Is Stress and Work Pressure Taking a Toll on Your Health? De-Stress Yourself Using a Focus Cube. Your Ultimate Guide to Focus Cubes and Why You Should Get One Immediately in 2020

Is Stress and Work Pressure Taking a Toll on Your Health? De-Stress Yourself Using a Focus Cube. Your Ultimate Guide to Focus Cubes and Why You Should Get One Immediately in 2020

Modern life is full of pressure, tension and stress. This is taking a heavy toll on the health of many people. If you are also feeling stressed out due to work/home pressures and responsibilities, it is time to de-stress yourself using a stress reliever like a focus cube. We have curated this list of the top focus cubes available in the market and everything you need to know about them.

Stressed Out from Everyday Problems? Try Using a Focus Cube as a Stress Reliever!

Everyday life involves several stresses. If you wish to take some load off your shoulders and relax a bit, then a focus cube could be just the distraction you need! Focus cubes have made their place on the list of self-care tools and are quite popular among busy and stressed people these days. This is a stress buster tool that can be used at home or at your workplace.

Besides, a focus cube could turn out to be the perfect gift for that stressed-out friend of yours. Gift someone a focus cube and add a little Zen to their lives too!

What is a Focus Cube?

A focus cube or a fidget cube is a small handheld device that is designed with sensory tools on all sides. Focus cubes usually include a switch, rolling ball, thumbstick, spinning disk, gears and buttons. Focus cubes were originally invented to help hyperactive people and children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). However, considering the gratifying experience from fidgeting that is relaxing, the toy or the stress buster has gained massive popularity among people of all ages, irrespective of their mental health.

Features of a Focus Cube

Focus cubes are generally:

  • Stress Busters: The focus cube will relentlessly take some tension off your mind, as all the unnecessary pressure on the mind will naturally be relieved from the fidgeting action of the fingers.

  • Portable: The primary objective of having a focus cube is to be able to use it in times of great need; especially at work.

  • Lightweight: This ensures that no extra pressure is exerted on the hands while handling the focus cube.

  • Smooth and Soft Finish: This is much needed for the optimum use of the focus cube when mindlessly fidgeting it around with the fingers.

  • Equipped with Innovative Design: Unique and innovative features in the design of the focus cube ensures that the user receives maximum advantage from the gadget.

  • Memory and Concentration Booster: Focus cubes not only focus on eliminating stress, but also profusely increase memory and concentration in adults and children.

Top 10 Recommendations for the Best Focus Cubes in the Market

The latest obsession among busy professionals and the stressed out workforce today, is the love for fidget toys. While it was hand spinners or fidget spinners that captured the attention in the last few years, the path has paved the way for focus cubes these days. So, if you are planning to get one for yourself, or would like to purchase one for somebody else, then here are a few of our recommendations of the best focus cubes available today.

Mi Focus Cube


Are you distressed with daily life and vent your tensions through smoking, nail-biting or other apparently annoying tendencies? Then here is a low-cost anxiety and stress reduction tool that is sure to keep you calm, focused and attentive in your environment. The Chinese brand Xiaomi introduced the Mi focus cube in the Indian market quite recently. Since then, the product has been able to capture an undeniably important place among competitors. Crafted using intricate modelling technology, the focus cube claims to be the best in relieving anxiety and stress.

The ergonomic structure and smooth finish give it a comfortable grip. The soothing dual-tone colour scheme is a relaxing sight to the eyes indeed. This fidget cube weighs only 25 grams and hence is very lightweight and portable. It measures 64 mm x 32 mm x 16 mm and is small enough to snugly fit inside pockets. The focus cube is suitable for people aged 14 and above. The smooth curved edges and the good quality ABS build material ensures durability and ease of use. The MI focus cube is available on the official website, at an affordable rate of ₹ 199.00.

vGRASSP Infinity Focus Cube

Did you know that focus cubes not only reduce tension but also increase motor skills like hand-eye coordination, thereby improving your focus and concentration on the job? What’s more? It also increases analysis, critical thinking and problem-solving skills!

Take a quick look at this appealing focus cube from vGRASSP LLP. This fidget cube comes in a dual-tone colour combination of black and white. The cube weighs 80 grams and measures 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm. The cube can be unfolded and flattened as well as folding it back and restructuring it to shape like a cube again. The cube doesn’t have any extra balls and bearings and is a six-sided gadget that can be handled with a single hand. The cube is designed with features to flip and fold for fun. It is easy to manipulate and has smooth edges for a comfortable grip. You can find this focus cube on Flipkart for ₹ 249.00.

Fresh D Cart Anti-Stress Fidget Cube


Fidget cubes primarily fulfil the purpose similar to that of a traditional worry stone. These stones are smooth polished gemstones that were used for relaxation by gently moving the thumb back and forth over them. Today, focus cubes are equipped with features to enable more than this function.

This anti-stress fidget cube from FreshDcart has many such innovative features that help killoi7y765tr time fidgeting. The 6-faced focus cube has functions for compress, unlock, switch, analogue, soothe and twirl. This cube is a great choice for fidgety hands that need to be kept engaged all the time. The gear roll and ball, flip switch, and press lever are amazingly reliving features that are unique to this focus cube. This fidget toy comes in many colours including a soothing pink and white colour combination for girls! It weighs only 35 grams and is perfect for carrying around. Moreover, the focus cube also provides sounds when being used, which is quite a stress buster for many. The advanced sensory tools on all the six sides of this handheld device are the highlight of this stress reliever focus cube. You can check out this focus cube on Amazon for ₹ 199.00.

