Two Down, Eternity to Go? 2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Two Down, Eternity to Go? 2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Girlfriend

You made it so far! The two-year anniversary is a big deal for a dating couple, so big in fact that finding gifts and ways to commemorate it can become very stressful. We help you figure out what is appropriate for a celebration like this and suggest gift ideas that will make her thrilled to be your girl.

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Never, Ever Forget Your Anniversary

Forgetting an anniversary is one of the worst things you can do to your girlfriend. Women like to be made to feel special and she is probably expecting a nice romantic gesture, perhaps a sweet and thoughtful gift to mark the second anniversary of your relationship. They are sentimental by nature and she must be remembering the romantic way in which you wooed her, wondering how you will celebrate two years of being together. Forgetting such an important day will not only dash those expectations, it will make her feel like she doesn’t matter anymore.

Admittedly, some people have a hard time remembering important dates. You may know something important is coming up but then it gets pushed to the back of your mind and you forget till the date is upon you, or you get an angry reminder. She will most definitely be angry, and disappointed. No matter how busy your life is, it is important to look out for and care for those dear to us.

4 Useful Tips to Help You Choose the Right Gift

Personalise Your Gift

A gift that matches her personality, interests and needs will be appreciated. Two years of being in a relationship should give you plenty of insight about all of these, and she knows this too. Getting her an inappropriate gift at this point will leave her feeling hurt, and that kind of expectation does create a stressful situation. A little social media stalking can help you out. Her Pinterest page, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds are all a very good insight into her mind and her preferences, and a very good way to get her something she will like. She may have also have said something about things she would like to buy, so pay attention.

Personalising a present means tailoring it specially for them. It goes beyond putting her name on a bracelet or putting her picture on a mug. Have you considered if she ever even wears a bracelet, or if she loves chain pendants and accessories worn around the neck instead? At any other time this wouldn’t matter as much, but after two years you ought to know a little more about your girl.

Choose Something You Can Enjoy Together

One of the great things about being a couple is how you can enjoy doing things together. At the first flush it’s all about mushy gifts and grand romantic gestures, but after two years things have settled down and you also enjoy each others company a lot more. If you have been together this long it is probably because you are also friends who enjoy similar pursuits. Give her things that don’t just sit pretty on her shelf but turn into enjoyable experiences and create a memory for you. Like buying a bottle of champagne, filling a room with candles and flowers and perhaps making, or even ordering a great meal. You could get her tickets to a play, a music festival, or on an adventure travel. She will be greatly touched if you do something with her that you don’t particularly enjoy - like she has been wanting to go zorbing but knows you aren’t as kicked as her by the idea of rolling down a hill inside a giant ball.

Avoid Giving the Same Type of Gift

The gift you gave her for your first anniversary was a smashing hit, doesn’t mean you get her something similar again. The effect will not be the same. Be a little creative, think of new and interesting ways to surprise and delight her. Certain gifts are considered romantic but going with the standard gifts without pausing to think every time is hardly romantic. Chocolate, a giant bouquet of flowers, candles, balloons and a thoughtful card is an excellent gift combination. Once, maybe twice if you space it out and give other gifts in between. But going with similar gifts for every celebration is just plain boring. Try something new.

If You Are Ordering It Online, Do It Early

Shopping online opens up a whole new world of possibilities and exciting new gift ideas, but the delivery time can throw a spanner in the works. That fantastic new instant camera would have been so much nicer if it actually arrived in time for the anniversary so she could pictures at the party you went to later that day. She loved it, sure, but giving it a week after the anniversary just didn’t have the same impact you’d hoped for. Avoid situations like this by planning in advance and placing your orders well ahead of time. If your item is being shipped from overseas, the delivery period can be quite long, and you don’t want to unnecessarily spend extra on express courier - that money can be spent on her gift instead.

11 Special Gifts to Commemorate Your 2nd Anniversary With Her

Couple Pillows


Give her a lasting gift this year that is not wilted or eaten up in a week’s time, like a pair of matching pillow covers to use at home. She can keep one, you the other as a sweet daily reminder of the presence of each other in your lives. Think of it as the matching friendship bracelets that girls give their best friend, only this is for your girlfriend and very romantic.

This adorable set of designer couple pillow covers by The Purple Tree is just the thing to give your girl. Featuring stick figures, one has a girl on a bicycles leaving a trail of hearts that are falling from a basket on her cycle, the other shows a boy picking them up. It can be symbolic of your relationship and you can be prepared for a gush of ‘awws’. Either let her keep both, you keep the boy pillow and she the girl, or vice versa. Priced at Rs.449 on Amazon, the covers are made of polysilk and can are machine washable.

Personalised Necklace

A necklace with her name is a timeless gift. You can make it even more personal by giving her a necklace with the special name you call her by, though bear in mind that she may be embarrassed to wear it publicly if it is too personal or cheesy. In that case it may be best to stick to her name so she can wear it for any occasion she wishes. When choosing the material, style of the writing and length of the necklace, keep her preferences in mind.

