Give Your Grandparents the Child-Like Joy: Make them Smile with Our 10 Experience Gifts for Grandparents. Plus 6 Tips to Help You Choose!

Give Your Grandparents the Child-Like Joy: Make them Smile with Our 10 Experience Gifts for Grandparents. Plus 6 Tips to Help You Choose!

Not everyone is blessed with the privilege of making your grandparents happy. But what do you gift someone who has experienced everything in life? You can give them more exciting experiences. We have put together 10 pleasant experiences for grandparents ranging from a family photoshoot to golf sessions and even air safaris for the adventurous. Choose one and watch their child-like joy at this once in a lifetime experience.

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The Importance of Experience Gifts

In the modern period, there can be a huge gap in understanding between the third generation and the first generation in the family. The fact that we have a busy life schedule in the present period further complicates the matter. In such a situation, the third-generation in the family can rarely understand and communicate with first-generation's needs and favourites. One of the ways of trying to understand and bridge the gap between the generations is by providing experience gifts to the older generation. Let’s look at why experience gifts are important.

Great Memories

Experience gifts are all about creating memories to cherish all your life. Things such as having dinner, travelling or doing things that your beloved ones like are activities that they will remember. Furthermore, these activities will always be linked to people’s emotions and feelings which make such gifts much worthier than other gifts.

Building a Better Relationship

Experience gifts allow people to get together, physically and emotionally. While experience gifts may not last like other physical gifts that we give, they have a deep impression in the memory. Physical gifts cannot match the experiential happiness that experience gifts provide. People get a chance to meet new friends or revitalize their old friendships. When they share their emotions, the relation between them deepens and they come to understand each other more closely.

Avoiding Clutter

One of the problems with physical gifts is that not every gift that we receive are useful to us. Sometimes, they only take up space in your room and collect dust. People don’t want to throw away gifts either as they don’t want to hurt the feelings of those that sent the gifts to them. Experience gifts help avoid clutter on shelves.

Long Lasting

Try to remember what gifts you got from your friends and family last Christmas. If you can't remember, it's fine - there is nothing wrong about that. It is to explain that we don’t generally remember all the material gifts given to us. But we always keep in your memories the treat from people and the things we did during that day with them. While they may not last forever, but they surely last longer than material gifts and provides us with a reason to cherish a beautiful memory whenever we do so.

Social Connection

It is hard to compare experience gifts with other materialistic gifts for their value to us. It is a fact that humans feel safe in the group and can express their happiness among friends. Besides that, materialistic gifts belong to an individual only but the experience gifts encompass the whole circle of relatives and friends. In this case, both recipient and giver are equally winners. With experience gifts, the social connection between the recipient and giver grows.

Removes Feeling of Envy and Competition

Experience gifts are better than physical gifts because they don’t invite the feeling of envy and competition among gift senders. When giving a physical gift you would want to know how your gift ranks out among other people’s gifts. However, experience gifts get rid of this situation. We all enjoy the moments together in our own way with experience gifts.

10 Best Experience Gifts for Grandparents

Fun and Game in Gurgaon

For those who want to give special gifts to their parents and grandparents, there are lots of ways including numbers of surprises that you can give like taking your parents to Lohagarh Farms. Lohagarh Farms is an ethnic village farm which is designed and planned to give people pure desi flavour in India. It is the best place to experience rural ethnicity and culture in its purest form. Also, the farm provides different types of games and entertainment for visitors. If your grandparents love rustic life where there is no domination of technology or urban pollution, Gurgaon is the best place to take your grandparents. You can check all the details and book the farm their website

Flyboy Air Safari in Gurgaon

How about making your parents enjoy the journey of the sky? If your grandparents love adventure and are comfortable with flying in the air, you can give them the ticket to fly in the air. It can be the best experience gift on the parents' anniversary or other special occasions as they will always remember their flying experience. Thrillophilia has the facility to send the couple an exciting air safari in Gurgaon, Delhi where the couple can enjoy the aerial view of lush-green grasslands and amazing farmhouses. Taking this flying adventure with Flyboy Air Safari can make the feel energetic and young. Just make sure that they are up to the task before giving this surprise. You can book for this air ride on Thrillophilia at Rs.3,000 per adult.

Spa and Massage

In old age, grandparents feel bored and stressed. So, you can give them the gentle touch of massage. Massage can relieve all the tensions in muscles and help them get rid of the dead skin. The grandparents can feel relaxed and experience better energy inside the body after the spa and massage experience. Furthermore, there are different kinds of massage designed for specific purposes. Depending upon your grandparents’ requests, you can arrange for a Thai massage, full body massage, reflexology and deep tissue massage, among others. One of the places for spa massage in Kolkata is Green view Massage and Spa Center Kolkata Massage Parlour. You can contact the seller for prices for different kinds of massages through India Mart.

Golf Session

Grandparents can't play the game which needs heavy energy in old age, but golf is one option that they can enjoy without putting heavy stress on their bodies. It will be beneficial for many reasons and they can spend time on good sport along with fun. Also, if they are new to golf, it can be nice to learn the new game. One of the places to enjoy a good golf session is Gulmarg Golf Course. They offer you a huge golf playground in a scenic place. You can check the booking on Trip Advisor and check the details for more info.

