STEM Toys for Children to Help Them Develop Robust Cognitive Functions and Adept Problem Solving Skills. These are the Top STEM Toys for 10 Year Olds.(2021).

STEM Toys for Children to Help Them Develop Robust Cognitive Functions and Adept Problem Solving Skills. These are the Top STEM Toys for 10 Year Olds.(2021).

A STEM toy is a remarkable children's toy. It has very many beneficial properties. Unlike regular toys for kids, STEM toys can help nature your child into your child's desired career path. Better yet, they are unisex toys that can be helpful for both boys and girls. Herein, BP Guide has featured the top STEM toys for 10 year olds.

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What are STEM Toys?

The term “STEM” is perhaps the hottest abbreviation of the twenty-first century, which stands for Science Technology Engineering and Maths. These four disciplines were clubbed for the relatedness they share when it comes to education. So, when you hear someone pursuing education in STEM fields, they have essentially taken up of the four fields, as mentioned.

It obviously isn’t a simple task to introduce a 10-year-old to these terms, as they are just starting with their proper school education, and these terms would mean gibberish to them. We all know what kids love the most – toys! So, what better way could there be to introduce STEM than to make it fun for them to learn about the same? With STEM toys, you would be killing two birds with one stone, as not only are your kids going to learn about this term but also get to do their favourite thing in the world, which is, get to play with toys.

Let us see some benefits which would convince you as to why you must choose STEM toys over regular toys for your little one:

Why Prefer STEM Toys Over Regular Toys?

A Robust Mind Development

By ditching regular toys and opting for STEM toys, you’re choosing the path of more robust mind development for your child. STEM toys would instil the seeds of creative thinking and innovation in your child, which are the skills of the twenty-first century!

Unlocking the Path from Wishful Thinking to Problem Solving

As all kids and preteens in general live worry-free, as they should, they are sensitive and prone to susceptibility in their imaginative world. It is the right time to make them understand the meaning of problem-solving through innovative ways, such as making them play with STEM toys.

Making the Children Interested in the Fields of Today

As we said earlier, STEM is the buzzword of the twenty-first century. With STEM toys, you are taking the first step to introduce your children to the world of science and technology, the opportunities which are endless in the near future.

Learning Becomes Fun for Your Little Ones

It is almost impossible to get a ten year old to sit and study anything, let alone STEM subjects! However, with STEM toys, they get to learn so many new things which pique their interest, and they may even start to get interested in the actual subjects as well.

Same for Both Boys and Girls

In some way, we all are prejudicial towards toys for children; for instance, most of us go for barbies and soft toys for girls, while the transformer robot is meant for boys. With STEM toys, you can entirely get rid of this notion and go with any toy whatsoever, for either your girl or boy child.

STEM Toys for 10 Year Olds in India: Top Educational Toys Your Kids Will Enjoy Owning

If you’re finally convinced about getting STEM toys for your children, we have compiled below some of the best STEM toys for children aged around ten years. You can order them right away or choose the ones you wish based on these options.

Smartivity Roller Coaster Marble Slide STEM STEAM Educational DIY Building Construction Activity Toy Game Kit, Easy Instructions, Experiment, Play, Learn Science Engineering Project 8+with Action Game


For our first toy on this list, we have chosen this fantastic product by Smartivity, which is a construction-based toy for children aged between 8-14 years. The package comes with 143 parts, and you have to build your way through to play with the marbles. There are no additional tools required for this, and every part is entirely safe for the kids. It would take around 150 minutes to construct it from scratch, and it’s advisable to let your child try to develop it first, and if after many attempts, they’re unable to do it, then only you must intervene.

With this toy, you can try to introduce your child to some basic concepts of physics such as gravity, centrifugal force, and momentum transfer. And while constructing the same, your child would be putting in a lot of thought, which helps improve their strategic thinking. So how does one play this? After building it, you’ll get to blast marbles into the air to knock off the marbles sitting in the pool; however, you must only knock off the marble of your chosen colour; otherwise, you lose points. You can refer to its instruction manual for more details. This educative and fun STEM toy is available for purchase on Amazon for Rs. 639.

FLYING START Electronics DiscoveryKit (198 Experiments)


If your child continuously asks you questions about how things work around them, for instance, if it keeps bugging them about how electronics around them work; this would be the perfect STEM toy for them! This electronics toy by Flying Start helps in introducing your child to the world of electronics, circuits, their types, so on and so forth. You wouldn’t require any additional tools for this toy either, and it is also highly safe for kids. It is essentially a DIY set in which your child would be free to make anything they like, though the company provides various projects for kids to start first. It’s available in three variants – 198 Experiments, 698 Experiments, and 2008 Experiments. The 198 Experiments one is available for Rs. 2,699 on Amazon.

Smartivity Mechanical Hand STEM STEAM Educational DIY Building Construction Activity Toy Game Kit, Easy Instructions, Experiment, Play, Learn Science Engineering Project 8+with opposable thumb


Have you seen your child lurking around the home, looking for things to open up and explore how they are made? Also, have you ever noticed them taking an active interest in robots? If yes, then here’s a suitable STEM toy for your child – Mechanical Hand Toy Kit. Your child would get extraordinary exposure to the world of robotics at such a young age!

The package comes with 314 parts, and the build time is around 200 minutes. With this STEM toy, your child would get introduced to the basics of Biomimicry, hand-anatomy, and gears (it is worth to note here that all these concepts are from different disciplines).

