Get to Know Everything You Wanted to Learn about Quilts, How they are Made, their Types with the Top Quilt Brands in India in 2021

Get to Know Everything You Wanted to Learn about Quilts, How they are Made, their Types with the Top Quilt Brands in India in 2021

A quilt is not the same thing as your regular blankets and duvets. So if you have been looking for all the information you need on quilts, here is a great plat to start - get to know what a quilt is, its types, and other crucial details, with the top quilt brands in India you can choose your perfect quilt from!

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What is a Quilt

Quilts are a form of textile that comprises multi-layered fabrics that keeps you warm. They are traditionally made of three layers - a decorative cloth top that is woven, a wadding or batting (padding), and a soft and strong backing soft on the skin. The three layers are woven together to enhance the quilt's beauty and are stitched using string ties or yarn. The stitching pattern works as one of the main aesthetic elements for the top layer. The stitching can be minimal and simple or complex and dense.

The three layers of Quilt:

  • The topmost layer is the decorative part of the quilt and is generally made using appliqué, piecing, and other decorative stitching.

  • The inner layer of batting plays an important role in keeping the quilt warm, and the materials used in the second layer are generally feathery cotton or woolen fibers, but the modern quilts use synthetic fibers as well. Some homemade quilts use old blankets as batting.

  • The third layer has to be soft as it directly comes in contact with the skin and is usually made of cotton or other plain fabric.

Quilts are used for bedding, decoration, gift, and donation purposes, etc., and are decorated using appliqué, reverse appliqué, embellishments, trapunto, foundation piecing, English paper piecing, and quilting, etc.

What is Quilting

The process of stitching the three layers of quilts that holds the quilt layers together is called Quilting. This process can be done by hand using a thread and needle by quilters or a sewing machine or a long-arm quilting mechanism, which are large sewing machines specially designed to finish the quilting process quickly.

Quilting has been used for centuries, and the mention of a similar technique has been found in almost all the ancient civilizations of the world. Before the invention of the sewing machine, quilting was done by hand, but later on, it was done by hand machines and now by automated machines for mass production. The various quilts made using varieties of quilting process across continents include – American Quilts, African-American quilts, Native American quilts, Amish quilts, Hawaiian South Asian quilting, Art quilting, Swedish quilting, and modern style of quilting.

Different Types of Quilts

Based on the types of padding used and warmth rating, quilts can be segregated into different categories.

  • Wool Quilts – Different qualities of wool are used as batting in these quilts, and depending upon the quality of wool, the quilts can be warm to very warm and can be used during heavy winters.

  • Feather and Down Quilts – These quilts have a dense middle layer of a blend of feathers, which makes them lightweight and very soft. They are very warm and suitable for cold sleepers.

  • Microfiber Quilts – These are quilts in which the padding is of synthetic fiber, and most of the modern and economic quilts fall under this category. Microfiber quilts have medium to high warmth rating depending upon the density of fiber used in the padding. These are lightweight, soft, and flexible, unlike traditional cotton quilts.

  • Cotton Quilts – These are customizable quilts, and you can get one stitched from your local quilter as per your needs. They can be thin to thick and accordingly varies the warmth rating. Cotton is naturally breathable fiber; thus, a thick cotton quilt is what you need for heavy winters, but they are heaviest among the different varieties of quilts.

  • Bamboo Quilts – Bamboo quilts provide moderate warmth and are meant for light winters or can be used as an AC comforter. They regulate body temperature naturally. Bamboo fibers are antibacterial and hypoallergenic and provide comfort and breathability while sleeping.

Difference Between Quilt, Comforter, Blanket, and Duvet!

Many people often get confused between a comforter and blanket or are unable to decide which one to buy during winters to have a comfortable and cozy sleep in the cold weather. While a quilt is a three-layered textile with the batting of different materials in between, the blanket is a single layer cover that is generally made of wool, fleece, acrylic, and knitted polyester.

Similarly, the comforter is a thick bed covering similar to quilt, but thinner and lighter as it's filled with polyester, feather, or down (layer of soft insulation underneath feathers that ducks, geese, and other waterfowl have to keep them warm). The stitching pattern is also not as complex as a Quilt. Duvet is a comforter in white colour with a cover and without any quilting. Duvet and comforter are ideal for mild winters or AC rooms, while blankets and quilt can be used in medium to a heavy cold.

How to Choose the Right Quilt!

Now we understand the difference between a quilt, comforter, blanket, and a duvet, but before you order a quilt, there are few points that you should consider before making the right and informed decision.

  • Size – Quilts are available in various sizes like single bed size, queen bed size, king size, double bed size, etc. Do check the quilt measurements before buying one and see if it would match the size of your bed and your height.

  • Purpose – If you are looking for a summer AC quilt, then opt for a thin and light cotton quilt; for chilling winter and below 5-degree temperatures, a quilt with thick and high-density padding is required. Do check the product description and the warmth rating before purchasing.

  • Material – The material is important as the inner part touches directly to your skin while the outer part and middle batting determine your quilt's warmth quotient. If you live in an area where you have to face severe cold conditions during winters, then opt for quilts that use payers made of synthetic, wool, or thick cotton.

Top Quilt Brands in India: Best Options Available in the Market Today!

