Are You a Woman Who Loves the Look and Feel of a Scarf but Don’t Know How to Rock It(2021)?Stylish Ways to Reinvent Your Stoles and Scarves and Create a Whole New Look

Are You a Woman Who Loves the Look and Feel of a Scarf but Don’t Know How to Rock It(2021)?Stylish Ways to Reinvent Your Stoles and Scarves and Create a Whole New Look

There is no doubt that scarves are an accessory that everyone has in their closets. We are always looking for different ways to wear a scarf and scarf outfit ideas,so we’ve put together the definitive guide on how to tie a scarf and ways to wear a scarf year-round.

Understanding Stoles/Scarves and Dupattas

Being in style when you step out is an important aspect of an individual’s personality. People usually follow fashion trends to be in style. They keep themselves updated on what’s in and what’s out to make sure they look perfect every day. Things like wearing the right footwear, sporting the right accessory can really make a difference to your complete outfit.

Women, in general, like to wear salwar kurta with dupattas/stoles or scarves. Women also wear stoles/scarves with western outfits like jeans, skirts etc. To be precise both the stole and dupatta are different and usually are worn on different occasions. A stole is more like an expensive shawl that is put around the shoulders on special occasions and a dupatta or a scarf can be made with different materials. It is worn in different ways according to a person's choice.

Women in India have been wearing dupattas for ages now, it is related to Hindu and Muslim faith as well where they either cover their faces and hair. Earlier wearing a dupatta or a stole was a compulsion but times have changed and wearing a stole/scarf or a dupatta is more of a style statement now. Wearing the right kind of stole in style can transform your plain outfit into a modern one. These stoles now can be bought in tons of different sizes, shapes, colours and patterns and learning to sport them can make you look very trendy. You can easily wear them with jeans, skirts, jackets or even on saris.

Know the Top Types of Stoles/Scarves

Here we have tried to compile different ways of wearing a stole that can make feel trendy and in style but before that let us look into the different kinds of stoles/scarves in the market you can choose from.

  • Infinity scarf/stoles are quite common and are liked by almost everyone. They cover your neck areas and look really nice in winters as well as keep you comfortable.
  • Cowls are worn around the neck in a circle. They go well with woollen sweaters and look very trendy.
  • The triangle scarves/stoles are very much like the cowl because they are worn around the neck but create a different look than a cowl. They create triangle formations that come all the way down to the chest. You can wear dangling earrings etc with it to make it look stylish.
  • The muffler stoles are very comfortable and you can customize them according to your style. You can either cover yourself in it or use it as a stole around your neck or shoulders.
  • Woolen stoles are very comfortable during the winters. They keep you warm and looking hip.

Why You Should Consider Wearing a Stole/Scarf


If you thought that wearing a stole is just to make you look trendy then think again. There are many different benefits of wearing a stole which you might know of.

Surprising Health Benefits of Wearing Stoles

The change of seasons often leads to colds, aches and pains in the neck, shoulders, and back. If this is the case for you, instead of looking for the latest over-the-counter remedy, consider a simple scarf. Most people believe that the only purpose of a scarf is as a fashion accessory.

  • We already know that stoles are popularly used as a style statement but they come in handy during winters as well as in summers. They can easily be worn on your jackets or sweaters and keep you warm. You can cover your neck as a defense from the chilling air. It also protects your chest area and prevents you from catching a cold. You will also see people covering their nose and mouth and save yourself from hot waves during summer. They come in handy when you move in and out of air-conditioned rooms during summer days and keep you cozy.
  • Wearing a stole covers the open skin area and save your skin from the hard UV ray exposure. You can hide behind your stole and avoid a tan and keep safe.
  • People suffering from cervical spondylosis or neck arthritis can use a stole to help alleviate the symptoms and keep the area warm. It helps to prevent cold hair from hitting those spots and makes you comfortable.
  • Middle-aged or elderly people often suffer from lumbar spinal stenosis. Lumbar spinal stenosis is a medical condition. In this condition, your spinal canal narrows and compresses the spinal cord and nerves and can be very painful. You can wear a high collar top with a stole over it to prevent cold air from hitting your shoulders and back. This helps in preventing pain and other related symptoms.
  • Stoles and scarves help you come over your mundane look. You can wear stoles with tassels or fringes and make your outfit complete without spending too much money.
  • They come in handy after a romantic night with your partner in hiding those love bites to avoid uncomfortable glares and questions.

Innovative Ways of Wearing a Stole/Scarf

Over Formal Wear

It is important for working women to look stylish yet professional at the same time. If you wear formal outfits in the office then you need to make sure to sport a tailored look. You can use all your creativity in doing so. Stoles can help you with it. The best and easy way to wear a stole in a professional atmosphere is to run it around the neck in neat folds and let its end fall in two parallel lines in the front. You can then either leave it hanging or tie a simple single or double knot depending on your style.

European Knot (Loop)

Another very cool and stylish way of wearing your stole or a scarf is to make a European knot/loop. This is very easy to make and you can sport it on your professional outfits as well as on casual wear. They go well on shirts/jeans or you can pair them with a skirt and a T-shirt and look hip.  

