Muesli is a Great Way to Start Your Day: Check out the Best Muesli Products in India to Give Your Health and Fitness a Phenomenal Boost (2023)

Muesli is a Great Way to Start Your Day: Check out the Best Muesli Products in India to Give Your Health and Fitness a Phenomenal Boost (2023)

Muesli is an extremely healthy and nutritious option to start your day right. In the recent past it has become quite popular in India with many established brands already on the muesli bandwagon. If you are interested in trying muesli but are wondering where to start and which product to try out first, you have come to the right place. This BP Guide has curated a list of the top muesli products currently available in India. It has been further segregated depending on specific dietary requirements for your ease. Read on to know more.

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Why Should You Eat Muesli: Let's Find out More!

Muesli is a popular breakfast cereal that is becoming increasingly popular in India. Not only is it a healthy, nutritious and filling meal, but it is also incredibly versatile and can easily be customised with a variety of fruits and nuts. In this article, we will discuss the 30 best muesli brands in India, including their nutritional properties, ingredients and health benefits. We will also explore why eating muesli for breakfast is becoming increasingly popular and how it can help support a healthy lifestyle.

30 Best Muesli in India You Must Add in Your Diet!

Are you looking for the best muesli in India to help you achieve your health and fitness goals? From weight loss to weight gain, diabetes control to protein intake, we have identified the top 30 muesli brands in India to help you make an informed buying decision.

Top 10 Muesli to Try in India for a Healthy Breakfast

In this section, we will be exploring the 10 best muesli brands in India that are packed with the best ingredients, rich in protein, fibre and perfect for satisfying your hunger cravings. Read on to find out which muesli brands are the top contenders!

1. True Elements

True Elements Muesli is packed with protein to provide the energy you need to stay alert throughout the day and avoid afternoon fatigue. Additionally, it is a great source of antioxidants that help protect your skin from premature aging.

Indulge in the delicious and guilt-free breakfast cereal of True Elements Fruit and Nut Muesli. This light and crisp muesli is full of fibrous wheat flakes, gluten-free rolled oats, freeze-dried fruits, Californian almonds, unprocessed raw honey and much more. Not only is it a tasty breakfast, but it's also full of vitamins, minerals and fibre that will give you the energy you need to get through your day. This high-protein muesli is the perfect cereal for weight-conscious people. Enjoy the deliciousness of True Elements Fruit and Nut Muesli today! You can buy a 400 gm jar of this muesli on True Elements for just ₹ 274.00.

2. Yoga Bar Muesli

Yoga Bar Muesli offers an array of exotic and unique flavours like dark chocolate and cranberry, turmeric and ginger, fruit/nuts and seeds, and almond and quinoa crunch. All these varieties are gluten-free and packed with protein and fibre.

Yoga Bar Almond Quinoa Wholegrain Muesli is a delicious and nutritious breakfast option made with a blend of whole grains, oats, seeds and nuts. The muesli is packed with fibre and protein, and contains no added preservatives or flavours. And for those of you looking for an extra boost of nutrition, this muesli has the goodness of almonds and quinoa added, making it a truly healthy breakfast option. A 400 gm pack of this muesli is available on Yoga Bar for ₹ 325.00.

3. Nourish Organics Muesli

Nourish Organics Amaranth Muesli is a scrumptious superfood to set you up for the day. Amaranth, the key component, is a powerhouse of antioxidants and protein. With its crunchy, crisp and nutty taste, combined with the natural sweetness of cinnamon and vanilla, this muesli is a powerful breakfast. A 280 gm pack of this muesli is available on Nourish Organics for just ₹ 485.00. Furthermore, you can explore a variety of other muesli options on their official website such as honey crunch muesli, seeds + nuts muesli, muesli super saver packs, etc.

4. Bagrry's Muesli


Bagrry's Muesli is a nutritious blend of oats, wheat flakes, raisins, honey and bran. It is high in fibre, easily digestible and full of multi-grains, making it an excellent treat. With its crunchy and healthy ingredients, Bagrry's Muesli is the perfect breakfast choice. Start your mornings right with Bagrry's Healthy Crunch Millet Muesli that you can buy on Bagrry's for just ₹ 350.00 for a 500 gm pack. The perfect combination of natural ingredients and crunchy cereal, you're guaranteed to have a delicious start to your day! Not only does it contain more than 40% imported oats, but it's also a high-fibre cereal, with added whole grains and bran to provide your body with the nourishment it needs.

