Don't Spend Long Weekends Cooped Up in the City! Here are the 10 Best Places to Visit Near Bangalore for Day Trips and Short Getaways (2019)

Don't Spend Long Weekends Cooped Up in the City! Here are the 10 Best Places to Visit Near Bangalore for Day Trips and Short Getaways (2019)

Yet another weekend comes in and rolls away and all you have to show for it are the same empty takeaway boxes and a Netflix hangover or bills from the umpteen local pubs. If you're tired of hanging out at the same spots week after week, get away from it all and look beyond the city. Here we offer recommendations for the best places to visit that are close to the city of Bangalore. If you're tired of the city life and want to unwind,take a look at this article and find out amazing places you can sneak away to for a nice weekend!

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Bangalore - More Than the Silicon Valley of India

Have you wondered how it would be to experience nature in a city where modern skyscrapers reign but at the same time history lurks in the corner of the streets? If not, then you should consider visiting Bangalore and its nearby places. Even though infamous as it is for its traffic, the efficient highways will not only speed up your car but also your mind.

Diverse in its culture and attractive in a distinct way, Bangalore will definitely captivate your heart. This IT capital has the potential to surpass the success of real Silicon Valley in California, USA. Concrete jungle it may seem at first but at the core of its heart it is green. Some of that green heritage can be traced back to Sultan Haider Ali who was fascinated by the soothing weather of Bangalore made a garden in the city for his sister as a token of gratitude. Now it is a botanical garden and attracts people from every corner of the the nation and even from abroad.

There is Cubbon Park which is known as the 'Lungs of Bangalore'. History walks past silently among the hustle and bustle of busy city life. Haider Ali might have built the garden but the city's history dates back to sixteenth century. Feudal lord Kempe Gowda discovered this place while hunting. Later it was assigned as a capital of southern India by the British. From that time till now, it has developed as an important place with train routes and airports. In this contrasting city which often contradicts itself, one is definitely to find solace. So what are you waiting for? Go on that road trip you have always wanted. Or ride a bicycle and explore various places in the city you live in. If you're adventurous, go on and conquer the hauntingly beautiful mountain trail that surrounds the city.

Top Three Nearby Places You Must Not Ignore While In Bangalore

Bannerghatta Biological Park: Nature's Recluse

Bengaluru Bannerghatta Biological Park is a breath of fresh air in the cacophony of city life. It is situated 22 kms away from Bangalore. The reason behind the zoo's establishment is to educate city children and provide recreation to the general public. This park encircles around the forest of Champakadhama hills. Now this place has become a major tourist attraction for the scenic beauty. Not only that, it captures attention of scholars to study flora and fauna around the area.

The fauna in this park is diverse. From the Royal Bengal tigers to bears, various birds, reptiles, elephants, lions, etc. reside peacefully in this place. One specialty of this park is that it is home to many abandoned or
exploited animals. They are given a safe refuge there. Bengaluru Bannerghatta Biological Park is an ideal place to visit for a one day trip. You can start as early as around 7 in the morning from Bangalore as traffic is light during that time. Delicious breakfast options can be found on the way towards the destination.

Further, there is NICE Ring Road and the zoo is 7.5 kilometers from the Ring Road. Around 9:30am you can reach the zoo and opt for the jeep safari which starts at 10am. The entry fee for adults is Rs.80 and for kids it is Rs.40. In case of senior citizens, the fee is Rs.50. There is a reptile park attached with the zoo and its timing is 9am to 5pm. The zoo is closed on Tuesdays. There is a separate butterfly park that's like a cherry on top. But still, the main attraction is the jeep safari which takes you to the heart of the wilderness. The safari includes spotting tigers, lions, bears and elephants in their natural habitat. There will be a forest officer to guide you through the safari. The jeep rent fee is Rs.2,500 for four people. So go on! Let the adventure begin!

