Get Friendship Day Gifts Online from Amazon: 10 Popular Friendship Day Gift Ideas for Your Friend Who is Always By Your Side (2019)

Get Friendship Day Gifts Online from Amazon: 10 Popular Friendship Day Gift Ideas for Your Friend Who is Always By Your Side (2019)

People come and go but true friends are the ones who stick around with you forever; it is that special time of the year to cheer and shout out to being best friends for so long and more. Honour your best buddies with fabulous and trendy gifts; choose from our recommendations especially stacked up for Friendship day.

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Why Choose Amazon for Buying Friendship Day Gifts?

The Versatility on Offer is More Than on Any Other Website

Amazon is definitely the undisputed king of the online shopping trends, not only in India but the rest of the world too. And this is why we highly recommend you to buy variety of stuff from this site. The variety is amazing and you got so many quality products to choose from too. You can find tons of amazing friendship day gifts on Amazon easily.

2. Great Discounts Are Available All Year Round


Another reason which makes you choose Amazon is the discounts available on it. You can find new deals every single day and if you lucky enough then you can shop the items for a really less price. There are bank offers, cashback offers, and many other such schemes. So make sure to look for what discounts you can use for your purchase. And this is why you can find the best friendship day gifts on Amazon that too on superbly affordable prices.

3. Easy Returns Makes Shopping Easy


Well, this feature is kind of common between so many online shopping sites as almost all of them provides easy returns options. Amazon provides easy and free returns which can be initiated through the app or site itself. However, there can be some items which might be exempt from returns so make sure to check before placing an order for them.

10 Friendship Day Gifts on Amazon

1. Printed Ceramic Mug


Everybody remembers the iconic show FRIENDS which were based on the lives of six best friends. Taking a page out of the same show on the occasion of friendship day is like the best thing ever. And keeping that in mind, we have picked a ceramic mug which has the main hook line of the show’s theme song which is “I’ll be there for you”. Not only that it brings the essence of the classic show in it but it is also a great gesture for any friend to let him/her know that you will always be there for them.

The mug is white in colour and has simple printing only on both sides of it. This mug can be used either to drink beverages or just as a pen stand too. No matter how you use it, it will always remind you of your friendship. This mug is perfect for both hot as well as cold drinks. If you want to buy this mug then you can purchase it from for Rs. 199.

2. 100 Reasons We Are Friends Cards


You must have come across such kind of gift for the Valentine’s Day but finding something so cute for friendship day is really adorable. The next in our list of friendship day gifts online Amazon is a Friendship card pack which contains 100 cards dictating the 100 reasons of friendship between you and your friend. Isn’t it just the perfect gift to remind your friend that how important he/she is for you? These are the little things that set apart a best friend from a bunch of other friends.

These cards are perfectly placed in a red cardboard box. The box also contains additional cards which have lovely friendship quotes written on it. The reasons are very relatable and hence they will play as a major factor in strengthening the bond of friendship between you and your friend. You cannot find something better than this for the occasion of Friendship Day for sure. Buy this box from for Rs. 449.

3. Friendship Day Wrist Band


No friendship day is complete without tying a friendship band on the wrist of your friend. You can find something more easily for your female friends but the options are very limited when it comes to male friends. Hence, we decided to pick a multipurpose band for the guys. This can be doubled as both friendship band and a regular wristband.

Made up of 100% leather, this band has multiple layers and some braiding done too. It looks quite exquisite and has a matte finish. The band gives a very funky and cool kind of vibe which is suitable for any guy. This band is available in brown colour and having genuine leather increases its durability to quite some extent. However, it is recommended to keep it away from water. It has free size and magnetic clasp for locking. You can purchase this cool friendship band from for Rs. 443.

4. BFF Printed Cushion


Done with finding mushy and cute friendship gifts Amazon? Why don’t you take a look at this practical as well as a super cute gift that we handpicked for your friend?

This one is a friendship themed cushion of size 12”X12”. It is yellow in colour and has Best Friends Forever printed on it along with the pictures of SpongeBob and SquarePants on it. So, basically, this cushion screams friendship in every single way and looks beyond adorable.

This cushion comes with the inner filling so you won’t have to do anything here at all. The print is of very high quality and does not get withered away with time. It is just the kind of gift one should give to someone on the occasion of friendship day, quirky and useful.
Each time your friend will be resting his head on this cushion, it will remind them of your support as well. Buy this super cute cushion from for Rs. 299.

5. Personalised Keychain


Let’s get back to something simple yet very memorable for your friends on this friendship day. A personalised keychain might sound like an underrated gift but nothing is peculiar when it comes to friendship. Especially when you have made an effort while picking it for your friends.

This personalised keychain has a round shape where you can get a picture of you and your friend customised on it. It is accompanied by a keyring to attach it to anything you want. Make sure that you pick the right quality of an image as it will get altered when printed on the keychain. Only 1 image will be printed on both sides of the keychain and the size is good enough to be visible. If you are looking for something simple yet nice then this gift is definitely your way to go. You can get it customised and then order online from for Rs. 109.

