Looking for Best Chips for Your Next Indulgence? Here are 30 Popular Chips in India that You Must Give a Try in 2022.

Looking for Best Chips for Your Next Indulgence? Here are 30 Popular Chips in India that You Must Give a Try in 2022.

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In India and around the globe, potato chips are one of the most popular snacks. These chips are enjoyed anywhere, be it picnic areas, movie theatres, or colleges. They are loved by individuals and groups of all ages. We listed down 30 chip options that every other kid in India cherished for as long as they remember.

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Why Are Chips Such a Party Starter?

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The very idea to be able to snack on the go is fascinating to all of us. Chips are exactly that as you can carry a pack of flavours along with you everywhere you go. Apart from being tasty and available in different flavours, one of the things that make chips a hot favourite is that it goes with everything. Have it with your favourite drink or just as a side with your favourite dish, chips are versatile. So, on that note, let us understand the various types of chips that are available in the market today.

Different Style of Fries

There are different style of chips and wafers available in India that you should know about before picking the one. So, let us talk about different style of chips a little bit in this section.


Chips as we know are one of the most popular and widely eaten fries in this category. Over time, the popularity of chips has outshone others because of their easy-to-carry nature. Moreover, even if you open the pack, you can keep it in the jar and eat it for several days. Compare to the other snacks that we mentioned above, chips are the go-to snack when you want something tasty and quick to eat without messing up your hand.

Standard Cut Fries

Simply put the fries that you get in the McDonald's are standard-cut fries. Most of the fast food chains sell this type of chips or fries, whatever you would like to call them. More commonly these types of chips are known as French fries. In this process, the potatoes are cut into medium-thin sizes and fried for a single time. Therefore, the texture that you get here is crusty on the outside and evenly cooked soft on the inside.

Curly Fries

As the name suggests these fries are curly and this shape is given with the help of a special cutter. Potatoes are first cut into this shape and then fried just like French fries. This style of fries has become an instant hit with the kids.

Steak Fries

A reason why these fries are known as steak fries is that they are thick-cut and cooked or baked with the skin on. These chips are either baked or fried and usually, you will find there is some stuffing in them. Since these chips also come with stuffing therefore they are less crunchy.

Potato Wedges

After steak fries, these are other large fries and are a bit thick-cut. Cut in the shape of wedges, these chips are often sprinkled with spices and go as a side dish with the main course. One of the differences between normal fries and wedges is that the latter are more often baked than fried.

Top 30 Best Chips In India: Choose From Varied Delicious Options!

Top 10 Potato Chips In India: The Favourite Snack for All

1. Lays Potato Chips - Simple Classic Salted

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A well-known brand across the globe Lays has a wide range of offerings in the potato chips category. The classic salted chips from Lays are one of the favourite flavours out there. The crispy thin wafers sprinkled with white salt make a perfect snack for the party. As the brand is known for its quality, some of the freshest potatoes are used in making lay chips. Packed with flavour and freshness, the classic salted chips from Lays are available on amazon.in for just Rs. 20.

2. Bingo by ITC

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It would not be wrong to say that Bingo has one of the most innovative flavours of chips. Flavours such as achari masti have created their own set of ardent fans because of their unique flavour. One of their flavours is chilli and salt sprinkled potato chips paying ode to the classic and popular flavours of the chips. This flavour stands out from the rest because of its un-complicated flavour which readily becomes the favourite of all. Bingo classic salt and chilli sprinkled chips are available on amazon.in for just Rs. 28.

3.Uncle Chipps Spicy Treat Flavour Potato Chips

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One brand that became synonymous with chips in India is Uncle Chips. The unique blend of spices makes these chips stand out from the rest. If you are a 90s kid then you will cherish the flavour of Uncle Chips while the younger generation is going to love it. A complete vegetarian product, these chips are spicy and make one of the tastiest snacks for munching on the go. You can buy Uncle chips on blinkit.com for just Rs. 39.