Bangalore Palace, Where the Stone Walls Speak

If you are looking for a quick gateway but also want to experience the history of Bangalore then you must visit the Bangalore Palace. It is not just an architectural marvel. The garden surrounding the palace for 454 acres will soothe your eyes. Its structure is inspired by the Windsor Castle of London and John Cameron was the mastermind behind the planning and building of this palace. The construction on this stone monolith began in 1874 and was completed in 1878. But even after completion, many people have by turns added extra elements to enhance the castle's beauty.

One of them is the addition of the Durbar Hall by Maharaja Jayachamaraja which is now a major attraction of this place. It is made in Gothic style. Bangalore Palace is home to many valuable arts and paintings. One can find the pictographic tapestry of Wadiyar dynasty to wonder at. On the other hand, the ground of the palace was once open to commercial events but a recent dispute between Government and the royal family has limited the activities but one can still enjoy the beauty nonetheless. The entry fee of the palace is Rs.230. If you intend to take pictures then separate charges are required for electronics. It costs Rs.285 for mobile camera, Rs.685 for still camera, and Rs.1,485 for video camera. You can visit the palace anytime between 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Bangalore Palace is situated near the Vasanth Nagar area near a reputed management institute. The best way to reach this place is by a private car but plenty of buses are also available.

Strange Rocks of Yana

Looking for a little adventure but do not want to tire yourself with a long and arduous trek? Then Yana is the place for you. Yana is is a remote village situated in the the forest of Karnataka. It is known as one of the wettest villages of the world. Situated at the lap of the Western Ghats, this place will mesmerise you with its unnerving beauty. Yana has two major rocks: Bhairabeshwara and Mohini rocks which are made up of karst limestones.

There is a legend surrounding this mystic place. It is said that once Lord Shiva gave a boon to an asura who could turn people into ashes just by putting his hands on them. The asura wanted to destroy Shiva, but Vishu discovered this and came to the rescue, and the asura was burned into ashes himself instead. It is said that the ashes are scattered over the place and that is why the rocks are so dark. Fascinating, right? There is also an ancient shivalinga inside a cave which adds sanctity to the place. One has to trek an additional two kilometers from the village to get here. Yana is situated within 500 kilometers from Bangalore. January, September and October are ideal to visit this place.

Pro tip: Keep a camera with you and wear good quality shoes to explore the rocks. The luscious marvel awaits! What are you waiting for?

Let These 3 Magnificent Hill Stations Near Bangalore Soothe Your Soul

Ooty Is Waiting

Discovered by a British officer named John Sullivan in the year 1817, Ooty - or the village of the single stone - is a major tourist attraction to people from all over the world. Appreciated for its fantastic weather and lush greenery, Ooty is a major getaway destination that's fairly close to Bangalore. The distance between Ooty and Bangalore is 271 kilometers and this place is very well connected as the roads are well maintained and comfortable to drive on.

If you are planning to go by bus, then you have various options to choose from. You can opt for AC or non-AC buses. This rides usually start from the evening around 7pm, and take approximately nine hours to reach Ooty. The fare is decent and ranges between Rs.600-800. If you are thinking of your pocket and want a more inexpensive way to travel then you can opt for a train journey. Start at Bengaluru City Junction Railway Station and end at Mettupalayam Railway Station and the entire journey will take about four hours. Take a cab at the station to travel the last 40kms to Ooty. This way your cost will be as little as Rs.400. Now the best way to visit Ooty is by a car ride in case you want to experience the scenic beauty on the go. You can easily hire a taxi; depending on the car you hire, the fare will be between Rs.15 to Rs.20 for every kilometer and the driver will charge around Rs.250 for his service. If you are driving your own car then the hassle is less. Additional charges will be of toll taxes as it crosses the state boundary. So it will take around 4-6 hours to reach Ooty by car and it will cost you around Rs.2,700-4,500

Pro tip: Keep some dry snacks with yourself. And obviously, check your driving license to ensure it is still valid as there may be checks along the way!

