Looking for Gaming Mouse Pad to Setup Your Game? Here are 10 Best Gaming Mouse Pads under 1000 That Will Provide You with Wonderful Gaming Experience (2020)

Looking for Gaming Mouse Pad to Setup Your Game? Here are 10 Best Gaming Mouse Pads under 1000 That Will Provide You with Wonderful Gaming Experience (2020)

Every gamer with a laptop or Desktop computer has a mouse, and every mouse needs a pad. When you take your titles seriously, a normal mouse pad isn't going to be cut, and different gameplay styles involve a certain type of surface. The best gaming mouse pad may come in many forms, but rest assured there is a pad for everyone, and we’re going to help you find the right one. Read on to find 10 Best Gaming Mouse Pad under 1000 Available in India.

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Why Using a Gaming Mouse Pad is Important

They Provide Great Control and Are Ergonomic

One of the biggest advantages of gaming mouse pads is that they provide a peripheral control that cannot be achieved no matter how specifically you set the mouse sensitivity and efficiency of usage in the game. Nowadays, games with real-life graphics are being released and are then updated in 3D modes. This type of game requires great control by the player in order to run the game smoothly and for counteraction. Thus, mousepads provide great control over the circumstances inside the game and help to step up the game.

Another big advantage of gaming mousepads is that they are larger. By being larger than the average mouse pad, the player will not have to pick up and set down the mouse nearly after every move. Thus, this will not waste the time of the game and throw the player off. This is especially accurate in any game that needs quick and precise mouse movement. By not wasting your time in picking up the mouse, repeatedly, will surely improve the game and the chances of your winning. In addition to all that, large mousepads also help in work purposes as it easier for you to work with a mouse all day long without any hassle.

They are Less Slipping and Can Cut Down on Mouse Wear-and-Tear

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Another major benefit of gaming mouse pads is that in high-intensity games, the player might experience those moments and may end up panicking during the game and lose command over your mouse, which leads to slipping of the mouse. If you have a good mouse pad then you will have additional space for extra movement, and once you have set your hand down, then your game as a play will automatically increase. This is so, because, you will become in charge of each and every movement that will take place inside the game. When there will be no slipping, then you would be able to move your mouse optimally and play the game to your fullest potential.

Moreover, if you have an expensive gaming mouse, you might as well invest in a good gaming mousepad as it will help to cut down on the wear-and-tear on your mouse. If you are using a mouse on a hard and rough surface, like a wooden desk, it can damage the feet of the mouse, and you will need to replace it sooner. Thus, you are suggested to buy a mousepad with additional features to stay ahead of your opponents and to keep your mouse in a good state for a longer period of time.

They Provide Increased Performance Level and Quick Movements

Gaming mousepads provide a smooth surface and base to swiftly glide the mouse and use skills to their fullest potential by properly playing the game with all the necessary requirements. By using proper equipment will definitely eliminate all the problems and limitations relating to the equipment, thereby increasing the skill level of two players. This will provide complete access to the best you can get as a gamer and will provide you with a greater experience and opportunity to excel.

Furthermore, the speed element plays an important role in winning the game. Thus, you are suggested choosing a pad that is specifically designed to enable quick movements without skipping or dropping refresh cycles on the mouse’s sensor. Thus, go for a one with super-fast glide, smooth surface, and comfortable base and reliable. Some gaming mice are even made by using specialized software that enables the user to set up specific profiles for different surfaces.

Best Gaming Mouse Pad under 1000 Available in India

Lenovo GXY0K07130 Legion Gaming Cloth Mousepad

Gamers who prefer a non-textured, smoother mouse pad with a comfortable base, should try this one. This is made up of soft-cloth material. The high-density microfibre cloth on the top surface is water-repellent and durable. It offers gamers a seamless, minimally tangible surface that provides high durability and accuracy. Furthermore, because the surface is smooth, it allows the user to swiftly glide the mouse and respond to the contractions. It has a skid-proof rubberized base that offers stability during gliding and aiming. Additionally, it has a braided locked edge design for stability and efficiency. The length of this pad is 350m, width is 250m, whereas height is about 3 mm. You can buy this mousepad from Flipkart for only INR 529.