5. MuscleBlaze Muesli

If you're a serious bodybuilder looking for the most authentic muscle building supplements, then MuscleBlaze is the brand for you! Their supplements are 100% authentic and are offered at the best prices, so you can be sure you're getting the best value for your money. Moreover, they offer whey protein, mass gainer and so much more, all with more discounts than anywhere else.

Start your day off right with MuscleBlaze High Protein Muesli. This nutritional powerhouse is packed with 25 gm of protein per 100 gm to keep you energised and satiated throughout the day. The delicious blend of rolled oats, rolled barley, quinoa puffs, and brown rice flakes makes this muesli an excellent source of fibre, protein, minerals and antioxidants. Enjoy a nutritious breakfast or snack with MuscleBlaze High Protein Muesli and kickstart your day! A 1 kg pack of this muesli costs ₹ 725.00 on MuscleBlaze.

6. Kellogg's Muesli


Kellogg's Muesli offers a nourishing, delicious breakfast that is ready-to-eat and packed with nutritious grains like wheat, corn, barley, oats and rice. To make it even more flavourful, the muesli is blended with dried fruits and nuts. It's also high in vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B6, folate, iron and fibre, and comes in a range of yummy flavours like nuts delight, fruit magic, crunchy fruit and nuts and no added sugar.

Enjoy a delightful breakfast experience and jumpstart your morning with Kellogg's Pro Muesli. This delicious multigrain breakfast is made with a blend of raisins, papaya and flavourful cranberries along with 3 super seeds and 7 baked grains. All you need to do is add milk, and you'll have a high protein breakfast that provides 29% of the daily protein requirement of sedentary women. You can buy this muesli for just ₹ 380.00 on Amazon.

7. Patanjali Muesli

Patanjali Muesli is a tasty, protein-packed breakfast option packed with grains, fresh/dried fruits, seeds and nuts. Combine it with almond milk, soy milk, cow's milk, yogurt, and fruit juices for a nutritious meal. This muesli is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and is healthier than other cereals. A 200 gm pack is available for just ₹ 95.00 on Patanjali.

8. Tata Soulful Millet Muesli

Tata Soulfull Muesli is another wholesome food packed with natural ingredients like multi-grains, honey, raisins and almonds. It is free of trans-fat, artificial flavours and preservatives. It is an excellent choice for those of you with diabetes as honey is used in lieu of sugar. It is rich in fibre and iron, thanks to its high content of rolled oats, whole wheat flakes and ragi.

Introducing Tata Soulfull Millet Muesli - Fruit, Nuts & Seeds of which you can buy a pack of 2 for just ₹ 649.00 on Tata Soulfull. This delicious muesli is the perfect combination of crunchy almonds, juicy fruits and wholesome millets. This muesli contains 50% oats and is the only millet muesli in the market.

9. Monsoon Harvest Muesli

Monsoon Harvest Muesli is crafted with excellence, combining whole grain oats, ragi, bajra flakes, seeds and nuts for a wholesome breakfast snack. Its unique flavour pairings offer a tasty experience, including cranberry and almond, roasted cacao bean and raisin, dark chocolate and orange peel, and fig and honey with salted pistachios, toasted to perfection.

Check out this toasted millet muesli with the flavours of orange peel and dark chocolate. It is one of their premium offerings which is available for purchase at just ₹ 533.00 for a 1 kg pack on Monsoon Harvest.

10. The Whole Truth Muesli

The Whole Truth is an Indian food brand that provides nutritious products like muesli, peanut butter, protein bars, energy bars and immunity balls. Their five-grain muesli is a delicious and nourishing breakfast that supplies you with sustained energy and an array of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. The Whole Truth Quinoa Choco Crunch Muesli is a delicious way to indulge without sacrificing nutrition. Made with roasted quinoa, coated with pure, dark chocolate, this muesli is not only tasty but also full of goodness. A 320 gm pack of this muesli is available for just ₹ 350.00 on The Whole Truth.

Best Muesli for Weight Loss in India

Muesli is packed with whole grains, which can be beneficial for your health and your weight loss goals. Eating these grains can boost your metabolism, leading to fewer calories stored during digestion and aiding in weight loss.

11. MuscleBlaze Probiotic Muesli

MuscleBlaze Probiotic Muesli is not your regular muesli cereal. It is fortified with probiotics that are proven to help improve gut health and digestion. The probiotics help to enhance bowel movement and boost nutrient absorption. Furthermore, this muesli is packed with pumpkin and flaxseeds, which are loaded with antioxidants and other essential nutrients. You can buy a 1 kg pack of this muesli for just ₹ 675.00 on HealthKart. A 400 gm variant is also available for purchase.

