Looking for Bra Brands You Can Trust Blindly? We List the 30 Best Brands in India So You Can Buy Quality Innerwear Without Worries(2022)

Looking for Bra Brands You Can Trust Blindly? We List the 30 Best Brands in India So You Can Buy Quality Innerwear Without Worries(2022)

It’s no secret that shopping for the best bra can be a challenge. Not only can finding your proper fit and preferred style be tricky but finding a bra that’s supportive, comfortable and available in your cup size can feel practically like its own installment of the Mission Impossible franchise. To make it easy, we are going to share with you a list of the top and best bra brands in India which provide high quality bras.

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Why is Bra an Important Piece of Clothing for Women

Bras have been essential for women in most societies and set -ups. Although wearing a bra should totally be one's personal choice, having a few with a good fit can enhance the look of the dress that you are wearing. There is a common misconception that wearing a bra is essential as it reduces the risk of breast cancer, prevents breast sagging and so on.

However, there has not been any credible research to prove this. Therefore, you should wear a bra if it's your choice rather than under any pressure. Talking about the importance of a bra, this piece of clothing comes in different shapes, styles and sizes to fit under every dress. Wearing a bra keeps your breasts together making your overall personality look even more stylish. Let us also talk about the major styles in bras that you should have in your closet.

Top Trending Styles in Bras to Have in Your Closet

Backless Bra

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This type of bra is essential if you are wearing a blouse or any other dress that has a deep back. Dresses with bareback have always been in vogue and it enhances your personality and gives a suave look. However, you can really wear these dresses with the strap bras inside. Not only will it look clumsy but also compromise the entire look of the dress. You can opt for silicone cups that provide good coverage and also the perfect look for the dress you are wearing. If you do not want to go for silicone cups then transparent straps are also available.

T-shirt Bra

As the name suggests, t-shirt bra should be your go to style when wearing t-shirts of any neck type. One of the biggest concerns while wearing tees is the bra lines that show up. However, t-shirt bras are seamless which means that bra lines will not show from the t-shirt. What make this bra unique is their cups that take the shape of your breasts and give a beautiful look when you wear the t-shirt. Make sure that you are mindful about the colour of the bra that will go with the top that you are wearing.

Strapless Bra

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Wearing an off-shoulder top or dress? You definitely need a strapless bra. If you are wondering how a strapless bra holds on in one place then know that it is the side boning that keeps the bra in its place. Depending on your shape and size, there are multiple options available in the market in strapless bra space. You can pick the one that suits your size and get going without having to worry about those straps peeking from your dress.

Push Up Bra

Certain dresses demand adding a little bit of vivacity to the entire look. The push-up bra available from almost all the major brands would be your perfect choice for lifting the look of your dress. The extra foam padding of the push bra is what gives the enhanced look to the cleavage.

The Bralette

Much in trend nowadays bralette is perfect for those who love to layer up. Bralette are super comfortable as they are not wired and made of super comfortable fabric to ensure that you stay comfortable throughout the day. Moreover, the pretty colours and varied styles also look good when you pair it up with layers like coats, jackets and shrugs.

Sports Bra

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The name gives it away with sports bra being one of the most popular types. Whether you are going for a regular run or to the gym, sports bra is essential as it provides necessary support. Padded and made from fabric that absorbs the sweat completely, sports bra are your go to bras for sports, gym and other outdoor adventure.

Top 30 Best Bra Brands in India for Every Budget

Top 10 Bra brands in India for Bra for Sports Wear

1. Decathlon

Easily one of the most recognizable brands in the sports space, bras from Decathlon are of superior quality and confirm. There is no dearth of styles and types of sports bras under the Decathlon brand. There is several types of bras available from different brands under Decathlon. From Racerback to pullover bras, there is a range of bras available in Decathlon. Among other types, you should definitely check out Domyos Comfort Pads Women’s fitness sports bra. Made from soft cotton, this sports bra is perfect for light cardio activity and other outdoor fitness activities. You can buy this lightly padded bra from the official online store of Decathlon for just Rs. 399.

2. Jockey India

Source www.jockey.in

One of the most loved brands for lingerie, Jockey has a pretty good range in sports bras as well. Be it a criss-cross back or back clasp bra, you get a lot of options in Jockey. All their bras are made of cotton and other comfortable fabric that ensure maximum comfort even on the toughest days of training. We specifically liked the bra in the slip-on category which is made of 92% combed cotton and 8% elastane. Additionally, the wide straps also give a perfect support you require during gymming, running and other such activities. You can buy this bra from the official website of jockey.in for Rs. 529.

