15 Unique And Thoughtful Gifts For Your Husband's 60th Birthday: A Landmark Day Made More Special (Updated 2021)

15 Unique And Thoughtful Gifts For Your Husband's 60th Birthday: A Landmark Day Made More Special (Updated 2021)

60 is a milestone! Make the day memorable for your husband by celebrating it with the verve it deserves and a special birthday gift. Hunting for thoughtful 60th birthday gift ideas? Well, we have gathered some cool gifts, some practical gifts and some sentimental ones so you can pick the best one. Read on to find some great ideas for gifts and ways to spend the day.

Importance of Choosing a 60th Birthday Gift

It can be a real challenge coming up with fabulous 60th birthday gift ideas. It’s one of those landmark events that calls for something extra. Hinduism honours 60 years as a time of rebirth accompanied by elaborate celebrations.

Whether or not you attach cultural significance to the 60th birthday, it’s definitely a milestone and a time to stop and smell the roses. As the inimitable Mark Twain said, “I’m pushing sixty. That’s enough exercise for me.” That perfectly highlights why 60th birthday gift ideas are so elusive. The birthday guy often has more ‘stuff’ than they know what to do with—they’re in the paring down and decluttering stage of life. Retirement is (hopefully) right around the corner, their interests are changing and their tastes are firmly set. So what do you get them?

If you're searching for 60th birthday gift ideas, look beyond the sock drawer and the tie rack for something as special as him. So here we have some special and unique gifts that will make his 60th full of fun.

Things to Keep in Mind While Celebrating His Birthday

Celebrate Your Man's 60th in Style

Birthdays are special but turning 60 is a milestone. Your husband has lived a thousand memories. Recreate those memories with him. Do not give him gifts that reminds him that he is turning old instead give him fun gifts that reminds him what all he has earned.

Invite his best friends, children, loved ones, etc. Make his favourite food. Make all his wishes come true. Enrol him in classes he likes. Gift him something special and unique, which will enhance his style, like cool shades, watch or perfume, etc.

Plan Beforehand

As we said earlier, it is his milestone birthday! So you need to ensure plan everything before the special day as to what gift to give, how to celebrate, how much to spend, whom to call for the special occasion, etc. This ensures you are making the day as enjoyable as possible for him.

With the right planning, you will ensure timely completion of work, and it will help you remain calm as you know that everything will be done in time. Plan out the day at least a month in advance - especially if you are planning a party! Make out a detailed to-do list so you know what needs to be done and by when. If there are other people who are involved ensure they get all the info they need to get their part done.

Make Your Gift A Thoughtful One

Every gift is something special, but you surely want to make this gift a memorable one. Spend more than usual time to figure what you could gift him. Something handmade? Or something for his daily life? Or should it be an experience like a getaway or hobby classes? Think long and hard. Pay attention to him and his offhand remarks. Using your observation skills you should be able to figure out what to get.

If you are buying something online, make sure to order the gift 1 to 2 weeks prior to his birthday as there can be delays in delivery or change of mind of the specifications of the gift. So time in hand saves you from the embarrassment of no gift on the day.

Ask Him What He Wants to Do Too

Sometimes we are stuck in our ideas of how a special birthday should be celebrated. You may want to also ask your husband what he wants to do on his day. If he wants a quiet day with family then planning a big party might annoy him. So take his opinion before you finalise any program. This will ensure the birthday "boy" does not feel like he had no say on his special day.

3 Special 60th Birthday Gifts for Him

Birthday Hamper

Give your husband a blast of nostalgia with this vintage gift hamper from OyeHappy. In this a vintage-style pocket watch, a golden scroll featuring a special message from you and a photograph picked by you will be added. What a lovely surprise it would be for him to get this wonderful gift from you. Order it on the site for Rs. 1,490.

Birthday Special Wine Glass

Raise a toast to your husband's good health on his 60th. This set of special wine glasses will make the celebrations even more special. The 60th birthday special wine glass from Gelid is available on amazon.in.

This product is made in the USA with the highest quality materials that can guarantee its long life. The product is printed with superior ceramic inks that are fired on at a temperature of up to 1200 degrees. A truly permanent imprint that will never fade or lose its glow. The glass has a capacity of 15 ounces. The product dimensions are 8.3 x 8.3 x 10.8 cm. The product weighs 322 grams and costs around Rs.3,543.

Flowers and Favourite Sweets

To mark a special occasion like the 60th birthday of your husband, get him some fresh flowers. With flowers as beautiful as these, expressing your emotions becomes a whole lot easier.

