? Take a Look at Our Pick Here!

Gift for My Husband on Our Anniversary: Looking for Ideas for Gifts to Give Your Partner? Take a Look at Our Pick Here!

Celebrating that you spend one more year together is always wonderful, be it your first wedding anniversary or when many have passed before. That is why we all love to plan something special to surprise our couple and enjoy that unique day like never before. If you are unsure what will you prepare for the celebration, don't worry because in this article we offer some great anniversary gifts ideas to celebrate an anniversary.

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Tips for Buying Anniversary Gifts for Husband

It is that time of the year when you celebrate the day you exchanged vows with your beloved and were pronounced as man and wife for eternity. For any married couple, the anniversary date brings a lot of memories, warmth, love, and happiness. If your anniversary is approaching soon and you are seeking an apt gift for your husband then your gift hunting will end here! We have a huge galore of anniversary gifts from a wife to her husband. Scroll down to know more.

Before you select a gift, you should know about some important tips while selecting a gift for your husband on your anniversary. Read the tips below to ensure that you don't end up regretting a wrong choice of gift.

Ensure That You Choose a Gift According to Your Husband's Preferences

After a few years of living with each other, husband and wife tend to become transparent with their reactions to each other. If your boyfriend does not like your gift, he might still fake a liking to ensure that you do not get upset. But when you select a gift for your husband, you will know eventually whether he appreciated it or not. So, it is best to buy a gift according to your husband's preferences.

Plan Your Budget in Advance

It is sensible and wise to plan your budget in advance. If you have a fixed amount in mind, say between Rs 1000 to 3000, you know exactly what to pick up. This way, you do not get carried away by costlier things and do not regret your shortage of cash later. A budget planning is always a must in selecting any kind of gift.

Plan Your Gift in Advance

If you plan to make something for your husband on your own for your anniversary, you will need time and preparation. If you do not think and plan a week before your anniversary date, you may not have ample time to invest in your DIY gift idea. Pre-planning is always helpful as you might have to hunt for materials too. DIY tasks may or may come out right. If you plan your gift in advance, you will still have time to rectify your task or buy something else.

Choose Useful Gifts

Husbands may not appreciate teddy bears or such cute gifts as they find them of no use later. It is best to invest in useful gifts while searching for an anniversary gift for husband. Sometimes, such occasions are just an excuse for buying something useful for your husband or home. Everyone can use such gifts later.

Think of Something That He Had Been Wanting Since a Long Time


Your husband would really appreciate if you choose something that he has been wanting for a very long time. It could be a vacuum cleaner or a smartphone. Such gifts are valued more when given in the time of need. He will love you all the more for taking care of his needs and making his needs your priority.

3 Useful Gift Ideas for Husband on Your Anniversary

Here is a list of some useful gifts for your husband on your anniversary. Choose something according to your need and budget allowance.

Car Vacuum Cleaner


A Car Vacuum cleaner is one of the most useful and ideal gifts a wife can gift her car-loving husband. With kids around and long trips, one tends to spill in food and other such dirt in the car. Sending your car to professional cleaners can charge you a bomb every month. This easy to use and lightweight car vacuum cleaner is super efficient.

Bergmann Supersonic Car Vacuum Cleaner (White) will cost you around Rs 1,119 only. Coming from Bergmann, you can be assured of the quality of your device and its longevity. It has a sleek mirror-finish body engineered from high quality, white, virgin ABS, scratch-proof and unbreakable body. This device comes with a high-speed motor. It has a unique and advanced 3-stage filter system including a mesh filter, washable medical-grade Hepa filter and a carbon filter which help in thoroughly cleaning your car. You would be impressed to know that this vacuum cleaner has a patented one-way dust flow in which the dust does not fall out when the product is tilted. This car vacuum cleaner also comes with a transparent dust box so as to let you know when to empty it.

A superb gift, this one will not burn a hole in your pocket and will be useful to keep your cars spic and span.

Men's Grooming Gift Set

A grooming kit for men is a very useful gift. Get this Burt's Bees Men's Gift Set with 5 Natural Products in giftable tin including a Shave cream, Aftershave, Body Wash, Hand Salve and an Original Beeswax Lip Balm.

This Men's body wash has soy proteins and coconut oil which has a nourishing effect on the skin making it very soft while the woodsy aroma is refreshing. The included shaving kit has a calming aftershave lotion and a shaving cream with soothing calendula, chamomile and linden extracts for a smooth feel. Also included is a moisturizing lip balm to restore dry lips and dry chapped skin. Your man will definitely love this thoughtful all-in-one gift priced at Rs 1,831 only.

The Book of Unusual Knowledge

This Book of unusual knowledge is a 704-page hardcover book with some very captivating knowledge. This one would be an ideal gift for your geeky husband. Priced at Rs 876, this one is not a bad deal. The book contains information on diverse topics such as animal kingdom, art, sports, technology, history, universe and politics. It's perfect for anyone with a curious mind and a passion for learning.
With quirky illustrations and a vast array of articles, anecdotes, lists, and games, this book will provide hours of fascinating reading. One can carry this book while traveling or read it before sleeping. The amusing information includes questions like, "Are plastic bags killing sacred cows in India?", "Did Ronald Reagen see two UFO's in this lifetime" and such other interesting questions.

3 Romantic Gift Ideas for Husband on Your Anniversary

If your husband is also a romantic just like you, then perhaps you can give him any of these below mentioned romantic gifts. These are useful too but have your little love element in them to remind your guy of your infinite love for him.