Nockout Gaming Mouse Pad Non-Slip Rubber Base Mouse Pad

This mouse has a very eye-catching appearance with a non-slip rubber base-anti-skid backing in order to avoid the mouse pad from sliding. The surface is ultra-smooth and is made up by using the finest textured smooth cloth that allows the mouse to easily glide over it. The material is so soft and comfortable, that it does not hurt the hands or wrists and is suitable for wired as well as wireless mice. Additionally, the thickness of this pad is about 3mm, it has high accuracy and precision, and strong durability. In addition to all that, the cleaning of this pad is very easy, as you can simply wash it in a machine to wipe off all the spills and dirt. It is made up of a waterproof coating that helps and does not get damaged by water. You can buy this amazing mousepad from Flipkart for only INR 499.

Paper Plane Design 73 Designer Anti Skid Mouse Pad

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If you are looking for a gaming mouse pad with a unique and stylish appearance, look no further than Paper Plane Design 73 Designer Anti Skid Mouse Pad. This antiskid gaming mousepad is made by using high-quality rubber and has a smooth upper surface. The non-textured top surface offers a smooth finish for speedy mouse movements. The height of this mousepad is 18 sm, the width is about 22 cm, and the thickness is 3 mm. The top layer has a colourful print on it with a golden shimmer that gives a very elegant look. You can buy this mousepad from Amazon for only INR 899.

Perixx DX-1000M Waterproof Gaming Mouse Mat

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This gaming mousepad is available in four different sizes; Medium, Large, Extra Large, Extra-extra Large. You can pick any size according to your need and preferences. The dimensions of the medium-sized pad are 250x210x2mm. Moreover, it has a non-slip rubberized base with a heavy grip and stable texture. Additionally. it provides great stability for precise pointing control and rapid gliding. Furthermore, it eliminates unwanted movement and also has an incorporated heat-treated material. This heat-treated lycra surface provides greater accuracy and precision for both laser and optical games. The cleaning of this mouse is very easy and simple, as you just need a wet cotton cloth to wipe off the dust and dirt. You can buy this mouse from Amazon for only INR 959.

Paper Plane Design Anti Skid Designer Mouse pad

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The Paper Plane Design Anti Skid Designer Mouse pad is made of thick, high-quality rubber material for a smooth-gliding surface with a fine texture that helps your mouse track accurately. Additionally, it has an underside rubber as well to keep the surface smooth and the mouse pad firmly in place on your desk. The top surface has a textured appearance with a quote written on it that gives a very unique outlook. The height of this pad is nearly 18 cm, the width is about 22 cm, whereas the thickness is nearly 3 mm. You can buy this product on Amazon for only INR 555.

Athenax Nder Lite 250x350x2mm Mousepad

In case you are looking for an affordable gaming mouse pad, with a smooth texture, give this one a try. This mousepad is specifically designed for gamers by using in-built high-quality material and technology for quick mouse movements. The height of this pad is about 350 mm, the width is about 250mm, whereas the thickness is nearly 3mm. The smooth upper texture enables the user to swiftly glide the mouse across the entire surface with zero hindrance. This pad provides high precision and greater efficiency to the players with a warranty of one year. You can buy this gaming mousepad from Flipkart for only INR 450.

IT2M Designer Mouse Pad

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This mousepad is made by using a high-quality cloth that provides a smooth texture to the mouse for gliding over swiftly. It has no-skid rubber glide along the bottom and is very lightweight. It is not only a great choice for gamers but for also designers, and office workers who use mouse for a longer period of time. Furthermore, it has a steady and thick base that provides enhanced precision, greater accuracy. The thick rubberized base keeps the mouse in place and thus, makes the mouse movements quicker. The height of this mousepad is about 239 mm, the width is nearly 196 mm, and the thickness is approx. 2 mm. You can buy this mousepad from Amazon for only INR 499.

