Grey Hair Troubling You? 30 Best Mehndi for Hair That Will Nourish While Covering Your Greys (2023)

Grey Hair Troubling You? 30 Best Mehndi for Hair That Will Nourish While Covering Your Greys (2023)

Colouring or dyeing isn’t just for those who want to cover up their greys but also for those who want to make a style statement. If you’re looking for ways to make your hair stronger and thicker, the henna powder will do the job of eliminating grey strands naturally. Henna powder is obtained from henna leaves and adds a natural reddish-brown hue to your hair. Our list of the 30 best mehndi for hair is sure to help you choose one that suits you best. Read on to know more.

Nourish Your Hair the Natural Way

Who claimed that henna is only a hair dye? Using henna regularly is one of the best ways to keep your scalp and hair healthy and robust.

Henna is one of the best ingredients for beautiful hair that the South Asian subcontinent has provided the rest of the world. For centuries, women have been utilizing the potential of this natural substance to nourish, strengthen, and improve the texture of their hair. Henna has various advantages, including conditioning, healing damage, and regulating pH levels.

Your hair can be revitalized and repaired with the help of henna-based hair packs. Additionally, when you choose the right kind you can avoid dangerous chemicals Learn how to nourish your hair naturally with henna by reading on! We have the list of reviewed best 30 mehndi products for hair along with the required supportive info so you can make your choice with ease.

What is the Difference Between Chemical Henna and Natural Henna?

Henna conditions hair promotes hair growth, control oil output, lessens dandruff, and stops hair loss. Since henna strengthens and nourishes hair from the roots for silky and lustrous hair, it is a much better option than other chemical hair colours.

You can tell something is good and safe by the scent of freshly applied henna. Your henna paste ought to have an earthy aroma, possibly tinged with aromatic oils. Something else in the recipe may not be safe to apply to your skin if you detect any overt chemical or manufacturing odour. Before purchasing a cone of henna paste that is ready to use, check the components. You don't need to purchase an ingredient if you can't identify it. When all the ingredients are organic and there are no additives, henna paste is skin-safe.

So, the list of safe ingredients could be like the main henna powder, essential oils, sugar, liquid, acidic component, binding agent, and any conditioning component. Additives other than these that you can’t even recognize may be harsh, and unsafe for regular application.

30 Best Henna for Hair Without Chemicals: Top Brands Curated for You

Since the times of yore, henna has taken care of most of our hair troubles. It’s not only known as a hair dye but acts as the most potent ingredient to strengthen, nourish, and condition your stress from deep within! However, finding an authentic and best henna for hair without chemicals may be daunting, especially for first-timers. So, we’re ready with the reviewed list of the 30 best henna for hair in 2022. Check out now, and grab the ones according to your likes and needs!

1. H&C Herbal Ingredients Henna Powder


You can even make two famous hair packs out of this natural henna powder by H&C Herbal Ingredients Expert. Yes, it’s effortless to create an amla, and a banana hair pack mixed with this henna powder improves hair elasticity, promotes hair growth, and curbs hair fall issues. Being all-natural, it is also advised that your skin test the powder before entire usage. What it contains is just 100% natural henna powder without any parabens, PPD, chemicals, or artificial hair colours. Moreover, it’s super affordable too at just Rs. 219 for a 227grams pack on Amazon.

2. Kama Ayurveda Natural Organic Hair Colour Kit

Since the best mehndi for hair is a 100% herbal product, it’s a big plus if it comes from authentic sources! We’re talking about none other than the most renowned ayurvedic Indian brand, i.e., Kama Ayurveda. They are available with the most natural, cruelty-free, and safe beauty treatment products with zero artificial additives.

This Organic Hair Color Kit is one of its iconic product range to help you combat the most common hair troubles quite strategically in 3 simple steps. This colour kit is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a proper procedure, from dying your hair to conditioning them with the ultimate hair pack. Buy this hair colour kit containing organic henna powder and organic indigo powder for Rs. 1,525 at Kama Ayurveda’s Official Website.

