Wondering Which Bra to Buy? Top 30 Bra Brands in India Plus More Choices So You Can Find the Right One with Ease! (2022)

Wondering Which Bra to Buy? Top 30 Bra Brands in India Plus More Choices So You Can Find the Right One with Ease! (2022)

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Don’t you agree that every woman must have at least one ‘amazing’ bra in her closet? Yes!! After all, bras are the most crucial piece of clothing for sure! But it can get hard to find the right one. Put a full stop to random bra purchasing right now. We have compiled a list of the best brands in India from where you can easily find the ultimate piece of a brassiere.

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7 Types of Bras You Must Have in Your Wardrobe

Like most women, you might also be committing the mistake of wearing the same bra every day despite the occasion or outfit. Some even make the grave mistake of thinking that there is only one type of bra for every body type. The main purpose of this article is to enlighten you about the wide range of bras that are available in the market. Here are 7 bras that you must have in your wardrobe. 

  • Sports Bra As important as it is for you to regularly exercise, it is also important to wear the right bra that will provide you with the necessary support while exercising. The structure of the breasts is such that prolonged workouts without appropriate support to them can lead to wear and tear type of damage ultimately causing pain.
  • T-shirt Bra This is the type of bra that you would require the most for your daily wear. These bras are designed to be seamless which doesn't allow the weird texture to appear when you wear a t-shirt. 
  • Strapless Bra Are you a sucker for those beautiful strapless or off-shoulder tops? But always stopped back yourself because you didn't know what to do with the bra straps peering through. All you need is a wired strapless bra and you are good to go.
  • Bralette Bralette is what you get when you combine the sexiness of bras with the comfort of crop tops. Bralettes come in beautiful lacing which can be worn as a top or used for layering with a jacket.
  • Push-Up Bra Push Up Bras are perfect for giving a round and sensual contour to your breasts. If you have a smaller cup size, you should give push-up bras a try as it lifts your breasts and makes them appear bigger.
  • Backless Bra If you are someone who loves flaunting their back with a plunging back, a backless bra is something you must have. You might be hesitating thinking you might not get enough support and coverage with a backless bra but just using one will rid you of all such doubts.
  • Maternity Bra Maternity Bras are designed specifically to give space for your growing breasts during your pregnancy. Do not commit the mistake of wearing the same old bras as they are going to fit tighter and cause pain as your pregnancy progresses.

How to Measure Your Bra Perfectly?

Before diving into the topic of how to measure your bra perfectly, it is important to address the reason why it is so crucial to measure your bra perfectly. Bras are the descendants of the ever-so-famous corsets that were worn back in the day. The function of the corset was to provide support to the chest while also correcting your silhouette and posture. So, if the bra you are wearing is too tight or too loose, it will show its effects the support to your chest and silhouette directly. It is also important to note that when you wear a bra too tight you risk causing skin irritation and redness. But if you wear a bra too loose, it can cause neck and back pain due to improper support. Now, it is time to get back to how to measure a bra perfectly. All you have to do is follow these 2 steps.

A)Measure the band size (underbust)

  • Band is the part of the bra that wraps around your chest and gets hooked behind the back.
  • Wear an unpadded bra.
  • Wrap the measuring tape below your breasts where they meet the rib cage.
  • Make sure that you do not wrap the tape too tightly, instead, it should gently snug around your chest.

B)Measure the cup size (overbust)

  • Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your breast.
  • If you get the measurement in decimal, then round it up to the nearest whole number.

Once you have both these measurements ready, all you have to do is to put these values in any Bra Size Calculator which is available online to get the bra size that fits you perfectly.

Here are some signs to help you figure out if you have the wrong bra size:

  • Breasts are not properly covered nor supported by the bra leading to an overflow.
  • The underwire or the bra straps feel too tight to the point where they dig into the skin.
  • If you have to struggle to hook the bra by wrapping the band around the chest.

What Should You Consider While Buying a Bra?

Here are some of the prerequisites one should consider before buying a bra.

  • Buying the right bra size The right bra size is very crucial to determine as the wrong size can cause an end number of problems starting from overflowing, backache, digging into the skin, and whatnot. Either take things into your own hands by measuring with tape or get professional help from the staff present at a good lingerie store.
  • Picking the right fabric With the number of fabric options available currently, many tend to make the mistake of buying attractive-looking ones only to regret it later. Fancy-looking fabrics should be bought for special occasions whereas a nice cotton fabric should be used for everyday wear.
  • Buying costlier fewer bras These days when tops and dresses come in very affordable options, one might get tempted to invest in cheaper bras. But instead, it is more advisable to buy fewer bras which are costlier as they tend to be more comfortable and last longer.