Royal Chariot Ride

How about making your grandparents feel special by giving them a royal chariot ride? The best occasion to do so would be during their anniversary. Along with a party, you can offer them a ride in the chariot, dressed as bride and bridegroom. It will surely refresh the good memories that they have spent together. BookTheSurprise provides the facility of a royal chariot ride for the night. The ride lasts for two hours, and in the middle of the journey, there are many surprises such as balloons, cake, chocolate box, photography and many others. The royal chariot ride is going to be an unforgettable experience gift for your parents if you plan to do so. Book this surprise of Royal Chariot Ride for your grandparents for Rs.15,999.

Record a Song

If your grandparents love singing, then you can make their voice immortal by recording their song in a studio. It's a great way to express love for your loved ones and one of the best experience gifts that they might not have even imagined. You can make a recording each for both of them. Swara Gurukul Recording Studio in Surat is one of the places that facilitate songs recordings. You can pay for the recording session through India Mart for Rs.2,999.

Family Photoshoot

You can capture the memories of your grandparents in frames and then, can give them to your parents. Grandparents like to revisit the albums of the past and talk about the moments captured in those pictures. By capturing the moments in the pictures, you will give them something that they can cherish for a long time by looking at the pictures. For the photoshoot, Phometo is offering the family package in Bangalore, and they have set the price from Rs.5,999-11,999 for the basic package. Check the details on their website Phometo.

Wine Tasting Tour

Bangalore has lots of tourist destinations and also fine vineyards. The area near the airport boasts of Grover Vineyards where people visit to enjoy the natural vegetation of vineyards and to see the winemaking process. Take the grandparents to Grover Vineyards where they can witness winding roads and wine bottling. Also, they can enjoy a wine tasting session throughout their journey in the cellar. The journey also includes a lunch programme for a couple. You can book for the tour on Exciting Lives for Rs.2,199 for a couple.

Sailing the Seas

Mumbai has a variety of tourist packages, film spots and monuments among others. One of the major attraction of the city is sailing the seas. Going to the sea is such a pleasant and beautiful experience. Your grandparents will surely love the tranquillity of the sea. Exciting Lives gives the adventure package of four people to enjoy sailing. The adventure of sailing lasts for two hours, but the shared moment between your grandparents will last for long. You can book this experience gift on Exciting Lives for Rs.5,999 for four members.

A Luxury Tent Resort

If you are thinking of a surprise that is luxurious and offers feelings like a farmhouse, then you can book a luxury tent resort for grandparents. They might get unenthusiastic living only under the four walls. So, give them the private and luxurious place where grandparents share their moments remembering their young days. It will be the best venue for those who want to spend the night under the temporary house under the exposure of nature. You can book a luxury tent resort for your grandparents on Goibibo for Rs.8,000.

Tips on Presenting Experience Gifts

Be Creative

Try to get something unique and a suitable surprise that grandparents will love. If your grandparents live in town, think of something rustic and countryside so that they can enjoy the solace and peace of the place. You can also plan for a holiday or take your grandparents to visit their old friends. Besides that, you have unlimited experience gift ideas such as fishing with grandparents, massage, camping and many others. Try to be creative in choosing the gifts.

Always be with Your Grandparents

The simple secret of making your gift-giving special is being with your grandparents when they are in need. They are old enough now and can't do the things alone- they need you. The best idea of making the experience gifts valuable is to participate everything together with your grandparents.

Consider the Age and Physical Abilities

While you are providing experience gifts to your parents you must consider their age and strength. Think of the gifts that best befits their level of health so that they can enjoy the gift fully. Think beforehand about what they can eat or where they can go before providing them with gifts.

Plan all the Activities Beforehand

For a perfect experience, plan all the activities that you are going to do in the day(s). You don’t want to be deciding on things on the site with your grandparents standing beside you. While you can leave a few things for improvisation but plan all the major activities beforehand.

Consider the Events

Providing gifts to the grandparents is more difficult than to other people as old people might not be open to all experiences. So, to know what pleases them the most, talk to your parents about the favourites of grandparents. Or, you can even find that out from the grandparents themselves indirectly. Just make sure that the gifts are not unpleasant for them if you plan a complete surprise.


Nobody spends more unnecessarily until they need to show off their roles, but an experience gift is all beyond price and bargaining. It is about all love and care which people can feel and remember for a long time. So, plan for an experience gift which comes under your budget so that grandparents need not feel uncomfortable while receiving it.

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Gift Them with Your Presence!

It isn't easy to buy a gift for your grandparent. You usually get the runaround when asked to choose. But you know what gets their hope up? It is when you gift them your time. In addition to buying a gift for your grandparents make sure you are there with them too. Make sure you visit them not just for special occasions but also as frequently as possible. They might not be able to go places and get things done. Take time out for them and help them with their needs. Your grandparents might not want much but they definitely desire your time and presence.