Forgot to Order the Gift for the Would-Be Bride in Time? Check out Great Last Minute Bridal Shower Gifts to Make the Bridal Shower of Your Friend Memorable (2022)

Forgot to Order the Gift for the Would-Be Bride in Time? Check out Great Last Minute Bridal Shower Gifts to Make the Bridal Shower of Your Friend Memorable (2022)

Have you forgotten to buy a suitable gift for your closest friend's bridal shower or did you receive the invite late leaving very little time to arrange for the gift? Whatever might be the reason, in case you are looking for a last-minute bridal shower gift we are here to help you. We have curated a list of great last-minute bridal shower gifts for you.

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Why Should You Care about a Bridal Shower Invite

Bridal shower is an age-old practice going back as much as to the 16th century. However, the tradition has only evolved with time and become more interesting. Not just the way it is celebrated, but also the etiquettes of a bridal shower have changed. Nevertheless, the basic underlying purpose of a bridal shower remains the same with family and friends giving their blessings to the couple. Let us understand the new trends in the bridal shower celebrations and how folks are celebrating their special day.

Etiquettes You Should Know about Before Planning Your Bridal Shower

  • Send the Invitation a Little in Advance: With everyone living a fast paced and busy life, people like to plan their engagements in advance. While sending the invitation, make sure that you are sharing it with the guests at least 3-4 weeks before.

  • Thank You Notes for the Guests: Your thank you note should also convey the invitation to the wedding. Note that the guests to your wedding shower should also be invited to the wedding. Nothing beats a handwritten note to convey your gratitude, and therefore, you should plan one.

  • Theme According to the Season: Well, a lot of factors should be considered such as the weather, season of the wedding and the location. Ideally, bridal showers are hosted during the day but you can always select the location and theme as per the weather of the location. Make sure that you always have a hall or so nearby the venue you are hosting the event.

Top Eight Last Minute Bridal Shower Gifts and Ideas

Okay, let’s hop on to the most interesting yet hard to decide part of the bridal shower – gifts. Moreover, it becomes even more tiring to select a last minute gift for the bridal shower. Do not worry as we have covered you by suggesting some of the best last minute bridal shower gifts.

Gift Cards


Perhaps one of the easiest and most real-world gift you can give to someone is the gift card. Make it even more mushy by giving the couple a Airbnb gift card for their perfect romantic retreat after the wedding. Depending on your budget, you can buy the card online and also transfer the couple over their email. Your easiest stop to buy a gift card would be Amazon where wedding gift box cards are available in a wide price range.

Smart Mug


Who does not like a hot cup of coffee in the early morning or after a tiring day? Trendy yet useful, a temperature control smart mug is something that the bride is going to love. These mugs are not just convenient but also practical and something that can be used by husband and wife both. We particularly liked the 2-in-1 coffee maker from Nescafe specialising in making various types of coffee. You can easily find this super cool 2-in-1 coffee maker smart mug on Croma for ₹ 6199.00.

Comforter Set for the Couple

We could say that you would be checking all the right boxes by selecting a comforter set. Elegant, romantic and perfect for everyday use, comforter sets are a real deal. To make it more thoughtful, you can also add matching pillows and bedsheets with the comforter. The best thing about this gift is that you do not have to run from pillar to post as it will be easily available in the home décor and linen shop. The bedding set from Home Centre available on Myntra for ₹ 4,999.00 is the perfect choice for the couple. We loved the combination of peach and white giving a perfect romantic vibe.

Wedding Caricature


If you want to add a goofy and comic hint to your gift then a wedding caricature with a stand will be a good option. There are various types of caricature ideas available right now. You can either go for the physical caricatures or the digital ones. Not just the bride but also the groom will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the cute caricature that is going to stay with them for life. If you want to gift a caricature but confused where to look for, then get a personalised caricature done from IGP for ₹ 695.00. All you need to do is to share the picture of the couple and the caricature would be home delivered to you.

A Bottle of Champagne

If we can adorn it with a perfect adjective then ‘timeless’ is the word for a good bottle of champagne. The drink has signified celebration and happiness for long, and therefore would be an impeccable choice for gifting. We are sure that you will not have any problem in finding a good bottle of champagne that fits your budget and also loved by the soon-to-be bride. You might want to consider a few things such as the type of champagne and the packaging before buying that perfect bottle of champagne. Although, it is a bit challenging to get online delivery of alcohol products in India, Nature's Basket seems to have a wide collection of champagnes that you can order online. Our recommendation would be Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial available on Nature's Basket for ₹ 8,163.00.

Couple Game Night Set

Games are a perfect way of striking a conversation, having fun and losing the initial inhibitions for a couple after their wedding. There are so many games out there to select from. You can give the adult spin games for all kinds of fun and naughty options that this board game has to offer. From saucy dares to cute trivia cards, this game not only is an ice breaker but also a perfect way to bring the couple closer. Moreover, the gift selection also gives you full points for your originality and unique idea. The one we found most interesting and fun is the Naughty Truth and Dare Cards for ₹ 1,990.00 on Oye Happy.

Wine Rack

Wine racks will never be out of trend when it comes to a perfect gift for the bridal shower. There are so many designs and styles to select from in the market today. You can get a small wall hanging rack for saving the floor space or the more elegant big ones if the bride is a collector of age-old wines and takes pride in them. Just consider the longevity of the rack while you are buying the wine rack. You might want to consider a stainless steel wine rack for durability as well as a picture-perfect style. A stylish and fun option is this wall-mounted teak wood wine rack available on Pepper Fry for ₹ 2,084.00.

Wireless Speaker

This is perhaps the most obvious one but definitely one of the most useful gifts that you can give pick. Wireless speakers are a party essential and can be used on the go. Moreover, it is something that both the partners can use, therefore adding value to their abode. Be it, camping or a cosy night at some picturesque location, songs on a wireless speaker can set the right mood and create the dreamy environment. boAt Party Pal 50 is one such speaker from boAt that the bride is going to love. Get it for ₹ 3,999.00 on boAt.

Shop for What Suits You

There you go! We have jotted down for you some of the best and easy last minute bridal shower gifts to save you from breaking your head at the last minute. Be mindful of the budget and also the interests of the bride while selecting one of the gifts from the above mentioned ones.

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Great Bridal Shower Gifts Make the Occasion Happy and Memorable

A good bridal shower gift is not only going to delight the bride-to-be but will also remind her of you every time she uses the gift in her new home. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you decide which bridal shower gift you would like to buy for your friend or relative who is going to get married shortly. Share your experiences with us and stay connected for more such engaging content.