Looking for Fashion Accessories to Complement Your Wedding Attire? Check out the Latest and Most Happening Groom Accessories for Weddings and Impress Your Guests with Your Stunning Presence (2021)

Looking for Fashion Accessories to Complement Your Wedding Attire? Check out the Latest and Most Happening Groom Accessories for Weddings and Impress Your Guests with Your Stunning Presence (2021)

Your wedding day is the day for which you will dress up the most in your entire life. Being the bridegroom you have to be careful not only about your attire but also your fashion accessories which should perfectly complement your attire and make you look your best on your wedding day. We have curated a list of the top groom accessories for weddings which you should definitely consider for the most important day of your life.

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Men Must Also Deck Up for Their Wedding

Indian weddings are world famous for their bright colours, beautiful lights and gorgeous dresses. Traditionally, it is the bride who was all decked up and the focus of all attention. But in recent times grooms too have taken to spending time and effort to look their best. Rich sherwanis, opulent jewellery and a whole lot of accessories are now common. Several brands have come up that cater to the various requirements of the groom. The traditional groom’s accessories are also getting reinvented to fit into trendy styling. We highlight here some of the essential accessories for the grooms.

Some of the Important Accessories for the Groom

Pagdi or Safa

The pagdi or safa is an accessory that draws the attention of the invitees. There are several designs available, and it is easy to choose one among them. The designs may vary from region to region, but there are several options available. There are options across monotone fabrics, or you may choose a unique print. The safa can be decorated in different ways. There are professionals whose help you may take. It can also have lots of embellishments that can only enhance its appearance further.


Sehra is a traditional headdress worn by grooms across the country. There are several designs, and some are conservative too. Traditionally, the sehra was made with flowers and was hung from a silk band. These days however, there are several options available. Some of them are made of pearls, beads and other materials. A sehra is usually bought matching with the safa. It also improves the appearance of the groom during the baraat.


These days, ornaments are not restricted only to the bride. The groom can also have a few for himself. The necklace is one such adornment that can improve the appearance of the groom. The kundan mala or a pearl necklace can make you look very attractive. The necklace can be matched with the colour and the fabric of the sherwani. Necklaces gel well with brocade, silk or velvet fabrics too.


The shoes are an essential accessory for men, and more so at a wedding. The groom can look better with a matching mojari that has an ethnic look and which enhances the groom's outfit. The mojaris can be embroidered, while there are velvety options too. You must ensure that you buy one of the right size; otherwise, you may feel uncomfortable on the day. It is better to try it out for some days before the wedding to prevent blisters on the feet.


A matching dupatta with a sherwani is what is needed for the groom. It may be easy to choose one as a dupatta usually comes along with the sherwani. But you may still wish to have one of your choice. Some grooms prefer to wear one matching the bride’s outfit. You may also want to have one with a contrasting colour instead. The dupatta can be according to your wishes, as long as it completes the look for your wedding.

Bracelets and Cufflinks

These are the accessories that many grooms are least bothered about. They stay almost hidden in the groom's attire but can also enhance the personality of the groom. If you are stylish, you may choose to have a well-carved bracelet, and the cufflinks could have the couple's initials. The bracelet can be made of gold or alloys too.

Best Accessories for the Groom

Best Safa Designs for the Groom

The design of safas can vary according to the region. There are several classic designs from which you can choose from. The look of a safa can also differ based on the fabric you have chosen. While your choice can vary depending on the sherwani, you can choose a bold print or select an associated kalgi.

Floral Safa

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There are floral kota safas that are in pastel shades. They can be worn by the groom or the people in the barat too. The floral designs are something that can draw attention and can look excellent on a summer wedding. Moreover, floral designs are also soothing to the eye and match well with light-coloured sherwanis. These safas are available in different fabrics, like chanderi or kota. The ones in pastel shades are also good. You can choose this Jodhpuri printed floral safa. It is made of cotton and is about 9 metres in length. It is handcrafted, and is priced at ₹ 980.00 on Amazon.

Printed Safa

The printed ones can enhance the elegance of the groom. There are several versatile options from which you can choose. It provides a smart choice if you do not like floral designs. The batik print is one such option that even the kings from Bollywood wear. Another option is the peacock print that will enhance your elegance when worn with a dapper sherwani.

You can choose this printed white safa to add a spark to your appearance on your glorious day. It is a white coloured silk fabric artistic safa that has a flower print along with a broach. It is available in several sizes and is priced at ₹ 1,750.00 on Rajwadi.

Bandhani Safa

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Bandhani is known to be a vibrant fabric that can add glamour and finesse to your personality. It also shows energy and ensures that the groom looks lively on the wedding day. You can choose this vibrant safa that is 9 metres in length and is bound to improve your looks on the wedding day. It is available for ₹ 479.00 on Amazon.

Best Sehra Designs for Men

The sehra is an accessory that provides completeness to the groom on his important day. It is a crucial ornament to cover the groom's face. As we enter modern times, the floral sehra has given way to more modern and exquisite designs. There are several trending designs. The sehra designs can vary according to the region, and we have selected some of the best and unique designs here.

