10 of the Best Bridal Shower Gifts to Pamper the Bride to be and make it a Delight for Her before her Big Day! (2022)

10 of the Best Bridal Shower Gifts to Pamper the Bride to be and make it a Delight for Her before her Big Day! (2022)

A bridal shower gift is a way to show your guests your appreciation for joining in celebrating the bride's special day. One great gift idea is a hamper that comprises many different gifts bundled up in one package. Gift hampers can contain useful accessories, any delectable to handy electronics. Below is a list of the 10 best gifts from BP Guide to get for the bride to be. This list mainly contains gift hampers that will delight and impress the guests.

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What is Bridal Shower

A wedding in family brings lot of happiness and celebration. Be it engagement party, mehandi & sangeet ceremony, Bridal shower or bachelor party, everyone in family gets together to celebrate the events joyfully. Bridal shower ceremony started in 16th century in holland to help the bride to prepare for her new life by offering gifts to her. Traditionally bridal shower purpose was to help the parents of bride with money and gifts so that the wedding could actually take place.

In Indian terms it is called ‘Godh Bharai’ rasam, where friends and family of bride and groom gather to celebrate the bride to be and give her gifts which are helpful for her to setup new home or some personal gifts like makeup & jewellery. Now in modern times, the bridal shower purpose is not actually to collect the money but to shower the bride with blessings of elders, gifts & lots of love. The celebration includes brunches, lunches, fun activities and games and soon to be bride is pampered with love to make this day memorable for her.

Who Organizes a Bridal Shower

According to the tradition, bridal showers are typically not organized by bride’s mother as it would look like an event to collect gifts. Bridal shower is hosted & organized by bride’s closest friends and relatives or the bridesmaids after discussing with the bride. Whosoever host the event, must communicate well to all the close women in her life to avoid more than one bridal shower being hosted. The host can discuss about the décor, food, games and theme of the bridal shower with bride and can organize accordingly, the way she has ever dreamt of.

Who are Invited to Bridal Shower

The maid of honor sends out the invitation. Traditionally it’s a ceremony where only women are invited but as the time is changing, you can invite close male friends and cousins also at the bridal shower. The invite can also include groom, groom’s family and close friends. Make sure you invite all those to wedding who you inviting to bridal shower. Also all those who attend wedding, doesn’t need to come to bridal shower. Typically host should send the invite 4-6 weeks before the ceremony. If bridal shower is not a surprised one for the bride then you can take her assistance in making the guests list and she might call her colleague & friends as well to the ceremony.

How to Decide Budget

The budget/cost of bridal shower depends on the guest list you have. You can decide the amount that you are willing to spend on bridal shower. The budget is decided post taking consideration of food, how large the guest list is, beverages, venue rental if any, location, photography or videography, decoration and some other vendor cost. The host should be mindful of some unexpected cost like if you are planning games and some fun activities, these might involve some cost.

Selecting the Venue

Sometimes selecting a venue depends on the budget in hand. The host usually organizes bridal shower at their home or at the bride’s home. It can be organized at a restaurant, banquet hall or some other family member’s home who is very close to bride. While selecting, check for location if its near or too far from the bride’s hometown. It's also depends on the host, how grand you want to make the ceremony. Always select a venue which compliments theme of the bridal shower.

10 Best & Unique Bridal Shower Gift Hampers

A bridal shower gift hamper consists of a collection of different products instead of one, centered around a theme in a basket or a box. Gift hampers are very versatile as you can add variety of small items with one outstanding item. You can gift the bride a hamper, that’s unique and designed just for her or can include the item for the couple as well. If you are still not convinced, here we are suggesting some best gift hamper ideas that will make the bride remember the gift for a long time.

1. Body & Foot Massager

Source www.amazon.in

This bath & body care gift hamper for at home shower & spa is perfect for a soon to be bride as she can use it before the wedding as pre bridal preparation or after the wedding with her better half. The full kit includes Wooden heart box with body & foot massager, pumice stone, bamboo hair detangling brush, loofah, body sponge hemp to moisturize, soothe, and soften skin. She can enjoy the rejuvenating effects of a full-body massage and reflexology session and then cool off with an exquisite shower with Bathing Sponge & Loofah. This gift hamper can be purchased from Amazon for Rs.799/-.

