Never Let Your Guests Go Empty-Handed, Especially if it's After an Auspicious Occasion: Ideas for Return Gifts You Can Use as Party Favors which Your Guests Can Pick from the Table (2020)

Never Let Your Guests Go Empty-Handed, Especially if it's After an Auspicious Occasion: Ideas for Return Gifts You Can Use as Party Favors which Your Guests Can Pick from the Table (2020)

Your guests take out times from their busy schedules to attend your event, be it a birthday party, a wedding reception or a baby shower. And party favours are the best way to show them how much you appreciate them coming over to offer their blessings. In this post, we bring you some wonderful options you can use as party favours at your next party or event.

Why Have Party Favors on the Table?

Party favors not only enhance the show of the party but also gives you a space to show your creative self to the guests. However, the advantages of having party favors are not only limited to such. Here are a couple of reasons to have party favors on the table:

  • Party favors are the best ideas for parties where the seating arrangements are fixed. That way, you can assign gifts of your liking to specific tables.

  • With the gifts already on the table for each guest, you don’t need to take the burden of distributing gifts at the middle or the end of the party. It saves you time to enjoy the party yourself.

  • Party favors will provide a very good vibe to the party from the beginning. The guests would be quite delighted to find the gifts at their assigned table.

10 Best Table Party Favors

Laughing Buddha


In Indian homes, Vastu plays an important role in interior design. Vastu and feng shui items are believed to be a source of positive energy in everyone’s life in Hindu society. Things like guardian lions, laughing Buddha, lucky crystals, wind chimes, tortoise or frog symbolise happiness and prosperity. You can use these items as a party favor table and send them along with your guests.

Laughing Buddha not only increases the charm of the table but also is believed to bring prosperity, success and financial gains to the house. This Vastu gift comes under the dimension of 10 cm x 14 cm x 8 cm. Made with polyester, this auspicious idol has a golden colour which symbolises purity and wealth. You can find this auspicious gift on Amazon for Rs. 898.

Personalised Mugs


It is a personalised gifting idea that makes it possible to carve names and pictures of your beloved ones in gifts. Different colours, texts, and personal photos with customised designs in the gifts are enough to steal the hearts of guests.

You can get a personalised or customised mug from Amazon for Rs. 229 only. The personalised cups are made of high-quality ceramic material with digital printing and gloss finished touch to resemble high-class coffee or teacups. Also, it’s safe to use in the dishwasher for washing, safe to keep in the freezer, microwave and oven and is non-toxic as well as environment-friendly. You can order these mugs with recommended signatures, names and photos of your family members as well as friends for special occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, mother’s day, to name a few.

Photo Frames - Art Street - Set of 2 Wall and Table Top Photo Frames


If you want to make your relatives or guests realise that you care for them, give them the photo frames. Everyone loves to see themselves on the personalised gift, and photo frames mirror this benefit. Also, photo frames capture the sentiments, and you can easily order them which come in many varieties of customised shape and design.

You can find these sets of tabletop photo frames on Amazon. These photo frames come under two different dimensions - 5 inches x 7 inches for Rs. 275 and 6 inches x 8 inches for Rs. 325. Your guests can place this party favor on the table or the wall in the living room, bedroom, office, or dorm vertically or horizontally.

Ganesh Idol - VAAH Ganesh Murti Marble Decorative Showpiece


India is the land of spirituality, and people believe in worshipping Gods’ statues. It is a great idea to gift Gods’ idols on special occasions such as weddings, worship events, and many Hindu sacred festivals to guests. Mostly, statues of Lord Ganesha, Radha-Krishna, Shiv-Parvati are the favourite choice for return gifts.

As Lord Ganesh is the only one who is worshipped first everywhere according to Hindu belief, it makes perfect sense to use it as a party favor. You can get this beautiful Silver Plated White Terracotta Ganesha Statue from Flipkart for Rs. 570. This Silver Plated White Terracotta Ganesha is a perfect showcase of Indian Handicrafts, and you can gift this auspicious idol to your guests for prosperity and good luck. This table decor or home decor gift comes under the dimension of 4 cm x 6 cm x 2 cm. It will undoubtedly increase the worth of your gifting idea.

Personalised Chocolates


A party cannot be imagined without sweets and chocolates as they are the symbols of celebration and happiness. Every host gives chocolates and sweets to their guests as the return gift, but you can go a step ahead with it. You can tag the names of the guests on the box of chocolates or can print the images on the cover. The guests will surely be delighted finding their names and images on the gifts.

You can find this Personalised Chocolate Box on for Rs. 999. It is a customised gift in which you can put your guest’ name and image along with a line of the message. The chocolate is packed in a wooden box which has a dimension of 100 x 180 x 32 mm. The box contains one personalised chocolate, and the print on chocolate is also completely edible.

Personalised Message Bottles Gift Set


If you are getting troubled by the assignment of selecting personalised gifts for guests, put some messages on the tiny bottles and wrap it up and present to the awaited guests. You can put some other personal ingredients such as small snail shells, small white stones and other tiny things inside the bottle to make it more attractive. This personalised idea will be a fantastic thanksgiving gift at the party.

