Did Your Heart Just Call Out for Chocolates? 30 Dark Chocolate Brands to Please the Tastebuds and Enjoy Health Benefits Too (2022)

Did Your Heart Just Call Out for Chocolates? 30 Dark Chocolate Brands to Please the Tastebuds and Enjoy Health Benefits Too (2022)

Dark chocolates are delicacies preferred by most. Often consumed to satiate a sweet craving or used as an ingredient in desserts, dark chocolates have multiple health benefits. There are plenty of great options available online that are perfect for that quick hit of flavour. Have a look at this list of 30 best dark chocolate brands in India that one should try and enjoy!

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30 Best Dark Chocolates Brands in India

Are you a dark chocolate lover and love having them each day? There are numerous dark chocolate brands available in the market. In this article, we have listed the history of dark chocolate along with its benefits. Furthermore, we have curated a list of the best International and National dark chocolate in the market.

Origin of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is made from cocoa solids and cocoa butter, the bar is sweetened based on the cocoa content that is added. Whereas a normal chocolate bar is made from cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and milk with the addition of sweeteners to enhance their taste. Chocolate is obtained from cacao pods and originated during 1900 B.C. Extensive research has shown that it originated in Central and South America widely used by the people. The prominent ones are the Aztecs and Mayans, who crushed the cacao pods and made a drink from them. The chocolate drink was specially made during ceremonies.

Gradually, explorers and traders introduced cocoa to the European continent in the 1500s. Initially, the bitter taste had no takers, however, the taste was enhanced by adding honey, and sugar to make it sweeter. In 1847, prominent chocolate maker Henri Nestle invented milk chocolate by adding condensed milk to chocolate and mass-produced it for wider consumption.

There are four types of commercial chocolates available – milk, dark, white, and ruby.

  • Milk chocolate contains milk that is added in any one of the forms – powder, liquid, or condensed. It contains only 10% to 20% cocoa and is the most widely consumed variety in the world due to its sweet taste.
  • Dark chocolate is made from the purest cocoa, thus obtaining its bitter taste. Instead of milk, cocoa butter is added to solidify it. It is of two types – semi-sweet and bitter-sweet. The semi-sweet variety has less sugar content whereas the bitter-sweet variety is much more bitter. The cocoa composition varies from 35% to 80% and is preferred in Europe.
  • White chocolate contains no cocoa but contains cocoa butter. It is entirely made from cocoa butter, milk, and sugar. The taste of white chocolate is enhanced with flavoring agents such as vanilla, and nuts.
  • Ruby chocolate is specially crafted from the ruby cocoa bean, a rare variety sourced from Brazil. It derives its unique color during the production process which is patented. It contains cocoa butter, ruby cocoa, milk, sugar, and citric acid. It possesses a distinct sweet and sour taste.

Benefits of Consuming Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is made of 46% carbohydrates, 8% protein, 43% fats, and 1% water making it a rich source of calories. Additionally, it is rich in calcium, copper, iron, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin E, and vitamin K. Due to its good nutritional content, it is often recommended for dietary consumption by healthcare professionals. When compared to milk chocolate, consumption of dark chocolate is encouraged due to the presence of essential nutrients and antioxidants.

    The benefits of consuming dark chocolate are listed below.

  • Flavonoids – found in cacao beans, enhance blood circulation, lower blood pressure, reduces insulin sensitivity, and improve heart health.
  • Zinc – Increases immunity.
  • Phosphorus – Keeps your nails, bones, teeth, and hair healthy by increasing keratin production.
  • Polyphenols – An antioxidant that reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol and depression.
  • Theobromine – Used as a cough-suppressant in cold medicine.
  • Manganese – Improves sleep quality and reduces insomnia.
  • Caffeine – Keeps one active.
  • Iron – Improves the production of red blood cells and reduces anaemia.

A Curated List of Best Dark Chocolate Brands in India - Feast to Your Fill!

1. Amul India Origin Dark Chocolate

Source cococart.in

The exquisite single-origin chocolate from the Indian Brand Amul is sourced from a single region, the tropical Karavali range in Southern Karnataka. The tropical coastal region climate provides its unique taste profile. It is a bitter-sweet variety made from 55 percent pure cocoa, sugar, and cocoa butter. It does not contain any milk solids or vegetable fat. The bitter-sweet flavour is enhanced by the addition of vanilla. Apart from direct consumption, it can be used for both baking and cooking purposes.