Pearl Strings

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If you want a suitable replacement for a floral sehra, why not choose one made of pearl strings. It will be easier to manage and also increase your grace as the groom. The pearls match well with a bright-coloured necklace and gems in the headband. It also blends well with any sherwani. You can choose this attractive sehra together with pearls and a golden chain. It is gorgeous and fancy too. It is available at ₹ 2,498.00 on Amazon.

Silver Mukut

You can have a look at this unique sehra that also doubles up as a mukut. If the groom wishes to have a regal look, then this sehra can be the ideal one. The panels made of silver can have motifs of deities and other floral designs. Such mukuts can also be rented for the wedding day. It is a common sight in several North Indian weddings.

Beaded Sehra Design

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Another available option is this beaded sehra that is an appealing combination of cream, gold and red. It can provide an excellent look with a bright red headdress and the strings of beads falling from an embroidered headband. It can have an enriched border or zardozi detail. You can choose this sehra with a mix of beads and pearls that give an elegant look to the groom. It is priced at ₹ 1,850.00 on Amazon.

Best Necklaces for Wedding

As you try to look your dapper best on your wedding day, you can look even better with an elegant necklace. It will add on to your traditional outfit and also make eyes turn. The necklace should be a perfect combination of being smart and colourful.


How can you not be decked up for your wedding day? One of the options is the sarpech – which is an ornament for the turban. It can be matched well with a beautifully printed safa. You may choose one engraved with gems or a gold one for a dash of colour. It would look better if it can be paired with equally beautiful jewellery. You can choose this traditional sarpech that has multi-coloured hues along with multiple gems. It is priced at ₹ 8,500.00 on Flipkart.

Pearl Necklaces

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A string of pearls will look good when worn with a bright-coloured sherwani. A pearl necklace has become essential for grooms these days. The pearls match well with all clothing shades but look exceptionally well with pastel shades along with velvet or brocade fabric. The necklace can also be worn with a pendant or a diamond-studded clasp. There can also be an excellent blend with pearls, emeralds and hand-painted stones. This triple-line gold-plated pendant and pearls necklace will definitely look good on you. It is priced at ₹ 650.00 on Amazon.

Emeralds Can Also be a Choice

Emeralds can be worn along with clasps and pendants. Polki detailing can also be the right choice. There could also be other jewels that would go with it. There are several options, like topaz, citrine, amethyst, etc. The bright colourful stones can easily match with any sherwani. They will look royal and ideal for the groom on the wedding day.

Wedding Shoes


The sherwani is a favourite wedding dress for grooms. It enhances the groom's looks, and an embellished sherwani is incomplete with a pair of trendy shoes. It is the mojari or the jutti that goes along with the sherwani for most of the country. They are available in different designs, and it would be not easy to choose among the best. It complements the ethnic look that is needed on the wedding day. Most of the traditional designs are complete with zari or sequins on the shoes. You may choose this maroon coloured velvet mojari available till size 12. It has zari work and is an elegant option for the groom. It is priced at ₹ 1,299.00 on Rajwadi.


You may wear a beautiful sherwani, but you need to pair it with a stylish dupatta too. Several hems and styles have been making the rounds. Understandably, shopping for wedding dress accessories is not easy. We have listed out some of the best options for you:

Velvety Dupattas

You can choose a velvet dupatta that matches very well with a sherwani of any hue and design. The magic of velvet is woven well for the groom. The velvety dupattas can be of different designs, and there are lots of elegant ones that are embellished or embroidered. This velvet dupatta is perfect for the wedding and is complete with traditional zari work and the added stones that enhance the design. This maroon dupatta is available at ₹ 1,999.00 on Rajwadi.

Silk Dupattas

The other option is the silk dupatta that can have an intricate thread design and embroideries of sequin. The dupatta may be tied on one side with a pleat or with a lovely pin, as per your wish. You can wear this silk dupatta that has a stunning golden cream colour. It could be an ideal one to be picked due to its added zari work. It is priced at ₹ 1,599.00 on Rajwadi.

Floral Print Dupattas

Source www.amazon.in

Floral prints is a new style that is currently very much in vogue. The prints can have a light or a dark background as per your wish. This ethnic golden and maroon floral print dupatta could be ideal for pairing with a wedding sherwani. It is priced at ₹ 1,299.00 on Amazon.

Bracelets and Cufflinks


Some grooms do not bother about the bracelet as it is generally hidden from the eyes of the onlookers. However, it can also pep up your appearance as the groom. It can have traditional motifs, or even a simple bracelet can work wonders. This simple gold wedding bracelet from Candere – A Kalyan Jewellers Company can be one of your options. It is priced at ₹ 68,628.00 on Candere.


A sleek set of cufflinks can also add to your glamour. A simple monogram instead of the buttons on the sherwani can be a welcome change.

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Give Careful Attention to Your Wedding Accessories

By now you would have realised that there are numerous groom accessories to choose from, and you need to spend sometime in evaluating and selecting the right fashion accessories which not only complement but accentuate your wedding dress and make heads turn on your wedding. Share your experiences with us and stay connected for more such engaging content.