If you cannot have time to make this personalised gift, you can readily buy it from Giftcart. This Personalised Message Bottles Gift Set contains five mini-glass message bottles with scrolls. It comes in a tube box with a beautiful cover and the customised message. The messages are installed in the printed form so you have to submit your personalised messages in png, jpg, or gif format and minimum resolution should be 1000 x 1000 pixels. It is priced at Rs. 499.

Wild Honey

Many items can be made at home only, and these homemade gifts are very practical to use. Among the homemade items, edibles are best as they are never wasted. Edibles such as cookies, jams, honey jars, etc., are some excellent ideas for gifts.

The gifting item we have selected is this Honey and Spice Raw Wild Honey from, which is claimed to be 100% natural, and extracted from the Himalayan forest origin. It comes in a 250 gm packed jar, priced at Rs. 295.

Tea Samplers


Grossery or gourmet items such as teabag, tea powder, honey, biscuit and other items are used daily, and you can also use them as a gift for a party favor table. Your guests can start their day with these gifts, and will be reminded of your memory every morning!

From green tea to black tea to Oolong, these tea samplers have nine different flavours, and each of these come in 10 gm packs, and each package can make 5 to 6 cups. You can get these nine tea samplers for Rs. 555 on

Bookmarks - Amber Opus Bookmark


For those of your guests who love to read books, you can get something beautiful and useful for them. When you take a break or pause while reading, you can place this lovely bookmark inside the book to continue reading when you open the book for the next time.

This Amber Opus Bookmark is 12 cm in length, and readers can use it to mark books of any size. Also, it can secure the desired page perfectly that you save for later reading. It is made of resin, metal, and rope and has Bougainvillea flowers beautifully placed. It brings a glimpse of nature close to your heart. You can find this bookmark on Giftcart for Rs. 950.

Handmade Soap - Handmade Cold Press Soap


Giving practical items always make for delightful gifts for guests. Try to identify some useful gifts so that guests will remember you while using or applying your presents.

This Handmade Cold Press Soap will be a good choice for the party favor table, and your guests will surely appreciate your thoughtful choice! The ingredients used in this soap include Multani tea tree and sandalwood. The 250 gm soap is available for purchase on Qtrove for Rs. 499.

Tips on Choosing Appropriate Table Party Favors

  • Keep Age Group and Interest in Mind: Every guest at the party comes from a different background and has individual taste. So, it would help if you could somehow verify the interests of guests before handing the party favors. Also, the age group is an important factor that allows the host to choose the perfect gift for the party guests. You can also make a list of guests and go through all the names guessing their favourites. It will help you satisfy your guests and save your party fame in memory of your guests for a long time.

  • Consider Your Budget: Map out the budget accessibility that how much you can spend for the return gifts and also consider the quality of gifts at the same time. Planning your budget will help you narrow down the choice of return gifts for the guests. Make sure the budget is reasonable, and you can buy enough gifts for the listed guests.

  • Select the Occasional: When selecting return gifts, the occasion matters as the event or the party is organised on a particular occasion. Consider event-appropriate return gifts that will be liked by all the guests. The selection of ethnic designs has been in trend for some time now. And lastly, try to send personalised return gifts so that guests can receive gifts of their own choice.

  • Choose a Gift that Has Cultural Significance: Indian guests are relatively conscious about their customs and tradition, and if you can choose the return gifts that match the value of guests’ culture, it will be a great success. In India, sweets or precious gems and metals come under cultural significance as an offering. Also, the small metal or clay idols of gods, goddesses and deities are kept inside the house for blessings and well wishes. Things that carry the cultural heritage can touch the feelings of people easily, and you can buy them to get your guests satisfied at the party. You can also choose symbolic gifts such as vermillion box, bindis and bangles, along with makeup items like kohl and lipstick. These are the things of adornment for typical Indian women, and you can almost never go wrong with such items.

  • Choose Practical and Useful Things: It depends on the utility of gifts that can decide how long the gifts are remembered in the future. If people do not find usefulness in any gift, they lock it inside the shelves and forget them sooner or later. So, choose return gifts that are practical and useful. Key chains, ornate bottle openers and pen sets are a few ideas that you can pick up for your guests for a smaller get-together.

  • Wrap Up by Yourself: In many cases, readymade gifts are not wrapped up well such as their covers are scratched, or their knots are tied loose. So, before handing gifts to a receiver, wrap up the gifts by yourself. You can attach a THANK YOU note or well wishes and messages on the package or cover of the gifts to make them even more personalised.
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Serving Return Gifts on a Table is One Excellent Idea!

Serving party favors on the table is an excellent idea when you're too busy attending the guests, and in case any of the guests has to leave early, they can just pick their gift themselves and be on their way. As an added charm, you can add a small note with the return gift, which you make the gift even more worthwhile for the receiver!