Top 30 Bra Brands in India that Will Complete Your Wardrobe

Sports Bra

1. HRX By Hrithik Roshan

HRX by Hrithik Roshan is a brand whose core values stem from the founder who believes that one can overcome anything with perseverance. That is why they are not a brand that creates fitness wear but instead creates means for people to achieve their fitness goals. A small step such as wearing the right clothes can energize and motivate one to push beyond their limitations. An excellent example is the Rapid-Dry Antimicrobial Running Sports Bra that allows you to exercise to the best of your abilities by giving proper support and an odourless experience. You can get this bra from sizes XS to XL on Myntra for Rs.874

2. Reebok

Reebok as a brand has no parallel in the field of footwear and fitness wear. With exciting collaborations with top brands, they always manage to keep their customers on their toes. They offer a wide range of choices on every article of clothing for men, women, and unisex. The Reebok Colorblock Non-padded Workout Bra is made up of polyamide fabric and does not have any wiring or padding to give you all-day comfort. This bra is available on Myntra from sizes XS to XL for Rs.1,649


Source www.nike.com

Nike, named after the Greek Goddess for victory, is a brand whose mission is to help every athlete achieve the best version of themselves. If you are discouraged that you aren't an athlete then you should know the criteria Nike considers everyone who has a body, that they are an athlete. The Women's High Support Padded Zip-Front Padded Bra by Nike is perfectly designed to provide support with minimum bounce. A front zip eliminates the entire hassle one has to go through when wearing a sports bra that is extremely tight. This bra is available on the Nike Website in sizes XS to L for Rs.3,797.

4. Jockey

Jockey founded in 1876 is a century-old brand that has pioneered the art of producing and selling innerwear as apparent by the fact that it still is a leading manufacturer despite heavy competition from new brands. Despite it being a multinational brand, the company stays true to its core beliefs of providing the best and the most comfortable clothes to its customers. The Women's Wirefree Non-padded Bra of Jockey is perfect for the gym as it is made up of cotton elastane that provides comfort with maximum stretch. This bra comes in a variety of colours from sizes S to 3Xl on the Jockey Website for Rs.579

5. Adidas

Adidas is a brand that happens to require no introduction as it is one of the top brands of sportswear in the world. They consider sports not to be just a physical activity but an integral part of one's health and happiness. That is why they strive to create the best sportswear for their customers. The PowerReact Training Medium Sports Bra is equipped with all the powers necessary to boost your activity and performance. Broad straps with seamless cups are responsible for bust support. The bra is available on the Adidas Website in 4 different colours for the price of Rs.1,149

6. Puma

Source in.puma.com

Puma believes that to truly represent the sportswear that they sell, they have to be the best version of themselves like their customers who are giving their best on the playing field. Although Puma started as a sportswear brand, it now provides an all-rounded collection of shoes, clothing, and accessories for all ages. Individual CUP Women's Football Bra is designed by females for females as who else can understand the limitations faced due to a normal bra better? This bra comes with racer back construction and stabilizing shoulder straps. You can get this bra on the Puma Website for Rs.2,099

7. Blissclub

Source blissclub.com

Are you someone who feels inhibited to reach their true potential in sports due to a lack of the right sportswear? This is what the founder of Bliss Club experienced and instead of getting discouraged decided to make the right sportswear herself. Now the brand has expanded to offer bottom wear, tops, tees, co-ords, accessories, and so on. The Ultimate Comfort Sports Bra comes with wide supportive straps, a curved underband, and a full coverage bust all of which provide support. You can get this bra on their official website blissclub.com from sizes XS TO 3XL for Rs.1,599


Source www.sknz.in

SKNZ is a new brand founded in 2020 that is already beating its well-established contemporaries in the game of Athleisure wear. Their vision is to provide fashionable, comfortable yet also innovative activewear. They offer tops, sports bras, hoodies, T-shirts, bottoms, and co-ords in a range of collections such as metallics, ribbed, tie dye, zebra, marble, and so on. The Brown Leopard 'LuxBreeze' Sports bra is made using aerodynamic sweat-absorbing material with padding to give you maximum support. On the SKNZ Website, you can get this bra from sizes S to L for Rs.1,749.