This bouquet of 30 red, white, yellow and orange roses comes wrapped in white paper. It will make your husband feel vibrant and youthful. Buy it from Archies for Rs.1,145.

A Gift Box of Chocolates or Indian Sweets

Source livingfood.co

Getting a box of chocolates or your favourites never gets old! So your husband is sure to love getting something that he enjoys having. You can of course make it yourself or you could hunt around for his favourite sweet snack. Order a box and get it delivered with the flowers and see him light up.

The Living Co offers handmade, special indian sweets that are amazingly fresh and flavourful. Try the Dilkhush / Rose Barfi available for Rs. 225 for 250 g on their site.

Branded Gifts for Husband's 60th

Kindle E-Reader

If reading is what your husband likes doing best then gift him the Kindle E-reader from amazon.in. This super useful device lets you store thousands of books and reading the material to peruse at your leisure. Lightweight and portable, this device runs for weeks on a single charge. You can read not only English books but also choose from a variety of literature in languages like Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, and Malayalam. The device has a glare-free 6-inch screen and a storage capacity of 4 GB. Its priced at Rs.7,999.

Bombay Shaving Company Kit

Shaving is a ritual that almost every man goes through in the morning. A clean shaved man exudes confidence and looks dapper as well. to make his morning ritual a little more luxurious gift your old man the Bombay Shaving Company 3-Step Regimen Kit from flipkart.com.

This lavish shaving set contains a tube of shaving cream, a pre-shave scrub, a post-shave balm, an imitation badger hair shaving brush and a hand towel. Get it for Rs.1,230.

A Smart Speaker

Source www.amazon.in

A smart speaker is a handy device to have nowadays. Play music, use it to control other devices like lights or TVs or just get the latest news and info from it with just a simple voice command. The new Echo Dot can take instructions in both English and Hindi. The speaker comes with four microphones so it can hear instructions from across the length of a room! With its multi-function utility, it will truly be an irreplaceable companion to your husband, making his life easier. Check out this latest Echo Dot that comes for Rs. 3999 on Amazon. You can check out higher-end versions if you so feel the need.

Fastrack Watch

Gift him a watch that makes him feel young and stylish. This wristwatch from Fastrack is a great birthday gift that will make him feel cooler than ever. Plus every time he looks at the time, he will be reminded of you.

This silver coloured metal watch from the Fastrack basics series has a 40mm diameter round dial and weighs around 87 grams. The metal strap has a clasp closure and the watch is water resistant up to a depth of 50 meters. The watch is reasonably priced at Rs.1,840 and you can buy it from flipkart.com.

Or A Smart Watch, To Keep Up With the Times!

Source www.amazon.in

If your husband is the kind to like gadgets, then a smartwatch would make the perfect gift. The latest models of smartwatches offer a plethora of features that are sure to excite any tech lover. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a superb option that comes with amazing features for a reasonable price of 19,257. While it of course tells the time, the watch additionally offers tracking of sleep, activity and stress. There are several other trackers as well that your husband can customise to his requirements. The watch uses Bluetooth connectivity and is water-resistant. The battery life is around 2 days on a full charge. Check out this cool product on Amazon

A Comfy Recliner Char

Source www.amazon.in

As your husband starts settling into retired life, he may end up spending more time at home. Why not buy him a new comfy recliner? He can use it while relaxing out in the garden or the balcony. Or he can put it in front of his TV and enjoy his entertainment. This particular chair offers five reclining positions so he can choose just the right one. Made of steel, it is however foldable so he can carry it easily wherever he wants. Check out this affordable product on Amazon where it is priced at 4,749.

Davidoff Perfume

A good perfume is a classic gift and the Davidoff Cool Water EDT will definitely soothe his senses and put him in a mood for romance. This luxury fragrance has woody notes and will greatly complement his natural scent. Buy the 50ml bottle from Flipkart for Rs.3,411.

A Personal Massager

Source www.amazon.in

Ageing is inevitable so it is natural that one starts to feel the aches and pains more as the years go by. Buy him his own personal massager that he can use to release the strain of everyday living and feel more healthy and energetic. The Dr Physio (USA) Shiatsu Cushion Full Body Massager is a great compact product that offers plenty of features to give a good massage to aching muscles.

The massager offers 4 deep-kneading nodes that rotate providing shiatsu-style massage. There is additionally a heating function that is a great way to relax and improve blood circulation. The massager offers a sleep design, measuring just 3.5 inches which makes it easy to use where ever needed - whether the sofa, the car or the bed and can be easily adjusted thanks to its adjustable straps. Explore other benefits of this massager on Amazon where it is available for Rs. 1,499.

