Make Your Guests Feel Special With the Right Bridal Shower Return Gifts: Our 12 Curated Options Make it Easy for You! (2022)

Make Your Guests Feel Special With the Right Bridal Shower Return Gifts: Our 12 Curated Options Make it Easy for You! (2022)

Bridal showers are a fast-growing trend in India. The bridal shower is where the bride will be, well, showered with gifts to celebrate her big day, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to treat the guests to a little something special. Make it unforgettable for them with beautiful bridal shower favours. We have gathered below 12 of the best bridal shower favours that you can choose from. Get ready to check one thing off your wedding to-do list!

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What is a Bridal Shower?

Bridal showers are said to have originated during the 16th century in Holland. In those days, if a bride married without her father’s approval, the father refused to pay any dowry for her marriage. To help the bride start a new life, the townsfolk got together and presented her with small gifts that they could afford as a noble gesture. With these gifts, the bride was able to establish her home with her husband without the requirement of a dowry.

However, the tradition has evolved over the years to-be-married couples are showered with gifts to celebrate their wedding. Currently, a bridal shower is considered to be an event that celebrates a bride’s upcoming marriage. The family and friends of the bride provide her gifts that she can use to set up her home.

What is the Difference Between a Bridal Shower vs Wedding Shower?

As well all know, planning a wedding is a huge task and involves an array of events such as bachelor/bachelorette party, bridal shower, wedding shower, reception, and wedding. The main reason for hosting a bridal or a wedding shower is simply to get presents to start your future life together. The purpose of a bridal shower is to set up a party exclusively for the bride, her friends, and female relatives. The maid of honor is responsible for hosting the party and planning the event. All the invitees to the shower are supposed to present gifts to the bride in celebration of her impending wedding.

On the other hand, a wedding shower is hosted by both the bride and groom. Guests who are close to the couple are invited to the event and present the couple with gifts. As a norm, they generally choose to host either a bridal shower or a wedding shower but not both. Alternatively, the couple set up a wedding gift registry online hosting a variety of stores based on their liking. Rather than gifting in person, the guests can directly contribute to the online registry making it a hassle-free process.

Etiquette to be Followed to Host a Bridal Shower?

Hosting a perfect bridal shower involves thorough planning and execution. In this article, we will see someone of the etiquettes to be followed while hosting a bridal shower. A bridal shower is hosted a few months before the wedding. A maid of honor along with the bridesmaids plans the shower. They also prepare a guest list in consultation with the bride. Since the bride is also involved in the planning process, party themes, details, activities, venue, and activities are planned out. Only the party is planned, the invitations must be sent out at least four weeks in advance. The invite contains the bride’s name, time, venue, registry information, and late date for RSVP.

Steps to Plan a Bridal Shower

    Host the perfect bridal shower by referring to the following steps provided below.

  • Set a budget: create a budget for the entire party including catering, beverages, rentals, venue, photography, theme, etc. Calculate the cost involved per person and keep everything sorted.
  • Date and venue: choose a date well in advance so that it does not clash with other wedding events such as bachelorette parties, reception, etc. Also, choose a suitable venue based on the theme. For instance, if it is spa-based themed, it is necessary to choose a spa venue for hosting the event.
  • Décor and planning: If you have a big budget, you can hire a professional to take care of the planning process sans any hassles. Else, you can involve your family and friends in coordinating the planning process. Designate a task for each person to make it a hassle-free process.
  • Plan activities: discuss with your group and make a list of activities to do at the party. It might involve games, fun activities, and getting acquainted with each other.
  • Catering and hospitality: plan the food items and beverages that you planning to serve at the event. Choose appropriate vendors to make the necessary hosting arrangements. If the venue is far away, make necessary transport and hotel arrangement for them to make them comfortable.
  • Choose suitable return gifts: make arrangements to choose the best return gifts in advance based on the theme of the bridal shower.

How to Choose the Best Return Gift for a Bridal Shower?

