Have a Birthday at Home? Try One of These 10 Birthday Surprise Ideas for Home for Making Your Birthday Surprise Party at Home More Special! (2022)

Have a Birthday at Home? Try One of These 10 Birthday Surprise Ideas for Home for Making Your Birthday Surprise Party at Home More Special! (2022)

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Birthdays are a magical time and we want to make them as special as possible for the people we love. Planning a surprise birthday party is an excellent way to put a smile on your loved one’s face. Finding surprise birthday ideas can be challenging, so we’ve put together our top 10 best birthday party surprise ideas to turn your birthday surprise at home into an epic bash!

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One of the best pleasures of life is birthday surprises. They make you feel special and strengthen the bond between you and your family and friends. It also enables you to have a memorable event that you can cherish throughout your life. Hence, a birthday surprise is a way to go to celebrate your friends' or family members’ birthdays. There are a hundred thousand ways to give a birthday surprise if you are creative enough, but in case you are finding it difficult to concoct a birthday surprise for your dear friend, follow this BP Guide to get birthday surprise ideas.

10 Best Birthday Surprise Ideas for Home

This list contains ten birthday surprise ideas. All of these surprises can be conducted at home so there is less hassle in the arrangement. Go through the list and choose one that is feasible for you to manage.

Treasure Hunt

This will be a treasure hunt with a twist. The treasures will be the birthday gifts from friends and family and the birthday boy or girl has to find them after deciphering clues and solving riddles just like it happens in a traditional treasure hunt game. The birthday boy or girl also has to find out who has given what gift from the clues and puzzles. Such a surprise will be extremely fun and memorable.

Movie Montage

Movie montage involves making a movie with home videos of the birthday girl or boy. Home videos are those videos (and photos) captured with our smartphones and cameras over a period of time and at various events. They also include casual selfies taken at home to alleviate boredom or micro videos meant for social media shorts. You have to collect the best videos and photos of the person and compile them into a short movie with background music or commentary.

You can also insert some video messages of friends and family wishing them on their birthdays to make the video more heartfelt. Movie montages have become quite common nowadays, and even social media platforms have the tools to create one. You can send the movie montage digitally with a birthday message or burn it into a CD and send it wrapped in a gift box.

Meeting with Long-Distance Family or Friend

Some of us have a close friend or a family member who has moved to another city or is in the military or in a profession that demands them to be on the other side of the world for most of the year. We keep in touch with them via phone calls, video calls, text messages and social media but it is not quite like having them around you. So a good (and emotional) birthday surprise would be an unexpected visit from such a person on the birthday. Needless to say, the arrangement of the visit must be done under the radar, and the birthday boy/girl must not get an inkling of it.

Indoor Barbeque

Indoor barbecue is a concept taken from Korean and Japanese culture. It is actually a culinary custom that involves cooking food on a tabletop stove and eating it right there. The custom uses an electric grill or cooktop instead of the traditional charcoal grill and hence can be used indoors. Korean and Japanese cuisines suit this custom but a majority of Indian dishes cannot be prepared by this method. However, there are some popular Indian dishes that can be prepared in this indoor barbeque system, like tandooris, tikkas and seekh kababs. The indoor barbeque is a good birthday surprise meant to be shared with your family. Your family is around the table, laughing, joking, having fun, all the while cooking and savouring some delicious fare.

Midnight Gettogether

A midnight get-together is the sweetest surprise that you can give to a birthday boy or girl. It involves having a surprise get together with close friends right at the stroke of midnight on the birthday. There will be food, music and tons of memorable moments created. You have to keep in mind that the get-together must be attended by as few people as possible, just the closest of friends, otherwise, it will beat its purpose.

24-Hour Surprise Gifts

The 24-hours surprise gifts is a fun-filled activity that literally makes every hour of the birthday memorable for the birthday girl/boy. Here, the birthday boy/girl receives a gift every hour of the 24 hours of his or her birthday, which in reality ensures that he/she receives a wonderful surprise at every hour on that day. This can be achieved in many ways, but the best way would be if the 24 gifts are given by 24 people who are close to him/her.

Say it with Letters

Letter writing has become a lost art in the age of instant messaging, but it still holds a certain charm and romanticism in this digital age. One can be more detailed and articulate in a letter than they can be in a Whatsapp message.

The idea is to write letters addressed to the birthday boy or girl and post them via the traditional postal system. The letters must be posted at the right time so that they reach him/her on the birthday. The letters should encase what the writers like about him/her, an anecdote involving the writer and him/her (if there are any) and why they are fortunate to have him/her in their lives. This exercise will not only make the birthday beautiful but also the whole year and many more years to come.