T-Shirt Bra

9. Clovia

Starting their journey as an intimate wear brand, Clovia is trusted by the new-age Indian women who look for style and comfort on the go. It is an Indian brand providing an all-around solution for all wardrobe woes. Right from trendy t-shirt bras, and stylish bralettes, to conformable maternity bras, there is something for everyone. They also have a wide collection of activewear and nightwear on their website.

If you are confused as to which bra is suitable for which dress, a feature on the Clovia website helps you find the best fit by asking some simple questions. The full coverage t-shirt bra is available in 12 colours and provides full coverage. The non-wired and non-padded bras are made from cotton and have a double layer. This bra is available in sizes ranging from 32B to 44 B. You can buy this yellow t-shirt bra from Clovia's website for Rs. 599.

10. Zivame

Zivame was established in 2011 with a vision to enable Indian women to uninhibitedly explore and shop for intimate wear. It is an online lingerie platform with a wide collection of bras, shapewear, and activewear. Besides offering products from popular brands, Zivame manufactures products under its banner. Most of their bras are size inclusive, meaning they offer larger sizes which can be sometimes hard to find. Their website enables the buyer to find their perfect fit every time through the 'find my fit' feature. Zivame's T-shirt bras are super comfortable.

The After sunset T-shirt bra is a must-have. It is a non-padded, non-wired t-shirt bra with adjustable shoulder straps. The sizes range from 32B to 38D and are available in three colours - red, blue, and purple. To provide better support the back band increases with size. You can find this t-shirt bra on the Zivame website for Rs. 899.

11. Van Heusen

Van Heusen is a celebrated clothing brand offering trendy and stylish men's and women's formal wear and accessories. However, they recognize the importance of style and comfort in everyday confidence and, therefore, have a vast range of women's lingerie.

The collection of bras includes but is not limited to t-shirt bras, strapless bras, balconettes, and push bras. The soft cup t-shirt bra is suitable for prolonged wear. It is a non-wired, padded, full coverage bra available in sizes from 30B to 38D. The detachable straps can be adjusted for added support. The soft cup t-shirt bra is retailed at Rs. 1,099 on Van Heusen's Website.

12. DressBerry

DressBerry is a one-stop solution for every stylish woman looking for trendy clothes, accessories, jewelry, and intimate wear. They have a variety of bras in different fits and colours, including everyday bras, t-shirt bras, padded bras, and workout bras. Each bra is designed to provide front and back support without hurting you as you sail through the day. DressBerry's pack of 2 solid t-shirt bras contains a white and a black t-shirt bra. These bras provide medium coverage with non-wired and non-padded cups. The straps are adjustable and the bra closes at the back. This combo is retailed at Myntra for Rs. 1,399.

13. Triumph

Triumph is a timeless intimate wear brand trusted by ladies in India. The brand has a variety of bras in various shapes, colours, and designs. The prices of Triumph's bras can range from Rs. 399 to Rs. 2,399, and you can get a superior quality product without breaking the bank. Its dreamy collections like the Style Spotlight have always enticed the ladies. The padded and wired t-shirt bra from this collection evokes the goddess in you. The cups are embellished with laces for an elegant look, and the shoulder bands are adjustable and do not cut into the skin. This bra has a stylish cut-out back band and offers medium coverage. It is available on Myntra for Rs. 2,099.

14. Marks and Spencers

Marks & Spencer is a well-acclaimed brand across the globe offering wondrous and elegant intimate wear. Total support bras for a long day at the office or plunge bras for date night, whatever you are looking for, Marks and Spencer have it for you. The bras are made from soft and breathable material so you can stay comfortable all day long. The cotton non-wired full cup bra is available in four colours-blue, pink, peach, and light cream. It has adjustable straps and padded cups for full support. The cup sizes range from A to E. This product is available on the Marks and Spencer Website for Rs. 999.

15. Hanes

Source www.amazon.in

The First name that pops up in the mind is Hanes when comfortable clothing for everyone in the family is in question. Not only are their inner wear cozy and comfortable but also their sweats and tee. The Hanes Women's Tshirt Soft Underwire Bra comes with an intricate floral pattern in two delicate shades of purple and pink. The bra is extremely soft on the skin due to foam cups and has an adjustable back and strap. You can catch this bra on Amazon in sizes 34B to 38DD for the price range of Rs.3,800 to Rs.4,361.

