14 Exciting Gift Ideas for Girls 10 Years Old (Updated for 2021)! Toys, Games, Cute Gifts - We Have It All!

14 Exciting Gift Ideas for Girls 10 Years Old (Updated for 2021)! Toys, Games, Cute Gifts - We Have It All!

Buying gifts for 10 year olds is not easy! The tween years are when girls are getting eagerly exploring and trying out new things. Our hand picked gifts for tween girls are a great mix of education and fun, so you can pick something that best fits the 10 year girl you are shopping for. So scroll and pick something she'll love to get as her gift!

What Do 10 Year Old Girls Like for Their Birthday?

Have you ever shuddered at the thought of buying a birthday gift for a 10-year-old girl? Buying gifts in itself is a tricky business, buying gifts for children who are between the age of 10 – 15 years is an astronomical feat. However, after you grow through this list you will realise it’s not so difficult after all.

Few Tips To Get It Right

  • Gifts That Combine Fun and Learning:
    Kids between the age of 10 to 15 are still growing, their minds and bodies are experiencing complex changes, and they absorb information like a sponge. With the gift you give the little girl, what do you want to achieve? Do you want it to be remembered and cherished or do you want the little girl to learn something new? For someone who is turning 10, it’s always better to get something that’s educational, something that will help them develop new skills or improve the existing ones. For instance, a gift like a painting kit to support her hobby, or you could introduce her to the science world with a Microscope Kit with 25 Slides.

  • Give A Boost To Her Hobbies and Interests
    You want only the best for kids – be it school, toys or clothes. The same goes for hobbies too. Whether you’re a parent looking for gifts for your 10-year-old daughter or you’re buying gifts for your favourite niece – it’s important to buy them a gift that develops their interests and hobbies. Let the little girl enjoy what they love the most, because hobbies help the overall development and free expression in a child. If the 10-year-old loves nature – you could get her involved in hobbies like swimming, gardening, bird-watching etc. If she’s interested in sports you could pay for skateboarding, badminton or tennis classes

  • Games That Keep Her Physically Active
    Did you know that sports helps enhance the physical and mental command of your body, as a result it helps in decision making? It does. Kids always come out stronger and independent because of playing sports, and also get to socialise more. Enroll your daughter in some kind of sports classes that she’s always wanted to go to as a birthday gift. Alternatively get cool and exciting games that will make her play time fun and challenging

  • Gifts That Encourage Social Interaction:
    As kids get into their tweens, social interaction are an important way to build strong friendships. Games that encourage shared fun are a great way to build relationships and have fun memories. Look for gifts that support collaborative play and interaction so she gets to spend time with her friends doing interesting activities that are also enjoyable.

Enjoyable Gifts a 10 Year Old Girl Would Love to Receive on Her Birthday

Maths Game

Source www.amazon.in

Does your daughter enjoy mathematics? If she is one of those genius kids, then Howzat Math Game is perfect for her. It’s a most unusual game designed to master the four fundamental operations of mathematics – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Players compete with each other to play out all the tiles they’ve picked, and the first one to do so wins the game. This game will definitely improve her basic arithmetic skills while she’s playing the game. You can buy this game from Amazon for Rs.240.

Her Own Bluetooth Speaker

Source www.amazon.in

At 10 years of age, she is ready to figure out the music she likes and will be eager to listen to her favourite tunes in her room. Buy her this colourful speaker that can be used with ease. It comes with convenient playback options. It works on a rechargeable battery which works for about 6 hours on full charge. With its cute, small dimensions she will be able to even carry outside and have a blast. Check out this speaker on Amazon for Rs. 540.


Source www.amazon.in

Legos are always so much fun to play with and your 10-year-old may already have a basic set of these construction blocks. At 10 years she still enjoys playing with toys but in the not so distant future she will start to think of herself as all grown up and want things her mom, teenage sister or aunts use. Before she starts turning up her nose at ‘toys for small kids’ let her have the most of games like this.

The LEGO Bricks and Houses, is a stand alone set but can be paired with her existing set as an expansion pack. In this set the kid will be able to set up and enjoy designing and creating her own houses. Consisting of 270 pieces the set can build 6 different places to live: a family home, an igloo, a lighthouse, a small house, a windmill and even a castle! As the child gets comfortable she can start making her own creations. Buy this for Rs.1,899 on Amazon.

A Family Trip to a National Park

Source buddybits.com

When you grow up, you will always look back on the family trips you used to go with your parents, siblings and friends with such fond memories. You cherish those sweet moments and wish those moments would come back. Moreover, family trips shape the way you travel now. That’s how important family trips are, kids not only thoroughly enjoy family trips but it’s also an opportunity for them to see the world and adapt themselves to new culture.

For your daughter’s 10-year-old birthday you could take her to the Ranthambore Weekend Tour as a surprise gift. She’ll be thrilled to see the wildlife for real rather than on TV. The highlight of the team is the jeep or canter safaris into the national park and sighting of wild animals. A Ranthamore Weekend Tour comprising 3 days and 2 nights from Delhi to Ranthambore costs Rs.12,155 per person for a group of 4 people and can be booked on tourmyindia.com. We are blessed with national parks and bird sanctuaries, pick a destination close to you or take her to a place to see animals she is interested in.

