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Your Baby's Delicate Skin Needs Special Care, Pamper It with Only Natural Baby Products That are Toxin-Free and Completely Safe (2021)

Your Baby's Delicate Skin Needs Special Care, Pamper It with Only Natural Baby Products That are Toxin-Free and Completely Safe (2021)

Your baby, the apple of your eye, is without doubt the most precious thing in your life. Therefore, when it comes to baby skincare there can be absolutely no compromises. Where can you find baby skincare products that are completely natural, toxin-free and safe for your baby? We caught up with Gaurav Katiyar, Founder and CEO of Mommypure to know more about their wonderful products and why they are becoming so popular with new parents.

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Why Natural Holistic Products are the Best for Your Baby?

Babies are a source of bliss and happiness for parents. As a parent, there are ample things you have to learn starting from baby-care basics to figuring out the best products for your little one. Fortunately, there are nontoxic and natural baby-care products available in the market that are not only safe, but also protect the skin of your little bundle of joy.

Not many of you may know that September is the ‘Baby Safety Month’. This initiative began in 1983 and every year there are efforts made during this month to increase awareness about consumer baby products and how to protect your little one.

So, why is it so important to choose the right product for your baby? Well, you all know that a baby’s skin is new, sensitive and more permeable than that of adults. In addition, babies are not only more prone to infection, but they are also vulnerable to adverse reactions caused from certain skincare products. Therefore, it is of prime importance for parents to choose products that are nourishing and gentle on the baby’s skin. Honestly, not only for babies, but it is also beneficial for parents to gravitate towards a natural lifestyle free of synthetic ingredients.

Clean, Soothe and Nurture Your Baby with Natural Products

The baby-care market is expanding at a rapid pace owing to the rising concerns among parents over baby hygiene and health. Today, there is a huge demand for natural products that parents can use without fear, and confidently. However, there is always a struggle when it comes to purchasing a safe and toxin-free product for babies in the market.

To make things easier for new parents, BP Guide set out to find such natural alternatives available in baby-care products and what we found was Mommypure, a holistic brand with a wide portfolio of natural products for babies. It is also a brand with many firsts to its credit. It is India’s 1st Plastic Negative Brand certified by Repurpose Global and the first to introduce innovative products like Baby Bottom Wash and Baby Bum Butter to make the parenting experience a smooth affair for today’s millennial moms and dads. We decided to catch up with Gaurav Katiyar, the Founder and CEO of Mommypure to learn more about the brand and what triggered him to venture into this holistic baby-care and wellness products market.

Mommypure purely happened out of love: our love for babies, love for mother nature.

Gaurav Katiyar – Founder and CEO, Mommypure

Q&A with Gaurav Katiyar: A Labour of Love

Founder and CEO, Mommypure
Gaurav Katiyar
Gaurav has over 15 years of active experience in brand marketing, digital media and sales. He has worked with global media and creative agencies including Ogilvy, GroupM and Publicise in India and the USA, in key consumer segments like CPG, Fintech, Aviation and Pharma amongst others. In his last role, he was Director, Digital at Starcom New York, USA, focusing on digital innovations and data-driven marketing. He enjoys studying and researching natural and organic skincare, travelling to beach locations and reading business books, and after all of this if he gets time he loves to go hiking.
  • Q. What led you to create Mommypure and how did you go about it?
  • Mommypure purely happened out of love: our love for babies, love for mother nature. I and my wife began our quest to look for ways to live a healthier and a more natural lifestyle, even before we became parents of our little girl.

    Mommypure’s birth is backed by almost three years of extensive research. Unfortunately, like many other families, we too struggled in selecting and purchasing safe, toxin-free, clean products in the market for adults and babies.

    Quickly, I started reading and gaining knowledge on plant-based ingredients and how they could easily be used to develop homemade gentle, calming shampoo and body wash. It was a trigger point which pulled me in the direction of studying the formulations from botanical extracts. This led us to create our products 100% natural with no harmful ingredients. The certifications from PETA, CertClean, and Repurpose Global are a testimony to our commitment to ensure purity and sustainability in every part of our product building and manufacturing processes. From the attentive ingredients’ selection, development of our ethically sourced nature-powered products, to our environmentally responsible manufacturing, packaging, and beyond; nature is at the centre of Mommypure’s universe.
  • Q. What is your process of ideating and putting out new products?
  • We know that babies have very sensitive and thin skin, and since they are small their ‘body surface to skin ratio’ is higher than adults; meaning, they can absorb whatever is put on their skin. Those three factors need utmost attention to the ingredients of what should and should not be in skincare products designed for the most fragile skin. We took all these factors into account while putting together our product line.