2. Kocoatrait 70% Bean to Bar Dark Chocolate

An artisan chocolate brand from India with the promise of being eco-friendly and promoting sustainability. The dark chocolate from Cocoatrait contains 70 percent pure cocoa sourced from India. Apart from Indian cocoa, their chocolates are made from ingredients native to India.

Desi organic Khandasari sugar is used as a sweetener, A2 milk from native cows and enhanced with herbs such as dry ginger and herbal sugar that improves immunity. The brand promotes inclusiveness by employing differently-abled people and promotes sustainable packaging by using reclaimed cocoa husk. The specific dark chocolate variety is gluten and vegan-friendly since it is made from pure organic cocoa, organic muscovado sugar, and organic cocoa butter.

3. Cadbury Bournville Rich Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar

The rich and premium dark chocolate from Cadbury is made from 70 percent pure cocoa. Cocoa is extracted from the finest beans with no compromise on texture and aroma. Fairtrade cocoa is sourced from Ghana and made from cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, and milk solids. It is rich in polyphenols, a rich source of antioxidants. It can be used for making chocolate beverages and baking.

4. Whittakers Dark Fruit & Nut 72% Bar

Source cococart.in

A brand native to New Zealand and one of the largest chocolate brands in the world. The taste of their chocolates are consistent since 1896 since they source ingredients mainly cocoa and sugar from a single source. The chocolate variety has a bitter-sweet taste since it is made from 72 Percent Pure Heirloom Cocoa sourced from Samoa, Nicaragua, and Ghana. The heirloom cocoa beans are one of the oldest in the world giving them their signature taste. The taste is enhanced by adding pure cocoa butter, new Zealand milk powder, fruits, nuts, and raisins.

5. Ambriona Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar

Ambriona is an artisan chocolate brand from India that curate its delicacy from pure and natural ingredients sans any chemicals. Their vegan and gluten-free dark chocolate pack are made from three exquisite varieties with cocoa percentages ranging from 80 percent, 71 percent, and 55 percent.

The First variety is made from 80 percent pure dark chocolate from Uganda. The single-origin cocoa exhibits a rich taste along with hints of citric berry notes. The second version contains 71 percent pure cocoa sourced from Ecuador, a coveted variety with a hint of red fruit, and floral and earthy tones giving its distinct flavour. The final variety is made from a 55 percent pure cocoa blend sourced from Costa Rica, Togo, and Vietnam. It is semi-sweet with fruity and smoky hints.

6. All Things Water Sale 64% Malabar Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt

The dark chocolate bar from the brand All Things Water is made from 64 percent Malabar dark chocolate sourced from the Malabar forest, Kerala. The region gives it citrus and oak hints along with its signature bitter-sweet taste. The variety is organic, vegan, and gluten-friendly since it is made only from cocoa, cane sugar, and cocoa butter. The bitter-sweet taste of the chocolate is enhanced by adding a hint of Bali sea salt giving it a unique taste. The sea salt is sourced from a unique variety of Bali reefs and is entirely hand-harvested using palm trunk troughs. The hand-harvested salt crystals have a crunchy texture and are perfect when combined with chocolate.

7. Lindberg Zero Sugar Dark Chocolate Bar

Lindberg Chocolates are a rich, decadent collection of luxury delights that come with a creamy smooth texture, rich flavour, glossy shine, and melts-in-the-mouth experience. The dark chocolate bar from Lindberg is made from 55 percent cocoa with zero sugar making it the perfect choice for people who are diabetic and have severe dietary restrictions. It possesses a smooth and rich taste, it is made from cocoa, cocoa butter, and Maltitol (artificial sweetener) with hints of vanilla. It is made from natural ingredients and free of preservatives making it the perfect choice for all.

8. Lindt Excellence 85% Cocoa Bar

Source cococart.in

Lindt Excellence Dark 85 percent Cocoa Chocolate is a rich, indulgent chocolate bar created by Master Chocolatiers using only the finest ingredients. The high cocoa percentage results in dark chocolate that is powerful and robust, with mild smoky aromas and a long finish.

This dark chocolate bar is great for true dark chocolate aficionados, with deep smells of vanilla, roasted coffee, licorice, and traces of caramel brought on by the demerara sugar. Enjoy the smooth texture and deep colour, the satisfying crisp snap of the exceptionally thin diamonds, and the rich aroma before finally indulging in the intense symphony of cocoa flavours as the intensely flavoured fine dark Lindt chocolate melts on the tongue. The intense cocoa bar is perfect for pairing with tea and a glass of classic red wine.