  • Get a stole of your choice.
  • Fold in it half.
  • Keep looped on one shoulder and drape the stole around your neck.  Make sure to keep one end short and the other one a little longer.  Pull the longer side through the loop and tighten it in a comfortable knot.  Flaunt your style among your friends.

The Braid


You can also try the braid style with your stole or scarf. Take a scarf/stole and fold it in half. Put it around your neck and take the loose ends of the scarf and pull them through the loop. Don't pull it too tight though. Now, carefully twist the loop and pull the loose ends through again. Keep twisting the loop with one hand while pulling the ends through until you run out of fabric. This style will surely make some heads turn.

Classic Loop


Another very easy and classic way of wearing your stole is to wear it in a classic loop. You'll find many women or even men wearing their scarves or mufflers this way. It looks very good and stylish informal and non-formal settings. Simply start with folding the scarf in half. Then put it behind your neck and bring both ends to the front. Pull the loose ends through the loop and you are done.

Twisted Drape

You can also try the twisted drape style with your stole. Start with folding your stole in half then tie both the ends in small knots. Now, drape the ring-shaped stole over the neck with the knotted side on the back. Twist the stole at the back in a snug position then flip it forward.

Back Drape (Formal)

If you are confused about how to wear your stole or a scarf in a formal setting then you can use the back drape style with confidence. It is an easy style and will make you look professional in a subtle way.

Start with draping the stole behind your neck in equal halves and let a bit of it fall on your back. Now, fold it in the front in a wide loose knot. Place the stole low at the back to achieve a draped look and keep the knot low in the front. Snug the stole and flush it in position and you are ready to rock in your official presentation at the office.

For the Casual Look

For a more casual look for a night out with friends or a friendly lunch date you can drape your stole in Ascot Style. If you want to sport a easy and carefree look then you would like this cool look for sure. Simply wrap it around your neck from front to back. Keep the edges at the back. Then wrap them around your neck again and bring them to the front.

Or you can try the simple warp as well. This style is also known as the shoulder shrug style. Wrap the stole around the neck so the edges fall in the front. Leave one side over the shoulder, wrap the stole to cover the other shoulder and you are done.


Another great way to wear a stole in a casual setting is Cowl. It gives a rich look to your outfit instantly. For this, you will need a square scarf and place the point of the triangle in the front. Now, take the edges over the shoulders and towards the back. Then cross them behind your back. After that bring them to the front again and tie them in a knot. Now take the center of the scarf and cover the knot. Tuck the edges into the neckline so that the knot and the edges are not visible.

The Shawl

The most fun and easy way of wearing a stole is to drape it like a shawl. Simply throw it around your shoulders without worrying about any edges or corners and you’re done. It looks great on all outfits including saree. You will find many men draping their shawl in this manner as well.

French Knot


The French knot is also a great and creative way of wearing your stole. It looks great on winter wear. Simply fold your scarf in half and put it around your shoulders. Take the loose end and pull it over and under the loop. Take the second end and go under and over the same loop. This style looks perfect on women of all ages, and you can wear them in different outfits.

Knotted Shawl

Lastly you can try the knotted shawl style. It is an advanced version of the wrap. Simply place the scarf around the shoulders like you would do with a shawl. Make a half knot in the back with the ends. Pull the ends tight and up high on your back. Now pull the scarf fabric down to cover the ends.

Choosing the Right Stole : Tips to Keep in Mind

You can find stoles in many different materials like chiffon, silk, cashmere, pashmina or wool and wear them in so many different styles. If you are fond of scarves and stoles then it is important to choose the right one that would look good on different outfits and enhance your style quotient. Here are some tips that can help you choose the perfect stole/scarf for yourself.

  • The best thing about wearing a stole is that it can be worn with different outfits. You don't need to buy specific stoles for different outfits. Make sure you buy a stole that can be worn with multiple outfits. It should be long enough so that you can wear it in different styles. Also, try to choose simple stoles as fancy stoles can only be worn on special occasions.
  • If you are looking for a stole to give yourself a tailored look over western outfits, trousers or with Indian outfits like saris and kurtas then buy a stole in subtle patterns and colours. You should go with single colour stoles for formal wear to look decent and not attract too much attention. Choose a fabric that is easy to carry over the shoulders and does not cause hindrance during office work.
  • The best kind of stoles for business casuals are the ones made with soft fabric. You can go with two coloured stoles in contrast colours and with little designs on them. Pastel colours go well with all the outfits and look good.
  • Choosing the right fabric is also very important. You don't want a fabric that would make your neck itch or make you uncomfortable. For formal and semi-formal occasions you should go with fabrics that are airy and look sophisticated like silk, tussar or Chanderi. They give you a rich look during winters. You can also go with stoles made with Khadi in the summers.
  • Go for the right length. For casual outfits, you should go with longer stoles.
  • Always check the labels of the stole you buy. Don't be fooled by people selling expensive stoles saying they are pure pashmina or silk. Try to buy them from good stores whom you can cross-check.
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