It is suitable for children aged 8-14, is environment-friendly, and available for purchase on Amazon for Rs. 804, which is an excellent buy considering the price point.

Skillmatics Buildables: Compound Microscope (8-99 Years) | Stem Learning, Educational and Construction Activity Toy | Gifts for Boys and Girls Ages 8 and Up


Introduction to scientific tools at a young age can greatly benefit the child during the teen and early adult phase of their lives if science is what you think is the right choice for them!

With this tiny microscope, your child gets a peek into the world of Biology. You get to educate them on what a compound microscope is, how it works and its other essentials, and how you get to make them learn about some introductory biology terms such as what physiology is and how various things around them are working. Your child would also get to learn the concept of refraction and magnification. The microscope can magnify anything up to 300x.

In the case your child is stuck somewhere in building it, there is an instruction manual and a video provided by Skillmatics to help you with the same. You can buy this STEM toy from Amazon for Rs. 849.

Logic Roots Educational Toy Big Catch For 10 Year Olds Math Board Game To Master Division Gift For Kids


Here’s one STEM toy to make your child learn the concepts of division in the simplest way possible (which is, of course, fun!). To play this game, you have to save the fisherman who is lost using divisional skills. There are a few other activities involved in the game, which makes it super-duper fun for kids and parents alike!

Moreover, the kids get to build four crucial skills, namely, flexibility, forward-thinking, patience, and strategic thinking. With this STEM game, you get to bond with your children, and at the same time, make them learn maths as well.

This Mathematics-based game is available for purchase on Amazon for Rs 649.

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Human Body Anatomy Play Set With 24 Magnetic Pieces and Storage Tray


Have you ever noticed your little one getting intrigued about the human body or asking one too many questions to you about how our body works? Then you need to get this human anatomy kit for them!

Through this magnetic human body playset, kids would get to visualize and learn about various body parts in detail, such as the organs involved in the circulatory system, skeletal system, and so on. What’s more, this STEM toy would help in the development of other skills, also including hand-eye coordination, imagination, and creative thinking.

The package comes with 24 magnetic pieces and a storage tray for the primary parts. You can purchase it from Amazon for about Rs. 2,700.

Rubik's Cage Game, Head-to-Head Brain Teaser Strategy Game Based On The Rubik’S Cube for Ages 7 & Up


If you already have a Rubik’s cube for your child, here’s something you can buy something more challenging for them. Though it’s not exactly a STEM toy, it is worth a mention in this list.

This is a multi-player game to be played between two or three players. The target is to get three of the same colour cubes in a row. It is really tricky to play, and it would definitely bring your kid on his/her toes!
You can buy this toy from Amazon for Rs 1,400.

Kitki Escape Evil Fun Board Game Based on Chemistry and Magic for Boys and Girls, 8 Years+


Another multi-player game, which is based on the chemicals we use in our daily life; this game would introduce your child to these regular chemicals we use, which would be of great help to them in the near future.

The fun element involved in this game is the magic players have to use to escape the warden who has entrapped all the players as they try to create a magic potion. Are you intrigued already? You can check the product’s description or the video provided by the company for specific instructions on how to play this game!

This board game is available for purchase on Amazon for Rs. 1,200.

StepsToDo Electrical Fan Making Kit | Do It Yourself Science Kit | STEM Learning Toy


If your child is interested in making things instead of pulling everything apart, here’s a practical STEM game for them. It is a DIY electric fan making kit, which would make your kid(s) get familiar with concepts of electrical connections, dynamo, what an electric motor is, and mechanical assembling. This product can also prove useful for your child’s science project in school. It is available for purchase on Amazon for Rs. 259 only.

Kitki Three Sticks Board Game Math Puzzle Toy Gift for Boys and Girls


This STEM toy for kids is based on the concept of geometry and spatial arrangements. It can be played between 2, 3, or 4 players. Each player has to choose two sticks, turn-wise, to make various figures on the platform provided. For specific instructions, you can refer to the instruction manual provided by the company. It can be purchased for Rs. 1,200 from Amazon.

StepsToDo Hydro Electricity Kit. Hydroelectric Power Generation DIY Kit. Make Working Model. Generate Electricity from Flowing Water and Glow Small LED Light


Your 10-year-old child may already know what electricity is, but he/she may not have been introduced to how it is produced. Through this DIY hydro electricity kit, you could teach the same concept to them about how electricity is generated using the energy of flowing water. Your child would also get introduced to various other scientific concepts such as LED, generator motor, hydropower plants, etc. It is straightforward to assemble, provided you follow the instructions carefully. This STEM toy is available for purchase on Amazon for Rs. 399 only.

Notable Mention: GeoSmart Mars Explorer


If budget is not a constraint for you, then you can consider buying this toy for your child, through which you could introduce them to the concepts of space, spaceships, planets, solar systems, etc. This is a remote-control based toy, which you have to construct yourself with various parts provided by the company. It’s a toy copy of the Mars explorer, and it is definitely very intriguing for the kids. You can purchase this toy from Amazon for about Rs. 16,000.

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Whether in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics, as the name suggests, STEM toys will be a great fit to help develop and instill these abilities and qualities in children. Children leaning towards these feilds or desiring to take up careers from these fields, will automatically choose STEM toys and these toys would also be a great choice to help nature your child's abilities as compared to them having regular toys. For parents looking for awesome STEM toys, the top STEM toys for 10 year olds have been detailed above.