If You are Confused about What Plan to Follow to Lose those Chubby Cheeks, Follow This Ultimate Guide to Lose Face Fat in a Natural Way to Chisel Your Face in 2020.

If You are Confused about What Plan to Follow to Lose those Chubby Cheeks, Follow This Ultimate Guide to Lose Face Fat in a Natural Way to Chisel Your Face in 2020.

The first thing to be noticed about you is your face. It is completely understandable to desire a sharp, defined face. However, many people struggle with weight, and this includes facial fat. It is crucial to note that there is no difference between facial fat and body fat. This article will explain in detail the best ways to reduce facial fat.

Causes of Face Fat

Weight Gain

The main and obvious cause of double chin and excess fat on the face are the additional calories that become stored in a body as fat. The body stores this fat within specialized cells in the form of adipose tissue by enlarging fat cells. A double chin usually occurs due to weight gain which also stores an extra layer of fat below your chin.

A diet that is rich in fats usually leads to the formation of a double chin. Weight gain from overeating or unhealthy diets can also result in fats on the cheeks. Diet high in sodium, processed foods, oils, and sugar content lead to excessive fat on the jawline, chin, and jowls.

Stress and Sleeplessness

Stress causes an increase in appetite, makes you retain the fat, and trigger emotional eating. During stress, the level of cortisol hormone increases that can turn the overeating into a habit. Increased hormone level causes higher insulin levels, your blood sugar drops and you crave sugarily, and fatty foods, resulting in the double chin and extra baby fat.

Another factor that causes fat on cheeks and forms a double chin is sleep deprivation. It can cause multiple changes to your body that can increase the production of the leptin hormone and regulate hunger and appetite. This hormone leads to overeating that accumulates extra fat on the face and causes the muscles to expand. Both poor quality and short duration of sleep can play a part in the development of double chin.

More Alcohol Intake and Limited Water Intake

Another thing that adds extra fat on the face is less water intake. People who do not drink enough water or the required amount of water, it can make the skin dry and saggy. When you do not drink sufficient water, your body is not able to correctly interpret the difference between hunger pangs and dehydration, leading to overeating, thus, resulting in weight gain and additional fat on the face.

Furthermore, alcohol can also accumulate fat on the jowls and jawline. Alcohol causes weight gain by providing you with excess calories, increasing appetite, developing impulsivity, and redistributing fat. It affects the judgemental cells making them store extra fat and increasing the cells. Therefore, it stops your body from burning fat leading to additional face fat and double chin.

Facial Exercises to Help Reduce Face Fat

Pulling Your Lips

You can do this exercise in order to lose extra fat and double chin. Open your mouth lightly by pulling back your lips tight and firm. Now, turn them down and move your jaw up and down. While doing this, be sure to keep your lips pressed against the teeth. Also, remember that the muscles of the jaw should be engaged and the tendons of the neck should feel the tension.

This tension will warm up the muscles and will help to burn the fat stored in muscles. This exercise will increase the blood circulation in the face and improve the collagen production, thus making your skin firmer.

Tongue Exercise

If you want to return the shape of your face to a younger look and pull your cheeks up by removing the double chin, perform this exercise. Start with opening your mouth as broad as possible while extending the tongue and try to touch your nose or at least as far as it will go.

After this, push your tongue out for about ten seconds and relax. Repeat this process 7-8 times before moving on to the next exercise. If this exercise is done correctly, it will target the muscles of the neck, chin, and jaw and will tighten them.

Jaw Chewing

If you are struggling with excess face fat and double chin, then try out this exercise. It will target your neck, jowl, and cheek muscles, and warm them up for burning the extra calories stored in the area. It will help to burn the fat, thus giving you a sharp jawline and cheekbones. Also, it will provide an uplifting effect on the chin and enhance the contours of the face.

To do this exercise, tilt your head back and look in the direction of the ceiling. Push your lower jaw forward and hold the jaw jut in this position for about 10 seconds. You will feel a stretch under the chin muscles. Next, relax the jaw and return your head to a neutral position. Try out this exercise three times a day to get effective results.

Nutritional Tips to Help Reduce Face Fat

Drink More Water Every Day

Another incredible thing that you can never really try to achieve sharper cheekbones and reduce baby fat is to increase your water consumption. If you do not drink enough water, your skin can get loose and saggy. Various studies have demonstrated that water plays a significant part in assisting with getting more fit and diminish the presence of a twofold jawline. Consuming less water can add weight to the overall body, particularly the face. Drinking almost 4 liters of water every day is essential. It lessens the dehydration, enhances the metabolism by increasing the energy levels and burning the excess fat.

Eat Less Sugar

Researches have shown that foods that are high in sugar can contribute to prolonged and increased blood sugar, insulin resistance, and leptin resistance. All of these things are associated with weight gain and excess body fat, particularly double chin and cheek fat. A study conducted in 2010, showed that drinking 1 sugary soda per day lead to 2.2 pounds equivalent to 1 kg of weight gain over 2 years. Thus, you are recommended to avoid sugary foods in order to reduce accumulated fat in your chin and face. In addition to all that, do some facial exercises and a face massage.