2. Delight Shower Gel Gift Set

Source www.amazon.in

A delightful shower gel gift hamper is perfect for a bride who deserves to be pampered with luxuries. This bath & shower gel gift set from Bryan & Candy consists 150ml each with four different fragrances that smells like a dream. This is a luxury shower essential for clean moisturized skin. All products are enriched with natural ingredients with Bryan & Candy’s signature collection of Four most popular fragrances for women. This hamper is available on Amazon for Rs.700/- and best price to buy after discount is Rs.560/-.

3. Body Polishing Gift Hamper

Source www.amazon.in

This mCaffeine ‘Be Date Ready Body Polishing Gift Hamper’ is a very classy bridal shower gift. This hamper includes a signature coffee body scrub and body butter in a premium box. This premium coffee-choco gifting has a bold teal packaging. Its India's most loved Coffee Body Scrub with ultra-moisturizing Choco Body Butter and a Wooden Scoop with a zesty aroma makes it a perfect gift for a soon to be bride. Nothing can bring a smile on your beloved's face than Chocolate and Coffee and this gift kit has both in abundance. It’s packed with Pure Arabica Coffee and Cocoa Butte which exfoliates, moisturizes and removes tan to get the bride the skin she desires.

It's gender-neutral gift kit designed for everyone, can be used by the couple after the wedding also. The products are Peta certified, sulphate & silicone free, 100% vegan, paraben free, dermatologically tested, FDA approved, made safe and made in India. This body polishing gift hamper can be bought from Amazon for Rs.1,193/-. Post discount you can buy it for Rs.954/-.

4. Scented Candle Gift Hamper

Source www.amazon.in

This wrapper up love soy wax scented candle gift hamper includes 4 candles. These are medium sized candles. The candles have marine melody fragrance, vanilla musk, peppermint eucalyptus, roasted coffee fragrance. The candles have burn time of 40+ hours each.

Scented candles are made from soy wax which is a renewable and completely natural resource. Soy wax has a higher density and a lower melting point than paraffin wax and because of this, candles burn slower and last longer, making them soot free candles. These candles can create romantic atmosphere and can be used by bride post wedding for a candle light dinner experience as well. These amazing scented candles can be purchased from Amazon for Rs.2,200/-.

5. Relax & Recharge Gift Hamper

This relax & recharge gift hamper from ‘ The Gift Affair’ is perfect for a friend who is soon to be bride and needs the prefect ‘me’ time to relax. This kIt includes a sleep satin eye mask which provides ultra-smooth full eye coverage, to give a soothing relaxing experience. Rose shea butter soap, all handmade with the goodness of natural ingredients to leave the skin wanting for more in sheen pink colour. Reed diffuser, a great way to indulge one’s senses and relax the mind face mask, a luxurious two-step sheet face mask that comes in the goodness of honey khadi face mist.

Gifting is an experience, and packaging and unboxing is as important as the gift. Keeping that in mind this signature Box Collection comes with an extra WOW factor. Not only is it a gift in itself, but also a forever-keepsake storage box. The hamper comes with a complimentary message card and you can add your message during checkout. The price of the hamper is Rs.2,250/- but after discount its available for Rs1,950/- and can be purchased online from The Gift Affiar. You can also add a fridge magnet main apni favourite hoon for Rs.70 & That’s a perfect couple fridge magnet for Rs.125./-

6. Ultimate Hamper for her

Source bp-guide.in

If you are looking for an amazing gift for bridal shower for then this is an ultimate hamper for her with all the awesome goodies that she would love and cherish. The products are amazing, It comes in a premium box which can be used as a storage box later and a specially designed message card.