Yercaud Looks Beautiful

As you are trying to find places near Bangalore to visit this season, you will find Yercaud situated only 250kms away from Bangalore. A nature lovers' paradise and also a quick getaway for a weary soul. The best way to reach Yeracud is by a car. You can hire a cab or drive on your own. It will take around four hours to reach. The journey is beyond beautiful and we suggest you to keep the windows of your car down to breathe in every moment. If you are thinking of taking a bus or train, then unfortunately, there isn't a direct ride from Bangalore.

Famous for its lake and falls, Yercaud holds a reputation of unpredictable weather. In case you want to explore the forests, then wear sturdy shoes. Don't forget to do boating in Yercaud Lake or you will miss out big time! And if you want to indulge yourself in gorgeous sunsets like the English lady in the legend then do visit Lady's Seat as you will also find a fantastic view of Samen city at night.

Trek at Chikmagalur

At 3,400 feet altitude, situated 240kms away from the city of Bangalore is a covetous place for those adventurous souls who are fond of trekking and exploring the unknown. So this weekend, take a trip to Chikmagalur and be prepared to be mystified by the nature.

The best way to reach Chikmagalur is by a car or a bus. Train is also an option. The road trip will take approximately 4 hours by a car. When it comes to bus, there are many options.

Cauvery Travels (Non AC Sleeper)

  • Departure - 11:30 PM
  • Arrival - 5:00 AM
  • Duration - 5:30 hours
  • Fare - Rs.550

Pooja Travels (Non AC Sleeper)

  • Departure - 11:30 PM
  • Arrival - 5:00 AM
  • Duration - 5:30 hours
  • Fare - Rs.550

Sugama Tourist Route No.- 05 (Non AC Sleeper)

  • Departure - 10:15 PM
  • Arrival - 3:10 AM
  • Duration - 4:55 hours
  • Fare - Rs.510

If you are planning to stay then do check out homestays at Chikmagalur so that you can experience the nature. Another staying option is at Kemmangudi Horticulture Department. Approximate room rent is Rs.250. A trekking group can go for the dormitory option.

For booking during season: 080-26611925, 26571925 (Department Head Office Lag Bagh)
For booking in non-season: 08262-24126, 235334 (Horticulture Department Guest House)

While you are here, do not forget to visit Mullayanagiri Peak, Bababudanagiri Range and Hebbe Falls. These are not just scenic, they are a treat to the eye and food to the soul.

Bonus: Places to See While in Bangalore

Tired of going through the same places mentioned on travel pages? Think you have seen every place near Bangalore? Well think again. Here you will come to know of three picturesque places near your crib where you can take shelter to brush off a rough week. Read on.

Abbydhama Homestay In Madikeri

Madikeri, a hill station famous for Rajas Seats, Madikeri Fort and Abbey Falls can be an excellent getaway. 268 kilometers from Bangalore, you can reach this place with 5 hours. The shortest route to reach this place is to take the NH 48. If you are wondering which place to stay here, then you have come to the
right place.

There is a serene estate homestay situated on the way to Abbey falls is the Abbydhama homestay. Cocooned by a beautiful coffee garden you will find yourself blessed waking up in the morning at this homestay. The estate is a traditional bungalow whereas the homestay is a traditional villa. Both are equipped with excellent facilities. They have a swimming pool for everyone and a playheaven for children. Most of the room faces the lush view of the coffee plantation. From writing books in seclusion to hosting parties in unison, this place offers everything. Special care is taken while serving vegetarian and non vegetarian foods among the guests. Moreover they conduct bonfire on request from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. So there you go! It will feel nice to get Bangalore out of your lungs for sometime.