Love Message Pocket Watch

This beautiful pocket watch is specially made for a wife to gift her husband. Priced at Rs 1,460, this pocket watch features the wording "To My Husband, I loved You Then, I Love You Still, Always Have, Always Will'. It is endearing and very romantic. This one is a romantic keepsake and a gift for ever. The watch is engraved with laser technology and is quite durable. It is perfectly sized for most pockets and measures roughly 4.5 cm in diameter. The watch comes with a pocket chain and is crafted from premium zinc alloy. The shiny black looks smart and the watch is easily secured in the pocket with the pocket chain. Get this Fashionable Pocket Watch to add oodles of style to your husband's persona.

Romantic Frame

This beautiful Romantic Frame can be an ideal gift for your husband on your anniversary. Priced at Rs 2,117, this one has two attached 4x6 inch frames. The left frame has some romantic words from you and the right frame can be used to put your picture. Ideal for table-top display, the frame has a glass front and brushed silver metal finish on the front and a black velour backing behind. A very touching poem of love, this one will be cherished by your husband forever.

Couple's Kindle Cards

Couple's Kindle Cards pretty much sums up your entire relationship by including action steps that will assist in improving emotional, physical, sexual, mental, social, environmental, and financial wellbeing in your relationship. You both can snuggle up in the bed and read these cards every night to ensure that all is well in your relationship. It is similar to a relationship book but the advice is broken up into small segments, one-liners and weekly goals which will help you reignite the spark in your relationship. Priced at Rs 1,461, these Couple's Kindle Cards are weekly relationship exercises which help you increase your connection with each other. The box comes with a guidebook and 50 kindle cards. So hurry up and order this one now!

4 Anniversary Gift Ideas Involving the Both of You

Anniversary is ideally meant for both of you. So if you want to gift something to your husband that involves you also then we have these amazing fun ideas for you.

Glass Chess Set

If you and your husband love playing chess then we have the most stunning glass chess set for you. This is an ideal showpiece for your rooms and also enables you to play in style while challenging each other to this age-old mind game. Measuring 15" x 15", this board is designed with high-quality frosted glass. It has a mirror glass on the front and all the players are crafted from glass. You will be amused by the intricate detailing added to each player in this time-honored favorite. You will feel luxurious as you hold each of these glass players in your fingertips. Priced at Rs 1,900, this one is a fair deal! You can get this from

Tickets to Canvas Laugh Club

Get ready for some laughter therapy at the Canvas Laugh Club. The stand up comedy art is gaining momentum in India and Canvas Laugh Club is a standalone comedy club which invites artists from all over the country to perform and make the audience laugh. Located in the Palladium mall in Mumbai, this club has a different artist every day. So book your tickets and surprize your husband with this hilarious gift on your anniversary. You can buy the tickets directly from their online web portal or book it on Book My Show.

Quirky Sex Checks

A thrilling, exciting and interesting concept, these Quirky Sex Checks will lighten your bedroom atmosphere and enable you to increase your connection with your husband. Gift his these Sex-Checks to maintain balance in your bedroom. These playful checks offer a diverse portfolio of options for the wife and husband, with fill-in-the-blanks and check-box prompts. The checkbook includes 30 'I Owe Yous' and 30 'U Owe Mes', making it easy for you to get back what you give. A great gift with a 'no bounce guarantee', this one will make you and husband roll on the floor laughing! Get these checks online from Amazon at Rs 728 only.

Over 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

A captivating anniversary gift, this one will occupy you and your husband on your weekends thoroughly. This 1000 And Above Jigsaw Puzzle is very time consuming but equally exciting. Set up your unique family tradition of making one jigsaw puzzle every month. Start with this gift for your husband on your anniversary. Priced at Rs 3,661, this jigsaw puzzle has a Halloween theme. You will find a raven, a black cat, and an owl along with scarecrows next to some crackling flames at this spooky jack-o-lantern farm.

Plan a Romantic Getaway for the Two of You

A romantic gift for your husband on your anniversary need not be anything physical. If you both have not gone out on a holiday for a long time, then now is the time to surprise him completely with a romantic getaway. If you can only manage a holiday for a weekend then you can choose some amazing weekend getaways near Mumbai such as Lonavala, Matheran or Mahabaleshwar. These hill stations have ideal weather, scenic landscapes and wonderful resorts to make a lovely weekend package for you. You will need to plan and book in advance if your anniversary falls in a holiday season.

Plan a Surprise Party for Him with Family and Friends

If your husband loves the presence of his friends and family on such happy occasions, then now is the time to surprise him with a surprise anniversary party. This is how you can do it; your husband will always remember this surprise anniversary party for the rest of his life!

Surprise Anniversary Party

  • Plan at least 2 weeks or 10 days before.
  • Call all his friends and relatives before and let them know about your plan.
  • Book the cake and have food catered from outside so that you don't have to get busy in the kitchen.
  • Once he leaves the house, you can put up the decorations.
  • Arrange for some games to keep the guests entertained once the party starts.
  • Let your husband come back casually from office in the evening. Do not mention anything to him before.
  • Keep the lights shut so that when he enters the house and switches on the lights, he will get a pleasant shock seeing all these best people crowded at home.

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Surprise Your Husband on Anniversary

Many people might think that choosing a gift for a man would be easier than choosing a gift for a woman. A man’s needs and preferences would be much simpler. But if you have to consider a gift for your partner or your husband, you will instantly realize that these above statements are not true at all. In fact, you would have as many choices of gifts you can present to your partner or husband as you can present to your girlfriends. Many men want to receive useful and functional gifts like a wallet or a grooming kit. Many want to receive a cool gadget to serve their DIY hobby. Or for someone, they would be happy with a bottle of perfume.

The gifts which we have suggested are among the most wanted gifts that a man would like to receive. Not to mention that they are all picked from the best products with the highest quality.