3. Shahnaz Husain Henna Precious Herb Mix

The word ‘Professional’ that describes this herbal henna pack means something powerful and graceful and carries a whole legacy by the gem Shahnaz Husain. Google, if you’re not familiar with her heritage, and come back to thank us later!

We’ve chosen this herb mix in our list of 30 best mehndi for hair because it’s super affordable first. Next, it’s a beautiful combination of not just one but different natural ingredients like neem, amla, babul gond, shikakai, and the main mehndi. Three packs each containing 100 grams of henna powder are available for just Rs. 195 at

4. Godrej Nupur 100% Pure Henna Powder for Hair Colour (Mehandi)


When it says pure henna, it means the business of natural henna powder only and nothing else! You will get a 400 grams pack of natural henna powder for just Rs. 173 at Amazon India. It is primarily to dye your hair for a rich shade. And, since it’s a natural powder containing only the henna, it’s a reliable companion for your overall hair nourishment and health. Moreover, it’s safe to use on hands or feet too!

5. VLCC Natural & Herbal Henna 120g


This is VLCC Herbal Henna powder whose three pack of 120 grams each costs you just Rs. 195 at Amazon India. Consider it for once if you’re looking for good quantity along with good quality. This hair dye helps you get a light to medium red shade. This pack is further labelled as Hair Defense containing ten powerful herbs for shinier, stronger, and smoother hairs. So, if you’re a beginner in hair dyes, it’s one of the best henna powders to start chasing at budget rates!

6. Biotique Bio Henna Fresh Powder Hair Colour

The brand Biotique also covers you if you have grey hairs and want to hide them naturally! You can buy its 90 grams package for just Rs. 163 at This organic henna powder is easy to make and apply on hair to get a tint of shiny red colour. Make sure you use it evenly though! However, this powder has worked like magic for folks with greying hair issues.

7. Nat Habit Ready-to-apply Henna Paste


If you’re too busy with your tight schedule and don’t even have time to make a paste of the right consistency, then you’re better off with this ready-to-use henna paste by the brand Nat Habit. The pack of two ready applicable henna pastes is available for just Rs. 330 at Nykaa. It is a Rajasthani ultra-filtered henna paste mixed with herbs and black tea to give you a smooth rich brown shade. Moreover, it’s a 100% Ayurvedic product certified by Govt. of AYUSH, and thus worth considering, especially for the busy bees!

8. Himalaya Natural Shine Henna


If you’re a lover of natural brands like Himalaya, go no further, and try out this Natural Shine Henna powder pack, whose 120 grams sachet is available for just Rs. 64 at Nykaa. Even though the brand was launched about 90 years ago, it’s still the most modern Ayurvedic Indian brand giving tough competition to other renowned Ayurvedic brands.

9. Biotique Bio Henna Leaf Fresh Texture Shampoo & Conditioner


What if your henna comes in the form of shampoo and conditioner? It is a 2-in-1 fresh texture shampoo and conditioner containing mehndi, Ritha, Aam beej, Mulethi, Brahmi, Arjuna, and Himalayan water. It could be a suitable product for folks wishing to have henna in their shampoos as it also reduces the lot of work to apply henna manually on hair. You can buy 75ml of this Biotique product for just Rs. 75 at Nykaa.

10. Aroma Magic Henna Hair Colour

Aroma Magic’s henna hair color is a gentle hair colourant and conditioner with powerful ingredients like shikakai and green tea leaves. The pack also comes with a free pair of gloves as a bonus! This brand is mainly known for its aroma-therapy-based products which have been carefully blended after long hours of research. Furthermore, this henna powder is 100% pure and free of any artificial colours, PPD, harsh chemicals, GMOs, peroxide, ammonia, metallic salts, and more. About 200 grams of the Aroma Magic hair colour pack is available for just Rs. 183 at Nykaa.

