Having a Hard Time Finding a Gift for a Boyfriend Who Doesn't Want Anything? 10 Gift Ideas and Some Great Tips to Get You Going!

Having a Hard Time Finding a Gift for a Boyfriend Who Doesn't Want Anything? 10 Gift Ideas and Some Great Tips to Get You Going!

Getting the right gift for your boyfriend isn’t easy. You want to be sweet without being cheesy. Sentimental without scaring them off! Whatever the occasion, you’re bound to find the perfect gift for the special man in your life. From the cute and quirky to the downright naughty, we’ve got all kinds of gifts for boyfriends (even the ones who don't want anything!) that are sure to win their hearts!

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The Tradition of Gifting

Showing love is something that comes naturally when you are in a relationship with something. You get to know the person really well and are aware of all their likes and dislikes. You could at a stage start realizing what they mean even when things go unsaid. This time how about take their silence and resilience to not wanting a gift as an advantage and gift them something they are going to remember forever. Gifting is a tedious task that has often plagued our mind. With so many options out there to choose from it gets difficult. Many times people don't want gifts and often would rather like to spend time together experience.

Points to Keep in Mind While Gifting

The mistake most people make is buying something that they like instead of thinking hard about the interests of the person they are buying for. There are many aspects to take in mind while buying a gift. Though it is trickier to gift someone something while they don't want anything in certain. Here are a few points to have a look at while considering the gift. Just like diamond goes through many quality checks so does a gift. Every gift needs to be crafted the right way in such a thoughtful manner that the recipient realises how much time and thought was put into in choosing the gift.

Occasion of Gifting

In a relationship there are many milestones that come by and thus many reasons to give gifts to him. Usually it's always the guy presenting the girl with gifts . But hey , its 2018 and maybe it's time for you to show him some love. According to the type of event you can determine what type of gift you should gift. If its his birthday yo can opt for something that helps in self care for him and also something he can enjoy when he is off from work or college. Where as on a anniversary you can be more focused about gifting him something that includes you.

How to Get into His Mind

When gifting you need to make sure you choose the gift according to what your partner would like as the guest is aimed to be for him. Think as he would, even though he doesn't want a gift you should go ahead and gift him something he could use during work if he is a workaholic. A gift has sentiments and emotions of a person attached to it. It is always better to listen while your partner is talking because that actually gives you lots of hints about their likes and dislikes. Talk to his friends and ask them about what his likes and dislikes are and if there is anything that he wants recently.

Fixing the Budget

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The budget you set is largely dependant on the likes and dislikes as well as the years you and he have spent together. If it's your monthsary, it would be suggested to stay low key and gift something that is a nice but doesn't portray you as someone who is way more into the relationship, than him. If it has been years of you and him together then you can opt to spend more money and splurge to some extent . The estimated amount to spend on a new relationship would be from Rs. 500 to Rs. 4,000 whereas on a long ongoing relationship you can spend from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 15,000.

10 Gifting Ideas for Boyfriend Who Doesn't Want Anything

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Still, have a confusion? Have a look at the amazing picks we have made just for you to make your special day even more delightful with him. Whether it is a gift or just a day to spend we got it all covered for you.

Outdoor Trip

Seen how in movies couples go out for beautiful outings and act all adventurous? Ever thought how it would feel scuba diving with your armor in the deep blue. Well, this might just make those romantic getaway trips happen. Starting at just Rs. 28,990 you can travel abroad with your boyfriend to Thailand and spend the night by some enchanting long walks on the beach. Also included in the hotel package go on for a spa treatment which will relax you both and also help you to enjoy the serenity in nature's lap. Book your package at yatra.com.

Another option is if he is not into all those old school greenery then you could take him to the tax-free shopping arena, that is Dubai. Dubai is one of the most buzzing places in the world as of now with its Arabic culture and the Camel rides in the desert. If you are lucky in the package you can also find a dhow trip, a dhow is a long boat used by the Arabs. At just INR 61,990 you can book the package at yatra.com.

A Romantic Date

Are you both foodies? Do you enjoy the company of him over dinner? Then this might be a really good reasonable option for you. At zomato.com you can search for the restaurants that are nearby your locality and also search according to the type of food he likes. Wear the best dress of yours, yes the one he says you look beautiful in wear the bracelet he gifted you and maybe this time you pick him up from his doorstep. Make a reservation at his favourite restaurant and in fact, some restaurants happily take special requests in case the guest has an anniversary or birthday.

Private Movie Screening

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Ever thought of what it would be like if it was your movie playing on a special demand while you both enjoyed your favourite dish? Well, you are in luck as at cherishx.com you can book yourself a private movie screening. CherishX will provide the private movie screening set-up and a special candlelight date. You could bring your own movie in a pendrive and hand it over to them. Whats even better is starting at Rs. 5,300 this is an irresistible deal for you and him. You could add in a cake or roses to surprise him with and also suggest as to how you would like the decoration to be for your little special date. You both will be welcomed with delicious mocktails and seated over at a comfortable couch while the food will be a server to you at the table right beside the screen.