12. Nourish You Quinoa Muesli - Nuts


This delicious breakfast blend is packed with the goodness of quinoa flakes and a variety of high-quality ingredients, providing you with a nutrient-rich way to start the day. Loaded with wholesome whole grains, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, this quinoa muesli gives you the energy to get through the day and the nutrition to keep you feeling your best. You can buy a 375 gm pack of this muesli for just ₹ 315.00 on Nourish You.

13. True Elements Multigrain Diet Muesli

Introducing True Elements Multigrain Diet Muesli - a delicious and wholesome mix of grains like oats, jowar, bajra and ragi that are free from any added preservatives. With all the goodness of 100% whole grains, this muesli has the added advantage of fibre and protein. Enjoy the deliciousness and health benefits of True Elements Multigrain Diet Muesli which is available on Root Natural for just ₹ 565.25 for a 1 kg pack.

14. Gaia Crunchy Millet Muesli – Diet

Gaia Crunchy Millet Muesli - Diet is a great tasting and nutritious breakfast option. It is made with a thoughtful combination of rolled oats, ragi flakes, oats bran, wheat bran, honey and almonds which makes for a delicious yet nutritious muesli that is low on cholesterol, contains no trans fats, is a rich source of dietary fibre and high on proteins. A 1 kg pack of this muesli will cost you ₹ 540.00 on Gaia.

15. Bagrry's Crunchy Muesli


Presenting to you an almond-rich muesli again from the brand Bagrry's! This nutritious cereal muesli is packed with fibre and essential nutrients, helping you to feel fuller for longer and avoiding the temptation to binge eat on junk food. With Bagrry's Crunchy Muesli, you can enjoy a tasty and healthy breakfast every day. You can buy a 1 kg jar of this muesli for just ₹ 499.00 on Amazon.

Best Muesli for Weight Gain in India

Consume muesli with full-cream cold or hot milk, creamy yogurt, pancakes, bread or cookies to gain weight. Rich in fibre and packed with whole grains, it offers long-lasting energy.

16. RiteBite Max Protein Muesli Munchies


Here is RiteBite Max Protein Muesli Munchies – the perfect snack for healthy and active lifestyles. This product is available in multiple delicious variants – fruits & nuts (100% roasted in honey), choco crunchy (coated with dark chocolate) and nuts & seeds (sweetened with dietary fibre and 0% added sugar). Enjoy the delicious taste and rich texture of these muesli munchies and get your daily dose of protein, vitamins and minerals, all at just ₹ 200.00 for a 240 gm pack on Amazon.

17. MuscleBlaze High Protein Muesli


Are you looking for nutritional powerhouse? Look no further than MuscleBlaze High Protein Muesli! It is packed with 33% of your RDA of protein, providing you with the energy you need to get through your day. It contains rolled oats, rolled barley, quinoa puffs and brown rice flakes, making it a great source of fibre, protein, minerals and antioxidants. Get ready to enjoy a delicious and nutritious breakfast with MuscleBlaze High Protein Muesli, which you can buy on Amazon for just ₹ 725.00 for a 1 kg pack.

18. True Elements Seeds and Berries Muesli


True Elements Seeds and Berries Muesli is a crunchy and delicious mix of oats, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and raisins. It is a perfect blend of nutrition and taste and is an excellent source of dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. It is a healthy, tasty and natural source of energy and is perfect for breakfast or as a snack. The muesli is available for ₹ 559.00 for 1 kg pack on Amala Earth.

19. Dorset Cereals Simply Fruity Muesli

Here’s a detailed review of Dorset Cereals Simply Fruity Muesli, a unique blend of sweet papaya, mouth-watering pineapple and crunchy flakes, with sultanas and raisins for a nutritious breakfast. This muesli is packed full of natural ingredients and is high in fibre, providing you with the essential nutrients you need to fuel your day.

Experience an explosion of tropical flavours with every bite of Dorset Cereals Simply Fruity Muesli. With no added preservatives, colours or artificial flavours, this cereal is naturally low in saturated fats yet bursting with flavour. Enjoy it with milk, yogurt, or if you're feeling a bit maverick - fruit juice! You can buy this muesli on Chenab Gourmet for just ₹ 549.00 for a 620 gm pack.

20. Amazon Brand Solimo - Cranberry Muesli


Packed with the goodness of 78% multigrain flakes – rolled oats, wheat and corn – this Amazon Brand Solimo - Cranberry Muesli is a delectable delight that helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. Made using candied cranberries and loaded with sliced almonds and honey, this cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat cereal is sure to please your taste buds.