11. Jovees Herbal Henna & Brahmi Herbal Mehandi for Strengthening Hair Roots and Volume


Do you know that Brahmi helps in the regrowth of hairs quite well? If you didn’t know, here’s the time to explore just as is! This is a herbal henna powder with the main ingredient as Brahmi by the brand Jovees. The product is also enriched with natural proteins along with precious herbs. Thus, if your hairs are protein-deficient, a relatively common prevalent issue, this henna powder can solve the problem. It helps moisturize your scalp, nourish it, add a healthy volume, and bounce to dull hairs. Buy its 500 grams pack for Rs. 495 at Nykaa now!

12. Ozone Ayurvedics Henna Conditioner for Healthy and Strong Hair


Henna powder is already a natural hair conditioner that can sometimes be called a henna conditioner. This is an anti-dandruff product by the brand Ozone Ayurvedics whose two packs of 200grams each are available for just Rs. 150 at Amazon India. You can use this pack quite frequently to combat scalp issues like hair damage, dandruff, or other hair dye damages we usually suffer after the application of harsh chemical dyes.

13. Attar Ayurveda Indigo Powder for Black Hair


Indigo powder is 100% safe to use along with henna powder for the betterment of hair. Indigo colour is for those who desire to dye their hair black. It’s not for the red or brown shades in hair. However, it’s recommended by the brand Attar Ayurveda that you should apply henna powder as the first step and then this indigo powder as the second step for a proper black touch to the hair. This is again a common prevalent issue if you’re tired of those reddish or brownish shades just after applying the henna powder. For black tones, your go-to trick should be using indigo powder in the next step. Get a 200grams pack of this pure indigo powder for just Rs. 269 at Amazon India.

14. Just Herbs Herbal Henna Plus

Made from 100% herbal henna powder, Just Herbs is one of the best brands offering multipurpose hair dyes. Thanks to the brand’s Ayurvedic composition, Herbal Henna Plus comprises natural herbs such as neem, Indian gooseberry, and hibiscus.

This top-rated henna for hair works best for issues like hair fall and dry/brittle hair strands while also giving you the natural black colour. About 200grams pack of this dye is available for just Rs. 425 at Just Herbs.

15. Vagad's Khadi Herbal Gramodaya Pure Natural Black Mehndi


Comprising the premium richness of neem, Vagad’s Khadi black herbal mehndi may act as a lifesaver in offering you a long-lasting shade. The product is all-natural and formulated without alcohol, parabens, silicone, or ammonia, and thus works best for all hair types.

Applying about 10 grams of this best mehndi for hair can beautifully adds up to your hair’s strength, shine, and nourishment. It has also been an effective dye for grey hairs. You can buy two packs of 100grams each for just Rs. 290 at Amazon India.

16. Colourveda Natural Hair Colour – 100g (Blackish Brown)

Shahnaz Husain is a big renowned name worth considering in the world of Ayurvedic herbal products. This Ayurvedic hair colour, which contains herbal elements like henna, indigo, and catechu, shields the hair from harm and keeps it strong and healthy. It is the perfect natural hair colour and successfully hides grey hair. Colourveda’s 100grams of natural hair color for just Rs. 153 at 27% off on official website.

17. Khadi Natural Henna Herbal Hair Colour - Black (150g)


Although the henna powder is already a safe option for hair colouring, we still have to look for specific parameters such as including natural ingredients or excluding artificial ingredients. Khadi Natural is another best black henna for hair without chemicals to be enjoyed this season at a price of 30% off at Rs. 192 on Comprising of ingredients like amla, henna leaves, and indigo powder, it’s a go-to hair colour to make your hairs look more gorgeous with soft, and lustrous shine.

18. Rainbow Research, Henna, Hair Color & Conditioner, Black, 4 OZ (113 g)


The Rainbow Research Henna Hair Color and Conditioner is created from natural henna powder and is formulated without preservatives, additions, or chemicals. It provides rich colour that lasts up to four to six weeks. It comes in 11 colours and deep conditions hair while it dyes, enhancing the softness, sheen, and volume of your hair's natural state while shielding it from breakage and dryness. You can buy its 113grams pack for Rs. 607 at's official website.