4. Pringles Sour Cream & Onion, 107 g

Known for their unique packaging, Pringles chips are uniquely delicious and pack a burst of flavours. The sour cream and onion flavour of pringles is one of the best flavours among other flavours available in Pringles chips. Apart from being uniquely shaped, these chips are also seasoned end to end to ensure maximum taste. The non-greasy chips make a perfect snack for parties and evening time tea. Further, the unique can ensures that you can close the lid after eating keeping the rest of the chips fresh and crispy. Pringle's sour cream and onion chips is available on bigbasket.com for just Rs. 89.

5. Parle's Peri Peri Wafers

Parle is one of the most iconic brands in the FMCG category in India and their foray into the chips category meant that we get some genuine flavours. The Piri Piri potato chips from Parle are a burst of flavours in your mouth. One of the best things about this flavour is that it is just enough spicy to be liked by both kids and adults. Munch on these chips with the choice of your drink and enjoy the true African peri peri flavours. Made from the freshest potatoes, these chips are packed nicely ensuring long-lasting freshness and flavours locked in for the best experience. You can Parle’s Peri Peri wafer chips on Flipkart for just Rs. 160

6. Balaji Cream & Onion Potato Chips 35 g

Cream and onion-flavoured chips are a unique treat and have their own dedicated followers. Balaji Cream and onion chips are infused with the wonderful flavours of sour cream and onion along with the generous sprinkling of the flavourful spices.

Apart from casual munching, these chips also serve as a side dish if you are having an Italian-themed party at your house. All you need is to prepare a yogurt-based dip and put these chips on a plate to go with it. The packaging of the chips is good and retains all the flavours and aroma of the food for a long. Balaji cream and onion flavoured chips are available on Jio Mart for Rs. 10.

7. Haldiram Halke Fulke Chips

Haldiram halke fluke chips as the name suggests are the ones for light hunger or those evening snack craving with tea. The chatpata chilli potato chips are as Indian as they can get with the spiciness of chilli. These chips are made from selected potatoes and processed from the state of the art technology making them crispier and lighter. To balance the heat of the chillies, there are tangy spices such as dry mango powder in the chips as well. Haldiram halke fluke chips are available on bigbasket.com for just Rs. 10.

8. Yellow Diamond Potato Chips

Yellow Diamond is a popular snacks company in India offering a range of products such as namkeen, chips, dip rings and so on. Within the chips category, you get a host of flavours and the one that stands out is Yellow Diamond Magic Masala. Each wafer is generously sprinkled with a tasty blend of spices giving the notes of spicy, tangy and sweet to your taste buds. Further, the flavour of the chips goes with all types of beverages and is popular among kids and adults alike. Available in travel-friendly packaging, Yellow Diamond magic masala chips are available on Jiomart for just Rs. 15.

9. Kettle Studio Potato Chips

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Who does not love the tangy and spicy taste of jalapenos with the hint of cream cheese and these potato chips from Kettle Studio offer just that? As the name suggests, these chips are cooked in a kettle and therefore cooked in batches and offer more crunch and crispiness. Moreover, the thick-cut slices of the potato are packed with more flavour of the potato as well as spices. If you are looking for potato chips that is made in a traditional way and is also gluten-free then Kettle potato chips are the way to go. You can buy these potato chips on amazon.in for just Rs. 297

10. Ego Potato Chips

These potato chips from Ego have an African pepper flavour and contain 50% less fat compared to deep-fried chips. The sweet and savoury flavour of these chips will surely strike a note with you wanting more of this tasty snack. Plus the travel-friendly packaging ensures that you can carry along these chips to satiate your hunger pangs on the go. A unique flavour, Ego Potato chips are available on Big Basket for just Rs. 40.

Top 10 Baked Chips In India: Be Healthy with This Choice

With the increasing consciousness towards a healthy lifestyle, the traditional high on calorie foods has also evolved a lot. Brands are keeping up with the demands of the customers and bringing healthier version of the most loved foods and snacks. Potato chips are one such food that is loved across the globe and the good news is that we have healthier option as well. So, let us discuss about the most popular baked potato chips brands in India.

