Shop for Bespoke and Quality Handcrafted Furniture Online, Without Ever Having to Leave the Comforts of Your Home

Shop for Bespoke and Quality Handcrafted Furniture Online, Without Ever Having to Leave the Comforts of Your Home

There are oh so many reasons why shopping online is rapidly becoming the norm, pandemic or otherwise. Convenience for one. Now if only one could redecorate or furnish with the same ease. But you can! And not just supplementary pieces or bric-a-brac for the home but real, quality, handmade furniture. In our search for bespoke furniture, we chanced upon Gulmohar Lane, a wonderful online furniture store. Read on to see what we found.

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Are You Excited to Furnish Your Home or Office Space?

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The living room can rightly be said to be the heart of the home, it is where most of us spend most of our day. And all of us want to get it right, we want it to be a place that not only looks pleasing to the eyes but also makes us feel truly connected to it, makes us feel we’re at home! If you have previously shopped for any kind of furniture, then you would know what we are talking about!

Now Get Your Favourite Furnishings At Your Doorstep!

For those looking to furnish their living room or any other space in general, today, you do not have to go through all the hassle of searching and skimming through physical stores just to end up exhausted and not even finding the perfect aesthetics you have been looking for.

From that perfect vase that can sit perfectly over the TV shelf to that matching rug that perfectly complements your sofa set, now you could order everything online you set out to buy for your living or office space!

Gulmohar Lane Brings You Incredible Handcrafted Furniture Online

There is one brand in India that is taking the idea of ordering furniture online by providing their customers with handmade furnishings, straight from the hands of the finest craftsmen throughout the country.

Gulmohar Lane was founded by Saurabh Ailawadi and Shweta Mewara with the motto of serving their customers with products that are honest, breathe easy and exude strong aesthetics.

We interviewed the founders and got to know what inspired them to start Gulmohar Lane and their future plans, among other things; here’s what they said about it.

Your home should be the most comfortable place for you, and it is rightly said that the things we love always tell a story and reflect who we are.

Saurabh Ailawadi and Shweta Mewara
Founders, Gulmohar Lane

Q & A with Founders: The Story Behind Gulmohar Lane

  • Q. Tell us about yourself and your background.
  • Gulmohar Lane is co-founded by Saurabh Ailawadi and Shweta Mewara, with varied experience in the field of design, interiors, retail, and brand management. We, at Gulmohar Lane believe that your home should be your haven, where you dine, work, sleep, dream, and live. The brand should inspire you to make a home that reflects your personality and your aesthetics. Your home should be the most comfortable place for you, and it is rightly said that the things we love always tell a story and reflect who we are.

  • Q. What led you to create Gulmohar Lane, and how did you go about it?
  • Gulmohar Lane was fondly conceptualized to restore the magical nostalgia of artistries balanced with the daintiness of modern craftsmanship. With styles that celebrate the beauty of natural materials and ones handcrafted into simple yet elegant forms. Gulmohar Lane believes in creating beautiful aesthetics that will live with you, forever.

  • Q. What is your production process and how do you introduce new products?
  • Inspired by the very roots, our designs are a celebration of stories amidst memories of fondness and pure desire for all things wonderful. A musing is to weave silhouettes and create interior solutions that not only are timeless but also the ones that exude purposeful comforts. Gulmohar Lane is the first interior solutions brand to offer clients the option of product customisations online and deliver to almost all locations across the country. Truly inspired by everything natural, simple, and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Q. How do you ensure quality?
  • An integral part of our Brand Philosophy, we believe in combining outstanding quality with astonishing value, offering a carefully curated, assortment of home products. Pairing timeless elements with fresh twists, each item is designed to enhance a room or inspire a memorable experience. Before we dispatch the product to our clientele, each product and its elements go through stringent quality checks by our team of expertly informed QCO’s (Quality Control Officers)

The Challenges They Faced & How They Managed To Run a Successful Business

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  • Q. What are some challenges of running an online furniture store?
  • In these times, online stores are the only gleaming light for shoppers and interior enthusiasts. Though we offer utmost importance to our brand philosophy which are customer experience, quality, natural, sustainability, comfort, and strong aesthetics – all in a single order yet still the interstate guidelines and restrictions imposed by the government for transits and transportation during Covid pose a challenge.

  • Q. As WFH becomes the norm, how can people make living spaces more comfortable for work and living? Please give us some ideas or examples of things you have done.
  • In these unprecedented times, ‘home’ is being viewed at an exceptionally changed level than before. The term ‘comfort’ has taken a new meaning, and more and more people are accepting the fact that ‘home is a haven’; very early on, we realised that WFH requires adedicated space that not only motivates productivity but must also be comfortable and one that uplifts the mood. We introduced a new collection of Home Office Work Tables last year. WFH is the new way of life, and many people are finding it difficult to focus on office tasks due to various distractions at home. Our work desk help brings focus; the inbuilt storage in designs address space needs of modern compact homes; therefore, the collection has been widely appreciated.

