Your Home Bar is Incomplete without a Wine Chiller. Check out the Best Wine Chillers for Your Home and Become a True Connoisseur of Wines (2021)

Your Home Bar is Incomplete without a Wine Chiller. Check out the Best Wine Chillers for Your Home and Become a True Connoisseur of Wines (2021)

If you love your drinks there is no way you cannot have a wine chiller in your home bar. A wine chiller not only helps you to store your wines at the correct temperature but it is also an ample reflection of your superior tastes and preferences for the finer things in life. Once you are convinced about the need of a wine chiller and have decided to buy one for your home, this BP Guide will showcase the best wine chillers available in India.

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Wine Chiller for Home – To Keep Your Wine Collection Right and Ready-to-Drink, Always

Are you a wine collector or a wine lover? If yes, you definitely would be having a great collection of wines? Wondering how to store them the right way? Keeping it in the refrigerator will not be a good idea however, because it will make your wine extra cool. Also, keeping it at room temperature will not provide you the exact chilled wine you want. Hence, a wine chiller for your home is the best option you can get for such a situation.

Wine coolers (or chillers) are the same as mini-refrigerators, making the best storage space for wine bottles. And did you know, a wine glass can increase the dinner essence and also help improve your health? Unlike liquors and beer, wine attracts a particular kind of market.

Moreover, having a wine collection has become a premium hobby these days. With a wine cooler or chiller at home, you can chill multiple bottles at once, depending on the storage space. These storage appliances come with digital thermometers and humidity controllers to help you maintain an ideal environment for your wine. Plus, it also prevents your wine from UV damage.

How to Select a Wine Chiller?

  • Bottle Capacity:

    Firstly, analyse the size of your wine collection. Selecting a correct sized cooler can help you place all your wine bottles without any hassle. Picking a larger one than what you need is advisable. You can find the capacity of the wine chiller listed in the product description or on the box.

  • Noise:

    Every wine chiller has either of two types of cooling systems viz. a compressor or a thermoelectric system. In the former, the cooling machine uses coils to circulate cool air inside, and big compressors get loud when they run. On the other hand, thermoelectric wine chillers don't use any chemicals and don't generate vibrations. This makes the latter a perfect option for wine enthusiasts.

  • Cooling Zones:

    Most wine chillers come with dual temperature zones, which help you to set each section at a specific temperature. It is a useful feature for you if you like both white and red wines. Also, with double temperature zones, you get two compartments to separately keep your wine collection with individual control panels. But if you want a compact wine chiller, single-zone chillers are the best. In these, your wine chiller's internal temperature would be the same for every shelf, keeping all the bottles equally cool.

  • Study Your Space:

    You need to look for a place where you will keep the new wine cooler. Wine chillers come in various sizes, classified by the capacity of bottles, and a bigger one will hold more bottles. If you want to remodel your kitchen, you can also invest in an integrated wine chiller. This will provide a fantastic look to your place when kept alongside those regular use cabinets like your fixed dishwasher. However, if you have less space, you can pick one from the various countertop models available to hold around six bottles.

  • Think About Temperature:

    The perfect temperature to store a bottle of wine (either white or red) lies around 7-12°C, and the default temperature for standard and big coolers is 2°C. Comparing both types, white wine is served a bit cooler while the red wine is served warmer. Here, you can go for a single temperature zone to store both wines or pick one with a dual-zone. Alternatively, if you only like one type of wine, the choice becomes easy.

10 Best Wine Chillers for Home Available in India

Now that you know what things you need to factor in before buying a wine chiller for your home, here's a list of some of the best picks that can help you preserve your expensive wine bottles:

Carysil 15 Bottle Wine Chiller


If you want a wine chiller with a compressor, this is the perfect option for you. This wine chiller is managed mechanically and can store up to 15 red wine bottles with a capacity of 46 litres. This chiller is compact enough to comfortably sit on your kitchen's countertop, thereby saving space at your place. Being an excellent option for cooling appliances and wine storage, this wine chiller comes with metal rocks. It is suitable for multi-functional usage and is made to have 0 vibration for proper storage and ageing of wine. On top of the best finish, palette, mouthfeel, and body serve you the tastiest and best wine, which is full, smooth, and balanced. It maintains your wine at a consistent and right temperature and protects it from external elements and lights. You can purchase this Carysil wine chiller from Amazon at a cost of ₹ 17,490.00.

White Westinghouse Pleasant Air Wine Cooler


This wine cooler is well-known for its vast storage capacity and wooden construction, including a glass door with aluminium edges. There's a big door handle that makes closing and opening the door easy in addition to enhancing the entire setup's looks. In this cooler, you can easily store up to 20 bottles. Its wooden shelves restrict moisture and make wines last longer. The wine cooler comes with an inbuilt lock mechanism that keeps the bottles safe from unauthorised access and an LED display panel helps you change and read the inside temperature easily. With five sliding shelves and easily controllable temperature, this wine cooler has sufficient light for differentiating the shelves when you open the door. You can buy the White Westinghouse Pleasant Air Wine Cooler by paying ₹ 50,990.00 on Amazon.

Kalamera Wine Cooler

If most of your wine collection contains red wine, a single temperature zone cooler is what you should opt for. Moreover, if your priority is ageing rather than serving temperature, a single-zone cooler does the best job. This wine cooler is highly functional and has a sleek design. It features advanced cooling technology, a glass door with a double-pane lock, smart digital control, and 6 adjustable wood shelves. The minimum and maximum temperature of the cooler is 10°C and 18°C respectively. The front vent allows placing it into a counter or as a free-standing installation. The internal light and glass door provides a clear view of the wine bottles kept inside without opening the door. Moreover, thermoelectric technology lets it work silently, keeping your kitchen quiet. This Kalamera KR-18AJPE 18 Bottles Freestanding Touchscreen Wine Cooler is available on Desert Cart with a price tag of ₹ 35,869.00.

