Have You Ever Thought about Trying Your Hand at Nail Art(2021)?6 Basic Nail Art  Tools  that You Need in Your Nail Art Kit and Best Easy Nail Designs You Can Totally Do at Home

Have You Ever Thought about Trying Your Hand at Nail Art(2021)?6 Basic Nail Art Tools that You Need in Your Nail Art Kit and Best Easy Nail Designs You Can Totally Do at Home

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These days, merely painting your nails red isn’t really enough anymore; there are some brilliantly creative designs out there to transform your nail painting into real nail art with the tools recommended below. Take a peek at these simple nail art tutorials that are perfect for beginners and dip your toes (or hands) into them.

Nail Art is More than Just Painting Nails

Make-up is one thing a woman starts to learn from a very young age. You will see little girls playing dress-up and applying their mother's makeup as soon as she is able to walk to speak but makeup has now evolved and has extended to nails as well. The decorating of nails using different designs is called nail art and is in trend these days. This is now a way to express a woman's creativity and style.

In earlier days women simply had a manicure done with plain nail paints or at times henna but today nails have become a canvas and women are using it to show off their creative sides. It is said that modern nail art started in Japan and nail artists like Eriko Kurosaki, Junco Ogava are well known in this field. If you like to decorate your nails then you can walk into some high-end nail studios and get them painted according to your taste and event but if an easier way to do it is at home.

Although, nail art may look difficult if you practice you can easily create cool designs right at your home. Here we have tried to compile some easy nail paint designs you can make at home. It is a great way to invite your friends over and have a sleepover while you chit chat, gossip and paint away.

6 Basic Nail Art Tools You Will Need to Get Creative with Nails

Manicure Tweezers

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If you have tweezers at home, good but if not then make sure to buy them before you start with nail art. Tweezers are very important if you like to decorate your nails with little beads and mini nail accessories. It makes it easier to pick them up and place them right where you want on your nails. There are tons of different kinds of tweezers you can find in the market and if you like you can check out this Imported 6 piece tweezers set made with stainless steel. They are of good quality and will last long. You can buy them for Rs. 338 from www.amazon.in.

Dotting Tools

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Another important tool to have in a nail art kit is the dotting tool. You need them to make cute little perfect dots on your nails. These tools come in a set of five and have different head sizes. They help you create different-sized dots on the nails and make them look stylish. You can check out this KIRA dotting tool pen. It comes in a set of 6 pieces and can be bought for Rs. 165 from www.amazon.in.

Stripping Tape.

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If you are a beginner in nail art then you can go by without stripping tapes but if you really want to be creative then they are necessary to have. These strips are thin metallic tapes that are applied to the nail especially if you want to make super thin and straight lines on the nails. They make your work a lot easier and give clean designs. You can press them onto your nails and then lift them off after you are done with the design. They are easily available in the market and if you want to buy them online you can check out the SAVNI multicolour striping rolls in a set of 10. The set can be bought for Rs. 119 from www.amazon.in.

Thin Tip Brush

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If you are the artist type and want to paint your nails to the T then you'll need these tip brushes. They are great when it comes to detailing and creating designs on your nails. You can also use thin tip paint brushes if you like but using a specific brush for nail art is always a better idea. You can buy this 3 piece set for Rs. 342 from eassycart.com.

Nail Polishes

You will obviously need nail polishes to create nail art. You can use any colour you like but having a number of good shades especially a black and white colour is a must. You can also buy some textured or glitter nail paints for your tool kit to get more creative. Check out this excellent set of 12 nail polishes from Miss Rose Professional Make-up Applee for Rs. 475 on www.shopclues.com.

Topcoat and Basecoat

A nail design is incomplete without a topcoat and a base coat. The topcoat provides shine and keeps your manicure stay for a longer period of time whereas the basecoat is good for your nail health. It creates a base for the paint and protects the nails from the chemicals used in nail paints. You can buy this fast drying Mobray Top and Base coat for Rs. 349 from aadhyacollections.com.

Easy Nail Paint Designs You Can Do at Home

Painting your nails has been one of the most favorite pastime for women and girls of all ages but the trend is changing rapidly. Painting nails is an art now and people are getting better in it day by day. You can get cool nail art designs from professionals but if you try and practice you can do the same at home as well. Creating these designs are not as hard as they look as long as you are persistent. Here we have compiled a few easy designs you can try at home and have fun with your friends during lock down.

Easy Optical Illusion Nail Art

This is a cool design that you can try at home. It is easy to make and looks very stylish.

  • Start with painting your nails with white nail paint but leave the ring finger and the thumb.
  • Now make a small black dot in the middle of the white colour.
  • Draw a "Y"shape line that connects from the center .
  • Draw 3 vertical lines on the lower right section in the "Y".
  • Next draw 2 curved lines on the left section of the "Y".
  • Now draw another set of three curved lines on the top of the "Y".
  • Repeat the same for all the white nails.
  • End it by applying a top coat on the nails and you can add tiny studs along the cuticle area of the nails to enhance the design.

You can check out the Youtube video given below to understand how to make this design at home.

Teal and Gold Negative Space Nail Art

This blue and gold 'negative space' design might seem boring to you but it is quite trendy. It is a great way to flaunt your nails during summers due to the light shades used in it although you can choose any colour you wish as long as you keep the concept of 'negative space' in mind to make it look perfect.

Steps to achieve this

  • Start with cutting two to three thin strips of tape and remove its adhesive.
  • Put the tape through the middle of the nail, horizontally.
  • Now, apply a nail paint of your choice but try to get an opaque coat.
  • Before the polish dries off remove the tape off the nail .
  • Now apply a different colour to the other nails and let them dry .
  • Use a dotting tool or a toothpick to make dots along the negative lines by using an alternative colour.
  • Apply a glossy topcoat on your nails and you are all done.

