Birthday Gift for Boyfriend List: 15 of the Absolutely Best Birthday Gifts to Give Your Man in 2018

Birthday Gift for Boyfriend List: 15 of the Absolutely Best Birthday Gifts to Give Your Man in 2018

Don't you just hate it when gift ideas for men are all clubbed together like there's no difference between one man to the next? Best Present Guide brings you a comprehensive list of gifts for every kind of man, from the sentimentalist to the artist, the suave guy to the tech geek. Make his day super memorable with any one of these cherry picked gifts for boyfriend on his birthday,

Looking for a Birthday Gift for Your Boyfriend? We have a Huge List to Get You Started

Are you stuck trying to figure out what to give your boyfriend as a gift on his birthday?

Guys can be really hard to shop for. Giving the same clichéd gifts like wallets feels boring, but what to give boyfriends who never seem to want anything?

We are here to help. We have put together a big list for gifts that has something for every type of boyfriend. Geeky, fun loving or sophisticated, you will find gifts that your boyfriend will be excited to get on his birthday. Even if our suggestions don’t fit the bill exactly, we hope the list will help you get started on finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend.

Tips to Get a Mind-Blowing Birthday Gift for Your Boyfriend

A Gift Specially for Him

A great gift is one that is meaningful to the recipient.

Your boyfriend will love something that takes into account his interests, needs and personality. Avoid buying him something you think he should use or wear. The point is to make him happy so go by what he will like to have rather than your own preferences.

Start by considering his likes and dislikes, his hobbies, his tastes, and his style. The gift must be reflection of his unique personality. Perhaps he is a keen gardener and he'll appreciate a new set of tools or maybe he will love the new book by his favourite author. It doesn't have to be expensive. Anything thoughtful will tell him that you have spent time and effort on finding something just for him, and he will feel loved.

Research Thoroughly to Spot the Right Gift

As much as knowing your boyfriend, time and patience is needed to spot the right gift. You'll probably have more success if you think creatively, while keeping in mind his interests and personality.

Would he like a practical gift or will a sentimental gift make him happier. Also consider the occasion – are you buying a gift for his birthday, a special event or ‘just because’? Each occasion demands a different vibe so be sure to consider this aspect.

Explore online gifting and shopping websites and search for gift inspirations by scrolling through different categories related to his interests. The sheer extent of choice in online websites can be bewildering but the variety gives you many options to consider, you just need to keep looking.This of course needs sufficient time, so start planning ahead.

Yet another option is to drop into your nearest mall to view options available there.

Make the Experience Memorable

Getting the right gift is just the first step. When you make the whole experience memorable, then the gift becomes unforgettable for your boyfriend.

A basic rule is remembering to wrap up the gift attractively. A nicely wrapped gift adds to the fun and charm of the gift. Also consider adding a romantic note that expresses your feelings – you could talk about what the gift means, your feelings for him, or even just a witty one-liner. Anything to make it more special.

Another way to make the experience extraordinary is planning out a special celebration and give the gift as a part of it. For example you could make his favourite dishes, set up a romantic candlelight dinner at home, and give the gift at the end of the evening. What a special birthday it would be for him!

Birthday Gift Ideas for the Gadget Freak Boyfriend

Timebox Smart Speaker

The Timebox Smart Portable Bluetooth LED Speaker is a versatile device that'll delight your gadget-mad boyfriend. It has several cool features one of which is that it displays pixel art on its surface. The display feed for the animation comes either via doodles drawn on a connected app or from its pre-loaded gallery of animated graphics.

The Timebox Smart speaker is loaded with with interesting features - FM radio play, 30 pre-set sleep aid and alarms, a game and social notifications. You can even record your own audio message. A truly fabulous gift! Available at for Rs.5,299 in 4 different colour options.

Insta Camera Mug

Okay, the Insta Camera Mug is not really a gadget but this cute ceramic mug designed and shaped like a camera is a quirky gift for a boyfriend who likes gadgets. It can be used as a mug, a pen stand or even as a bookend!

Priced at Rs. 899, the mug is available at If that does not seem interesting you can look at the Camera Hip Flask also available at the same site for Rs.1,299. The vintage camera-shaped hip flask is a offbeat gift for someone who likes on-the-go drinks.

Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

A gift for the tech savvy workaholic who needs to work on the move. The laser projected virtual keyboard works on any flat surfaces and can be used with all Bluetooth enabled devices like smartphones and tablets. Wherever he is, your boyfriend will enjoy the comfort of having a full size QWERTY keyboard layout featuring all 78 keys. The virtual keyboard comes with a rechargeable, lithium ion battery and gives several hours of usage. Available at for Rs.2,999, this is a practical yet thoughtful gift .

Chic Birthday Gifts for the Dapper Boyfriend

Lapis Bard Black Textured Leather Card Holder

Styled with textured leather and shiny golden edges, this Lapis Bard Black Card Holder is a gift for someone who likes the finer things in life. The elegant design of the card holder elevates it to a classy accessory and will be a welcome gift for professional boyfriends who appreciate sophisticated things. The card holder comes in different colours and can be ordered from the luxury site for Rs.5,450.

Elegant Black Leather Sling Bag


If your boyfriend needs a new bag for work or general use, then why not consider this trendy messenger bag. The black leather sling bag from makes for a stylish travel accessory. Priced at Rs.2,995 the bag is a handy companion for daily use with a number of storage options. It comes with a magnetic clasp and an adjustable strap. If this bag doesn't fit your boyfriend’s style, then look for other options on the site. You can choose from leather laptop bags, backpacks or portfolio cases.

