Be Supportive and Get a Thoughtful Gift for Husband After Vasectomy (2019)

Be Supportive and Get a Thoughtful Gift for Husband After Vasectomy (2019)

Having decided to go ahead and get a vasectomy may have been a mutual decision that you took after a lot of thought and discussion. It may be the sensible and practical thing to do, yet can be slightly daunting for your husband when the moment arrives. Be supportive and give him something thoughtful, sweet or funny depending on whether he needs a pick me up or a morale booster. Find here tips on how to be there for him as well as some great gifts.

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Is Your Husband Preparing for a Vasectomy? Here's What You Should Do

Show Him Your Support

If you and your husband have decided to go the vasectomy route, it is a very important decision that will affect the rest of your married lives. Moreover, it is definitely a big deal for your husband. He might be nervous or even feel overwhelmed. Although this is not a big or elaborate surgery and your doctor may have offered the required guidance and explained what to expect afterward, it is natural for your husband to feel anxious.

Make efforts to calm down his worrying lines even if he is all macho about disguising his nervousness. It would be a great idea to go on a quick getaway a few days before the surgery, to give him some time to unwind from the stress of the big day. All through this time, be by your husband's side, and offer him the much-needed love and support. All this will surely make a big difference and ease his anxiety. After all, it is a decision that lies in the best interests for the both of you!

Help Him with the Emotional Battle

“But, don’t you want to have more kids?”

If you have been open about the procedure and your friends and family know about the decision, your husband is bound to encounter a ton of curious minds. People who aren't aware of the specifics involved or those are simply nosy may be intrigued. Dozens of questions may pop up and your husband may be part of unsolicited interviews. Does he regret it? Did it hurt? Why did you do it? Were you forced to do it by your wife? People ask even if it doesn't concern them; you can't help it! Help your husband through this emotionally trying battle by being his constant, talking him through tough days, and being open in your communication. Encourage him to share his concerns with you and remind him that no matter what, you are by his side.

Post-Surgical Care

Your consulting urologist will give you instructions for post-surgical care. It is important that you involve yourself in the process by understanding from the doctor the clinical consequences of the vasectomy. Educate yourself by asking questions, even if they seem silly or basic to you, and read articles online (but be sure to check reputed sources such as WebMD or MayoClinic). While the recovery after a vasectomy is not always painful, and long-term complications are rare if any, the situation can vary from one individual to another. So, be attentive to your husband’s needs.

Bottom-line: whether it is just having a bag of frozen peas handy or preparing certain diets - if you know what to expect, you will be better equipped to support your husband post the surgery.

Gift Ideas for Your Husband After Vasectomy

You can make the healing and recovery process smoother for your husband after his scheduled vasectomy by pampering him with a small gift! Some people call this an “anti-push present” or a "snip gift". Whatever be the name, vasectomy gifts are really a gesture of showing your support, kindness, and affection. The gift can be something small to say a "thank-you" for taking the plunge for you or one to commemorate your joint decision as a couple to remain childless. So, if you have already made up your mind to give your husband a gift after his scheduled vasectomy, you are on the right page! We have curated a bunch of gifts suited for the occasion. These have been categorized into (A) hilarious gifts that are sure to give you and your hubby a good laugh, and (B) commemorative gifts for those of you who like keepsakes. Have a look and tell us what interests you!

(A) Hilarious Vasectomy Gifts

Baby Bottle Filled with Fine Scotch


Gift your "big baby" his favourite drink, but with a twist: Gift it to him in a baby bottle! You can purchase a good-quality milk or feeder bottle from a local store or this 240-ml bottle by Mee Mee (on Amazon, Rs.251). To this, add some very fine scotch or any other fancy liquor of his choice. He is going to totally enjoy sipping his favourite drink from a very unusual container. It will give him a good laugh and perhaps even ease his pains a bit, while helping him celebrate the big step he has undertaken! However, please pay heed to the doctor's advise about any restrictions of drug contraindications related to alcohol consumption.

Pocket Swiss Knife


A pocket swiss knife makes an excellent and funny snip gift, doesn't it? In fact, we have heard reports of friendly doctors gifting these to his patients after vasectomies, just gor gags! You can buy a Swiss Military Unisex Multifunctional Tool (CT2) from Amazon India for Rs.689. This is a combo pack that includes a Ball pen and stylus, a bottle opener or knife, a Philip screwdriver, and white LED light (4 pieces lr41 batteries included). These additional tools in the combo make this a very handy and practical gift for your husband.