Choosing a return gift is an important process in planning an event. By providing a return gift, you acknowledge and appreciate the guests' presence at your event. Thus, it is necessary to plan and choose thoughtful gifts for your guests that can be cherished by all. One can either choose to buy your return gifts in bulk or you can spend some extra time curating your gift to add a personal touch to it.

12 Amazing Bridal Shower Return Gifts

In this article, we present to you a curated list of the best bridal shower return gifts to impress your party guests.

1. Curated Bath Bomb Gift Box

The Flamingo Bath Bomb Set is the perfect return gift for your guests. The curated box consists of a pink flamingo soap, bath bomb, and lip balm that sits neatly in an elegant blue box packing. The flamingo soap is made from organic ingredients and is not harsh on the skin. It perfectly moisturizes the skin and makes it supple. Similarly, the fizzy bath bomb is a perfect way to unwind after a tiring day in your bathtub. It smells heavenly and de-stresses your time after a long day. Finally, the vanilla lip balm moisturizes your lips and nourishes them.

2. Customized Fridge Magnets

Want your guests to remember the party for a long time? Choose a Customized Set of Fridge Magnets as a return gift. It is a simple process but adds a personal touch to the gift. Firstly, choose a bunch of pictures of the bride along with her friends and family. You can also customize the magnet by adding multiple images as well.

Create a collage of pictures of the bride along with her friends and get them imprinted on the magnet. You can also choose from a variety of shapes such as a heart, circle, rectangle, or square as the base of your magnet. The magnet is available in various materials as well such as acrylic, wooden, and metal. Furthermore, you can also customize the magnet with text and or clip art to create lifelong memories.

3. Champagne and Assorted Cheese Set

If you planning to host a party for only a close set of friends, pamper them with a luxurious return gift. Chose a bottle of bubbling champagne and an assorted cheese set to curate a one-of-a-kind cheese board. The cheese board consists of a set of premium Dutch Cheese from Henri Willing.

The package is comprised of a wooden cheese board, fig flavoured cheese dip, honey mustard dip, rose wine pearls, extra-aged sheep cheese, cow gold cheese, and jersey truffle cow cheese. It also consists of real rose wine champagne to mesmerize your tastebuds. The box also consists of scented candles and artificial flowers to provide your guests with a memorable and tasteful experience.

4. Handcrafted Succulent Potted Plant


If you are a nature lover and like to keep everything simple and natural? Choose a set of Handcrafted Succulent Plant Pots as a return gift for your guests. This thoughtful gift consists of a handcrafted angel girl plant pot with natural succulent plants. This handcrafted plant pot is perfect for growing succulents or cacti that consume less water. It is a perfect gift for beginners and can adorn one’s bedside table or work cubicle. It consists of a small hole at the bottom to drain the excess water and to keep your succulents safe.

5. Engraved Wine Glass

Make your events memorable by choosing this custom Engraved Wine Glass. The wine glass is made from polycarbonate thus making it very sturdy and unbreakable. The wine glass can be customized with the initials of the bride and groom that are imprinted using gold paint. It consists of long stems and comes as a set of two capable of holding 290 ml of liquid. Moreover, the glass is microwave safe and possesses German certification. You can also engrave the names of your guests so that it resonates with their identity thus making it a perfect customized gift.

6. Glitter Customized Wallets


Surprise your guests with a Customized Wallet that be used to store their valuables. The wallet is made from metallic glitter engraved with an acrylic name. The shiny sequins sewn on the wallet adds a glittery texture and are available in an array of colours such as lavender, rose gold, metallic gold, wine, black, and silver. The wallet is sturdy and consists of three-compartment to organize your things such as cards, cash, and coins. It is available in a single size measuring 8 x 4 inches and adorned by metallic thread tassels. This unique customized wallet is a perfect return gift for a bridal shower.