Aristo 14 Litre Insulated Chiller Ice Box


This chiller ice box is made of food-grade plastic material and comes with a capacity of 14 litres. Its strong handle has durability and portability that keeps your wine chilled for a long time. The icebox is suitable for picnics, office, school, hospital and other outdoor activities. You can get this wine chiller box in blue and red. This chiller ice box is perfect for storing mineral water, ice cream, soft drinks and other items apart from wine. You can purchase the Aristo 14 Litre Insulated Chiller Ice Box for ₹ 1,496.00 from Amazon.

Kaff 8 Bottle Free Standing Wine Cooler


This Kaff wine cooler features wire shelves and touch control with an LED display. It can store a maximum of 8 bottles of wine. With warm interior lights, wooden shelves, and mirror glass doors, you can clearly see all the bottles. Besides, it also adds to the stylish appearance of your place. In this easy to clean wine cooler, the mirror glass allows for protection of wine against UV rays. It has a single zone touch control enclosed in a stainless steel body. This wine cooler runs silently on a thermoelectric system and displays the inside temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. The free-standing wine cooler comes with a 1-year warranty and you can buy it from Kaff at a cost of ₹ 15,999.00.

King International Stainless Steel Table Top Wine Cooler


Our next chiller is a table top wine cooler that features a stainless steel construction and a wine storage capacity of 1,250 ml. This durable and strong wine cooler adds a great vibe to your home or bar area. It uses advanced technology and a high-end mechanism that leads to durable functioning and appeal. The dimensions of this cooler are 15 cm x 12 cm x 25 cm. This durable product helps keep your wine chilled at home and is available in black colour. You can purchase the King International Stainless Steel Table Top Wine Cooler from Amazon for ₹ 649.00.

HomeScapes Stainless Steel Wine Cooler


This HomeScapes wine cooler adds a modern look and feel to your home with its stainless steel material and sleek design. You can use this wine cooler for a corporate function, party or reception at your home. It provides ideal storage space for 1-litre wine bottles and keeps them cool for a long time. The smooth matte finish of its stainless steel body reflects laughter and joy shared with your loved ones and friends. Having a 12 cm diameter and 20 cm height, this HomeScapes Stainless Steel Double Wall Wine Cooler is available on Amazon for ₹ 465.00 only. Add this to your buying list today.

Ellementry Metal Wine Cooler Silver


This contemporary design wine cooler is a sophisticated option that fuses cool elements to increase the beauty and utility of the product. If you are one of those who like handmade items more than those machine-made ones, this is just the thing you need. You can use it as an individual table top product or add it to enhance your room's aesthetics during a party or a regular get-together. The lightweight wine cooler weighs only 500 grams and measures 16 cm x 16 cm x 16.5 cm. The sleek, beautiful and casual wine cooler with a capacity to hold one bottle is readily available on Amazon. You can add this to your wine collection series by paying ₹ 750.00.

Nagina International Free Standing Wine Chiller


Here's a stylish stand that comes to enhance the beauty of your wine drinking sessions. While the scratch-resistant surface ensures the beauty stays forever, the high-grade aluminium adds extra durability and you can easily carry it anywhere based on where you want to throw a wine party. Other features include a nickel coating, removable parts and a portable bucket, among others. Nagina International Free Standing Wine Chiller is a perfect choice for keeping minimal wine bottles ready for drinking at a controlled temperature. You can add the beauty of this nickel-plated standing chiller to your place by buying it from Amazon for ₹ 3,600.00.

NJ Premium Stainless Steel Champagne Wine Beer Bucket


Are you looking for something premium to keep your wine bottles chilled and ready? Here's a perfect contender that serves your purpose of wine chilling when you are going to spend some special moments with a special person. Available with a 6-litre capacity, this premium range chiller comes with a stainless steel construction. You can use it for professional as well as domestic purposes.

Besides other factors, its ability to keep the wine cooler for an extended period without allowing any external condensation is a fantastic quality. Plus, the wine chiller is made in India. Buy this NJ Premium Stainless Steel Champagne Wine Beer Bucket from Amazon for ₹ 990.00 and add a class to your parties.

Bonus Tip: Understanding the Right Temperature

Know the Right Serving Temperature for Your Wine

While it has been already discussed above, in this section we are going to talk about the ideal temperatures for different types of wines. As you are already familiar with the difference between red and white wines, here's how you should serve them:

  • Red Wines: Traditionally, red wines have been served at room temperature without putting them to cool or chill. However, today's homes are warmer than what they used to be in the past. This makes 16.5-18.5°C to be the ideal serving temperature for red wines.

  • White Wines: White wines are better when consumed cooler. A chilled white wine tastes better, but you might fail to differentiate between its flavours when you make it extra chilled. Ideally, you should serve white wines within a 10-15.5°C range.

  • Others: Besides, red and white wines, if you are serving other carbonated drinks like sparkling wines or champagne, they are best served at 4.5°C.
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Identify Your Requirements Before Buying a Wine Chiller for Your Home

As would be evident from this BP Guide, wine chillers are available in different sizes and budgets. Once you have decided that your home bar needs a wine chiller, it is important to carefully identify your requirements like bottle capacity, space limitation, etc. (as mentioned above) which vary from person to person and home to home. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you finalise the perfect wine chiller for your home. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.