    We believe in the mission of creating a holistic range of nature-powered clean products that are safe and effective for babies, families, and our planet. As a brand, we are committed to further grow the movement of clean personal care products for babies.
  • Q. What are you trying to achieve?
  • I am trying to spread awareness amongst young parents to make the right choices for their little ones. We understand this segment of the society, the demands of raising and nurturing a family and their constantly juggling professional and personal priorities. We understand that parenting is a tough gig; we are confident of making it easier by helping families and parents give their babies the purest start in life.
  • Q. How do you ensure quality?
  • We follow these global natural certification databases & their standards like NPA, EWG, Paula Choice, Ecocert, Natrue, Whole Foods, etc. as our baseline when selecting the ingredients, we use in our products. We are a CertClean certified baby-care brand and as a process we have banned more than 2,000 ingredients which have been even slightly deemed of being harmful in the slightest possible way. Our list of banned ingredients is ever-evolving, and we keep updating it on a regular basis. Adhering to strict quality control our products are manufactured in WHO, GMP and ISO certified facilities.
  • Q. What makes Mommypure products different from those of other brands for children?
  • At Mommypure we think beyond what is available in the market and come up with unique and innovative offerings, making products for our loved one’s comfort and care, adopting high international quality standards and being environmentally-friendly are the key aspects which sets Mommypure apart from its competitors.
  • Q. Please tell us about your carbon negative initiative.
  • At Mommypure we are on a mission to create clean products that are safe and effective for your baby, your family, and our planet. As an eco-friendly organisation we use recyclable and reusable plastic in our packaging. Partnering with rePurpose Global is a crucial step to support our vision of creating a better world by offsetting twice the plastic from the environment than we use in our packaging.

    For every product we sell, we are donating a percentage towards vetted programs that will collect and recycle twice as much plastic waste from the environment as we use in our packaging and operations. In addition to reducing our plastic use wherever possible, this partnership with rePurpose Global allows us to fund cutting-edge recycling, support ethical wages for marginalised waste workers and ultimately reduce plastic leakage into landfills and waterways. By doing so, we are proud to announce that every Mommypure purchase will now carry a Negative Plastic Footprint.

Innovative Skincare Products from Mommypure

Dewy Love Baby Face Cream

Your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin needs a cream that is comforting, protective and nourishing and Dewy Love Baby Face Cream perfectly fits the bill. This deeply hydrating and moisturising formula is enriched with cocoa and shea butters along with coconut, primrose oil and calendula extracts. The highlight of the product is the patented bioactive ingredient known as Pepha®-Protect, which not only strengthens and protects the baby’s skin, but also prevents DNA damage in the skin cells. Available on Mommypure, the price of the face cream is ₹ 449.00 (for 50 gm).

Baby Bottom Wash

A happy bum translates to a happy baby. This is the reason for the formulation of the soothing Mommypure Baby Bottom Wash. It is a must to include in the daily diaper changing regime for a refreshed and clean diaper area. Soothing ingredients like coconut oil and aloe vera extracts lock in the moisture while neem and chamomile extracts ensures your baby’s skin is free from bacterial infections. The product also helps maintain a perfect pH balance of the baby’s delicate skin. You can buy the product from Mommypure and the price of a 140 ml bottle is ₹ 449.00.

Baby Bum Butter

Babies spend long periods in their nappies, which can make their bums dry and dull. Crafted with ultra-nourishing blend of 7 essential oils, shea and mango-seed butter, Baby Bottom Butter will moisturise and leave your babies skin feeling healthy and smooth. It contains a patented bioactive component that prevents DNA damage to the skin cells and also strengthens the natural defences of the skin. Available on Mommypure, the price of the product is ₹ 449.00.

Where Can You Find Them?

Q&A (Continued) Baby Skincare Tips for New Parents

  • Q. Please can you give some tips to parents on what to look for when buying personal care products for children and babies?
  • Millennial parents are more vocal about wanting to make environment-friendly lifestyle choices than ever before. As COVID-19 has taken over the world, it has compelled billions of people to think differently and change their lifestyles overnight, paving the way for a renewed beginning. Millennial parents across Tier-I and Tier-II cities in India genuinely want to explore ways of leading a healthier and more holistic lifestyle and personal care for themselves and their baby is an integral part of such a lifestyle choice. I want to suggest them, always look for products which don’t includes toxins, harsh chemicals, sulphates (SLS, SLES), parabens, silicones, phthalates, MEA, DEA, TEA, animal by-products, perfumes, dyes, mineral oils and beyond.

    Mommypure is also India’s 1st Certified Plastic Negative Brand by rePurpose Global - a social enterprise helping people and companies take genuine climate action by financing the removal and recycling of ocean-bound plastic waste worldwide.
  • Q. Why is it important to use natural and toxin-free products, especially for children?
  • We know that babies have very sensitive and thin skin and since they are small, their ‘body surface to skin ratio’ is higher than adults; meaning, they can absorb whatever is put on their skin. Those three factors need utmost attention to the ingredients of what should and should not be in skincare products designed for the most fragile skin. We took all these factors into account while putting together our product line.

Future Plans for Mommypure

  • Q. What’s next for your brand?
  • We are looking to sell 100,000 units in the first 12 months of launch, along with a 30-40% month on month growth. Launching innovative and need-based products for babies and mothers every quarter will play a key role in our growth. In addition to expanding our presence on the e-commerce front, we have plans of partnering with maternity hospitals and clinics across key cities this year.

    Currently the brand has close to 20 SKUs and plans to venture into the mother-care space by 2021 end. We have also partnered with leading e-commerce players like Amazon, Flipkart, Firstcry, Paytm Mall, and Purplle to retail our product-line pan India.
  • Q. What products would you recommend for our readers and new parents?
  • Our Dew Love Baby Face Cream is a first of its kind product which is an anti-pollution baby face cream enhancing resistance to external environmental pollutants and strengthening the skin’s natural defences and also helping prevent DNA damage in skin cells.

    We have two other innovative products which are India’s first bottom-wash and bum-butter and they are the essential part of the baby’s diaper regime providing comfort and protection to your little ones.
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