11. BRB Popped Potato Chips

BRB popped potato chips are neither baked nor fried and therefore low on cholesterol and trans fat. In fact, if you go by the details on the packaging, these chips contain at least 60% less fat compared to other chips. These chips are also free from preservatives and other harmful chemicals. One of the unique factors about these chips are the presence of protein although in a very less quantity. In all, BRB chips have a very good balance of flavours as well as ingredients. BRB has various flavours with Bhel flavour being the unique one. True to the flavours of India, BRB bhel flavour is worth a try along with all other flavours. You can buy these chips on Big Basket for just Rs. 20

12. Sea Salt Popchips

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Seasalt pop chips are not fried but maintain the crunch and flavour of the potato chips. The simple ingredients such as seal salt are what make these chips classic and good for adults and kids alike. There are no artificial colours, preservatives or any other type of synthetic flavours. Moreover, these chips contain less than half of the fat that is usually found in deep-fried chips. Moreover, the pack of chips contains a small amount of protein, vitamin D, iron, calcium and potassium making it as healthy as chips can get. Popchips sea salt is available on iherb.com for just Rs. 644.

13. TagZ - Masala Trekkin

Tagz potato chips are perhaps one of the newest brands in the chips category but have gained significant ground in just a short time. It is because these chips are popped and not baked or fried. The end result of popped chips is that it does not include trans fat and is low on flat. Within the potato chips category, they have various flavours such as cream onion, Beer and barbeque, classic salted and so on. Their masala trekking flavour is quite tasty and full of flavours. The crunch and crispiness of these chips is not compromised because of the process of popping. You can do guilt-free snacking with Tagz masala chips available on Big Basket for just Rs. 48.

14.Achari Quinoa Khakhra Chips

If you are looking for taste and health then do give a try to this achari quinoa khakhra chips. These quinoa khakhra chips are not only rich in protein but also are gluten-free and have dietary fibres. Apart from the superfood quinoa, the chips also have tapioca as one of the ingredients. Further, these chips are a good source of antioxidants making them one of the healthiest options out there. The guilt-free snack could be paired along with the evening tea and even given to kids for school as well. These perfectly flavoured and healthy khakhra chips are available on snackible.com for just Rs. 100.

15. TBH Vegetable Chips

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Sweet potato is a super food and for good reason, as it lowers the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and so on. To be honest sweet potato chips are a healthy alternative for deep-fried snacks. The herbed taro flavour of TBH sweet potato chips has a delicious fusion of oregano and basil. These 100% real vegetable snacks are gluten free and rich in nutrient content. Moreover, these chips are vacuum cooked and not deep fried making it 50% better than the deep fried ones. A delicious and healthy way to say goodbye to the hunger pangs, these chips are available on Amazon for just Rs. 59.

16. Open Secret Potato Chips

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Open Secret as the name suggests believes in un-junked snacks and their range of eatables are all made of multigrain and good stuff. In the chips category, they have a unique flavour – Super chips – Choco crunch. These chips are baked rather than fried and therefore pack less fat and cholesterol compared to their fried counterparts. The un-junked chips from Open Secret is made from oats, ragi, bajra, corn, jowar, rice and urad. Additionally, these chips have zero maida and are without any preservatives or artificial flavours. If you are the one who has major sweet cravings but wants to cut down on the calorie then Open Secret choco crunch chips are for you. Buy this pack of chips on opensecret.in for just Rs. 420.

17. Wingreens World Chips

In India, we have a plethora of flavours to choose from and when these flavours are infused into the snacks, it becomes so much easier just to munch on and enjoy. Winegreens naan chips taste great and are low in cholesterol and fat as they are not fried. You do not need to go to a restaurant now to enjoy your favourite basket of warm naan. All you need to do is just open a pack of naan-flavoured chips and enjoy. The buttery taste with the crispy texture is a great combination to go with tea or coffee. Within the naan flavour, you can pick butter garlic or chatpata pudina depending on your taste. Buy these wholesome chips on wingreensworld.com for just Rs. 304.

