Looking for Upcoming Play Station Games to Play in 2021? 1o Best Playstation Games that We Can't-Wait to Play.

Looking for Upcoming Play Station Games to Play in 2021? 1o Best Playstation Games that We Can't-Wait to Play.

PlayStation has won the hearts of the gaming community. Today we have selected some of the best upcoming games, which will make their way to the PlayStation systems 2021 or later. Here you will find some of the hottest new releases on PS4 that can wow and surprise us!

Put on Your Gaming Shoes to Enjoy Playing These Playstation 4 Games

Looking for a thrilling multiplayer, an amazing single-player adventure, or an engaging cooperative experience? PlayStation 4 got some of the best options for you. PlayStation has created a line-up of interesting games in its library with years of presence, giving you numerous options to choose from. Although 2021 brought in the PS5, it doesn't push the previous version out of the league anytime soon. That's because the best PlayStation 4 games are going to stay relevant and playable for years to come. And you can find a lot on the list for mature players and kids, making it a family entertainment solution.

Also, some games come with free of cost enhancements that let you get benefits of the modern console power. Below are some of the best PlayStation 4 games you can add to your playing list.

Must-Have Accessories for PlayStation 4

Controller Charging Stations

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Charging stations make the process of powering up the controller more convenient. Besides, charging multiple controllers at one time is also a great option. Moreover, popping up the controller on the charging station is relatively simpler than mingling up with cables for every gaming station you have at home.

PS Plus Subscription

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After getting a PS4, you should consider PS plus subscription. Having a Sony membership plan, you can play PlayStation 4 games online and obtain cloud storage for saving your progress. But a bigger perk here is free games each month.

At the beginning of each month, Sony releases free downloadable titles on PlayStation 4, and you can play your games till your membership is active. You can go for 1, 3, or 12-month membership plans. With free games every month, and extra discounts at the promotions and sales, the membership quickly pays for itself.

Internal Hard Drive

The PS4 has two internal storage variations, like 1TB and 500GB. Considering an average game size crossing 50GB in 1 download and then the game saves data, your system memory could run out very soon. Here, the best thing with PS4 is its ability to expand internal storage. Players can replace their hard drive with a better and bigger one according to their requirements. This allows you to download more games and save more data on your console.


VR capability is the main benefit that puts Sony above its first competitor, Xbox one. According to the technology tycoons, VR (virtual reality) is going to be a huge thing. Companies such as Sony, HTC, and Facebook are working on gadgets based on that technology. And if you desire to experience how VR works, doing it with the PS is a great choice. To use a PS VR, you will need to get a PS camera, and adding motion controllers can make you feel like being there in the game.

10 Best Playstation 4 Games

Here's a list of our top ten games you would love to play on your PS4.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

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It is a new entry in Ubisoft's long-running stealth and action series. This time, you will have control over Eivor, a Viking warrior in middle age England, who set up his clan's latest house. You will also explore a vast range of warrior kingdoms, murder key targets, fight against the harmful Saxons and participate in Viking's rap battles, also called flying. This game plays and looks great on the PlayStation 4. The advanced mechanics of RPG help you to shape character growth, control the world around you. Every option that you make will carve your direction to glory. Further, double wield potent weapons like swords, axes, and shields give you the feel of fighting the Viking warrior style.

Attack your enemy, develop your settlement, and make political power in a quest to earn money in the Valhalla among gods. You can buy Assassin's Creed Valhalla Standard Edition from Amazon at the price of Rs. 3,969.

Horizon Zero Dawn

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When you play this game, you will experience emotions such as accomplishment, fear, and frustration. This game expands dramatically on that point, taking you outside of the charm in the intelligent and stylish gameplay system describing the narrative's focus. It combines a lot, including an incredible open world, a relatable protagonist, a creative story filled with challenges, and a host of robot dinosaurs. Herein, you get to topple the massive beats and human enemies with arrow, bow, and other ranged and melee weapons. The game's setup is in the post-apocalyptic world that has sufficient time to become prosperous again. This game tells Aloy's story, who is a pariah from her nation and has learned the art of spear and bow. When she explores the threatening world around her, she understands that she can play a vital role in changing it for the better.

While playing the game, you jump into the character's boots, trust her motivations, and work towards achieving her aim. Sony Horizon Zero Dawn - PlayStation 4 is available on Amazon at the cost of Rs. 720.


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It is a tremendously popular 1st person shooter, coming straight from the great minds at Blizzard entertainment. It has a colourful and glorious character cast with dramatically distinct roles for each. This is not another typical shooter game. Instead, it's the one with a class base that means you can play 1 of 4 classes available. When you want to dive headfirst in the firefight, you can set a trap to surprise your enemies or keep your allies healthy and alive. Maps are big with multiple objectives across locations such as capturing a flag, conducting a moving payload, and defeating enemy territory.

Overwatch invites you to select from a special range of heroes; a rocket hammer holding warrior, a transcendent robot monk, or a time-jumping adventurer. Whether you are attacking in the front line, giving safeguarding cover with supporting allies, or energy shield by expanding the damage, each ability is practical as a team. This Overwatch - Game of the Year Edition (PS4) is available at Amazon for Rs. 3,319.

Or you can check out Overwatch – Legendary Edition on the PlayStation Store with a price tag of Rs. 3,499.