Not just for breakfast, this crunchy and tasty muesli can also be used as a convenient and nutritious snack throughout the day. Plus, the 1 kg jar makes for easy storage, so you can enjoy this delicious treat whenever you want. So, why wait? Get your hands on Amazon Brand Solimo - Cranberry Muesli which is available for ₹ 399.00 on Amazon.

Best Muesli for Diabetics in India

Muesli can be beneficial for people with diabetes, as it helps with weight reduction which is important for managing type-2 diabetes. Weight loss is a key factor in reducing the severity of diabetes, making muesli an effective dietary choice for those with diabetes.

21. Yoga Bar Super Muesli 0% Added Sugar


Yoga Bar Super Muesli is the perfect choice for a healthy and guilt-free breakfast or snack. With no added or hidden sugars, you can trust that you’re not taking in unnecessary calories or sweeteners. It is packed with 82% almonds, whole grains, chia seeds and flax seeds, providing you with 7 gm of protein, 500 mg of Omega 3, and 500 million CFU probiotics. Additionally, the prebiotics and probiotics help with gut health, immunity, nutrient absorption and weight management. Check out this muesli 700 gm pack for just ₹ 444.00 on Amazon.

22. Calvay's VegRich Zero Added Sugar Breakfast Muesli


Are you looking for a healthy breakfast that won't leave you feeling guilty? Look no further than Calvay's VegRich Zero Added Sugar Breakfast Muesli! It is made with zero added sugars, no syrups, no HFCs and no artificial sweeteners, so you can start your day off right with natural goodness. Plus, it's packed with 10% fibre, 5 grains and 80% rolled oats and other grains with zero added sugars, almonds and raisins. That means you'll get all the nutrition you need without the extra calories! With only 170 calories per serving, it's the perfect way to jumpstart your day and maintain a healthy weight. So make Calvay's VegRich Zero Added Sugar Breakfast Muesli a part of your daily routine and enjoy a nutritious, delicious start to your day. It is available on Amazon for just ₹ 399.00 for a 320 gm pack.

23. True Elements No Added Sugar Muesli


True Elements No Added Sugar Muesli is another great choice for those of you who want to lead a healthier lifestyle. It is made with ingredients like jowar and wheat flakes that are completely free of sugar and cholesterol. It is also trans-fat free and therefore can be beneficial for your heart health. It is a great source of dietary fibre and helps with satiety and weight loss efforts. It also contains antioxidants that can help you with skin health and prevent damage from foreign particles. Finally, it is packed with vitamins and minerals to help improve the overall functioning of your body and boost your immunity. Enjoy a healthy breakfast with True Elements No Added Sugar Muesli that costs just ₹ 497.00 for a 1 kg pack on Amazon.

24. Kellogg's Muesli with 0% Added Sugar


Combining five nutritious grains - wheat, corn, rice, barley and oats - with delicious dry fruit and nuts, this Kellogg’s sugar-free muesli offers a tasty and healthy breakfast option. Packed with fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals, Kellogg's sugar-free muesli provides all the nourishment you need to start your day right. And with no added sugar, you can enjoy it guilt-free. Get your daily dose of goodness at a cost of just ₹ 350.00 for a 500 gm pack on Amazon.

25. The Whole Truth - No Added Sugar Breakfast Muesli


From The Whole Truth brand comes this The Whole Truth - No Added Sugar Breakfast Muesli. This delicious muesli is packed with 5 kinds of grains, 4 kinds of fruits and 2 kinds of seeds, all without any added sugar! All in all, it’s a nutritionally balanced, yummy breakfast that's full of flavour and nutrition, which is also available at a reasonable cost of just ₹ 480.00 for a 750 gm pack on Vvegano.

Best Muesli for Protein in India

Muesli, rich in fibre and proteins, helps you stay full for longer and increases your energy levels. Muesli cereal is a combination of wheat flakes, oats, nuts and dried fruits that can help keep you remain energised for extended periods.

26. Yoga Bar High Protein Muesli - Choco Almond & Cranberry


Yoga Bar High Protein Muesli with Choco, Almond & Cranberry is the perfect way to enjoy this delicious breakfast cereal containing India’s highest protein per serving in a muesli and comes in a delicious choco-almond flavour with the added goodness of cranberry, chia & pumpkin seeds. Moreover, it's packed with the best protein sources, like whey protein isolate and almonds, for sustained energy. And it gets even better – this muesli is also powered with probiotics for improved gut health, and delicious dark chocolate for added flavour. Buy a 350 gm pack of this muesli for just ₹ 276.50 on OneGreen.