7. Jade Roller and Guasha Gift

If your guest list consists of all women, this beauty kit is the perfect return gift. The Beauty Kit consists of a jade face roller, guasha massage tool, facial oils, and cleaning sprays. The cleaning alcohol spray cleanses the impurities from the face and prepares the skin for massage. The jade roller comes in two sizes, the small rollers are perfect for the eyelids and under the eyes. The big roller is used on the other areas of the face such as the cheeks, neck, and under the lips. The gua sha massager is used for sculpting the face and tightens and contours the skin to prevent wrinkles. Finally, use the facial oil enriched with extracts of peach, jojoba, and vitamin E to impart an amazing glow to your skin.

8. Engraved Handheld Mirror

An antique-looking gift is cherished by all. Choose the antique Wooden Engraved Handheld Mirror that looks elegant. The hand-engraved oval mirror consists of an elegant carved design categorized under the ‘Queen Collection’. It is the best addition to your vanity and adds an old-world charm. The mirror is made from brown coloured beech wood and measures 3.5 x 4.9 inches. It consists of distinct engraving and each mirror consists of a unique design. One can store this elegant mirror in your purse or adorn your home by hanging it on the walls to get unlimited compliments.

9. Scented Candles

Elevate one’s senses and rewind after a long time with a scented candle. The Scented Candle is infused with Gardenia and Night Jasmine scent. It is made from 100% natural Soy Wax that is non-toxic and vegan. It is poured into a 100% biodegradable container and fills your home with its heavenly scent. The top notes consist of night-blooming jasmine and bergamot, middle notes such as blood orange and lily, and base notes such as gardenia and eucalyptus. The organic vegan candle emits less soot compared to its counterparts. It is perfect for date nights, dinners, spas, home décor, and self-care.

10. Artisan Tea Blends

The perfect gift for tea lovers who love a perfect cup of tea to start their day. The premium collection consists of Artisan Tea Blends from various places such as Istanbul, Gulmarg, Shanti, and Seville. The Istanbul teabags consist of Green tea infused with the flavours of apple, rose, hibiscus, and berries. The Gulmarg teabags consist of Kashmiri Kahwa green tea infused with cardamom, apricot, and spices. The Shanti teabags contain Sencha green tea infused with jasmine. Finally, the Seville teabags consist of Oolong tea infused with mandarin orange and spices. The 40 silken pyramid tea bags are elegantly packed in a royal blue cartoon.

11. Assorted Coffee Bundle

A perfect assortment of four flavours for coffee lovers from Country Bean. The curated coffee bundle consists of four flavours such as hazelnut, caramel, vanilla, and original flavour. The assorted blend consists of 100% premium arabica without any traces of chicory. Instant coffee is perfect for making a cup of hot coffee or a cup of cold coffee. It is the perfect gift for coffee lovers who love to unwind after a long day at work.

12. Sheet Masks

An Assorted Set of Sheet Masks helps your guests to rejuvenate their tired skin after all the festivities. The assorted sheet masks from The Face Shop provide intense hydration with brightening properties. It is made from natural extracts without harmful chemicals. It is available in ten varieties such as lotus, aloe vera, shea butter, olive oil, rice, blueberry, cucumber, bamboo, lingzhi, and lemon. It is dermatologically tested and free from parabens.

Bonus: DIY Personalized Return Bundle

Are you a person who prefers to make your gifts and ditch the products available in the market? There are numerous DIY videos and tutorials available online that can serve as an inspiration to curate your gift.

Here are some of the items you can put together to create a perfect return gift for your guests.

  • Homemade chocolates
  • Homemade goodies such as cookies, cakes, and jams
  • DIY thank you cards
  • Organic soaps or body butter
  • Scented candles
  • Scented potpourri
  • Homemade wines
  • Bottle openers
  • Ceramic cutlery such as trays and spoons
  • Table coasters
  • Embroidered napkins
  • Homemade sauces and spices
  • Mittens
  • Knitted sweaters and gloves
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When your guests are travelling, it's especially important to keep their favours small or to get something that doesn't just need to be packed. If your guest list is quite large, small gifts help keep costs down. If you have fewer guests, you may be able to spend a little more on your guests.