Rainbow Nail Art

Rainbows are every girl’s favourite. They look beautiful and it would be great if you could have the same effect on your nails, right?

You can try out this rainbow nail art this monsoon and make your friends jealous.

  • Apply a white base on your nails.
  • Now put a drop of different nail paints on a piece of paper and with the help of a nail art brush draw diagonal strips across your nails.
  • Apply a dry coat and apply paste stripping tape in the middle of each diagonal line.
  • Now, apply one or two coats of white polish over the top and remove the tape with tweezers (do this before the paint dries out).
  • Apply a mat topcoat on the nails carefully and get in the mode of some rainy season fun.

Peek a Boo NailsPink Gradient Mani

You will love the Peek a Boo design if you are a beginner. You might think you need fancy tools to do so but it is not required. You can easily do this at home and create a classy look.

All you need for this design is Aqua and Gold nail polish (or any color you like), cling film or plastic wrap and a clear nail polish.

  • Apply two coats of gold nail polish and let it dry.
  • Now apply a coat of aqua nail paint while the base is still wet.
  • Wrinkle the cling film and dab it over the nail.
  • You will get a mixed color of aqua and gold.
  • Finish it with a layer of clear nail polish.

Mint, White and Gold Striped Mani

This is probably the easiest way to decorate your nails. The mint, white and gold striped design looks very elegant and is perfect for spring.

You can try using different shades of blue or any other color and add some glittery gold strips to finish it off.

  • Start with applying white nail polish on the bottom half of the nails (near the cuticles).
  • Now, apply light blue nail paint on the other half rounding it of in the middle.
  • Outline the curved area with gold nail paint and finish it off with a top coat.

Navy Blue and Lilac Striped Mani

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Navy blue is one color that goes well with almost any other color therefore you can easily try this design and wear any color dress you want with it. The lilac stripes on navy blue makes it stands out and would look great in winters.

  • Start with applying navy nail paint on the nails.
  • Draw alternative thin lines with a lilac polish.
  • Draw one across the pointer nail, one straight down the middle nail, and, one across the ring finger nail
  • Finish it with a glossy top coat and your set to party.

Snake Skin Nail Art

Snakes are dangerous, snakes are scary and can kill you but one cannot deny the fact that they are beautiful creatures. The pretty gleaming colour on a snake’s skin makes it look very attractive and now you can create the same snakeskin effect on your nails.

It is quite easy to create this design for which you need top and base nail varnish, base colour nail varnish, contrast colour nail varnish, a makeup sponge and some netting.

  • Apply base nail paint on your nails and let it dry.
  • Take netting and wrap it over the nails.
  • Now, put contrast nail paint on a sponge and dab over the netting.
  • Let it dry for a few seconds and remove the net.
  • Apply a topcoat and you'll get a slinky snake skin look on your nails.

Daisy Nail Art

With so many designs to choose from how can we leave out the pretty daisies behind? Flowers never go out of style and women love to show off their femininity with flowers. If you are one of those women who love flowers in almost everything then you will love this daisy nail art design. All you need is a clear base coat, clear topcoat, some gold studs, gold nail polish, clear glitter polish, white nail polish and a dotting tool.


  • Start with applying clear base coat on the nails.
  • Paint your index finger with white nail polish.
  • Place a gold stud on it or make a dot with a dotting tool with gold nail polish in the middle close to the cuticle.
  • Do the same on your pinky.
  • Create small flowers with white polish and dotter but make sure to space them evenly.
  • Now, apply gold studs or gold polish dots in the centre of each daisy.
  • Do the same for your thumb.
  • Apply gold polish on your ring finger and apply a coat of clear glitter polish on it as well.
  • Now, apply topcoat on all the nails.
  • Flaunt your flowery nails in the next get together.

Pink Gradient Nails

Pink is the colour of girls as it gives a soft, romantic feel to women. If you like pink then you should try the pink gradient nail art this season.

You will need a base coat, sheer pink nail paint, candy pink nail paint, wedge makeup sponge and a glossy topcoat.

  • Start with applying a base coat to your nails.
  • Put candy pink nail paint on a sponge and dab it over the nails starting from the top and lessening the pressure as you move towards the centre.
  • Do the same on all the nails but let each layer dry between sponging to avoid smudging.
  • Apply the sheer pink paint after the candy pink color is dried of to get a perfect gradient look.
  • Apply a topcoat and you are all done.

Dragon Fruit Manicure

Dragon fruits of pitaya are often thought to be tasteless but are extremely beautiful. The colors of the fruit make it look very attractive and so will your nails if you try this dragon fruit design on your nails.

  • You can use a gel polish for which you need to apply a base coat and cure it with the light but if you are using a regular polish you can skip the base coat.
  • Apply a hot pink nail pint of the top 1/3 of the nails.
  • Take a flat brush and dip it into rubbing alcohol if using gel polish or in a nail polish remover for a regular polish and clean the lines across the bottom of the pink.
  • Now, dip a thin brush into black nail paint and add vertical dashes to the blank areas of the nail.
  • Apply a clear topcoat on each nail to seal it off and add shine to the design.
  • Don't forget to cure it under the light if you are using a gel polish.
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Wear Rubber Gloves

If you are someone who has to do house chores on a daily basis, make sure to put on rubber gloves to protect your nail art. The water and the use of soap can end up taking the paint off your nails. Wearing rubber gloves will ensure the paint stays intact for a long time.