Waterproof Phone Case

In this busy world we all love our phone, don't we? It's the amazing thing that connects everyone to us even if they are miles apart. With technology getting better day by day there is in Screen fingerprint detector, 4 cameras in one phone and the list go on. But nothing is better than a phone that goes swim with you. Though some phones have a waterproof IP rating but yet they don't go much the distance. This waterproof phone case is an amazing deal to grab as it will let him get his calls at all times and keeps the screen functional. Voted as the best phone cover , you can go 100 ft and yet not a single drop would enter the phone. Not only that at Rs 800 you can import this cover for amazon.com and click beautiful pictures with him even underwater.

3D Pen

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Remember in childhood when we all thought the kid in shaka laka boom boom was lucky as he could draw anything and it would come to life. We would do anything to have a turn at that pencil of his. Well, this is not the exact the same idea but almost there, this 3D Pen helps you bring your drawing into actual 3D structures. So if you have seen him doodling around, or maybe he has some really nice ideas about structures then this pen will be the ideal gift to give him. The pen is not only fun to use but also easy to use. This can be used vertically or horizontally and he can draw anything he wishes to from any point of his imagination. This pen enables fast colour changing and also the heated plastic that forms the 3D structure is durable for build and also attractive. The package includes 3D printing pen, Power Adapter, User Manual, 3 colours PLA filament(colors random). The price of this pen is Rs. 1,805.

Military Chain Pendant

Create the perfect gift with our personalised Sterling Silver Classic Dog Tag Necklace. This finely crafted dog tag comes with a sterling silver curb chain. Engrave his name, monogram, a special date or message on the front and back of the dog tag. This is often seen to be worn by army men and also gives masculinity an ornament to wear. This is something he can wear at all times and remember you. At Rs. 438 you can buy it from banggood.com.

In-Home Dinner with Private Chef

A cooking experience from a private chef while you both venture down the memory lane. This new experience provides fun and really enriches your taste buds. This professional journey along with a skilled chef will help you both have a fun time to remember. The process of the event is such that the company takeachef.com will send a chef to you as per your preference and they will buy the ingredients and cook the food for you and in fact, they will also serve the pre plated food to you. Yes, I know what you are thinking who is going to clean up , then don't worry they will clean up before they go. So basically it's like restaurant experience at your comfort.

Custom Fortune Cookies

In Chinese restaurants very often they serve a fortune cookie once the food is done. The fortune cookie is a biscuit that opens up to a slip inside that is known to state your future in a proverbial way. At fancyfortunecookies.com you can design your very own fortune cookie and also the flavour you would want to choose for him. Not only that, but you can also choose for him the colour and write your very own saying too. And if he likes the sweet stuff you could actually go ahead and gift him a hamper of 24 gourmets at Rs. 2,915.

A Spa Session

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Four Fountains De-Stress Spa Gift Voucher is an amazing gift to give him. One easy solution when you are short of time is to buy a spa gift card online from a company whose card is accepted by lots of different spas. You can have it mailed it in a pretty gift box for a few bucks extra, such as on Amazon for Rs. 1,000 only. But when buying this always make sure to check the expiry date of the voucher. There are various of reasons to gift him a spa session but the best one is so he can have his own time alone and relax. Not only does a spa session calm one down but also promote deep sleep to get rid of all the stress and tear that has been weighing him down all this time.

Clone Dolls

Ever thought of what a tiny you and him together would look like? Aren't the cute bobblehead dolls that you see in a car cute? Well, you are in luck because at excitinglives.com you can get them both in one. These 3D caricatures won't only give you a good laugh but also be a cute and funny gift to give him. But you might need to order it well in advance in order to get it on time as it takes minimum 40 days to get one made- thus it's time-consuming. All you need to do is send them a picture of him and choose the model and poses as per your will and your model is ready to be made 3D at just Rs. 4,990.

If He Doesn't Want Gifts, There are Other Ways to Connect With Him

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Since he doesn't want a gift its best to give him something you are sure he will like, or else give him an experience more than an item. He can keep the memories, click lots of pictures with him and engross those memories in your heart forever. If its a fairly new relationship then try to get him to know more .

Keep It Simple Yet Unique

Be sure you don't make any grand gestures as you don't want to scare him off but also don't make it look like you are taking it too lightly as that would seem very much like there are relationship issues coming.

More Than Gifts Spend Some Time With Him

There is no gift greater than the gift of time if you really want to gift him something more than a materialistic item you could gift him some quality time together even if it means just watching a movie or his favourite game. The key to happiness is understanding and communication. To have happiness and loyalty you both need to be on the same page. So make sure you make the perfect environment to sit and talk.

Introduce Him to Your Parents

The gift of surety is more than anything, but make sure that if you going forward with this step there is no going back. It's always better to have the talk of where the relationship is heading rather than having a break up later and hearing the end of it from your parents. If you think you and him are going to be together forever then this is one of the most amazing and the unexpected gift you can give him because once the girl's parents are aware and approve the guy, there is no warmer feeling for the guy than that.

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Show your feelings by a gift

The feeling of ‘true love’ is one of the best feelings that should be cherished forever. If your heart also holds that true love feeling for your man then, tell him that you love him. Gift him on any occasion. Get your boyfriend a gift that reflects his unique personality and celebrates his personal style. Whether he’s a sports fan, a geeky gadget lover, a budding brewer, or a gutsy grill master, with a little creativity and an uncommon collection, it’s no sweat to find cool gifts for guys with all types of hobbies and interests.