6. Friendship Day Hamper


Chocolates have always been your ultimate way to go when you are not able to decide any gift even till the last minute. But in order to upgrade the gift a bit, we have picked this Friendship Day Hamper for you which is comprised of a box with soft toy keychain and a small card inside, two dairy milk silk oreo chocolates, and a friendship band. It perfectly captures all the essence of friends together and you cannot find a hamper or compilation more suitable than this for the occasion of friendship day.

Every part of this hamper is super adorable and perfect to celebrate the friendship. Even the box itself is very cute with heart prints all over it. The keychain has a small teddy bear attached to it and talking about the card then you can write your message on it. Rather than buying everything separately, it is one great way to save your time. You can order it from for Rs. 679.

7. World's Greatest Friend Trophy


Next in line for the list of friendship day gifts online on Amazon is simply a trophy. It is obviously something out of the box and probably of no use in practicality but it looks very cool. Officially, you cannot give anything to your friend something of this sort but you can surely give it out of affection. This is called the “World’s Greatest Friend” Trophy which is made up of alloy metal and has gold polishing over it. The trophy looks quite cute and has stars on it along with a tag of the year and the tag of “World’s greatest friend” on the bottom side of it. Apart from this one design, you can also choose the Champion’s trophy too. Both of them are quite charming.

It is probably the cutest gift ever to honour the support and friendship of your friend. You can purchase it online from for Rs. 499.

8. Friendship Scroll Card


Minimalistic things always yield a great outcome as they are simple yet impactful. Keeping this in mind, we have picked a simple yet adorable gift for your friend on this friendship day. It is called Friendship Scroll Card. It is sort of a greeting card but has a scroll type look which makes it unique. It looks quite attractive and this beige coloured scroll has a beautiful poem written on it which is all about the pure bond of friendship.

With a minimal printing style and very simple looking, this gift tops the list for sure. You can customise it a bit by writing the name of your friend on top of it. You can buy it for all your friends and then it won’t be a matter of confusion for you that what to get for each of them separately. This beautiful scroll type friendship day card is available on for Rs. 299.

9. Besties Book


Taking a route less travelled, we decided to pick something really unique this time. As there is no limit on the bond of friendship, there shouldn’t be any on the gifts for this occasion too. Hence, we chose this book called “Besties” which is perfect to give out to a girl best friend from a girl.

This book is basically about the beautiful bond of female friendship and it highlights this bond by relatable illustrations and letters and thank you note. This book is precise in terms of content and this is the beauty of it. It does not make you feel bored but keeps the curiosity alive with the very cute illustrations inside it. It is surely one of a kind of work and hence we decided to pick it in this compilation here. This book by Leah Reena Goren is something you and your friend will fall in love with. You can buy this book from for Rs. 414.

10. BFF Printed Aluminum Sipper


Our last pick in this section is indeed a combination of practical gifts plus personalisation coming together in the best way possible. We have picked an aluminium sipper for your friend which has Best Friends Forever printed on it. Cool, isn’t it?

The bottle has a typical aluminium chrome finish and has the capacity of 600ml. Perfect idea to remind your friend about the bond you two share as well as to keep him/her hydrated all the time. This is thermally insulated and hence keep your beverages on their original temperature in it. This bottle is great for both indoor and outdoor uses and your friend is going to love the additional BFF tag on it. Make this bottle yours by buying it on for Rs. 349.

Want to Give Your Friends Gifts They Will Cherish? Here's How


We have provided you with a wonderful list of friendship day gifts online Amazon but now it is the time to check out the additional ideas and tips for buying the perfect gift. Apart from the ones which are mentioned here, you can also buy other types of gifts for your friends from Amazon. Check them out right below here.

Go for Practical Gifts on Amazon

All the presents that we have recommended in the list given above are mostly mushy and memorable. But you can also prefer more practical gifts for your friends rather than the ones listed here. For example, wrist watch, wallet, any gadget etc. would make a great choice as a gift on friendship day. It all depends on what your friend's preferences are.

Buy a Gift Card


Another great idea to pick a gift is to choose a gift card instead of an actual gift. You can find a number of gift card options on Amazon related to the site or any other platforms. If you are not able to find the right gift even until the last moment then it will turn out to be a great idea to back you up.

Gift Him or Her an Amazon Prime Membership

This is digital age and hence gifts for best friend Amazon must be digital as well. Another bonus and a very wonderful idea is to buy the Amazon prime membership for your friend for one year. It costs only Rs. 999 for one year and it covers the prime delivery as well as access to multiple shows and movies available on Amazon. Great deal, right?

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Cleberate Your Forever Dosti with Gifts

"A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow."-William Shakespeare.

One couldn’t agree more with this beautiful friendship quote by the literary legend Shakespeare. Everyone has friends to spice up their life, shoulder them in sadness, laugh with them in happiness, be a partner with them in crime and love them through thick and thin. Right? From sharing food to clothes, from laughing at each other to defending when situations call, from gossiping ceaselessly to watching horror movies late night, you have done these things together with your beloved friends. This friendship day, certify your friends with the world’s ‘Greatest Friend Certificate’ and thank them for always being with you.