9. Godiva Pure 72% Cocoa Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar

Godiva's dark chocolate bar is a true chocolate lover's delight, let the exquisite chocolate experience wash over you. Since 1926, Godiva has been a maestro in chocolate making. Their decadently rich, silky chocolate is expertly created with passion and artistic flair to reveal a wide range of flavour notes. Inside each pack, you'll find a flavour journey.

This sinfully delicious dark chocolate bar from Godiva has 72 percent cocoa content that is creamy, smooth, and satisfying. The taste of the chocolate bar is made complete with gentle creaminess and intense cocoa flavours. It consists of 100 percent cocoa butter, halal ingredients, and kosher salt. The Belgian Cocoa Bar is difficult to resist. Just sit back and enjoy its sinful taste with your loved ones.

10. Blanxart Organic Dominica Dark 99% Chocolate

Blanxart Organic Dark Chocolate is made with 99 percent Dominican Republic Trinitario Cocoa sourced from a single plantation in the Dominican Republic. Bean to chocolate is the name of the process that begins when an artisan selects the cocoa beans and processes them into chocolate bars or chocolates that are packed and sold by themselves. It is produced artisanally from cocoa beans that have been roasted and 'rested' for an extended time period. It is made using organic ingredients such as pure cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, and vanilla bean. It is highly recommended for people who follow Gluten-free diets and also suitable for people suffering from celiac disease.

11. Toblerone Swiss Dark Chocolate with Honey & Almond Nougat

Source www.amazon.in

When it comes to the greatest almond-filled chocolate in the world, Toblerone Swiss Dark Chocolate comes to mind. Toblerone was founded in 1868 by master chocolatier Jean Tobler, and due to their bold and unique taste, the chocolates immediately gained worldwide recognition. Each Toblerone chocolate bar tells a tale of taste through its numerous sections and pieces crafted with unique flavours and ingredients from all over the world. Whether it's rich Swiss Dark Chocolate, savoury honey, or crunchy almond nougat, there's something for everyone. The dark chocolate is made from honey and almond nougat that adds perfect sweetness and crunch to these small triangles. The unique flavour and texture sets them apart from their counterparts and make one crave for more.

12. Hershey's Exotic Dark Chocolate Blueberry & Acai

Source www.amazon.in

Savour the taste of these Hershey’s Kisses that is crafted from exotic blueberry and acai berry. This intriguing combination of dark chocolate and berries makes it a powerhouse of nutrients without compromising on its taste and smooth texture. These mini wonders are made from 45 percent cocoa, cocoa butter, fruit pulps, milk solids, and antioxidants.

13. Kit Kat Ecuador Coted'Ivoire Dark Chocolate

The KitKat Dark Discovery Collection is a curated collection of rich dark chocolate blocks made with cocoa sourced from Ecuador and Côte d'Ivoire. It consists of 70 percent pure cocoa along with other delectable ingredients wafers, cocoa butter, and milk solids. The KitKat range offers a sumptuous dark experience and a fun experience with your friends. It consists of 11 crisp wafer blocks covered with rich dark chocolate.

14. Milka Dark Milk Raspberry

Milk Dark Milk is a unique fusion of classic cocoa milk chocolate with raspberries. Due to its high cocoa content, it imparts a bitter-sweet taste when combined with the goodness of raspberries by imparting its signature taste. It is made from cocoa, cocoa butter, milk solids, sugar, caramel, and fruit pulp.

15. Willie's Cacao Rio Caribe Gold Venezuelan 72% Dark Chocolate

The Artisan Chocolate Bar is manufactured using a bean-to-bar process. The cocoa is sourced from the world’s finest trinitario beans from Rio Caribe in Venezuela. The beans impart a complex nutty coffee flavor providing them the region’s signature taste. The bar is made by skilled artisans who curate them in small batches and each unit takes 21 days to make at low temperature to ensure that their original flavors are not lost. It is made of raw cocoa, cane sugar, and organic cocoa butter sans any additional flavors making it the perfect choice for connoisseurs.

16. Paul & Mike 87% Dark Vegan Chocolate

An Indian artisanal chocolate brand that aims to provide the best flavour and experience to natives. Their Chocolate Bar is made from 87 percent pure cocoa sourced from fair trade farmers who emphasize flavour and quality. Once the finest beans are sourced, they are fermented dried and roasted with the finest precision to extract the natural flavour. Their bars are crafted using pure cocoa, cocoa butter, and muscovado sugar and flavoured with real fruits, spices, and floral distillates.