Wallet Combo

If you think that a wallet is too basic a gift to give to your darling husband then take a look at the Spairow Wallet Men's Combo from Flipkart.

This stylish combo includes a wallet and a belt. They are both made of exclusive high-quality leather, skillfully designed and handcrafted. The wallet has a textured pattern on the outside and a durable cloth lining. The free-size belt is adjustable according to waist size. It's priced at Rs.999.

Personalised Gifts for Your Old Man

Personalised Photo Frames

Personalised gifts are always extra special and this Live Love Laugh Frame will make him look back and cherish his favourite memories with his loved ones forever.

The box contains Live love laugh photo frame measuring 24 x 15 inch. The frame has space for 8 photos. To get it personalized send 5 horizontal and 3 vertical high-resolution images along with the order number, to image@myfnp.com right after placing the order to overcome any delay in the delivery. Order it from fnp.com for Rs.2,999.

Memory Envelopes

Memory envelopes are literally envelopes filled with memories. This DIY gift is easy to make but will definitely generate a very emotional response from your husband.

To make Memory envelopes requests family and friends to mail you a small note with a memory for the birthday boy. Write down each memory on individual slips of paper and put in small brightly coloured envelopes. You can use patterned paper as well. Decorate the envelopes as you like. Look to Pinterest for ideas. We are certain this gift will bring out happy laughter and even a few tears from your husband.

What I Love About You Book

Source www.amazon.in

Your husband has been by your side for all these years, and there is likely no other person who knows him as well as you. You know him inside out and love for all his quirks both the loveable ones and the irritating ones! On this milestone birthday, tell him all the different ways you love him. The 100 Things I Love About You offers you plenty of prompts that you can use to express your love. He will surely be thrilled to read all the different small things you love about him and how much you cherish him. Buy it on Amazon for Rs. 882.

Fulfill One Dream From His Bucket List

Even if he hasn't written it down...your man must have a bucket list. Ask him to write it down for you and try to fulfil at least one of his wishes for his 60th birthday. At 60 he is about to retire from his job or has already done it. After working hard all his life, it's time he spent it doing something fun for a change.

Hobby Classes

Now that your man has fewer responsibilities at work, he must have a lot of free time on his hands. Encourage him to use this time to do something that he enjoys. Get him enrolled in a hobby class of his choice.

Doing something productive will keep him happy and maybe encourage you to join as well. Your man may be harboring the desire to be a master chef, or willing to try his hand at pottery. He may even be interested in playing the violin or maybe painting. You know him best so encourage him to pursue his passions. Who knows maybe his dream of opening a cafe will finally come true!

Dream Destination

There must definitely be a place he might have told you that he wants to visit at least once in his life. For his 60th why not surprise him with tickets to his dream destination? If there is a chance for you to fulfil his dream its now!

Booking a holiday to an unknown destination is now easier than ever. There are various ticket booking sites which not only offer discounted price tickets but also various different holiday packages to choose from. If the internet is too confusing for you then take the aid of your children. Consider it your second or fifth honeymoon. You are never too old for romance.

Outdoor Activity

If your husband is a fun loving and adventurous soul then do not stop him. Instead, encourage him to go for what he wants.

Book a spot for him in some adventure sports of his interest. Like paragliding in Nirvana Adventures In Kamshet (Maharashtra), Skydiving in IPF Deesra, Gujarat, Trekking, Hot air ballooning or maybe Mountain Bike riding. Discuss with him about his interests before booking though.

Make Him Feel Special on This Day

You have already given him a perfect gift for his 60th birthday. The next step is to go a bit farther and make it memorable for him. Plan a beautiful evening on the very special day.

Invite his closest friends, his closed ones, children and grandchildren. They will make it more memorable for him. Call only the most intimate circle of people, the ones who truly matter to him. Prepare a hearty meal comprising of his favourite dishes. Decorate your home with flowers, candles and lights. Play some good music, create an ambience that he enjoys. If you want you can bake his favourite cake at home or order the cake of his choice from his favourite bakery. Make it a day that he will cherish forever.

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Make the 60th birthday worthwhile

At 60, a man feels a little vulnerable. He can no longer identify as a young man, he is a senior citizen now. The main aim, therefore, would be to keep him from feeling weak or unwanted. Assure him that he is still full of strength and vitality. The grey in his hair should make him feel experienced and elegant, instead of old and worn out. Gather friends and family and reassure him of his importance. Try to make the beginning of this new phase in his life as happy and eventful as possible.