3. HRX by Hrithik Roshan

HRX is a relatively newer brand but the quality of sports bras from this brand are to swear by. Trendy designs, vibrant shades and ultimate comfort define this brand. Try out their Slip-on, criss-cross style sports bra with removable pads for comfortable swap. Further, the non-wired style of the bra gives a natural lift and keeps you comfortable. Buy this super comfy bra from Myntra for just Rs. 1,499.

4. Under Armor

Easily one of the most recognizable names in the sports bra range, Under Armour has everything you need to sweat it out on the playground. Most of their bra has over 4-star rating for their good fabric, stitch and comfort level. Under Armour bras offer removable cups that are easy on the skin.

Further, their bras are made of a material that wicks the sweat quickly and has rapid dry technology. If you are looking to buy a cross back, lightly padded bra then do try one from Under Armour. Made from comfortable and rapid dry fabric such as polyester, this bra hugs your shape giving you the utmost confidence and support throughout the activity. Further, this non-wired bra retains the natural lift without compromising on comfort. Buy this bra on Myntra for just Rs. 2,799.

5. Puma

Source in.puma.com

If you are looking for a high-quality bra in the moderate to expensive range then Puma has plenty of options for you. The 3rd largest sportswear company in the world, Puma has an exhaustive range of sports bras. Certain features such as dryCell technology, customisable back closure and removable pads make it an appropriate choice. We in particular liked the RTG Puma Bra top for women with flatlock seams for better comfort and minimal friction. As mentioned above, the bra is laced with the dryCell technology. The very breathable material makes it a perfect choice for sports persons. This bra top is available on in.puma.com for just Rs. 899.

6. Nike

Source www.amazon.in

Based in Oregon, USA this is the biggest sportswear brand in the world. Certain features that make Nike bras a must-have in your closet are DRI-FIT technology, flat seams for minimal friction and removable pads. Within the Nike Sports bra range, there are certain categories. If you are into high-impact sports then the Nike Alpha DRI-FIT sports bra is a good option. High-quality material, quick-dry and breathable perforations are some features that make this bra a perfect choice. You can buy a Nike Alpha sports bra on Amazon starting from Rs. 4,115.

7. Reebok

Another known name in the sportswear arena, Reebok has quite a collection of sports bras. The most promising features provided in their sports bra is the breathable fabric, best fit, speedwick technology and under-bust bands for good support during the action. If you are looking for something in the heavily padded category then Reebok women's heavily padded bra is a comfortable choice.

Available in various colours, this bra has crossback straps and style back. You can rely on this bra for those heavy-action days when utmost support with maximum comfort is the priority. This bra is available on Flipkart for just Rs. 1,096.

8. Adidas

The parent company of Reebok, Adidas has been a leader in the sports category for decades now. The top notable features of Adidas sports bras are their stabilizer inserts, AEOREADY technology, adjustable straps, and removable padded cups. E stumbled upon a unique bra type in Adidas and thought it would be nice sharing it here. If you are looking for a post-mastectomy high support bra then go for Adidas by Stella Mccartney. It has pockets for prosthesis adjustments and shoulder straps are adjustable to bring out inner confidence. You can buy this bra on Adidas for just Rs. 2,520.

9. Hunkemoller

This Amesterdam-based company is among the leaders in sports and intimate wear. The make of hunkemoller bras is such that it is perfect for large cup sizes during high-intensity workouts or outdoor activities. The hunkemoller Multi HKMX Pro Level 3 Non-Wired Padded Sports Bra is the product you should look into for pro-level workout. Apart from the comfortable fit and high-quality material, the zipper close of this bra makes it highly recommended. Other features include adjustable straps and hidden elastic bands for best support. This bra is available on luxury.tatacliq.com for just Rs. 2,995.

10. Asics

The breathable bras from Asics are popular from their laser-cut ventilation, cooling technology and anti-microbial features making them a perfect fit for sports activities. The grey and gold coloured sakura spiral workout bra from Asics are perfect for cardio activities. The bra has regular straps and is non-wired for a comfortable fit and maximum comfort. This bra from Asics is available on Myntra to buy for just Rs. 1,299.

Best Bra Brands for Everyday Wear

For everyday wear you can take a bet on the following brands

11. Enamor

Source paytmmall.com

It would not be wrong to say that the brand has become synonymous with women's intimate wear in India. Enamor bras are a fine blend of comfort and style, enhancing your confidence. Enamor manufactures bras in various materials such as cotton, spandex, Elastane and so on.

When it comes to style you get printed, laced, striped, self and other such styles. A wide range of bras is available under Enamor from non-padded to t-shirt bras. You can check out the non-padded cotton demi-cup bra which comes with convertible straps and is made of stretch cotton for maximum comfort. Buy this bra by Enamor on paytmmall.com for just Rs. 1,049.