Tata Plantation Trail Resorts, Coorg

Located in Pollibetta you will be mesmerised by the rolling hills and its coffee plantation. Be prepared to be charmed by the sweet smell of coffee as you relax and let the stress go away. Pollibetta coffee plantation of Coorg has the ability to transport you into a new dimension. This is a place you can visit any time of the year, so voila! The resort consists of different bungalows situated on hills of different altitude. The facilities are luxurious and will give you ample space to spend your holiday in peace. This place is 227 kilometers from Bangalore and one can reach there using a private car. The resort provides many fun activities such as trekking and sightseeing.You can also go birdwatching if you are a wildlife enthusiast. Take a stroll in the jungle nearby or you can just grab a cup of steaming coffee and appreciate life! Four types of rooms are available in this resort and their prices are mentioned below,

Heritage Rooms – Rs.5,500-6,000
Luxury Rooms – Rs.6,000-6,500
Heritage Suites – Rs.4,800-5,200
Superior Rooms – Rs.4,000-6,300

Dhole's Den

Dhole's Den is a bit different than the other homestays. It renders itself as eco-friendly and a part of eco-friendly responsible tourism. Situated in Bandipur National Park, this homestay is special in its own way. The entire electricity is solar powered or wind turbine powered. There is a generator but that does not create noise pollution so that wild animals can live in peace. In this homestay, there are no air conditioners, TV or refrigerator in the premises. Noisy cars are also a total no no. They use their kitchen waste to grow their own vegetables and provide you with the meals. There might not be a pool to jump in but there is a prospect of birdwatching, nature strolls or just experience the raw wilderness. To keep the premises clean, the owner only lets fifteen people stay at the bungalow at a time.

If you are wondering why it is called Dhole's Den, then let me tell you that Dhole is the local name of Asiatic wild dogs and the owner of the homestay is an ardent dog lover. The rooms are are of 3 types, i.e. Habitat, Garden Mansion and Mountain Paradise. Habitat consists of two rooms and its tariff is Rs.14,000. Garden Mansion consists of two rooms and it will cost Rs.18,000 (full board). Mountain Paradise has one room which is also Rs.18,000 So do something new, travel environment friendly and make a change.

How to Make the Most of a Short Getaway

Our lives are now so busy that we do not even have time to heave a sigh properly. Therefore, short outdoor adventures are literally a breath of fresh air. In the holiday season of the upcoming year 2020, break out of the prison of four walls and delve into the surroundings you live in. Look at your neighbourhood like you have never before.

1. Pack Less Travel More

In order to make most of a short getaway, carry as less as possible. Grab a backpack and bring out the inner minimalist in you. Only carry the essentials. If you are going for trekking or staying at some remote area, then have dry snacks with you. You can carry some essential medicines. If you love photography, then camera is a must. Just do not let anything spoil your fun!

2. Book/Arrange the Vehicles Ahead

To avoid the last minute hassle, book your vehicle early. Its true that early arrangements are not always possible and some trips happen suddenly, but researching is always a good choice. If you are travelling by train or bus, know the route. You do not have to memorize it, just use the maps. Make the most of Google maps while travelling. Last but not the least, keep track of your reservation tickets and in case your train gets cancelled keep extra cash. It will come in handy.

3. Keep Souvenirs

All these were technical sides of making most of a short trip. But amidst the preparation you must not forget to actually travel. Wherever we go, we create memories and that is very important because in the end that is all that matters. So when you are visiting an old undiscovered coffee shop, if possible, ask them and keep the menu card. If you are trekking through a deep forest and touch the wildflowers, let the feeling linger. Buy a cheap handmade replica of the monument you have just seen from a vendor because it will make him/her happy. All these will not only enrich your life emotionally and physically but will make you a better person too.

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When in Bangalore

The busy city life drains everything out of you and there are only so many pubs you can go to. So take a small trip to the places around Bangalore and explore the beauty of nature. There are a lot of beautiful hill stations and resorts nearby where you can spend a nice weekend with your friends and unwind. Make sure you have proper travel plans and have cash handy. Happy travelling!