Mix Tape

A mixtape is a great idea for a birthday surprise. It does not take much effort to arrange it, but has a huge impact on the birthday boy or girl. Moreover, it is much easier to make a mixtape in the present digital age than it was earlier. Download the songs that the birthday boy or girl likes and use them to create a mashup song in any editing software. You need someone who has a flair for music to do this. He/she will be able to match the beats of the different songs and create a single smooth mix. After the mixtape has been created, you can send it to the birthday boy or girl via a birthday mail or message.

Balloons with Messages

This is the same as letter writing, but instead of the letters arriving via the postal system, the letters will be delivered inside birthday balloons. The letters also need to be shorter, preferable if they are no longer than a page. They should contain birthday wishes and best wishes for his/her current and future endeavours. The birthday boy/girl will pop each balloon to access the letter within thus making it a fun activity.

Truth and Dare with Balloons

Truth and dare is an extremely exciting game, and you can incorporate it in a birthday surprise thus making it more exciting for the birthday girl/boy. Every friend and family must take two balloons and put a card inside each of them. One card will contain a question for the truth part of the game, and the other card will contain activity for the dare part.

They must write their names and which balloon is the truth balloon and which is the dare balloon on the inflated balloons and deliver it to the birthday boy/girl. He/she will choose one person and flip a coin to decide which balloon to pop and do what is written on the corresponding card. This surprise can also be conducted via online video calling software applications so there is no need for a physical gathering.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Arranging a Birthday Surprise

Keep the following tips in mind when arranging for a surprise birthday event.

The Comfort Factor

A surprise is good as long as it is within the comfort zone of the birthday boy/girl. Sometimes a surprise can go overboard and make the person embarrassed and uncomfortable with the whole affair. For example, asking deeply personal questions regarding the truth and dare surprise or asking them to do tasks that they are uncomfortable doing. Some people are introverts, and they do not like associating with a large number of people or doing something that garners too much attention. You must keep this in mind when arranging the surprise.

Don't Exceed the Budget

The budget is of prime importance here. You do not want to get bankrupt after arranging a birthday surprise for your friend. It is both ridiculous and a fact to be concerned about. Your best course of action would be to determine the budget first, how much you can afford to spend and get the best resources within the budget.

Have a Birthday Surprise Theme

Having a birthday theme helps in arrangement and organization. The theme tells you what to get and how to go about arranging the surprise. Suppose the theme is “Hollywood”. You know what type of decorative items to get and what events should the surprise have. Such organization is not possible if there is no theme. You will end up getting all the generalized birthday party decoration items that will not look interesting.

No Budget Surprises

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The above-stated birthday surprises require you to spend money in some way or the other, but sometimes it is not possible to spend even a single penny on them. The condition of your finances might be such that even a low-budget surprise for your loved one is a luxury that you cannot afford. Does that mean that you should give up on birthday surprises? Absolutely not. The central point of a birthday surprise is to express your love and affection for the birthday boy or girl and make them feel special, and you can do that without spending a dime.

Following are some no-budget birthday surprises that you can consider.

  • You can do housework like doing the dishes, cleaning the house, washing the clothes, etc on your birthday. This would be a lovely surprise for homemakers who toil every single day to provide you with a clean and organized home without expecting anything in return. Such a birthday surprise will drive home the point that how much you appreciate them and acknowledge its importance in your life.
  • Make arrangements so that the birthday boy or girl can binge-watch those series and films that they had always wanted to watch but couldn’t because of lack of time. You can achieve this by offering to shoulder some work for them so that they can get the leisure time necessary for binge-watching.
  • Work doesn’t mean any professional work but everyday errands that take a significant amount of time to accomplish. For example, working professionals usually leave their housework commitments for the weekend as they are busy the whole week. You can offer to do some of these commitments like doing the grocery shopping, getting the plumber to fix the leak, babysitting if they have kids and so on. Helping them to run errands will allow them to have time on their birthdays to binge-watch shows.
  • Cook dinner for them on their birthdays. This birthday surprise is ideal for those who live alone and have to cook their dinner every single day after returning from work. Cooking is a tedious affair, especially after a long day of work so, the person would really appreciate such a surprise. The dinner doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a simple staple dish made from ingredients at home. The dish is not that important it is the thought behind it that counts.
  • Accompany them to a local public place and spend some beautiful moments together. The human connection is a necessity and acts as a stressbuster. The activities that you can do are walking along the beach during sunset or sunbathing on it during the day all the while conversing on life, cycling at the local park, etc. You can also choose to do indoor activities like playing board games, cards, etc.
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