Funky T-Shirt


Gift your husband a t-shirt sporting a funky message, something that reminds him of his sacrifice! Here's a funny shirt that has a printed illustration of two "shocked" sperm. The message says "Time to retire the swim team"! The print is of very good quality and the manufacturer guarantees it will not peel, crack, or wash off. The t-shirt is a basic fit and is available in white and blue colours. It's slightly expensive, priced at Rs.1,232 but it is also a gift that he can flaunt on more than one occasion. You can purchase this funky t-shirt from Etsy, search by “Time to retire the swim team”.

Award Him a Trophy

If your husband likes field sports and is generally someone of a sporting nature, he will surely be pleased to receive a customized trophy from you. You can customize a trophy for your husband who has demonstrated some fine teamwork skills and undergone a snip surgery with his team-first attitude. Hop on to to see the variety of designs and materials you can choose from to create your own custom trophy. These are quite affordable as they are priced at Rs.1,000 on average.

Man Cave Wooden Board

Tell your man you love him unconditionally by giving in to all his reasonable pleas. Tell him you will tolerate his snoring, farting, belching, or any other unreasonable tantrums he throws until the end of the recovery period. This funny wooden board has printed slogans and living rules that are loved universally by men.

These are some of the words of (cavemen) wisdom:

  • No chick flicks
  • Belch freely
  • The remote is mine
  • The man is always right
  • No crying

If you are strong enough to abide by these and many other such crazy rules, get this wooden board from for Rs.999. It will surely be a treat for your husband after his big sacrifice for your relationship. But hey, remember to emphasize that he's the boss only for a limited period!

(B) Commemorative Gifts for Husband After Vasectomy

Personalised Socks

A pair of personalized socks is a gift that is long lasting and funky! It is something that will ensure your husband keeps warm and feels cared for, after the vasectomy surgery. You can order a pair of personalized socks from for Rs.3,432. These are from the premium Supima brand and are cotton based. The socks are custom knit with a phrase of your choice, so you can have your husband's name or the date of the surgery embroidered on his socks. These are also machine-wash safe so you don't have to worry about fraying threads and reloading the fabric softener each time your husband kicks off his worn socks into the washing machine!

The Charcoal Gang

A great idea for a vasectomy care package is a combo of cleansing products. This one includes a cleansing gel, a soap bar, face scrub, face wash, shampoo, and body wash--all the essential grooming products required for a royal cleanse! What's interesting is that this entire range is of activated charcoal products, which are the newest and hottest trend in men's fashion. Gift your husband a refreshing and detoxifying care regime after his vasectomy surgery. Buy this pack for Rs.2,199 from The Man Company.

Gift Him a Supply of Snacks

They say the way to man's heart is through his stomach. Pamper your husband by gifting him a bunch of his favourite snacks, not just once or twice, but on regular supply. Yes, that's right! You can gift a snack subscription from Snackible; they have some awesome subscription packages that start at Rs.1,500. Some of the options are delicious makhanas (fox nuts), energy bars, soya-based snacks, dark-chocolate ragi cookies, cream and onion whole-wheat thins, and quinoa raisin bites. Gift them health, nutrition, and wholesomeness through this unique gift!

Personalised Wine Glasses

Wouldn’t a gift with the date of this significant milestone etched on it be wonderful? We are talking about a pair of stylish wine glasses personalised with your own names and dates; this would for an make an excellent gift to commemorate the special occasion in your lives and remind you two of your unconditional love for each other. You can personalize the text to be engraved on each of the glasses (within a limit of 20 characters). You get two 20 cm x 7 cm glasses for Rs.1,299; these can be purchased from Exciting Lives. Celebrate and raise a toast in style!

Bonus: Ultimate Gift Wrapping Idea

Here’s a cool tip to help you take your gift to the next level. Whatever you decide to get your husband, remember to snazz it up a little by tying a red ribbon or twisters--anything that will be difficult to rip off with hands and needs to be cut by a pair of scissors. This will likely give your husband an adrenaline rush because, finally, he can snip off something himself! :) Happy gifting!

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Humor him for a few days

He may act like a toughie on most days but you know how he can also turn into a big baby, specially when he is feeling under the weather, but it's only because he wants you to pamper him like one! So give him the attention he craves, even if it's for a few days. He may take the whole thing well, but if he starts demanding your attention, humor him till he feels better.