God of War

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It is one of the story action-adventure, single-player games for the PlayStation 4. This game boasts impressive accomplishments such as immersive combat, a no-cut camera, and a vast open-world to explore. The game story is straightforward. A young boy and his father are going to disperse the ashes of his mother. The twist occurs in the journey that makes the adventure memorable. This game is a 3rd personal game with some puzzles tossed in the mix. You can upgrade your gear and amour by adding some light RPG things.

Throwing the weapon (axe) and getting back it with a tap is satisfying in the game. For the gameplay, the father has to survive, teach his son, and protect him from the spirit of Sparta's bloodstained fault. It combines the ideal series's hallmarks like an epic boss fight, breathtaking scale, and brutal combat with a powerful narrative. You can buy PS4 God of War (PS4) from Amazon by paying just Rs. 951.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

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One of the best PS1 games is back with a remake in the form of Final Fantasy VII Remake. This game is a Japanese Role-Playing Game (JRPG) with some action components passed into the mix. Final Fantasy VII Remake looks lovely with the explained environment and character models. Also, in this game, battles feel over the top. Its story is the largest underline that carries profound lore, an intriguing protagonist, and an engaging plot. When you play the actual game, you will understand that the game has been changed to keep you addicted. It is an independent story which means you don't have to play the final fantasy full game to understand the story.

It features a system of hybrid gameplays that combine real-time action along with command and strategically based ones. Most of the game's iconic characters start their journey and find their backstories and special fighting style to discover how they perform on the battlefield. You can purchase Final Fantasy VII: Remake - PlayStation 4 from Amazon at the cost of Rs. 2,990.


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Bloodborne is gruesome, gorgeous, tremendously challenging, and one of the simple games for PS4 owners. It's the role-playing game that actually defines "difficult." This game takes you to a fantastic world where you experience darkness, death, and madness at each corner. Also, you face the dangerous mobs and nightmarish creatures when you navigate your path via the bizarre world where you have to save yourself. It falls under the deliberate action and combat category that needs you to use the arsenal weapons such as guns and knives to take down the adaptable and intelligent creatures situated in the city. If you discover the correct chalices, you can make your path via extremely horrifying dungeons and basement networks while fighting traps, beats, and monsters.

This game features a wonderfully detailed gothic environment, an advanced online experience, and an atmospheric lighting show to harness the power of PS4. Bloodborne is available on Amazon for Rs. 975.

Death Stranding

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In the near future, a strange explosion happened that shocked the globe through a supernatural events series, referred to as Death Stranding. The spiritual creatures trouble the landscape leading to mass extinction. Now, it's the duty of Sam Porter Bridge to cross the ravaged wasteland to save humanity from frightening annihilation. Start your search to civilization in a smashed world along with supernatural dangers.

You can buy Death Stranding (PS4) from Amazon at the cost of Rs. 1,240.


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It is the paranormal adventure shooter game from Alan Wake's team. The game features a style of art full of pastel shades and deliberately grainy, matching the theme with dream as ambiance. The mechanics of gameplay introduce modern power and weapons. Explore shifting architecture and various environments in a big unpredictable world, set within the sprawling building of New York.

It is the story of Jesse Faden. Get your hands on the control and walk through the journey with the Control game available on Amazon for Rs. 2,499.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

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In this part of the series popular for hero Nathan Drake, you will enjoy massive action. Herein, you will discover how wood needles into pieces under gunfire and how Nathan gets stuck in the mud in a high-octane car chase. And, 1st time in the series, the naughty dog has provided the characters of the series to develop as actual people, digging in satisfactory details where you might expect the least.

Drake starts on the journey of globe-trotting in pursue of historical conspiracy beyond the pirate treasure. The main character's greatest adventure will put a check on his physical limits and ultimately resolve the quest of how he saves his loved ones. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4) - The older version is available on Amazon with a price tag of Rs. 820.

Detroit: Become Human

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Detroit is another one of the fantastic PlayStation 4 games, and it's all about developing the story. You are prepared with an engaging and adequately explained storyline before playing the game. Then, you enter a world of significant dilemmas, tough decisions, and much more to explore. Moreover, you also get to shape an aspiring narrative where you don't only find the fate of 3 characters but also the entire Detroit city. You can buy Detroit: Become Human (PS4) from Amazon at the price of Rs.699.

Bonus Tip

Upcoming PS4 Games

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2021 has a lot in stock for gamers and those who love to play on playstation 4. Even though playstation 5 is out, most 1st and 3rd party developers of the console will resume supporting the preceding generation. The co-op adventure from Hazel Studios, It Takes Two, is coming out on March 26, followed by Disco Elysium with its console debut on March 30. Outriders, Oddworld: Soulstorm, and MLB The Show 21 is scheduled for April release. May begins with Resident Evil Village, followed by Hood: Outlaws and Legends, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Subnautica: Below Zero, and Biomutant RPG.

Necromunda: Hired Gun, Chivalry 2, Ninja Grandmaster Collection, Guilty Gear Strive, Back 4 Blood, Dark Alliance, Scarlet Nexus, Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Life is Strange: True Colors are other exciting titles to be released in 2021.

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Manage Your Friends

If you have a regular gang of gamers, create a friend list and do chatting with them to simplify things. To chat with them more frequently, download the PS Messages app for Android or iPhone. It’s basically an instant messenger for PS4. Reclusing yourself off from the world is easy, too. The quickest way is to hit the Options button when you’re on the login screen. It will let you log in with an “Offline” status, keeping what you do more private.