You can try Orosilber to place an order for a personalised necklace. Their website allows you to choose from multiple styles, metals, colours, designs and even types of jewellery. Give her a locket pendant, or just her initials, or maybe another piece of jewellery. This couple name necklace Forever Bond with names in an eternity loop in gold plated brass is priced at Rs.1,680. You can choose from silver plated stainless steel or rose plated copper. You can also select the length of the chain and width of the names.

Personalised Couple Plaque


In so much time together you must have created a lot of beautiful memories. How about immortalising it in a way other than a picture? Daily reminders of wonderful memories through photographs, notes, momentos are a great way to strengthen the bond with our loved ones. A wooden plaque etched with such a memory is a creative and touching idea.

Make a couple plaque that she will cherish at What is fantastic about their services is you can customise every aspect of your gift. A 5” x 7” plaque is priced at Rs.600, 6” x 8” at Rs.800, 7.5” x 10” at Rs.1000 and a larger frame of 9” x 12” at Rs.1.300. Pick a suitable size, though we recommend the 6” x 8” as it is a good size for a picture of two people and will look good displayed on a desk or by her bedside table. You can choose to have a portrait or a landscape layout, have a message engraved, and add a decorative border if you wish. The layout is send to you for approval and the plaque will be delivered in 4-5 business days after this approval.

Getaway For Two

Surprise her by whisking her away to a romantic getaway. It is a great way to get away from daily routine though you must take care to plan it down to the last detail so you aren’t waiting in lines to buy tickets, standing by the side of the road in an isolated area trying to flag down a vehicle. Pick a place she has always wanted to go to, or a known romantic destination. You could go back to a place where you have fond memories together too; it will be a lovely way to revisit old memories. Depending on your budget, you can pick an exotic locale, or go somewhere local to save a little money. The kind of destination is the next thing to consider - will it be a hillside resort, a bustling city, a place steeped in history or perhaps a place lined with beautiful beaches. Whatever you pick, it should be enjoyable for both of you.

A two-day trip to Shimla, with accomodation at a 2-star hotel will cost you Rs.5,600 per person on The romantic tour package includes accommodation, breakfast, sightseeing to select destinations in a private car, and a driver allowance. The tour will take you to well known local spots such as Jakhu Hill, The Ridge, Christ Church, Annandale, Himachal State Museum, Kufri Ski Resort and Dorje Drak Monastery amongst others.

A Potted Plant

If you think that chocolates are soon eaten and forgotten, jewellery too superficial and flowers very short lived, how about giving your girlfriend a plant? Potted plants that are easy to care for make for wonderful gifts. They are unusual too since not many think of plants when it comes to buying gifts. A plant will brighten her home or office desk and, with a little care, will last a very long time. Cacti, succulents, ficus bonsai and roses are all great options; if she likes to cook you can give her some herbs as well. They are lovely to look at, scent the room with a pleasing freshness and she has fresh herbs at hand when cooking. offers a set of six small succulents, complete with plastic pots and plates for Rs.1,084. The set contains Peperomia Obtusifolia Variegated, Crassula Hobbit, Sedum Pachyphyllum, Crassula Campfire, Jade plant, and Sedum Angelina. You can choose to buy them individually as well with prices ranging from Rs.212-349. They do cost significantly less when bought together though. They are great for keeping indoors as well as outdoors, are very hardy, and easy to maintain as they can do without daily watering.


Forgetting an anniversary is unforgivable but you can try to salvage the situation at the last moment with a good bottle of wine. Even otherwise, wine is a good gift for any occasion, provided you think carefully about the selection. There is a huge variety of wine available and so you need to carefully consider what kind of wine to get for your girlfriend. Since an anniversary is a big occasion you may want to pick up champagne as these luxury wines are well suited to important events and expensive champagnes are appropriate even to give for a wedding.

Keeping the weather in mind is another way to select, as hot summer days call for something light and fruity, such as white wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Riesling or Rose and Merlot if you prefer reds. During monsoon and cooler days, when winter hasn’t yet set in, whites with a fuller body like Chardonnay or Viognier are a good choice; pick from reds like Pinot noir, Cabernet Franc, Merlot or a sparkling wine. Cold days of winter are for soothing, and warming comfort foods, heart dishes that go well with red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, Syrah, Zinfandel, and Malbec. If you want a white wine, go with an oaked Chardonnay.

Smartphone Photo Printer

A photo printer for her smartphone is one of the coolest things you can get for your girlfriend. Especially if she adores taking pictures and posts regularly on Instagram. She will be able to take instant prints of her favourite images to tack on her soft board, tape to the fridge, or simply to enjoy the pleasures of instant gratification. No more splitting hairs over which pictures to print, or wondering if they are really worth the trip to the neighbourhood photo studio or the waiting time.

The HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer is considered amongst the best instant printers available. This portable printer was designed for mobility. It is about the same as a smartphone and weighs about 170 gm, means it will slide in as easily in her bag as her beloved mobile phone. It can create 2” x 3” instant pictures on self adhesive paper so she can print and stick them where she wants! It is very simple to use - simple power on the printer, connect to the smartphone via bluetooth, place the paper inside and within seconds the print is ready! Pictures can be customised with frames, emojis, text, stickers and filters before printing. Buy it for Rs.8,999 on Amazon.

Couples' Massage

Getting a couple’s massage with your sweetheart is a nice way to celebrate your two-year anniversary. A couple’s massage. Also called a duet massage is a spa service where two people are given a massage at the same time in a room by two therapists. Getting a massage at a spa is a great way to relax and a couple’s massage can be very romantic - there is soothing music, wonderful aroma, soft lighting, perhaps a few candles. Some spas offer romantic duet massages specially designed for couples that involve soaking tubs covered with rose petals, Champagne, strawberries and chocolate. Others still offer more exciting options like a soak in a tub filled with chocolate and wine, and rain showers. Inquire at the spas in your city to find one offering a couple’s massage suiting your tastes.

DIY Couple Pillow

If you can’t find anything you would like to buy for your girlfriend, or if you simply want to make something for her to show how dedicated you are, a DIY couple pillow is a great idea. You can personalise it to her tastes and make a very romantic gift; it will be more special than a store bought gift because you made it. Try this simple no-stitch DIY project for cute His and Hers couple pillows.

What you need:
2 pillow covers
Freezer paper
Aluminium foil
Craft knife
Fabric paint

Make a printout of your message in a large font to serve as a template for your pillow design - you can go with ‘His’ and “Hers’ or use something else. Place the freezer paper on top with the glossy side facing down, tape it if you want to keep it from sliding, and trace out the words.

Using the craft knife and a cutting board, cut around the edges of the letters so you have two sheets of freezer paper with the letters cut out from it. Place the cushion cover on the ironing board with the side you want your message on facing up. Place the freezer paper on top, shiny side down and iron over it till it sticks to the cover. This will serve as your stencil.

Slip the aluminium sheet inside the cover so it is directly below the stencil on the other side of the fabric. Now simple dab the paint onto the letters using the sponge. Repeat with the second cover. Let it dry before removing both sheets. You can follow the step by step pictures on

DIY Picture Jar

Pictures are without doubt one of the best ways to preserve beautiful memories. It’s how you display them that makes them even more special. Photo frames and personalised items with photographs are all great but why not try a unique way of giving her a visual memory? This DIY picture jar creates a wonderful vintage look for your image, giving it as old world charm that is found only in old pictures.

What you need:
Quart sized mason jar with lid
Vegetable oil
A photograph in black and white
Dried flowers

Use jars according to the height of your picture - if you are using a portrait size, a tall jar will do, but if it’s a landscape print use a slightly squat jar so there isn’t too much empty space above the picture. Trim the picture if it’s length is more than the jar’s. It will curve slightly and take the shape of the jar but should fit inside without contorting.

Pour vegetable oil inside till it covers the picture entirely. Place the dried flowers on the other side of the picture. Put the lid back on and close tightly. That’s it! The oil will cause the picture to take on a slightly yellow, aged look, giving you a vintage look without having to use filters.

Wedding Proposal

After two years of being together you probably know if she is the one for you. Having been together for this long also shows that you do like each other a lot, and if you are considering her as your life partner, the second anniversary is a good time to go for it. If you are ready to take your relationship to the next level, and you are confident she feels the same about you, a wedding proposal can be a beautiful way to mark your anniversary. There are plenty of things to think about and plan to make this a truly special occasion.

The ring is amongst the most important. Now there are two ways to go about it - figure it out on your own and surprise her, or propose to her and then take her shopping to select it together. Thought the latter seems practical and nice, the former will be more romantic, especially if she doesn’t have a clue about your intentions. If it will be a surprise, keep her taste in jewellery in mind, take help from family or her friends to select a design she will like. Engagement rings can be expensive so if you haven’t ever bought jewellery of this kind, it will be in your interest to take some advice from your parents or someone who is knowledgeable about jewellery.

The place and setting are important as these will be part of a lifelong memory. A place that has special significance for you, a romantic spot in the city, or over a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant are some options to consider. If you want to make things more interesting, think of unusual places or ways to ask her, organise a treasure hunt or take her away on a romantic getaway. You can ask a friend to help you out by being prepared to take pictures when it happens.

Other small details can help create the perfect ambience, such as having your favourite song play in the background. If she is very attached to her family you can ask her parents for permission first, and even include them in the surprise if you want. She will be touched that you planned it so well.

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Make Her Feel Special

Spending two years together helps a couple tune in to each other's emotions and feelings. Make your best effort to read and understand hers and get her a gift that shows that. Unlike the excitement of the initial days of dating, with time a couple settles into a more comfortable zone. As wonderful as that is, find a way show her that you are still as excited to be with her as the day you asked her out, and still as grateful that she chose to be with you.