19. Banjaras Black Henna with Aloe Vera 50g

The Banjaras Black Henna with Aloevera Powder, made from henna powder supplied sustainably, produces a rich brown hair colour without the dangerous preservatives and chemicals in conventional hair colours, such as PPD, metallic salts, ammonia, and peroxide. As it revives the vibrancy of your hair, it infuses nourishing hydration with aloe vera to keep it adequately moisturized, conditioned, and fed. At the same time, it’s a budget-friendly pick available at just Rs. 65 at

20. MB Herbals Henna Powder

Due to its orange colour and triple-sifting process, the MB Herbals Pure Henna Powder is most suited for people with naturally red hair. This PPD-free, ammonia-free, sulphate-free, and phthalate-free henna powder has been shown to boost hair growth due to its nutrient-rich composition, in addition to hiding greys and evenly covering your strands with rich colour. At Flipkart, you can buy its 227grams pack for just Rs. 212.

21. TVAM Naturally Yours Henna

In addition to colouring your hair, Tvam Natural Black Henna also aids in reducing hair loss and getting rid of dandruff. The very thing we loved about this henna powder is its unique packaging that keeps us reminded of the importance of natural products. Furthermore, it signifies a potent symbol that you will get 100% natural black henna powder. You can buy this henna powder for Rs. 455 at

22. Mayuri Henna Natural Black 30gm Pack of 6

People who have been using Mayuri Henna powder for ages know its significance very well! It is one of the best henna for hair which has also grabbed some best reviews, especially when women buy it before the festive season to shine bright on D-day. About six sachets of 30grams of this natural black henna powder are available for just Rs. 140 at

23. Indalo Natural Henna Powder


It’s a pretty recent brand, but the results from the top-rated reviews are renowned! As they say, let’s embrace this best gift from nature to care best for your hair. Using this Natural Henna Powder is a significant, healthy step towards turning your grey strands into a natural black shade without much hassle. At the same time, you’re giving much nourishment to your hair at a price of Rs. 739 for a pack of 3 henna powder boxes of 100grams each.

24. Amina Henna Natural Black


After using chemical-infused hair dye products, hair problems such as dandruff, dry scalp, and hair fall are common. Thus, you need something strong and natural enough to combat these problems, and using henna powders is worth the second thought. If you’re looking for the best black henna for hair without chemicals, this brand Amina may be the ideal choice! You can buy their 130grams pack for just Rs. 180 at

25. The Wellness Shop Natural Hair Colour

The Wellness Shop is all about caring for your wellness! This natural hair colour powder comprises the goodness of henna, amla, shikakai, and a combination of other powerful herbs to strengthen and nourish your hair. It balances pH levels, keeps the scalp healthy, maintains and repairs hair, and promotes hair development. Moreover, it’s also a valuable mix for scalp itching and dandruff concerns. With a delivery of 2-5 days, you can buy this henna powder at 23% off for Rs. 675 at

26. Herbul Black Henna


Here’s another export quality best mehndi for hair, which is already famous in the USA and Europe. This super affordable herbal black henna is available for just Rs. 150 at Amazon India. The naturally cultivated henna powder accounts for more than 60% of the total content and is an ammonia-free product to use safely on your hair.

27. Indus Valley 100% Organic Henna Hair Color (Soft Black)-100 g


For a dark brown shade, you may be all good to go with this Indus Valley’s Organic Henna powder, whose 100grams pack is available for just Rs. 189 at Amazon India. It is a chemical-free product designed to provide nourishment, volume, and shine to your hair. And, a big plus if you suffer from concerns like dandruff and hair fall issues.

