A Vacuum Cleaner is a Must-Have Utility for Today's Home: Best Vacuum Cleaner for Home You Can Directly Order Online (2020)

A Vacuum Cleaner is a Must-Have Utility for Today's Home: Best Vacuum Cleaner for Home You Can Directly Order Online (2020)

A vacuum cleaner's utility is understood when you're uninvited guests over, and you quickly need to clean your home! And that's just only one scenario! Generally speaking, vacuum cleaners are also a must-have and make your cleaning work so much easier! If you had been looking for the best vacuum cleaner for your home, we've compiled the list of some of the best ones that you can directly order online.

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Vacuum Cleaners Definitely Make Your Daily Chores Easier!

The immense amount of dust and pollution we face today can cause severe breathing problems. It becomes essential to stay healthy when indoors and keep the house clean to keep away breathing problems. It is necessary to clean our house regularly as it affects our elderly, kids, and pets. But cleaning can be a painful process, and this is where vacuum cleaners help us a lot.

Vacuum cleaners are small, lightweight, and convenient to use. They can reach areas that are difficult to reach and clean the dirt and debris quickly. It reduces allergens and traps dust, and prevent them from spreading. Even kitchen appliances can be dusted promptly. In this article, we will discuss the ones that are best suited for your use at home.

Choose a Vacuum Cleaner: Tips to Keep in Mind

  • The capacity and power: The capacity to bear the workload of the vacuum cleaners mainly depends on the power of the motor. However, higher capacity motors can consume more energy and create more too. Hence, you must be ready to choose a trade-off. Also, the capacity of the cleaner is essential as well. You need to be judicious when selecting one, depending on how big your home is.

  • With bag or bagless: The models without bags are more convenient as the dirt gets stored in a container. It works on the cyclone principle and makes it easy for the user to dispose of the dirt. The dust collector is at the top, and the suction power does not decrease. For the models with bags, the suction power decreases when the bags are almost filled.

  • The features you need: When you are planning to buy a vacuum cleaner, always keep in mind the features that you would prefer. Accordingly, you must search the internet where you will find the models having different technologies. There are canister vacuums that are useful to clean underneath the furniture or bare floors. The upright ones are cheaper and can clean more area in one swipe, while the stick vacuums are lightweight and convenient to use. The handheld ones are miniature ones and used to clean carpets and cars. It is in your interest to understand the use of the vacuum cleaner and then choose one.

  • The attachments: When you are buying a vacuum cleaner, always ensure it comes with all the needed attachments. Most of them come with added attachments, like an upholstery brush or a crevice brush that helps to clean your house better. You must also consider the length of the cord that will help you to plug in the cleaner anywhere in the house.

  • Ease of use: The vacuum cleaner that you will buy must be easy to use. It must be lightweight so that it can be carried across the house quickly. It must not be noisy; otherwise, it will disturb other people in the house, mainly the kids and pets. You must also consider the reach, as you would need to clean places that are difficult to reach.

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Home Use You Can Buy Online

Panasonic MC-CL163RL4X 2000W Plastic Vacuum Cleaner

Panasonic is a brand renowned for its high-quality electronics products, and this vacuum cleaner keeps this tradition. It has a HEPA filter with a 2000 Watt input along with "Air Dust Capture" feature that can collect dust up to 30 cm from the surface of the floor. This feature helps in preventing breathing problems in kids and pets due to dust at home. The machine has a high suction power motor that also saves power while leading to lower electricity bills.

Being a bagless cleaner, it is easy to clean and economical too, and you can also save the cost of having to replace the bags. It also has a three-step telescopic nozzle that can reach out to places that are otherwise difficult to reach, thereby ensuring your house is entirely dust-free. The dust collection container is of a 3L capacity and is easy to clean. It is priced at Rs. 8,800 and is available on Flipkart.

Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 1900W Vacuum Cleaner

This one from the Philips brand is known for its compact size. The cleaner has a 1900 Watt motor with high suction power that helps in thorough cleaning. It has a PowerCyclone 5 technology that improves performance for a longer time due to increased suction power. A multi-clean nozzle helps to clean all floors.

The dust container is easy to use and can be operated by one hand only. It uses an EPA10 filter, and a dusting brush can be used to clean all furniture and flat surfaces. The rotating brush can help to clean your house optimally. The cleaner also has an Allergy H13 filter system that captures the finer particles of dust. The cleaner also has an Active-Lock coupling that helps to adjust for separate tasks easily. It is priced at Rs. 9,225 on Amazon.

AmazonBasics Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

This bagless vacuum cleaner from AmazonBasics has a 700 Watt motor and has a capacity of 1.5 litres. The cleaner comes with an energy savings rating and keeps your electricity bills lower. It comes with a triple action nozzle that helps to capture the dirt easily. The HEPA 12 filter catches most of the dirt that is present in the air.

The bagless vacuum cleaner has a removable dust container, and the cyclonic technology has a heavy-duty suction that helps faster cleaning. It is lightweight, compact and is easy to handle. The cleaner has an integrated handle along with a 5-metre cable and 1.5-metre hose that is adjustable. It does not create much noise and comes with several different nozzles as part of the accessories. It comes for Rs. 3,889 and is available on Amazon. It comes with a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

Inalsa Spruce-1200W Vacuum Cleaner

The Inalsa Spruce is a portable vacuum cleaner that has a suction and blower together. It has an overheat protection facility and has a suction power of 180 Watts and has 360 swivelling wheels that can remove dirt and dust from places otherwise difficult to reach. A powerful 1200 Watt motor can help in providing the performance needed by the machine. The blower can be used in open areas and outdoors to bring out the dust.