12. H&M

The bras from this brand are specifically popular for their prettiest colours apart from comfortable fit. In the everyday wear category, you can shop for various types of bras like wired bras, lightly padded bras, super push-up bras and so on in H&M. Try out the H&M non-wire, laced bra from H&M for its comfortable fabric, adjustable shoulder straps and padded cups for the maximum support. This bra is available on Myntra for just Rs. 1,499.

13. Pretty Secrets

Source www.ajio.com

Yet another brand in the women's intimate wear that has created a mark for itself for its comfortable design and good lift. The lightweight cups make sure that you feel light throughout the day but the coverage is not compromised.

Varied fabrics, styles and great fit are the pros defining this brand. Among other products, you can try this seamless padded bra from Pretty secrets. Made from the polyester and spandex blend, the bra is comfortable and feminine. You can browse various other types of bras from Pretty Secrets and buy this one on Ajio for just Rs. 899.

14. Clovia

This brand makes bras for every shape and size offering comfortable intimate wear to every woman. The ultimate bras from Clovia provide you best protection against slipping and sagging. You can find bras made from different fabrics like Powernet, polyamide, nylon, cotton etc. You can try the jacquard aqua-coloured bra with floral prints. Since the product is wireless, it provides great comfort throughout the day. Buy this bra on the official website of Clovia for just Rs. 280.

15. Van Heusen

If you are looking for a premium bra within your budget then Van Heusen is the way to go. Their USP we would say is the antibacterial fabrics that reduce 99% of the odour that cause bacteria. Apart from the normal categories offered, Van Heusen also offers special categories such as Magic fit, natural lift, oh so lite and so on. In their live-in category, they have really nice bra collection made from anti-bacterial fabric. You can get this slip-less, ultra-comfortable bra on the official website of Van Heusen for just Rs. 799.

Best Bra Brands for T-Shirt Bra

16. Inner Sense

This brand came around in the market hardly 10 years back but has made a mark among the customers. There are various categories of bras available under the brand including the t-shirt bras. Their organic cotton antimicrobial padded t-shirt bra is worth consideration. Made from organic cotton, bamboo and lycra, this t-shirt bra is extremely comfortable even when padded. You can buy this comfy bra on the official website of Inner Sense for just Rs. 806.

17. Amante

Feminine and modish intimate wears are the signature of Amante. You will get all the peppy shades, designs and styles in Amante. Moreover, the fabric of the Amante bras is breathable and comfortable for everyday wear. Their light padded bras are very comfortable as you would not feel the weight of the pads. These bras are wire-free and have broad straps eliminating the issue of slips. Available in various shades you can buy this Amante All day at home bra on Zivame for just Rs. 595.

18. Da Intimo

Source www.ajio.com

This brand is also a known name in the women's innerwear space and has bras available under most of the popular categories. Moreover, you can choose the fabric of your choice such as cotton, nylon, elastane, polyester etc. If you are looking for a good quality t-shirt bra at a great price then a solid t-shirt bra is the choice for you. The fabric of this bra is nylon and fits perfectly under your t-shirt giving a nice overall shape and lift. Buy this bra on Ajio for just Rs. 280.

19. Victoria's Secret

The brand does not need an introduction as it is one of the most popular brands globally. The brand that runs the most sought-after annual fashion show is something that is awaited all over the world. Coming back to their t-shirt bras, the USP is nearly invisible under clothing by this brand. You should give a try to their Lightly-Lined Mini Logo Foldover Wireless Bra. The lightly lined, wireless bras have comfortable straps with wings that keep everything in place. Available in vibrant colours, you can buy this t-shirt bra on victoriassecret.com for just Rs. 3,602.

20. Hanes

Source www.amazon.in

You can pick the bras from this brand when looking for highly comfortable innerwear. The USP of this brand is their ultra-light fabric that feels like a second skin to you. Try out Hanes Women's Ultimate T-Shirt Soft Foam Underwire Bra for its features such as ultra-light fabric, moisture-wicking lining and a good fit throughout the day. This bra is available on Amazon for just Rs. 3,880.

High End Bra Brands in India

Here are some of the most sought after brands in the luxury category


A luxury brand, DKNY is known for high-quality products in every category and women’s innerwear is no exception. However, when compared to other luxury brands, DKNY has relatively modest prices for women's bras. If you are planning on having a DKNY bra in your closet then give a try their DKNY Women's Soft Tech Lace Contour Bra - Black Plum. Fine details like foam cups and intricate design will make it you're go-to bra. You can buy this bra on stylicy.com for just Rs. 3,571.

22.Emporio Armani

Trendy and modern designs are the USP of this brand aiming toward young adults. Emporio Armani is relatively a cheaper line compared to Giorgio Armani. Bras from Emporio Armani are available online and you can consider them for their good fabric, chic design and trendy look.