28. Nisha Natural Black Hair Color Dye Henna Based Black Dye Henna For Hair


Due to its natural hair colouring capabilities and lack of added chemicals or dyes, this henna is doing well on the market. It is suitable for all hair types and is ammonium-free. It comes in a sachet and is sealed airtight to maintain its freshness. This item is a herbal one to provide a rich black shade to your hair and is available for just Rs. 185 at Amazon India.

29. Shagun Gold 100% Pure & Natural Black Henna Powder Hair Colour


One of the best Indian goods is this henna by Shangun Gold, and it has the beautiful elements that everyone needs for healthy hair. The organic ingredients that nourish and strengthen hair are amla and shikakai. You can apply this henna on all hair types once or twice a week. You can check out their product for just Rs. 159 at Amazon India.

30. Just Jaivik Organic Henna Powder


The Just Javik Organic Henna Powder uses triple-sifted henna powder to colour and treats your hair while giving it a natural-looking auburn hue, resulting in shinier, softer, and healthier strands. This henna powder is free of dangerous chemicals and additives, including the allergen-triggering PPD, making it safe for scalps with sensitive skin. About 227grams pack of this henna powder is available for just Rs. 239 at Amazon India.

How Can You Tell Good Quality Henna?


Yes, a handful of factors come into play while selecting good quality henna for your hair. Henna is a greenish powder that should come in the most natural form from the henna shrub. However, a modern creation of henna, too: black henna.

Black henna is made by mixing the henna powder with PPD or para-phenylenediamine. Yet, this PPD is a highly sensitized substance that may cause an allergic reaction in the concerned people. Thus, it would help if you always considered it before buying the best henna for hair without chemicals. The deciding factors can vary and may come from trial and error after experiencing the results and performance of different henna powders.

Consider the Brand You’re Buying Henna From!

A supplier is trustworthy from whom you’re buying henna. Natural henna is real henna, no matter what the label says. Of course, it could be different, like pure henna, organic henna, eco-certified, certified organic henna, and more. The purpose of the supplier should be to serve you with natural henna extracted naturally from the plant in powdered form without additives.

Ease of Application

Every henna comes with specific instructions for application, and there are standard rules to apply as well. In addition, there are various YouTube channels available to guide you for the same on how to apply henna to your hair at home. Check them out, too, before you ruin anything during the application. It’s also vital that you cover your hands or other visible parts beforehand to avoid getting henna stains. So, your primary concern should be to check the henna application instructions and avoid buying the henna powder if it’s too complicated to apply!

Environment and Earth Source

Check the labels for where the henna is extracted from! What are the earth's source and environment where the henna shrub is brought up? Henna dye is extracted from a henna tree called Lawsonia inermis, a tropical shrub or Egyptian privet native to Asia, North Africa, and Australia. Henna is removed from its leaves which come as a greenish or reddish brown powder, commonly used to dye fabrics, temporary body art, or to apply on hairs. You need to check the source of what you’re buying!

Bonus: How to Use Henna to Nourish and Dye Your Hair?

Henna should be soaked in lukewarm water the night before and mixed thoroughly, breaking up any clumps, until it has the consistency of the smooth batter to receive the most health benefits and colour. When applying it and washing it off, always wear gloves. Your skin will soon lose colour, but your nails won't do it as quickly.

Before applying, enclose yourself in an old towel. To avoid red or orange patches on your skin, apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly along your hairline and at the back of your neck. It works best to leave henna in an iron (not steel) utensil overnight to soak. Iron creates a pigment that effectively conceals grey. To make your hair softer, you can use curd for water when making the henna paste. And you can also add hibiscus flower powder, lemon juice, egg white, beetroot, olive oil, fenugreek seed paste, and tea/coffee brew with the henna powder.

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Things to Do After Applying Heena

Always use a conditioner after washing off the henna. Conditioners not only lock in colour, but they also neutralize odours. You can also squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water and use it for the final rinse. Try to avoid using a hair dryer on the same day. If you need to use a towel dry or hair dryer. Use the low-temperature setting. Do not wash your hair for at least two days after applying henna.