BNOSLLP Fidget Focus Cube


The click face on a focus cube generally comes in the form of 5 buttons. Out of which a few may sound like the click of a pen while the others will remain silent when pushed. The pressing of buttons on the click face is believed to release stress.

This fidget cube from BNOSLLP is incorporated with a click face along with other fidgeting features like the roll, switch and glide, etc. The white and yellow colour combination gives a soothing feeling to the eyes as well. Being 3 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm in size, this focus cube is small enough to be handled easily. The focus cube is ideal for children of 10 years and above; and perfect for adults handling daily tension and stress. This affordable focus cube toy is available on Paytm Mall for ₹ 199.00.

Prisma Collections 2 in 1 Focus Toy

Focus cubes are highly addictive desk toys that are designed to reduce stress at work and blow off some steam! Among the many different ways to keep up with the jet speed pace of the world, getting a focus cube is one sure shot and affordable way to relax and keep yourself sane.

Take matters into your own hands (quite literally!) with this creative fidget toy that is both a focus cube as well as a spinner. This innovative fidget cube from Prisma Collections is a 2-in-1 toy that intrigues engagement and curiosity at the same level. The Rubik’s puzzle cube will help to enhance your cognitive skills, while the fidgeting feature of the toy will help to relax those tense muscles. Wondering where to get this toy from? Check out Idea Kart to find this product for ₹ 236.00.

Sharp Choice 6-Side Focus Cube


Bid goodbye to your annoying habits of biting nails, twirling hair or bouncing your legs by getting yourself a focus cube. These handheld devices have sensory tools on all sides to help you relieve stress, anxiety and to overcome boredom.

This focus cube from Sharp Choice is designed from high quality plastic that makes it a safe choice for a fidget toy. You can spin the focus cube and also, engage your fingers while fondling with the many other features. Glide, switch, click and roll this focus cube with ease. This focus cube toy is pretty cheap, yet looks appealing and sturdy. What’s best? It is available in a bright pink colour – a perfect gift for your favourite girl! Find this product on Amazon for ₹ 189.00.

Puzzle Magic Mirror Cube

Amidst the many similar focus cubes on our list, here is an unusually attractive variant. This Rubik focus cube from Puzzle Magic comes in a sleek silver mirror material. This compact and portable toy is exceptionally smooth to handle.

This focus cube acts not only as a fidget toy but also as a great desk decor! So, if you are looking for a focus cube that looks sleek and is also functional then this is a great option to consider. However, the fidgeting feature of this focus cube is limited and it only acts as a Rubik’s cube which is also a smooth worry stone for relaxation. Check out this focus cube on Shop Clues for ₹ 259.00.

Memore Fidget Cube Anxiety Stress Relief Fidget Toy


This focus cube is definitely not the cheapest one on our list. But it is surely more durable and made from the best quality plastic. The press and go focus cube toy from Memore is an anxiety and stress relief fidget toy suitable for both kids as well as adults.

This focus cube has many positive reviews from customers and is one of the most popular focus cubes in India. The cube has six sides with different features on each one. The cube is designed with a swivel, glide joystick, clicker, switch and roll features. Made from high-quality ABS plastic, this focus cube is a good choice if you value quality over price. Want to check out this focus cube? Find it on IN R Deals for ₹ 299.00 after a 70% discount.

JOEYANK Fidget Cube New Version


If you thought focus cubes are a cheap way to have fun and keep the tension down, then you need to hold your breath! The fidget revolution has become a serious business and has taken a more premium stand! Here is a high-end fidget finger toy that costs ₹ 2,789.00!

The new version infinity cube is made from premium anodized aluminum alloy and is CNC machined to ensure the highest standards. The foldable focus cube is designed to form eight small cubes. Each of the cubes can be rotated in any direction and angle. This focus cube toy is great for casual fidgeting and also for medical problems like ADHD and other attention disorder issues like nail-biting and smoking. This focus cube is small, compact, lightweight and perfect to carry around. It is also a perfect gift for a loving friend or a family member. Find this focus cube on Desert Cart for ₹ 2,789.00.

Fabquality Fidget Cube


Here is yet another high-quality fidget focus toy that is also quite expensive. The black and red focus cube from Fab quality is one of the most recommended in terms of quality and durability. It is a perfect anti-stress, anti-anxiety fidget toy for both kids as well as adults.

The focus cube has fidgeting features on all the sides and comes in an exclusive protective case. The toy package also comes with an eBook on how to manage stress and a steel flipping bike chain fidget toy. It is well worth the money indeed! You can find this toy on Desert Cart for ₹ 1,849.00 for a set of two pieces.

Bonus Tip: Some Ways of Using the Focus Cube are Better Than Others

It has been found that using fingers in unusual ways on the focus cube can relieve stress much better than usual. Finger tutting is a form of art that involves intricate movements of the fingers. Curious to know more? Find out more from this tutorial on how to finger tut on the focus cube.

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