18. Gramin Way Healthy Ragi Chips

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Graminway healthy ragi chips are a guilt-free way to enjoy your snacks whenever you crave one. The yummy and crunch chips are made from ragi and are a lot healthier compared to the usual deep-fried chips. Since the chips are made in small batches, you can be assured of the freshness and flavours being intact. Also, if you are looking for a 100% vegetarian option then graminway ragi chips are the best option. You can buy these ragi chips on amazon.in for just Rs. 99.

19. Neelam Foodland Special Corn Chips

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Neelam Foodland special chips are low-fat schezwan corn chips made with ingredients of the best quality. If you are looking for a low-calorie and healthier option then Neelam Foodland special chips are the best option to have. The triangle-shaped chips are sprinkled with a generous amount of spices for the best flavour. Eat it with tea or a glass of healthy juice, these chips go with every type of drink. Neelam Foodland schezwan corn flavoured chips are available on amazon.in for just Rs. 282.

20. Flippies - Flip to Healthy Snacks

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When it comes to chips our instant reaction is potato wafers and deep fried. However, the healthy ragi chips from Flippies is the answer to all your munching cravings. There are various flavours to select from such as spiced, masala mix, peri peri and jalapeno. Since these chips are made of ragi, they are high in fibre as well as protein. Further, there are no added preservatives, MSG or colouring agents in these chips making it a healthier option even for the kids. These gluten-free chips are made from natural ingredients making it a good choice even for those who are on a diet. You'll find this on amazon.in for Rs. 240

Top 10 Banana Chips: A Southern Favourite

After potato chips, banana chips are one of the most popular chips in India. Banana chips have come a long way from informal packaging to various brands taking note of it. Here are the top 10 banana chips that you should definitely give a try.

21. Looms & Weaves Fresh Kerala Banana Chips

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Looms and weaves of banana chips are on our list for their authentic taste and freshness. The entire process of making these banana chips is clean and hygienic wherein the bananas are peeled and cut into small pieces. Thereafter, these chips are distilled in turmeric and salt. Thereafter the chips are fried and the excess oil is removed. One of the best things about Looms and weaves banana chips is that these are made on an order basis and shipped within 12-18 hours. Further, the coconut oil used in frying these chips are homemade and not used again after frying the chips once. These banana chips are available on amazon.in for just Rs. 327.

22. Beyond Snack Banana Chips

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Beyond Snack is a brand that identifies with the true roots of Kerala and you can taste it in their banana chips. These chips are made from the exclusive variety of bananas known as Nendran which is specifically grown in Kerala. Further, while making these banana chips, hygiene has been maintained throughout with the entire process being automated. Beyond Snack banana chips are a healthier option for your snack cravings as they contain 20% less cholesterol. Further, these chips are trans-fat-free and gluten-free making it a perfect choice for everyone. Buy Beyond Snack bananas on amazon.in for just Rs. 210.

23. Freshogen Kerala Banana Chips Home Made in Pure Coconut Oil

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Kerala Banana chips from FreshoGen are prepared in 100% pure coconut oil and are free from any preservatives and chemicals. Keeping in mind the health hazards of re-using the same oil, FreshoGen ensures that the heated oil is not used for the second time. One of the best things about these Banana chips is that it is manufactured in batches and therefore freshness and purity are maintained. Munch on the go with these banana chips available on amazon.in for just Rs. 649.

24. Urban Platter Homemade Banana Chips

Urban Platter's home-made Kerala chips are cooked in 100% coconut oil and are mildly salted. These banana chips are thin and crispy and come in a standup pouch which makes it so much easy to handle. Authentic taste and easy packaging make these chips a must-have if you are a banana chips lover. You can buy these banana chips from Urban Platter on their official website for just Rs. 268.