Blue Scooter Cufflinks


An absolutely charming gift for the boyfriend who enjoys unusual designs and likes to show personality in his dressing. Made from rhodium and royal blue epoxy, these cute scooter shaped cufflinks are a conversation starter. They can be ordered for Rs.2,230 from

If these are not to your boyfriend’s taste then take a look at Running Spirit Cufflinks available on the same site for Rs.2,590. Absolutely perfect for running enthusiasts. There is no dearth of choice today in quirky cufflinks so don't stick to boring designs. Just look around for themes that reflect your boyfriend’s personality and interests.

The Sentimental Guy's Birthday Gift List

Personalised Explosion Box

Explosion boxes fall under the category of ultimate romantic gifts. The explosion box is a gift that celebrates your boyfriend and the relationship you share with him. It is packed with memories and customised messages that bring alive the joy you have shared as a couple. offers a romantically-theme explosion box for Rs.1,499 which you can personalise with your photos and messages. The box opens up to 2 layers and can contain up to 17 images and 8 messages.

Happily Ever After

The tower of Happily Ever After combines 3 sweet customised gift capsules making it a fantastic combo gift. You can choose to personalise the overall gift message with one of the 3 pre-set messages.

Inside, the first capsule will contain five Polaroid fridge magnets customised with your chosen photos. The second will have ten handmade milk chocolates and the final one will have a romantic deed that binds you and your beloved to a commitment of doing romantic things for each other. This standout gift is available for Rs.1,250 from

All About You

The All About You Poster puts the spotlight on your beloved. The frame creatively captures in one place all the things about your boyfriend that make him special. Along with a few photos chosen by you, the professionally framed poster will mention his top characteristics/likes based on inputs provided by you such as his nickname, favourite things to do, preferred dishes, birthplace, typical dialogue, etc. A truly personalised gift that shows him just how well you know him. Get this imaginative gift from for Rs.1,499.

For the Creative and Fun-Loving Boyfriend

Van Gogh Starry Night Canvas Print


A canvas print of one of Vincent Van Gogh's iconic paintings will thrill any art buff. offers professional quality reprints of the famed painter’s most well-known paintings. Available in two sizes, the canvas print will come ready to hang out of the box. A gorgeous addition to any room, prices for these canvas reprints start at Rs.1,000. In addition to Van Gogh, Engrave also offers several paintings by Pablo Picasso for similar canvas reprinting. So if modern art is what your boyfriend may prefer, then pick a Picasso print.

Fire and Blood Redwolf Sweatshirt

The perfect gift for the Games of Thrones fan. A cotton sweatshirt featuring the two-coloured House Targaryen Sigil is a gift your GoT obsessed boyfriend will be thrilled to flaunt. Available at, the pure brushed cotton sweatshirt with a hoodie and kangaroo pockets is officially licensed merchandise, and is priced at Rs.849. The site has wide range of GoT themed merchandise including mobile covers, notebooks and mugs, so you will have no trouble finding the right gift for your boyfriend.

The Beatles Themed Socks

Quirky socks are not for everyone. But if your boyfriend is the kind to enjoy wacky prints on his socks, then the 3 set featuring celebrated Beatles iconography including the Yellow Submarine is a fantastic option.

The socks are from the Swedish company Happy Socks which is well-known for its funky and colourful socks. Their Indian site has a fabulous range of interesting socks designs that you can choose from. The Beatles themed set can be ordered from for Rs.1,599. The site also offers a 6-piece Beatles set for Rs.3,499.

Birthday Goodies for the Guy Who Travels a Lot

Silver Digital Portable Luggage Scale


Your frequent flier boyfriend is sure to love this digital portable luggage scale which will tell him exactly what his bag weighs. No more worries about overshooting luggage weight limits! Available at for Rs.699, this sturdy scale will be appreciated by a boyfriend who likes practical gifts. The scale is very simple to operate with adjustable straps and a metal hook. It claims to accurately weigh luggage up to 50 kg.

Personalised Travel Scratch Map


This is a wonderful gift for the boyfriend who likes to travel to new countries. Scratch off maps are an amazing way to visually track your boyfriend's travel adventures as it acts as a personalized travel record The top layer of a country is to be scratched off after it has been visited which reveals the beautiful map underneath.

Made of paper, the Lepakshi Map Wall Sticker measures 82.5 x 59.5 cm. It can be purchased from for Rs.1,176.

Personalised Passport Wallet

Another cute gift idea for the travel enthusiast. Gift your boyfriend an elegant passport holder that will safely store his passport. Made of faux leather this wallet comes with an inside pocket for the keeping passport. The wallet can be personalized with name or initials as well as by adding a charm. Choose from nearly 47 charm options to find the one that reflects your boyfriend’s personality best. You can also add a second charm, though at extra cost. This custom passport wallet is available at for Rs.540, and comes in a variety of colour options including black and tan.

From our editorial team

Get to Know Your Man

There's no dearth of amazing gifts and products available for men, the tricky part is matching the right present with the right man. Birthday gifts show the receiver how well you understand them, and as his girlfriend, you should know things about your man that few others do. Take the effort to really get to know your man. There are so many sides to any person's personality, try examining his other facets to get better understanding of what kind of a man your boyfriend is. Fantastic gift aside, your relationship too will benefit from this knowledge.