The vacuum cleaner has a cloth dust bag that can be cleaned and reused again. A crevice nozzle can help to pull out dirt from anywhere while the upholstery brush can help to clean furniture, curtains, or cushions. Another specially designed sofa brush can help to clean sofas and lounges easily. The compact vacuum cleaner is lightweight and weighs only around 2.8 kilos. It is priced at Rs. 2,861 and is available on Flipkart. It comes with a warranty of two years.

Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

The Karcher WD 3 is a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner and is known for its heavy-duty performance. It has a power consumption of 1000 Watts and has a plastic container that is impact resistant and has a volume of 17 litres. It can support the cleaning of wet and dry dirt without having to replace the filter. The cleaner has a blower and a Push & Pull locking system for safer and easier opening and closing of the system.

It has different nozzles that can be attached to the hose and facilitate vacuuming without much stress. The blower can be used where vacuuming cannot be done and helps in removing dirt effortlessly. It has a patented filter removal technology that does not require you to change filters while sweeping and mopping continues to happen. It has an ergonomic carrying handle that allows it to be taken anywhere. However, when the filter is wet, you must wait for it to dry. It is available on Amazon for a price of Rs. 5,998.

Eureka Forbes Quick Cleaning DX Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The house of Eureka Forbes offers the best quality home appliances, and this vacuum cleaner is among the best to have in your homes. It is compact and lightweight, and an indicator informs you that the dust bag is full. Maintenance and cleaning are also comfortable. It has an airflow control button that makes your work easier by adjusting the airflow mechanism. Moreover, an automatic cord winder prevents you from tripping over the wire.

The suction of the machine can be controlled and makes it easy to pull the debris and dust when needed. The controls are all in front that makes it easier for you to handle it. It has a power consumption of 1200 Watts and has an operating voltage of 230 Volts. It also has a cord winder switch. It is available for Rs. 3,398 on Amazon.

American Micronic AMI VCD21-1600WDx Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Next in line, we have another multi-purpose vacuum cleaner with a combination of performance and stellar design. The American Micronic allows both wet and dry vacuum cleaners and has a capacity of 21 litres. It has a motor of 1600 Watts, along with a HEPA filter and blower. It has several accessories, viz. extension pipes, upholstery nozzles, crevice nozzle, etc. for easier cleaning of your house.

The suction is strong enough to clean your house quickly and also has a caster arrangement that allows you to take out the debris and throw away in a dustbin. It is available for Rs. 7,886 on Amazon. There is a one year warranty associated with this purchase.

Panasonic MC-CG304 1400-Watt Vacuum Cleaner

We have another product from Panasonic on this list. The brand is known to provide premium appliances at budget prices, and this one fares no less. The product has a dust catcher that can also suck the dust floating above the floor surface and keeps your home clean for your pets and kids. A blower function can help blow up the dirt in unreachable places only to be sucked in by the appliance.

Its unique proposition is its energy efficiency and conserves more energy than conventional cleaners. It has an economic power option and has a 1400 Watt suction pump. It can reach out to places otherwise difficult to reach and can make cleaning easier. It is available for Rs. 6,999 and is available on Amazon. The product comes with a warranty of 1 year.

Black+Decker VH802 800-Watt Vacuum Cleaner

Black Decker is an American brand that believes in DIY, where you can quickly assemble the unit within a short time. It allows you to store the cleaner at any place of your choice and does not need a space specifically for itself. It has an 800 Watt motor that helps clean your house in its entirety and has a transparent bowl to fill the dust and has a capacity of 0.9 litres. The appliance has several extensions that allow you to reach out to dirt at all corners of the house and keep it perfectly clean.

A turbo brush helps to clean your upholstery and furniture easily, while a blower will blow out the dirt at the corners. It also has a soft extension to reach out to all corners in your house. The DIY vacuum cleaner does not pinch a hole in your pocket but comes at only Rs. 2,099, available on Flipkart. It comes with a six-month warranty too.

KENT Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner 1200-Watt (Yellow & Silver)

Kent is a famous brand for various home appliances, and its vacuum cleaners are also among the best among its competition. It can clean both wet and dry dirt and debris. A highly efficient 1200 Watt motor has a strong suction force to clean the dirt while the blower removes embedded dirt too. It can collect dust up to 10 litres and has a HEPA filter.

It can be manoeuvred easily, too, due to its 5-metre long power cord and rubber wheels. It also does not produce much noise when in use. It is bagless, and you will only need to clean it occasionally. The cleaner has a highly efficient filter that helps those suffering from breathing problems. It is priced at Rs. 6,460 and is available on Amazon. It comes with a warranty of one year.

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Don't Forget to Buy Vacuum Accessories!

You would also be requiring a few accessories with your vacuum cleaner, such as dust bags, a vacuum brush for cleaning your machine, and so on. Keep in mind to check with each product whether they offer these accessories as complementary products or not, but if you have found the right product for you, which doesn't include them, you can buy these separately as well.