17. Artisante Machu Picchu Dark 65% with Pink Peppercorn, Mango, Lime

Source artisante.in

Dark Chocolate Bars from Artisanté are a luxurious blend of cocoa beans derived from the world's best cocoa growing estates in Ecuador, Ghana, and the Ivory Coast but crafted entirely in India. The brand creates exquisite bars by combining both traditional and revolutionary flavours. The bars are made from 65 percent pure cocoa, and cocoa butter, and the flavour is enhanced using pink peppercorns sourced from Machu Picchu to provide a milk peppery taste. It also contains hints of mango and lemon peel to impart a citrus taste.

18. Chockriti Dark Chocolate Bar

The dark chocolate bar from Chockriti is a part of a small batch curated by skilled artisans from India. It is made with the goodness of 55 percent pure cocoa sourced from Europe, cocoa butter, cane sugar, and sea salt. The dark wonder is a ganache bar that is filled with rich homemade caramel that elevates the taste to another level. One can also customize the bar as per your flavour preference by informing them in advance.

19. Fantasie 70% Dark Chocolate Kiwi

This Indian brand has been crafting gourmet chocolate since 1946. The dark chocolate bars from Fantasie are made from 70 percent pure cocoa sourced from India and abroad. The brands use pure cocoa, cocoa butter, and natural sugar from crafting their delectable treats. The taste of the bar is further enhanced with Kiwi fruits sourced from New Zealand that imparts a perfect exotic taste.

20. Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Dark 55% Chocolate Bar

Source www.amazon.in

The brand of Ferrero Rocher has a huge fan base in India for its hazelnut-covered rich chocolates. Now, experience the rich taste of smooth dark chocolate that will delight your taste buds with a tempting blend of textures and flavours. Its delicious velvety interior consists of crunchy hazelnut pieces, all covered in a dark chocolate shell made from 55 percent pure cocoa. Unwrap and savour its taste, you will not regret switching over to this new Ferrero Rocher dark hazelnut bar.

21. Hu, Simple Dark Chocolate Vegan & Paleo

Source in.iherb.com

A dark chocolate bar curated according to basics. The bar was curated after extensive health, research, and self-experiments by its founders who suffered from auto-immune diseases. Thus, they created a basic bar that does not affect one’s health and can be enjoyed by all.

The Simple Bar is made from unprocessed ingredients that are free from chemicals. It consists of three simple ingredients such as 70 percent organic cocoa, organic unrefined coconut sugar, and organic cocoa butter. It is suitable for vegans, paleo dieters, and people suffering from auto-immune disorders due to its unrefined and organic ingredients.

22. Colocal 85% Cacao Single Origin Dark Chocolate

Source colocal.in

Another Indian brand that aims to promote cocoa sourced from native regions. The single-origin dark chocolate bar is made from 85 Percent Pure Cocoa sourced from the hilly regions of Kerala. The beans are dried and fermented on the terrain to conserve their flavour. They roast and grind the beans based on customized procedures so as to obtain the finest chocolate. It is made from single-origin cocoa beans, cocoa butter, and organic cane sugar to balance its intensity. It imparts a unique passion fruit, raspberry, and toasted walnut flavour.

23. Mason & Co. 70% Black Sesame & Raisin Dark Artisanal Chocolate Bar

An Artisan Indian Chocolate Brand that has gained popularity in recent times, this brand sources its cacao beans directly from South Indian farms that grow them sans any chemicals or preservatives. The bars are crafted in Auroville by skilled artisans. The bars are made from 70 percent pure cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic cacao butter, raising, and organic black sesame seeds that impart a unique nutty flavor to the bars.

24. ITC Fabelle Loaded Secret - Dark Chocolate

Source itcstore.in

The rich and smooth dark chocolate that is entirely handcrafted by master chocolatiers from Fabelle is made from 33 percent almonds. With every bite, one can savour the rich taste of almonds that are enveloped with a layer of luxurious creamy dark chocolate. The multi-texture bar is made from the finest ingredients such as 67 percent cocoa, cane sugar, cocoa butter, salt, and whole toasted almonds.

25. Naviluna 72% Três Bāḷe Chocolate Bar

Source naviluna.in

An exquisite Indian brand that aims to provide unique and quirky flavoured dark chocolate bars. The dark chocolate bars from Naviluna are sourced from a single region and made in small batches. The bars are entirely handcrafted at low temperatures by skilled chocolatiers using native ingredients such as unrefined cane sugar, banana, and Darjeeling tea.