Clapcart Click & Cart-Designer_Printed_Mousepad

In case you are looking for a cheap yet high-quality gaming mousepad, give this one a try. This mouse pad has an anti-slip feature with stitched edges to prevent peeling off. It has soft rubber on the outer surface to provide comfort and quick movements, whereas, on the inside, it has a hard and thick rubber that to keep the pad firmly at its place. The upper smooth surface feels to provide comfort to the hand and wrist for using it for longer sessions. You can buy this gaming mousepad from Flipkart for only INR 399.

Cables Kart Mouse Pad

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This mousepad features a textured surface that is made up of natural processed rubber which provides flexibility to adapt to different desktop surfaces. This mouse pad effectively detects the mouse sensors and react instantly. It has very precise accuracy and precision, as well as ensures a firm and steady grip of your desk for hardcore gaming sessions. Moreover, it has a smooth Lycra covering that enhances the tracking movements and offers swift gliding. It has a non-skid PU base along with a palm shape and larger size that allows the cursor to move easily and provide quick movements. You can buy this mousepad from Amazon for only INR 999.

RiaTech 2 Pack Ergonomic Mouse Pad

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This mousepad has an ergonomic design and is made up of the finest quality rest pad cushion. On the inside, it has memory foam that provides easy gliding and allows the user to respond quickly. The soft material on the upper surface prevents wrist aches, aches, and irritation. The length of this mousepad is about 235 mm, the width is nearly 200mm, and the height is about 1 mm. Additionally, the wrist support thickness is approximately 2.5cm. The base material of this pad is an anti-skid base that makes sure stability and firmness while playing games. You can buy this gaming mousepad from Amazon for only INR 399.

Tips When Choosing a Gaming Mouse Pad

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Selecting the right mousepad is very important for gamers as it can make or break their game. However, it is a very straightforward process. First, consider the surface of the pad and choose between a hard or soft surface. After this, decide how much desk space you want it to take up. Before buying a pad, measure the size of the desk you are deciding to place it on so that it does not cause you any trouble in the future. After all, you don't want to have to buy a new pad just because you didn't spend enough time finding the correct one around. You should also look out for additional features like textured surfaces, or custom made with a picture of your choice on it, among others as these can help you greatly and provide added comfort. Now, you will be using these for a long time and it might cost a little extra in the beginning but will enhance your experience greatly.

The foremost thing that you should look for is the material. Today, mousepads are available in several different materials like plastic, rubber, cloth, etc. If you want something comfortable and portable, cloth pads are a great choice. This is so, because, they are made up of soft foam and fabric and can readily be rolled up while travelling. However, they are hard to clean and easily get damaged and torn during washing, and you need to replace them after every 5-6 months. Next, hard pads are made up of plastic with rubber bottoms. As opposed to cloth pads, these pads have a smooth surface for the mouse to glide on. The cleaning is also easy, as you can just wipe off any dirt or spills with a wet cotton cloth. Lastly, there are aluminium and glass pads that give you a more comfortable sensation as you glide on the mouse, but they are more expensive than cloth and plastic pads. So, before making a purchase, you are recommended to know your preferences and then set a budget. Lastly, shortlist the products, then read the reviews, and finally go for the best one.

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The Best Gaming Mouse Pad Can Protect Your Mouse and Your Desk with Great Gaming Experience!

The best gaming mouse pad is usually the most overlooked component in your whole gaming set up, but it can be a crucial part of the setup for your beastly gaming PC. Mousepads are not hard to find, and there are millions to choose from. Gamers can get by with any level surface in a pinch, but if you really want maximum performance, you'll need a mouse pad designed for gamers. Whether you like to play Fortnite, Apex Legends or a battle game like PUBG or spend much of your time on EVE Online, the perfect mouse pad will make a huge difference to your gameplay, 

We hope you've picked something you want from our listings, and if you need a gaming mouse to go with the mouse pad, make sure to look out our best gaming mouse list for gamers!