Reduce the Amount of Refined Carbohydrates That You Eat

If your meal contains a higher content of carbohydrates, then it will cause you to gain extra fat not only on the face but overall on the whole body. This is so, because, it can raise your blood sugar levels which in turn causes the body to make more insulin. This will cause your body cells to save the extra glucose as fat in the specialized tissues, leading to an additional fat on the face and overall weight gain. If you overdo the carbohydrates, it can also lead to diabetes and other related health issues. Thus, shifting to whole-grain foods, fruit, and fresh vegetables will help you maintain your body as well as health.

Limit Your Salt Intake

Consuming too much salt can make you look tired and exhausted. It makes your skin dry and saggy. Foods that contain high salt content cause your body to retain more water, which can show up on the scale as extra pounds, leading to a double chin. An excess amount of sodium intake causes bloating, and it may also add to facial puffiness and swelling, hence making your face look fat and double chin prominent. Furthermore, it boosts the process of ageing, thereby increasing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. However, reducing the amount of salt in your diet will help you to release a little retained water and provides you with a youthful appearance.

Other Natural Tips to Help Your Lose Your Facial Fat

Add Cardio to Your Rotuine

One of the best ways to burn body fat is through cardio exercises such as running, walking, elliptical training and bicycling. This will target all your body fat, decreasing the percentage of "empty calories", and enhancing the muscles, thereby toning your face contour and reducing the double chin. Cardio exercises not only decrease the fat from your face but also build strength and endurance.

When you do any exercise, it will make your face sweat and help you to release extra calories stored there. It will strengthen your saggy and loose facial skin, provide a sharper jawline, and reduce your twofold chin. In addition to all that, cardio has many other health benefits that make you stay healthy and fresh. Thus, you are highly suggested incorporating cardio exercises in your routine at least three times a week.

Get Enough As Well As Proper Sleep

Another tip that will help reduce your face fat enormously is to make sure that you follow the correct sleeping patterns. This is so important, because, if you do not get enough sleep, your body will release a stress hormone, known as 'Cortisol'. As you might have guessed, this will increase your stress levels, hence, resulting in increased facial fat.

For this reason, we suggest that you sleep after researching optimum sleeping time for you. For younger people, this would be around 9 hours while 7-8 hours for the elder people. Other than following a proper sleeping routine, it is also important to sleep in the correct posture. You are suggested lying down on your right side with both your hands under your cheeks.

Chew Sugar-Free Gum

One of the most effective ways that help you to reduce excess fat from the face is munching on sugar-free bubble gum. Chewing gum helps to target the muscles of the face, neck, and jawline. Studies have proven that muscles that hold your chin up are the same muscles that you use during chewing the bubble gum.

Therefore, chewing gum will not only tone the muscles but will also provide the tightening effect to these muscles. Once toned, the chin will be lifted and the face fat will be reduced. However, constant and aggressively chewing gum can tire these muscles and cause painful spasms in the jaw, neck, and head, leading to the development of chronic health conditions.

Face Masks and Home Remedies to Reduce Face Fat

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is most commonly known for its benefits for skin health and appearance. It can block free radicals and provide lipids, which helps slow down the skin's ageing process. The ingredient may also help decrease wrinkles and fine lines, and your skin a youthful appearance and radiant glow. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which are essential to your everyday health.

To make this miracle face mask, you will be needing fresh aloe vera gel and one vitamin E capsule. Extract the fresh pulp from the aloe vera gel and prick a vitamin E capsule and mix them together. Next, apply this mixture to your face and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then, wash it off with cold water and apply the moisturizer of your choice. You can apply this mixture twice a week. However, you are suggested to do a patch test before directly applying to your face.

Banana Face Pack

Banana is a rich source of potassium that hydrates and moisturizes dry skin, making it soft and supple. It contains high amounts of vitamin B6 and B12, as well as magnesium. All these ingredients help to firm the skin and leaves it looking and feeling softer and radiant. You can make the banana face mask at home in just five minutes.

The ingredients you will be needing are one tsp olive oil, one tsp honey, and half riped banana. Mash the banana well and add the honey, and olive oil. Give this a good mix and make sure no lumps are left. Next, apply it on your face and neck with the help of a brush. Leave it on for at least twenty minutes. Then, wash it off with cold water followed by a moisturizer.

Multani Mitti Face Pack

Fuller's earth has been proven as a magical component for skin tightening. It deeply cleanses your skin, removes the dirt, sweat, and impurities. It, furthermore, lightens the blemishes and acne scars, thereby diminishing the sebum production. It increases the blood circulation, makes your skin firmer and thicker.

To make this very useful face mask, the ingredients you need are 2-3 tbsp Multani mitti and raw milk. Take a clean bowl and add fuller's earth in it. Next, add the raw milk and mix it well. Adjust the consistency by adding more milk. Make sure, the face pack does not have a running consistency instead kept it a little thick. Apply the mixture on your face for 10-15 minutes. When it gets dry, use your fingers and rub it in circular motions. This will stimulate the blood circulation. Then, rinse it off with cold water and do not forget to apply a hydrating moisturizer. You can apply this mask twice a week.

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