The gift hamper includes Printed scarf, scented rose fragrance jar candle, a natural relaxant, this candle is made in essential oils of Rose and natural wax. Black gold sequin multi-purpose pouch comes in the perfect size to carry cosmetics and jewellery, Super chic pair of earrings for her, Pocket mirror cum key-ring, a heart shape handmade soap, a perfect spa accessory for some rejuvenating times. Herbal body wash (from Khadi), a Satin eye mask, an ultra-smooth full eye coverage sleeping mask to give a soothing spa experience. Hershey's exotic chocolate pack and face massager (Jade Roller).

These all products can be used by the bride, post wedding also. This luxurious gift hamper is available on The Gift Affair website for Rs.3,570/-.

7. Luxury Ayurvedic Self-care Pamper Hamper

Source www.etsy.com

This is a vegan-friendly self-care luxury ayurveda pamper hamper for a soon to be bride which she can include in her pre bridal regime before the wedding day. Packaged in a beautiful wooden box container that can be re-used and repurposed after opening. Relax, Heal and Rejuvenate with a selection of products which are natural, organic, pure essential oils and entirely handmade.

It has almond rose handmade soap helps balance the oil production of the skin. The soap is infused with nagkesar which is known to relieve redness and inflammation. The soap is recommended for all skin types, kumkumadi face wash soap, improves skin complexion and texture, relieves blemishes, acne, scars and blackheads. The lemongrass essential oil, help you relax and rejuvenate. Aloe beauty cream quickly absorbs deep into the skin, keeping your skin hydrated and silky soft all day. jojoba oil hair conditioner contains a rich source of antioxidants known to hydrate and smoothen hair. This luxury gift set is all-natural & environmental friendly. It can be purchased from Etsy for Rs.3,307/.

8. Hair-care & Hair-styling Gift Hamper

Source www.google.ca

This is ‘salon in my box’ gift hamper is a most useful and memorable gift for a bride to be. The hamper includes a Havells hair dryer and a straightener combo, Tresseme detox & restore conditioner, Tresseme nourish & replenish shampoo, Fiama blackcurrant & Blueberry body wash and Biotique papaya exfoliating gel and Mama earth vitamin C face toner. The hair appliances are a very thoughtful gift for future use of a bride. This gift hamper can be purchased from The Gift Studio for Rs.4,249/-.

9. The Guilt Free Hamper for a Health-Conscious to be Bride

This guilt free snacking gift hamper is ideal gift for a soon to be bride who follows a fit & healthy lifestyle and by gifting, you show that you also care for her. This Food hamper includes a wonderful collection of yummy snacks which includes : Corniche multigrain chips, Green snack & co makhana coated with jaggery, Home D'lite soya sticks, Bustaan baked matthi, Sugar free date tea cake, Natch popped chips, Mason & Co black sesame 70% dark chocolate, Go Nuts - nuts over seeds. All of these come packed in an attractive Foodhall snacking tray.

This super healthy handcraft giftbox is available on foodhall.in for Rs.1,900.

A Small Bonus Tip

If you are attending a bridal shower, make sure you go with a gift to congratulate the bride. A bridal shower gift is separate from a wedding gift. You can either split the budget amount between the 2 gifts or bridal shower gift can be smaller than a wedding gift. Before buying the gift, you can ask the bride about her preference for the gift or what she likes or needs. If a gift hamper is too expensive such that 2-3 persons can't contribute in the gift hamper for the bride, buy something affordable, thoughtful and useful for her.

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Best Bridal Shower Gift Hampers to Celebrate the Special Occasion!

As elaborated, one of the best gifts to give to the bride is bridal shower gift hamper. This gift may contain different gifts in one such as cookies, chocolates, different tea flavours. It can also contain accessories such as body wash, shampoo, sponge and loofah. For some electronics such as a dryer, face massager among many more different things. When all these things and many more are wrapped up together they make up for a memorable, touching and useful gift to the bride to be. Other things to take note of are matters of budget and gift selection. As the bonus tip suggests, you can come together and contribute for a gift or get an affordable and useful gift.