25. Flavours of Calicut Banana Chips

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Munch on the chips without feeling guilty about eating junk with these Nendran bananas flavours from Flavours of Calicut. The zip lock pouch keeps the banana chips fresh and the original flavour intact. Moreover, the consistency of every slice of chips is the same giving a good bite and burst of flavour in every bite. These chips are rich in fibre and do not contain cholesterol or trans fat. Buy these healthy snacking options from Flavor of Calicut on amazon.in for just Rs. 385.

26. My Village Banana Chips

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These all-natural and healthy banana chips from My Village banana chips are thin wafers that melt in the mouth and taste great. The lightly spiced and salted banana chips are cooked in wood-pressed coconut oil. You can be sure of getting a fresh and authentic taste of banana chips since these chips are made on demand and in small batches. Free from preservatives and any other chemical additives, these banana chips are available on amazon.in for just Rs. 419.

27. Flavour Scoop Kerala Banana Chips Fried in Coconut Oil

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Flavourscoop Kerala Banana Chips are ultra-thin banana chips that are rich in fibre with zero cholesterol and trans-fat. These thin banana wafers from Flavourscoop is consistent in taste, quality and aroma. Get the feel of homemade banana chips with these delicious banana chips from Flavourscoop. The zip pouch in which the chips are packed ensures that you get the same freshness and flavours intact in every chip. Moreover, the ease of carrying the zip lock pouch also makes it a go-to snack for everyone. Buy these flavourful banana chips on amazon.in for just Rs. 649.

28. Safe Products Home Made Kerala Banana Chips

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The simplest flavours are the best and these banana chips from Safe Products are one of those. Home-made Kerala chips from Safe products are made using the simplest ingredients such as salt, turmeric, raw banana and coconut oil. Apart from this, there are no preservatives and harmful additives added to the chips. You can buy the 1 kg pouch of these banana chips and use it within 45 days which is an excellent shelf-life for a homemade snack. Enjoy the real flavours of banana chips with these Safe Products banana chips. These chips are available on amazon.in for just Rs. 639.

29. Thaligai Nendran Chips

Nanderan chips from Thaligai is not just banana chips but also an experience as they come in beautifully packs. Banana chips are a superfood and contain protein, and carbohydrates but have zero trans-fat making it a healthy snack. In addition to all the goodness that is packed in these banana chips from Thaligai, you can also order them anywhere across India. If you are looking for banana chips that are cooked in refined oil rather than coconut oil then Thaligai Nanderan chip is a great choice for you. Buy these banana chips on the official website of Thaligai for just Rs. 150.

30. Znacko -Flavored Banana chips

If you thought that banana chips are only classic salted then give Znacko banana chips a try. Choose from a range of flavours like cheese and herbs, chilli garlic, sea salt & pepper and masala munch. The best thing is that you can enjoy these flavours and still eat a healthier option in the snack category. You can buy pack of four banana chips on Flipkart for just Rs. 280.

How to Make Chips at Home

  • Step 1: Peel off the potatoes clean and then carve out the fine slices with the help of a slice cutter. Keep on transferring the slices into the cold water.
  • Step 2: Drain the cold water and refill the bowl with water. Add at least 3 tablespoons of salt and soak the slices for up to 30 minutes.
  • Step 3: Drain the water and then pat the chips dry. Thereafter heat the oil in a deep-fryer to 365 degrees F
  • Step 4: Fry the chips until golden brown and season them with salt and herbs as per your taste.
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Check Quality , Quantity and Taste before You Buy

The first requirement for a good snack chip is its taste. The best chips should taste good and come in a variety of flavours to suit our palate. The next thing to consider is the amount. Some brands include large quantities at affordable prices- perfect for home parties and watching movies. High-quality chips do not contain harmful chemical elements. Chips should taste good without adding harmful additional flavours.