Push up Bra

16. Amour Secret

What started as a small attempt to provide better access to intimate wear for women who hesitate in stores, now has become a pioneer when it comes to bras and other intimate wear. Minimizer, halter, transparent, feeding bra whatever may be your requirements, they guarantee that you will find the bra on their website. The Amour Secret Lightly Padded Push-up Bra is available in five alluring shades from sizes 32 to 44. The bra has low coverage with padded cups that ensure enhanced shape and reduced nipple show-through. It is available on Zivame for the simple price of Rs.200

17. Shyaway

One of the most important requirements for clothing has to be the right fitting, but in search of this, one shouldn't compromise on comfort either. This is exactly what the Shyaway brand has perfected in their products be it intimate wear or lingerie. The Susie Ochre Wired Satin Trim Push-up Bra looks regal with its satin trim complimenting all the six available shades of the bra. It has a plunging neckline with demi coverage providing level-1 lift. This bra is available on the official website of Shy Away in sizes 30A to 36A for Rs.424

18. Bwitch

Source www.amazon.in

Bwitch is an apparel and fashion brand founded in 2008 that brings a tide of choices for modern women. There is something comforting in their loungewear collection, something sexy and delicate in their lingerie collection, something bold and dramatic in their brassiere collection, and so on. The Bwitch Push-Up Bra comes in a bold black colour made up of 100% polyamide. It provides a push-up effect and deep neck to enhance your bust. You can get your hands on this bra on Amazon in sizes 36 B and C for Rs.649

19. Loveable

Source www.amazon.in

Lovable happens to be one of the top manufacturers in India when it comes to women's innerwear. They also offer brassieres, panties, shapewear, loungewear, and sleepwear as part of their collection. But when it comes to bras, the number of categories they offer will leave you astounded. Sensual, relaxed, casual, padded, maximum coverage, 24 hours comfort, and energy bras are just some of the many types available. Lovable's Casual Push-Up Bra comes in a bold stylish print with a deep V neckline. You can get it on Amazon for the price of Rs.577

20. H&M

Source www2.hm.com

Founded in 1947, Swedish fast-fashion brand H&M is a well-acclaimed fashion brand globally. They make clothes and accessories for men, women, and children. H&M boasts a large collection of delicate and top-notch lingerie for women. If you are looking for a premium quality bra, then the H&M website is a must-visit. For instance, the Seamless push-up bra with lace detailing. It is a slip-on bra with no fastenings. Made with soft fabric in a ribbed jersey design, the bra feels comfortable against the skin. The cups are padded to give a fuller look and provide full coverage. The Seamless push-up bra is retailed for Rs. 1,999 on the H&M Website.

21. Candy Skin

Candyskin is an intimate apparel brand for women by women that strive to create sexy comfortable styles at affordable prices. You can get bras, panties, nightwear, lingerie sets, and accessories in such beautiful designs that will catch your eye instantly. The Candyskin Underwire Padded Push-Up Bra is made up of nylon spandex which is known to be extremely lightweight. It comes in 6 beautiful shades and sizes from 32A to 40D. It is padded and pushed up to give you maximum cleavage along with an underwire to fit you snugly. This bra can be purchased from Tata Cliq for Rs.570

22. Inner Sense

Inner sense is an intimate wear company founded in 2014 that takes great pride in its products being organic and sustainable. How exactly does the Inner sense create sensible fabric? They use a combination of bamboo fibre, organic cotton, and elastane as the fabric closest to your skin should be of the purest quality. The Organic Cotton Antimicrobial Wired Push-Up Bra comes in a baby pink popcorn shade in sizes 30B to 36C. It is also made using the trademark fabric of Inner Sense which dries sweat faster and feels super soft to the skin. You can purchase it on the Inner Sense Website for Rs.740

Strapless Bra

23. Nykd by Nykaa

Nykd (pronounced naked) by Nykaa is the private lingerie label by the homegrown beauty and wellness e-commerce brand Nykaa. Nykd by Nykaa focuses on delivering an elevated shopping experience and spoils the ladies with unlimited options for intimate wear and sleepwear. Comfort and style are the driving forces behind the brand, one can find an array of bras, panties, and sleepwear in various styles and colours, complementing all moods. The Ultimate Strapless bra by Nykaa is the quintessential strapless bra that gives you all-day comfort while making you feel stylish. It is an underwired, padded bra offering medium coverage and support. It is available in four colours on the Nykaa Website for Rs. 1,299.

