Thinking about Buying Anti-Theft Backpack(2021)? Guide to the Best Anti Theft Backpacks for Travel

Thinking about Buying Anti-Theft Backpack(2021)? Guide to the Best Anti Theft Backpacks for Travel

Backpacks are our favourite type of bag and if you’re going to relax on your next trip, it’s worth taking a few precautions to reduce your exposure to pickpockets and opportunistic theft. So in this article we'll be fully reviewing and comparing our top 10 anti-theft backpack picks for travel in 2021.

What is an Anti-Theft Backpack?

If you’re an avid traveler who is ready to pack your bag at the drop of a hat, then you must be aware of the risks and threats while travelling to a new city or country. We’re living in a society where thieves wouldn’t even spare the tires of a car standing in a lone place, thus keeping your stuff safe from thieves and prying eyes is of utmost importance to ward off unnecessary trouble in a new place. While travelling, your backpack is an easy target for thieves as you can’t see the bag while it’s hung on your back and thieves are ready to grab this opportunity to slide into your bag to get their hands on whatever stuff they can. Few of them can even try to slit open your bag if they fail to unlock the zippers, thus stealing your goods as well as destroying your favourite bag.

An anti-theft backpack is a specially designed backpack to protect your belongings while travelling. These are generally less attractive as compared to a regular backpack due to the use of hardened material to ensure that the bag is slash-proof and also has special zipper mechanisms that can’t be easily opened from outside. Further, the zippers are not visible from the backside which makes it less vulnerable to thefts. Few of them come with a combination lock on the zippers while the high-end anti-theft backpacks are GPS enabled and would instantly send an alert on your mobile if the bag is out of a particular range. Thus anti-theft backpacks provide you peace of mind while travelling and you can enjoy sightseeing or listen to your favourite music without fearing the safety of your belongings.

Why It Makes Sense to Invest in an Anti-Theft Backpack

While anti-theft backpacks provide you with the required safety from thieves, there are a few other benefits associated with them.

  • Easy Access – They have intelligent pockets, hidden pockets, and high-quality zippers that provide easy and fast access to your personal belongings in the backpack.
  • Comfort – Most of the anti-theft backpacks are equipped with cushioned padding on the shoulders and the back which provide additional comfort while you carry all your required stuff in your backpack. Moreover, the design allows your back to breathe and the waterproof material in many of them keeps your belongings dry during bad weather.
  • Durable – Latest anti-theft backpacks are made of superior quality slash-proof material which is durable and highly resistant. This makes them sturdy and long-lasting.

Anti-Theft Backpacks Vs Normal Backpacks

Now let’s check a few features that differentiate anti-theft backpacks from normal backpacks. This will help you to understand the importance of an anti-theft backpack and how it can make your travel safer and more comfortable.

  • Secret Pockets – Anti-theft backpacks come with secret pockets to keep your valuable belongings like wallet, mobile, or passport, safe from pickpockets. These hidden pockets have hidden zippers that are not easily traceable.
  • Water-resistant – The best anti-theft backpacks are water-resistant and all-weather ready so that you can travel worry-free in snow, rain, or other adverse conditions.
  • Locking Zippers – These zippers can be opened only by a secret combination set by you, so while you would have immediate access to your stuff, the lock protects your articles from thieves.
  • Slash-proof fabric – Anti-theft backpacks aren’t made of the regular backpack fabric, but from a hardened special fabric that prevents your stuff from the thieves who try to slash the bag and steal. This is a mandatory feature for any anti-theft proof bag.
  • Strong Zippers – These can’t be easily opened from the outside, are sturdy, and won’t get stuck thus protect your belongings.
  • RFID protected – While traveling, you have to protect your stuff from thieves and pickpockets, and also need to beware of the digital thieves who may try to steal your credit card and passport data. Few anti-theft backpacks have an internal pocket that is protected with RFID blocking fabric and you can keep your cards etc, in this pocket to secure them from skimming related risks.
  • Inbuilt locking cable – Some anti-theft bags come with a built-in locking cable that can be tied to the table or seat of the bus, train, etc. This is a great feature and gives you the freedom to sit and sleep peacefully while you’re traveling. You can also tie all your travel bags and secure your luggage while you’re waiting at the airport or railway station.

Points to Consider While Purchasing an Anti-theft Backpack


Before we move on to the next segment and check a few of the best anti-theft backpacks, let’s know about the features which you should consider to choose the exclusive anti-theft backpack that suits your needs.

  • Anti-theft features – How frequently you travel? What are your modes of travel? Do you carry expensive items, contactless credit cards, etc? These are the questions you should ask yourself while considering the anti-theft features like a slash-proof backpack, RFID pocket, a laptop compartment, a locking cable, locking zippers, hidden compartments, and GPS enabled, etc.
  • Pockets – Do you want external pockets or only the internal pockets, a secret pocket, an RFID pocket, multiple pockets, separate pockets with zippers, hidden pockets on the strap! Well, anti-theft backpacks are available with different types of pocket layouts and you can check for the ones suitable for your needs while purchasing the backpack.
  • Size – The theft-resistant backpacks are available in various sizes and you should choose the capacity of the backpack as per your requirements. If you’re going out with family and need anti-theft luggage, then consider a bigger size, students should consider a bag with a laptop sleeve and a separate place for keeping their notes, and books. Similarly, for a weekend tour, you may consider a bag in which you can pack light.