The bar is made from 72 percent pure cacao sourced from India and sweetened using prominent banana varieties native to the Deccan Plateau. The banana varieties include Elakki, Rasa, and Kāḍu are skilfully flambéed and candied. This is added to the pure cocoa to create their signature bars.

26. Green and Blacks Velvet Edition Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa

Source snackstar.in

The special velvet edition dark chocolate bar from Green and Blacks is made using the finest cocoa sourced from Ghana. It is made from 70 percent pure cocoa that is balanced with the flavor of sweet Madagascan vanilla bean that counters the bitter taste of cocoa. It contains milk solids, sugar, cocoa butter, and skimmed milk powder to impart a velvety texture to the bar.

27. Ketofy - Dark Keto Chocolate

Source www.amazon.in

Are you on a keto diet and miss the taste of chocolates? The Dark Keto Chocolate Bar from the brand Ketofy will satiate your taste buds without breaking your diet. A single serving consists of only one gram of net carb. It is made from 60 percent cocoa, cocoa butter, Erythritol (artificial sweetener), and natural vanilla flavor. it is 100 percent vegan and suitable for people on a Keto diet.

28. Neuhaus Dark Raspberry 52% Cocoa Bar

Source cococart.in

The luxury bar from Neuhaus is made from 52 percent pure cocoa sourced from Belgium and is infused with premium raspberries. It also contains cocoa butter, sugar, milk solids, and raspberry juice concentrate. Thus, it imparts a rich and exquisite taste of berries when combined with the bitter taste of dark chocolate.

29. Valrhona Tulakalum 75% Cocoa Bar 70g

Source cococart.in

Tulakalum's nutty intensity and robust cocoa nibs capture Belize's beautiful biodiversity, an eternally colourful country steeped in culture and history. The bar is curated using 75 Percent Pure Belizean Cocoa that possesses a strong aroma with soft spice overtones. The artisan aims to craft dark chocolate bars that bring the natural flavour of the beans. It contains whole cacao beans, brown sugar, cocoa butter, and vanilla.

30. Pascati Organic & Vegan Dark Chocolate, 81% Idukki

Source pascati.com

A fine dark chocolate bar made from 81 percent pure cocoa sourced from Idukki, Kerala. The cocoa beans are perfectly fermented in the select plantations at perfect temperatures. They are roasted, cracked, winnowed, conched, and tempered with natural ingredients in a controlled environment. It contains organic cocoa beans, organic sugar, and cocoa butter. It imparts a mild flavour of coffee and herbs native to the region of Idukki.

How to Make Dark Chocolates Exciting?

Are you not a big fan of the bitter taste of dark chocolate or looking for ways to experiment with dark chocolate? You can try an array of delicious recipes using dark chocolate.

  • Hot dark chocolate cocoa – Just combine your favourite dairy or non-dairy alternative with dark chocolate to make a drink that will soothe your soul.
  • Dark chocolate nutty bites – Melt some dark chocolate using double broiler methods, dip your favourite nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, etc and allow them to solidify.
  • Rich dark chocolate cake – Whip up the basic ingredients such as flour, eggs, milk, butter, and dark chocolate to make decadent dark chocolate cake.
  • Dark chocolate tarts – Mix almond flour, cocoa powder, oil, and vanilla extract to make mini-baked tarts. Douse them with melted dark chocolate and sea salt to bring out the flavours.
  • Dark chocolate banana sandwich – Melt some dark chocolate and slather it on the bread and line them with cut banana slices to make a rich sandwich.
  • Dark chocolate cookies – Dip your cookies in melted dark chocolate and garnish them with your favourite toppings.
  • Dark chocolate fudge – Combine butter, condensed milk, sea salt, and dark chocolate in a container and allow it to chill to obtain a rich fudge recipe.
  • Dark chocolate rice Krispies –Combine melted dark chocolate, rice Krispies, and nuts to make a delicious snack for children.
  • Dark chocolate brownies – Combine pre-made brownie mix, eggs, oil, water, and dark chocolate to make rich brownies.
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Consume in Right Amount

To get the health benefits of dark chocolate, it's important to get the right amount. There’s no magic quantity of dark chocolate you need to eat to get those flavonoids. Chocolate is so nutritious that it is good for your health only when taken in moderation. Eating even a little dark chocolate will result in multiple calories and fat. Therefore, overdose can lead to weight gain.