Good craftsmanship and trendy designs without compromising on the quality and fit are what make Wacoal an international brand. The numero uno brand in Japan has a presence in over 70 countries. If you are looking to try out a Wacoal bra then do consider Lavender & White Floral Bra - Embrace Lace from Wacoal. Among other specifics, cut and sew cups and regular straps are something that makes this bra everyday wear. Buy this super comfy bra on Myntra for just Rs. 2,156.

24.Calvin Klein

Source www.ajio.com

The brand is so cool and synonymous with all things fashion that Calvin Kelin bralettes are one of the most popular items amongst youngsters. Be it the sports bra from Calvin Klein or the bralettes, the beauty of these wears is that they can double up as your main dress and look chic. You can start with the Heathered Sports Bra with Branding which is made of 53% cotton, 35% modal and 12% elastane. The grey colour bra available on ajio.com for just Rs. 1,999 would be the right pick if you want to try the brand for the first time.

25. Guess

Well, we need no guessing to know that this is one of the most sought-after brands in the world amongst the young and adults alike. The good news is that Guess bra tops double as outwear also and look really great. High support bra tops can be worn for outdoor workouts, gym and even for running. This bra top is available on myntra.com to buy for just Rs. 5,699.

26. Mark Spencer

One of the leading names in the fashion industry Mark and Spencer has made quite a mark in the lingerie section too. The sheet comfort, maximum support and chic style make these bras a natural pick. From the M&S collection, do try the Total Support Embroidered Full Cup Bra B-G. Those with bigger busts will find this bra extremely comfortable and the cotton fabric adds to it. This Mark Spencer bra is available to buy on markandspencer.in for just Rs. 2,299

27. Parfait

A brand exclusively meant for the plus size women, you are going to love their bra collection. The brand has only recently launched in India and is available in leading stores both online and offline. Give a try to Parfait Double Layered Unlined Cups Regular Wired Cushion Strap Bra. Even though it is a non-padded version but the double layer provides good support and coverage. Further, the cushioned straps make sure that it does not dig into your skin. You can buy this bra on zivame.com for just Rs. 1,799.

28. Dorothy Perkin

Yet another brand from the United States that has quite a fan following in the innerwear section. Those who have been looking for a good yoga bra can pick Navy Blue & Off-White Printed Non-Wired Lightly Padded Yoga Bra. The lightly padded and non-wired bra has halter straps and a slip-on style making it a great choice for those yoga sessions. Get your hands on this super comfy bra on Myntra for just Rs. 2,490.

29. New Balance

If you are looking for innovation in design such as compression support, moisture-wicking and a throughout comfort then New balance is the brand for you. Their sports bra such as black round neck sports bra provides great support preventing the bounce even during an extreme workout. You can choose from low, medium and high impact. Buy this polyester-made bra for good endurance and feel for just Rs. 1,959 on tatacliq.com.

30. Erotissch

Sustainable fabric merrily cotton from India and laces from Thailand are some of the unique aspects of this brand. As the brand story goes, they are extremely passionate about offering the best quality of innerwear to women. It would not be wrong to say that the brand perceives this as honouring women by providing them comfort wears. You should give a try to their Floral Lace Non-Padded Bralette Bra which is a blend of nylon and elastane and provides day-long comfort. This non-padded, minimal support bra is available on myntra.com for just Rs. 2,429.

Important Things to Check Before Buying Your Next Bra

Breast Shape

For beginners who have just started wearing bras, this is one of the most important and often much-ignored points. We only focus on the size of our breasts when buying bras. For instance, if your breast shape is round then any bra will fit you but if it's bell-shaped then t-shirt bras would be a great fit.

Right Cup

Band and the cup size are two important measurements one should take before purchasing bras. You should also know that with the change in band size your cup size will also change. Therefore having both the measurements handy is extremely important

Right Cutting

The cutting you choose depends on the look that you want. For instance, if you want comfort more than anything else then triangle bras are your thing. On the other hand, those who are looking for more volume can pick the push up bra. Similarly, there are other cuttings also based on your needs.

Know Your Brand

Source www.inc.com

Ever wondered by the same size from two different brands are not same in the fitting. Just like any other apparel, innerwear brands also have different ways of measurement and might differ slightly. However, a slight difference in the bras can create momentous effect in the fitting and comfort.

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A perfect undergarment can make you comfortable and feel confident about yourself this is why wearing the right bra is very important for women. If you don’t have the right bra, then you might not wear your desired clothing. So it is essential to have different types of bra that perfectly suits your every appearance. All the above mentioned are some of the best bra brands that offer wide ranges of bra collections based on different sizes, designs and patterns. The unique collections of these brands will fit you perfectly and enhance your appearance.