Best Anti-theft Backpack: Top Options You Can Buy in India

GODS Marvel Avengers Exclusive Ghost Anti-Theft 15.6 Inch Laptop Backpack


The Marvel Avengers Exclusive Ghost Anti-Theft 15.6 Inch Laptop Backpack by GODS is an official Marvel product and this bag comes with free theft insurance of up to Rs. 2000. The outer shell is reinforced with unbreakable fibre sheets that are embedded inside the outer fabric. The laptop pocket has a 6-point stretchable mechanism which can snugly hold a laptop up to 15.6-inch size. The bag is water-resistant and secured with heavy-duty YKK zippers. The dimension of the bag is 51 cm x 33 cm x 11 cm and weighs 1.2 kg. You can order this anti-theft backpack from for Rs. 2,481.

Grey Anti Theft Waterproof Laptop with Charging Point 15 L Backpack

This bag is suitable both for office use and college students and has a unisex design. The brand logo on the front complements the stylish design of this backpack and it has a single main compartment that can easily fit laptops of up to 15.6 inches size, while the multiple inner compartments can be used to keep your mobile, headset, charger, tablet, etc. The laptop has good waterproofing to protect your laptop and other important stuff during rains while the inbuilt USB charger point allows you to charge your phone while travelling. You also get a charging extension wire along with this anti-theft backpack which is available on for Rs. 999.

Novex Anti Theft Grey 15.6" Laptop Backpack

A decent and spacious backpack by Novex which is ideal for office or a one-day trip has the inner and outer body made from polyester. It has a separate laptop sleeve to safeguard your laptop, iPad, etc, and multiple compartments to keep all your important articles in an organized way. The adjustable straps have hidden pockets where you can keep your cards to have quick access to them while the back of the backpack also has a hidden zipper pocket. A rain cover is provided along with the bag which is secured at the bottom of the backpack in a zip pocket and can be used during bad weather conditions. The Novex anti-theft backpack can be ordered from

Vebeto 360 Degree Open Anti Theft Backpack Inbuilt USB Charging Port


The Vebeto anti-theft backpack is a travel backpack cum office briefcase which is designed to suit your different needs for office as well as a casual 1-2 days outing. The laptop bag can open 360 degrees on 3 sides so that you can keep all your stuff in an organized manner. You can keep a laptop of up to 15.6 inches plus your iPad, mobile charger, goggles, 1-2 pairs of clothes, etc in this backpack as it has an abundant storage capacity of 25-30 litres. Vebeto anti-theft backpack has an inbuilt charging port and you can order it from for Rs. 899.

Mantra Anti Theft Business Travel Backpacks Tear / Water Resistant

The Mantra anti-theft business travel backpack is a TSA-friendly backpack which can easily open at 90-180 degree. The large capacity backpack has ample space for your laptop, smartphone, charger, tablet, USB cable, headphones, wallet, etc, and the external USB port on the right side allows you to charge your mobile while travelling. The superior quality adjustable straps are padded while the back cushion is made of high density breathable and soft foam. This anti-theft bag’s ergonomic design and sober looks make it a perfect business travel backpack that can be purchased from

GR Pack Anti Theft Backpack for Bikers (Carbon)

GR Pack Anti Theft Backpack is meant for the biking enthusiasts who love to travel on their mean machines. The USP of this backpack is an inbuilt helmet safety pocket that allows you to keep your hands free while you stop for a tea break as you can stick your helmet safely with the backpack. Moreover, the bag is made of reinforced fibre sheets that are hard to cut, 19 dedicated compartments, abrasion-resistant bottom, chest and waist support, and many more useful features. This product is available on for Rs. 3,999.

F Gear Unisex Black Solid Stealth Anti Theft Backpack

It’s an anti-theft backpack specially designed for bikers and has a stash pocket on one side that can be used to store bottles or umbrellas. Made from polyester, the bag has a padded laptop compartment that can safely keep laptops of up to 14 inches and has multiple inner pockets to keep your other belongings. Perfect for college, work, or travel, the splash-proof backpack comes with an inbuilt rain cover to protect the backpack from rain or dust. The backpack has a concealed zipper for added safety and the capacity is 25 litres. You can order it from for Rs. 1,598.

Carriall Vasco Smart Anti Theft Laptop Backpack with Bluetooth Functionality


The smart anti-theft Bluetooth device embedded in the backpack gives an alert on your smartphone through an app if the backpack moves beyond a set range and this is what makes this anti-theft bag so special and safe. Other features include an anti-scratch body, multiple pockets for easy storage of various items, a secret waist pocket on the back for wallet, passport, etc, and water-resistant outer material. The Carriall Vasco smart anti-theft backpack is available for Rs. 4,499 at

Andride 15.6 inch Laptop Backpack

A simple and economical anti-theft backpack by ANDRIDE can easily hold laptops of size up to 15.6 inches. The inbuilt laptop sleeve is shock-proof, and the bag has a password security lock, an external USB charging port, can open from 30-180 degrees thus allowing you to easily keep your different stuff in an organized manner inside the backpack. The dimensions are 14 inches x 18 inches x 6.5 inches and this backpack can be ordered from for Rs. 699.

Tigernu 15.6 Inch TSA Anti Theft Backpack with USB Charging


The anti-theft backpack by TIGERNU has a TSA lock design and can open from 45 to 180 degrees. Made of high-density waterproof material, the backpack has a faster charging external USB port. The handle, straps, and back have high-density foam padding for added comfort and you get multiple pockets inside the backpack to keep your wallet, mobile, iPad, and gadget, etc. The straps have pockets with zippers for keeping your cards, coins, sunglasses, etc, and there is a hidden pocket on the backside as well. This backpack can be ordered from for Rs. 3,960.

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Last but not least – style. Nobody wants to commit to a bag they don’t like so it should look good. Also, style goes a long way to keeping you safe as well. A backpack that looks more like an everyday backpack as opposed to a “travel” backpack will be less noticeable or enticing. Theft proof luggage can cost more than a regular travel backpack, but losing your wallet, camera, or passport will cost a whole lot more. Having peace of mind that your belongings are safe in anti-theft luggage is a small price to pay.