24. Tweens

Every girl entering their teen years and hitting puberty must find a perfect bra that supports them posture while ensuring comfort. Bras from Tweens does all that and more. It is an inexpensive brand with a large collection of intimate wear made from materials like cotton, synthetic, elastane, viscose, rayon, and others. The non-padded and non-wired bandeau strapless bra from Tween is a must-have. It is a slip-on bra and comes with a pair of transparent straps for the days you need extra support. It offers full coverage and is available in four sizes. The pack of two black strapless bras is available on Myntra for Rs. 798.


Enamor is a trusted name in the intimate wear sector. Launched in 2001, it has a wide collection of trendy and comfortable bras for every body type, age, and occasion. With unmatched style and fit, Enamor bras have their place in every Indian closet. The F074 Strapless T-Shirt Bra by Enamor enables you to play around and style it any way you desire. It is a padded, wired bra offering full coverage up to DD sizes. It also has a space to attach transparent straps and style them in different ways. This Enamor bra is retailed for Rs. 1,449 on Nykaa Fashion.

26. Daisy Dee

Source www.amazon.in

Daisy Dee is one of the most-trusted cotton bra brands in India and the pioneer of the Salwar Kameez bra. It offers different kinds of bras that perfectly pair with various dresses. Daisy Dee is a pocket-friendly brand targeted toward making women feel confident and smart every day. The black College Style Women's Strapless Bra has light padding for added support. It is a seamless, cotton bra that comes with transparent straps, which can be used to experiment with different styles. It is retailed on Amazon for Rs. 350.

27. Parfait

Finding size-inclusive lingerie brands with trendy options may look like a wild dream or maybe a thought far from reality. Made for women with fuller busts, Parfait is a luxury lingerie brand that has beautiful styles and designs for women of all sizes and body types. Its intimate wear and swimwear check all your boxes to give you unparalleled comfort and style. You can find cup sizes up to K, making it a go destination for elegant lingerie. Starting from 32 D, the Amber Strapless Bra is available in sizes up to 42 D in colours black and white. With hooks at the back, the bra offers full coverage and medium support. The bra has intricate lace designs and padded cups. It is available on Nykaa Fashion for Rs. 2,499.


28. Da Intimo

Da intimo is a flagship brand of Avante Export with its heart in New Delhi. Ranging from comfortable loungewear to beautiful intricate lingerie, they have it all. They also cater to the needs of a new mother with their maternity clothing line Mamma Presto. Da Intimo Black Lace Lightly Padded Non-Wired Bralette looks divine with an intricate late overlay and delicate straps that form a stylish racerback. This bra is available on Myntra from sizes S to XL for the price of Rs.899

29. Erotissch

Erotissch is the dream project of Aayushi and Anushka Agarwal who wanted to create intimate wear in a meaningful and sustainable way. They offer Kaftans, swimwear, beach wear, lingerie sets, panties, and bralettes for you to be comfortable in a stylish manner. The Blue Floral Bralette Bra is made from a blend of cotton and elastane with a beautiful lace overlay. Give your outfits an instant oomph factor with this deep V-neck sultry bralette. This bra is available on Nykaa from sizes S to XL for Rs.672

30. Amante

Amante aims to be the one-stop solution for intimate wear for women of all needs and desires. They offer a wide range of collections including activewear, nightwear, lingerie, shapewear, and many such options. When it comes to bras, the options Amante truly seems to be limitless including t-shirts, push up, bralettes or sports bras, and many more. The Non-Padded Non-Wired Sheer Lush Lace Bralette comes in a bright rose shade which is sure to add a pop of colour to your outfit. On the Amante Website, this bra is available in sizes S to XL for Rs.1,395

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Bottom Line

Above is the list of top bra brands in India. We hope you enjoy finding your favourite brands in online lingerie shopping. Ultimately, we can say that your bra is the most important aspect of your life. If you want to buy only reputable and major Indian bra brands, then you should consider this checklist of the best bra brands before buying the right one. However, it can be as expensive as you like. So don't hesitate to try any of the brands mentioned in this article. If you find the perfect piece, please let us know in the comments below.