Tired of Browsing Through Mind-Boggling Categories of Down Comforters? Follow this Guide on How to Select The Best Down-comforter 2020

Tired of Browsing Through Mind-Boggling Categories of Down Comforters? Follow this Guide on How to Select The Best Down-comforter 2020

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You have finally decided to invest in a peaceful and comfortable sleeping experience but the list of options seems endless. Don't worry, we will help guide your choice of the best down comforter, offering you insights into what to look for when choosing one. We will also offer you 2 best and affordable down comforter options in the end. Read on to know more.

Why a Down Comforter is Worth the Investment!

When it comes to comfort, a normal blanket is never enough. Down comforters are a perfect choice when it comes to a healthy and warm sleeping experience. Though down comforters are a bit expensive, they are worth every Rupee! The right down comforter can add a touch of elegance to your bedroom and can give you a sleeping experience like never before. Once you start using comforters, you will instantly notice the benefits, and you get used to the soft, fluffy, and luxurious comforter sets. The two most common benefits of that make comforters even more desirable are Warmth And Durability.

Down comforters are quite popular among people because they are light, warm, cozy, manageable, and has premium-quality, which is worth the price. So, if you're planning on buying one, here are a few suggestions that can help you choose the best product for your bed.

How to Select a Down Comforter?

Choosing the right comforter can be confusing due to the availability of various styles and prices. Here, you can find some helpful advice that can help you choose the best product for your night's sleep.

The Appropriate Size and Right Design

Before you buy a down comforter, take measurements of your bed. If you sleep in a queen-sized bed or king-sized bed, pick the size of the comforter accordingly. If you want the sides of the comforter to drop down, buy the larger size as per your needs.

With size, there comes a variety of designs. Comforters come in colorful, reversible pieces, and with different stitching styles, choose the best pattern to enhance the look of your bedroom.

Look at Down Comforter Fill

Fill power is the number of cubic inches on an ounce of down fill, the quality of a comforter depends on the fill count, the more the fill count, the more comfortable the down comforter. Compare the fill power to your needs, larger clusters provide better insulation and proper warmth. If you need a cozy comforter, go for a fill power of 600 or more.

Consider Warmth Level of the Comforter

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Some people prefer layers and layers of blankets in order to stay warm. In contrast, others prefer a thin layer of fabric, even in cold weather. Comforters come in a variety of weight and filling, before buying one, consider "How warm you sleep ?" And the temperature of your bedroom, then buy the comforter with the right weight and filling that suits your requirements.

If you want a separate warmth level, you can choose a dual warmth down comforter, which has a different warmth level for each side.

Comforter Fabric Style

Once you're sure about the warmth level of your comforter, you need to choose the fabric quality that you prefer. Some of the fabric qualities to choose from cotton are :

  • Batiste: It is light in weight and highly durable.
  • Sateen: It is extremely soft, warm, and good for people with skin sensitivity.
  • Cambric: It is lightweight, profoundly woven and comes in various colours and designs.
  • There are options available for wool lovers to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. It feels silky to touch and maintains its shape for long time.
  • Many comforters come in attractive colors and have satin-trim edges for a luxurious experience.

Pick Ideal Comforter Weight

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The best comforter for you might be all-season type, but you can choose the weight according to the season or your preferences. You can choose a thinner and blanket for summers and add feather bed to your bed in winters.

There are ultra-light down comforters available which are resistant to dust and washable. The average weight of a comforter lies between 500 grams - 3 kgs.

Determine Your Budget

Comforters provide a number of benefits, but these are expensive. With the quality, fabric, filling, and warmth level, it's important to consider the right down comforter that goes with your budget. While these are so comfortable that you might stretch your budget a little or look for some special sale.

Other Important Considerations

Some of the other factors that can help you choose the best product can be concluded as :

  • Cover: Choose a suitable cover for your comforter. A cover might add a little weight to the comforter, but it is easier to clean and can add a beautiful look to the comforter.
  • GSM: GSM stands for Grams per unit metre which tells about the amount of fibre used in the comforter. The more the GSM, the more is the warmth and comfort. Ideal GSM for summers and winters is 80-120GSMs and 220-280GSMs, respectively.
  • A couple of pillows: Add a couple of pillows because no bed is complete without a pair of cozy pillows. Soft and fluffy pillows can help prevent neck strain and tends to improve your night's sleep.
  • Fillings: You can also choose fillings in your comforter depending upon your choice of fabric. Especially if you suffer from a certain allergy, you can buy hypoallergenic comforter as per your comfort.

2 Ideal Choices of Comforters You Can Buy Online

If you're planning on buying a comforter for your bed, two of the most loved comforters online are

Amazon Brand – Solimo Microfibre Printed Comforter

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Solimo Microfibre Comforter is a premium value product, Amazon provides quality at its best with this product. This soft, cozy, and lightweight comforter comes with 200GSM siliconised polyester filling is durable, and hypoallergenic filling protects against allergens. The microfibres, with an attractive stitched pattern, gives a warm and luxurious feel. It is the perfect choice for your bedroom. The comforter comes for a reasonable amount and is totally worth the price. You can buy Solimo Microfibre Comforter for ₹3,500 from Amazon.

Swayam Floral Double Comforter

Swayam Double Comforter is a lightweight, durable, beautifully stitched and is ideal for mild winter. The product comes in floral design and is the best choice to give your bedroom a luxurious look. The comforter is warm, cozy, fluffy, and machine washable. The product comes in various colours and designs, you can choose as per your choice. Swayam Double Comforter can be bought from Flipkart for ₹4,499.

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