  • Q. What makes Gulmohar Lane products better/different from those of other brands?
  • A brand should inspire you to make a home that reflects your personality and your aesthetics. Your home should be the most comfortable place for you, and it is rightly said that the things we love always tell a story and reflect who we are. Our passion for creating and providing furniture options that breathe easy and exude strong aesthetics comes from the gap we saw in the Indian market. At Gulmohar Lane, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality, whether it is about the craftsmanship of the traditional technique of 8 way tying of the springs, or the high quality of foam and fibres we use for our products for our customers seeking unparalleled luxury.

    Handcrafted with love – our products are researched, designed, and executed to exacting standards. We would say our USP is our products. The products that breathe easy and exude strong aesthetics and are handmade using a slow, more sustainable process. As an online shopping platform, we also provide easy customization options where the customer can choose size, fabric, fill options, wood finishes, and a number of add-ons to create the product that reflects their personality. We are a big fan of natural fabrics, leather, and raw material. Most of our products are obtained from sustainable sources, and we offer products that will last the customer decades and make them proud of their buying decision.

  • Q. Which products/range would you recommend to someone trying Gulmohar Lane for the first time?
  • Gulmohar Lane offerings are varied and fit well with almost all palettes and styles. Each piece is carefully selected to gratify the buyers’ needs and wants. We understand the value of a home. We sleep, dine, celebrate and find solace in our homes. Find our upholstered designs to experience the comfort, quality, and aesthetic value; our prints and patterns bring a beautifully appealing vibe and redefine the very meaning of a comfortable home.

Our Pick of Gulmohar Lane's Top 3 Products

In terms of the best sellers, our Bombay Rattan collection and more contemporary Norway Sofa and Coffee Table Collections have always received tremendous love from our clientele. As a brand, we always promote a more eclectic mix of designs using classic and modern shapes connected through a thread of color or material.

Bombay Rattan Sofa Collection

Traced back to 2nd century A.D., Cane Rattan work in India is characterized by comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Amalgamating this ancient handmade technique along with art-deco style aesthetics, we bring to you our Bombay Rattan Sofa. Though natural in its appearance, rattan work lends a modern and offbeat look to the design, while the hand tufts bring in colonial vibes. A time-honoured and distinctive look is sure to be created in your abode with this design.

Starts at ₹45,900

Norway Sofa Collection

Create an informal and restful lounge or plan a space-saving living room layout with our Norway Sofa featuring uniquely designed hexagonal legs. With comfortable seating and gently curved corners, resting on this sofa will always be a pleasant experience. Moreover, the continuous upholstered backrest and armrest lend an elegant form and add to the functionality of this design.

Starts at ₹35,900

Norway Coffee Table Island

Slender, versatile, and distinctive, their Norway Coffee Table island is composed of three individual tables, which, when combined, becomes a center table. The slender metal frames, along with tabletops composed of fine hardwood in a mix of chic wooden finished, occupy minimum visual space while making a striking statement. This modern-age coffee table design lets you customize its appearance according to your functional and space needs.

Starts at ₹39,900 (Excl. of GST)

Where Can You Find Them?

Bonus For Readers: Get To Know What Their Future Plans Are!

  • Q. Please give our readers some guidelines on how to select home decor as gifts.
  • Gifts! The joys of giving are two-fold; it gives both the receiver and the sender so much happiness. You can choose from our new collection of Glass Vases or handwoven goodness from our ‘Threads of Life’ collection Gift a lighting piece or add character with our gorgeous furniture range. If you are still confused – opt for our E-Gift cards and let your loved ones choose!

  • Q. What are your own interests? (How did you spend time during the lockdown)
  • Saurabh and I love baking. We bake very often and love watching how our three-year-old son Arjun’s learning and having fun alongside.

  • Q. What’s next for your brand?
  • There is a noticeable shift in a lot of dynamics and norms in the industry today. With more and more people tuning in to their surroundings at home – it is more wholesome and mindful. From embracing born-in-India brands to being more aesthetically woke – there is an interesting shift, and we are excited. We are looking at expanding our hardwood furniture and décor range, including categories like Chest of Drawers, Wardrobes, Dining collections, and outdoor furniture. We are talking homes, spaces that are aesthetically pleasing!

Some More Recommendations From Their Latest Collection

Glass Collection

Gulmohar Lane brings you a premium range of glassware, such as vases, bowls, and more. All these products are made from hand-blown glass and will truly add to the beauty of your living room. These can be purchased from

Lightning Collection

If you have always wanted that perfect-looking lamp for your living room table or to be kept beside your bed so you can blissfully read your bedtime novels, you must check out their collection of lightning and lamps. These are definitely going to take your living room's aesthetics up a notch! You can have a look at these lightning collection at

Cushion Covers

Lastly, if you're looking for some stunning covers for cushions, you can have a look at their cushion cover collection and purchase these from

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Do not hesitate to ask for customisations

Most quality brands are dedicated to help you make your dream home and will offer customisations. If it is not openly offered, do not hesitate to enquire. Furniture, especially the handmade and expensive kind, is a long term investment and you do not want to be stuck with something that is not absolutely perfect for your space. Many brands, like the one listed above, are also open to working with fabrics that you had in mind and it is wise to consider all your options and select exactly what you want.