Jumbo Box of Colors

Source www.amazon.in

If you still haven’t got the slightest clue what to get a 10-year-old kid. Don’t worry, we’ve still got loads of gift ideas for you. Arts and craft supply is a wonderful gift option to help develop new skills. Moreover, 10-year-olds still love to draw and paint. The Faber-Castell Art Care Kit with Paint Brush is awesome because it’s got a smart assortment of art and craft tools for your little girl. It’s got both dry and wet colors, which includes 10 erasable crayons, 3 oil pastels, 10 connector pens, 6 tempera paints, 1 free pain brush, 1 scratch tool, 1 dust-free eraser, a sharpener, 1 craft scissor and a paper door tag. She will go crazy looking at the gift and will want to immediately use it. You can buy this amazing art and crafts set from Amazon for Rs.297.

Mechanical Hand Cranked Music Box

Source www.amazon.in

Birthday gifts are special – it happens once in a year and you want it to be memorable, no matter whose birthday it is. If it is your little angel’s 10th birthday you probably want to give her a beautiful gift that will become a keepsake to her one day. And the Hand Crank Musical Box will be a perfect birthday gift. We’re sure you have music box yourself, gifted to you by your mother, and every time you play it, it takes you back to your childhood. The musical instrument comes in a beautiful wooden box which plays the happy birthday song. You can purchase it on Amazon for Rs.649.

An Absorbing STEM Set

Source www.amazon.in

With the rising interest n educational toys we now have a plethora of options in the market. You can pick on depending on her interests. Does she like chemistry or is she more into robotics and engineering? Or does she enjoy exploring space and our planet? You can easily find a great option that fits her preference and interest. These kits are a great way for the children to have fun while seeing scientific principles in action. Sites like Amazon have plenty of choices, depending on topic and age so you should find the right one easily. We have chosen a simple activity kit that can be used to create five experiments. Using the material given, kids can create and enjoy the following five things - thermal turner, an ATM, earth's magnet, windmills and a clamp gripper. Find it on Amazon for Rs. 943.

Another great option is this WitBox kit on Robotics using which the child can work on up to seven projects available on Amazon for Rs. 2499

A Pretty Personalised Bracelet

Source blinglane.com

If the little girl loves jewellery, then giving her a piece of personalised jewellery will thrill her. There are several options available but we loved this simple yet elegant option from BlingLane where you can create a personalised bracelet that bears her name. There are numerous options in terms of designs and materials. Prices start at Rs. 1,395. Another option is pipabella which allows you to create a charm bracelets from scratch.


Source www.amazon.in

Another amazing toy for a physically active girl – multicolored Smoby Mighty Battle Scooter. When it comes to scooters for kids, it’s important to get the right fit for the child. You need to look for the right mix of safety and modern features when buying one. But we’ve made that task easy for you. If you’ve decided to buy a scooter for your 10-year-old daughter, this Smoby Might Battle Scooter is just right. It’s got smooth gliding wheels with ABEC bearings and strong metal frame construction. It’s also got a strong rear fender brake that will provide enough stopping power when pressed with the leg. Get this trendy and stylish scooter from Amazon for Rs.1,699.

A Pretty Personalised Bracelet or Pendant

Source www.amazon.in

If the little girl loves jewellery, then giving her a piece of personalised jewellery will thrill her. There are several options available but we loved this simple yet elegant option from BlingLane where you can create a personalised bracelet that bears her name. There are numerous options in terms of designs and materials. Prices start at Rs. 1,395. Another option is pipabella which allows you to create a wide range of personalised jewellery including pendants, earring, bracelets and more.

Doodle World Map Pillowcase

Keep your 10-year-old occupied and enthralled with the best creative gift there is out there – Jungle Magic Doodle Pillowcase. This set comes with 2 pillow cases and 6 doodle marker colour wash out pens. What’s interesting about this is that there are range of options available from food to sports to musci so you can pick the subject that appeals most to her. She’ll be able to learn so much about the topic in the comforts of her room while she’s doing her favourite activity – coloring. You can get this amazing pillow case from Amazon for Rs.320

Be Realistic Before Buying Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls

Most kids want to be adults as soon as possible. Moreover, kids’ preferences and interest keeps changing like the weather. So when buying gifts for 10 year olds you need to keep in mind these things before you decide to invest in something that requires long-term commitment. Another thing that you need to consider is that she’ll soon go through puberty, she will grow, and her body will change among other things. Buy her something practical, something that catches her interest now.

From our editorial team

Encourage Interest in Non-Materialistic Things

As parents and relatives of young children you have the urge to buy your kids the best toys, games, books and clothes. With the kind of choices available now it is easy enough to give in to these urges too. But before you do pause to consider if you are in stilling a materialistic attitude in your child; there is nothing wrong with wanting to give her the best, only it must be balanced out with other pursuits. Show her the world beyond the latest game or dress, teach her to be kind, encourage her to use her imagination to create new games the way you did as a child.