27. RiteBite Max Protein Muesli Munchies Fruits & Nuts


Here’s RiteBite Max Protein Muesli Munchies Fruits and Nuts - the perfect way to start your day! Packed with high protein, fibre and 7 grains, this muesli is the perfect way to add a boost of nutrition to your morning routine. Whether you enjoy it hot, cold or straight from the pack, this muesli is sure to make your day a little bit sweeter.
With 2 times the protein as compared to other leading muesli brands, RiteBite Max Protein Muesli Munchies Fruits and Nuts is sure to become your go-to breakfast. So why wait? Get your morning fix today for just ₹ 399.00 for a 480 gm pack on OneGreen.

28. Yolo Roots High Protein Muesli


Yolo Roots High Protein Muesli is another perfect snack for fitness enthusiasts. This muesli is made with natural ingredients and contains 16 gm of plant-based protein per 100 gm, with zero added sugar or corn. It has never used preservatives or colour, ensuring natural products are used to make this delicious snack. Moreover, you are provided with a measuring spoon inside for convenience, so you can enjoy the precise amount of muesli that you need. Buy a 400 gm pack of this muesli for just ₹ 375.00 on Amazon now!

29. Bagrry's Whey Protein Muesli


This Bagrry's Whey Protein Muesli is a first of its kind in India! Packed with a delicious chocolaty taste, this protein-rich muesli is filled with fibre and whey protein that will help you kick start your diet regime. Bagrry's is India's leading house of breakfast cereal, with a lineage of over 50 years. This chocolate protein muesli with whey protein, almonds & oats provides 15+ gm protein per serve. You can buy a 500 gm box of this muesli for just ₹ 377.00 on Amazon.

30. Kellogg’s Pro Muesli with 100% Plant Protein


This muesli packed with nutrition and delicious flavour, is made with super seeds (pumpkin, flax & chia), 7 grains, and soy protein. Additionally, it's full of flavourful cranberry, delightful raisins, and delightful papaya for a smooth texture and deliciousness making for a unique breakfast option.

Each serving of Kellogg's Pro Muesli provides 29% of your daily protein requirement, helping to fuel your body and promote growth of muscle mass and maintenance of normal bones. Overall, this muesli is available at super reasonable rates of just ₹ 380.00 for a 500 gm pack on Amazon.

Some Useful FAQs

  • What is the best way to prepare muesli?

  • The best way to prepare muesli is to combine oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and other optional ingredients in a bowl and mix together. You can then add milk, yogurt or any other liquid of your choice and stir until combined. Enjoy your muesli as is or top up with fresh fruits or a drizzle of honey.

  • Is muesli hard to digest?

  • Muesli is generally considered to be easy to digest, as it is high in fibre, and the ingredients are cooked or soaked before consumption. However, some people may experience bloating or flatulence when eating muesli due to the high fibre content. If this is the case, it is recommended to reduce the portion size and/or reduce the amount of fibre in the muesli.

  • Can you eat muesli without soaking?

  • Yes, you can eat muesli without soaking. However, it is generally recommended to soak muesli in milk or other liquids for a few minutes before eating so that it becomes softer and easier to digest.

  • What do you mix with muesli?

  • Muesli can be eaten on its own or with a variety of different foods and beverages. Popular options for mixing with muesli include dairy milk, yogurt, fruit juices, honey and a variety of fruits and nuts.

  • What are the disadvantages of muesli?

    • High in Calories: Muesli is high in calories, so it is not suitable for you if you are on a calorie-restricted diet.
    • Not Easily Portable: Muesli is not easily portable due to its bulky nature. It is not ideal for you if you are always on the go.
    • Low in Protein: Muesli is low in protein, so it may not be the best choice for you if you are looking to increase your daily protein intake.
    • High in Sugar: Many muesli varieties are high in added sugar, which can lead to unwanted health consequences.

  • Is it OK to eat muesli without milk?

  • Yes, it is perfectly fine to eat muesli without milk. It can be eaten as a dry snack, mixed with yogurt and fruit, or even added to smoothies.

  • How many spoons of muesli should I eat for breakfast?

  • It is really up to you and your dietary needs. The general recommendation is to have 1-2 servings of muesli cereal as part of a healthy and balanced breakfast. A serving size is usually 1/2 cup or 25 gm; however, the amount you should eat will depend on your age, activity level and dietary needs.
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Identify Your Health Requirement for Your Perfect Muesli

As you would have discovered by now muesli products are classified based on specific dietary requirements and health objectives. It is therefore imperative that you first identify your health goals and dietary requirements like weight loss or weight gain, diabetic or not, etc. to identify the muesli from which you can derive maximum benefit. We hope you would have liked this BP Guide. Share your experiences of introducing muesli in your diet and stay engaged with us for more such engaging content.