Jaipuri Quilt Kerry Print 200Gsm Fine Cotton Double Bed Rajai

The Jaipuri Quilt Kerry Print Fine Cotton Double Bed Rajai has a quilt filling of 640 GSM density, the upper and lower layer is made with cotton cloth of thickness 200 GSM, and dimensions are approx 228 cm x 274 cm (7 feet by 8.7 feet). The quilt's total weight is 3.3 kg, the quilting is done using handwork stitching, and the borders are secured by machine stitching. The long-lasting quilt is soft, odor-free, durable, and very warm, making it suitable for harsh winters. Very high-quality cotton is used for the batting, and the beautiful Jaipuri design on the top gives this quilt a rich and premium look. You can own this Jaipuri Quilt from for Rs. 2,599.

Cloth Fusion Comfily Super Soft Microfibre Heavy Quilt/Razai for Winter


The super-soft microfiber heavy quilt by Cloth Fusion comes in two colours: dark brown and wine red. The double bed heavy quilt weighs 4 kg 450 gm and has a geometric pattern design on the top layer. This reversible quilt is soft and cozy, and the 300 GSM hollow silicon-polyester filing is a 100 percent microfiber shell, which gives it a luxurious and rich feel. The machine-stitched pattern ensures that the filling is duly fitted and provides durability, while the hypoallergenic material batting protects against allergens. Dimensions of this double-bed quilt are 90 inches by 100 inches, and you can buy this from for Rs. 1,799.

MASPAR Hermosa 100 GSM Cotton Multi Pastel Printed Double Size 4PC Quilt Set

MASPAR is a well-known brand in home furnishings, linen, and beddings, and the Hermosa model double-sized four-piece quilt set is one more premium quality product from their house. The upper and lower layers are made of 100% cotton fabric, while the padding is done with 100% polyester material. The floral pattern set is machine washable, and you get 1 Double Size Quilt (228 x 265 cm), 1 King Size Bedsheet (275 x 275 cm), and 2 Pillow Covers (46 x 69 cm) in the set. MASPAR Hermosa 4 piece quilt set is available for Rs. 5,590 at

Swayam Shades Of Paradise Cotton 350 GSM Heavy Winter Single Bed Quilt


Swayam India is a homegrown brand that manufactures home furnishing, bedding, kitchen linen, accessories, etc. This single bed quilt has dimensions of 90 inches x 60 inches, weighs 2 kg, and has microfiber padding inside the beautiful purple colour layers of GSM 350 density cotton fabric. The quilt has an additional protective layer to keep the fiber in place and is ideal for heavy winters. You can order the Swayam Shades of Paradise Cotton 350 GSM Heavy Winter Single Bed Quilt from for Rs. 3,499.

Gulaab Jaipur Off-White Floral Mild Winter 450 GSM Double Bed Quilt


The double king-size double bed quilt by Gulaab Jaipur has an off-white floral ethnic print on both sides and is made of superior quality 450 GSM cotton fabric. This Off-White Floral Mild Winter 450 GSM Double Bed Quilt is perfect for mild winters and adds a charm to your bed in the winters. The Gulaab Jaipur Denim collection double bed quilt can be dry cleaned, has dimensions 2.28 m x 2.74 m (length x width), and you can order it from for Rs. 3,590.

Divine Casa Everyday 150 GSM Microfiber Single Comforter

Divine Casa is a subsidiary of CTM Homestyle Pvt. Ltd., an Ahmedabad-based textile mill that started in 1970. It offers a wide range of bed linens, home furnishings, and beddings, etc. They provide high-quality products at pocket-friendly prices. This is a light quilt for the singles and perfect for AC rooms and mild winters. The outer layer has a pink coloured solid pattern design made of 150 GSM brushed microfiber while the inside filler is hollow siliconized fiber. This comforter's size is 59 inches x 91 inches, and you can clean it by hand wash or gentle machine wash. You can buy this single bed quilt from for Rs. 949.

Spaces Hygro Temperature Regulating Single Quilt


SPACES is a well-known name in the home furnishings, bath, and rugs segment. The single quilt is hygro temperature regulating that balances the temperature for a comfortable sleep. The quilt has a beautiful monochromatic colour; the premium quality fabric wicks away moisture and becomes better with wash. The size of the quilt is 150 cm x 218 cm, and it weighs around 1.5 kg. The Hygro Temperature Regulating Single Quilt by SPACES is machine washable and can be ordered from for Rs. 4,999.

D'Decor Live Beautiful Geometric Double Quilt (Cotton, Orange)


D'Decor is a homegrown company founded in 1999, which has carved its niche in the home décor and furnishing industry. Their products are exported to many countries, and they have thousands of exquisite designs to choose from. The double quilt has a geometric design and is ideal for mild winters. The 350 GSM cotton fabric outer layers are soft on the skin, and the aesthetic geometric design and colour patterns enhance your bedroom's beauty. Dimensions of the quilt are 89 inches x 106 inches, and you can own it for Rs. 3,379 from

TIB 300 GSM Soft Microfiber Velvet Quilt for Double Bed for Heavy Winter


This beautiful wine colour velvet quilt for heavy winters is manufactured by "The Intellect Bazaar" and is a super soft double bed quilt with dimensions 85 inches x 95 inches while the weight is 4.1 kg. The batting is done by 300 GSM Reliance fiber, which is hypoallergenic in nature. The embossed pattern stitching adds an aesthetic appeal and keeps the polyester filling evenly dispersed. This TIB velvet double bed quilt can be ordered from for Rs. 1,569.

AP Linens Solid Double Comforter


The solid double comforter from AP Linens' house is a reversible quilt that is available in many pretty colours. The upper and lower layers are made of soft micro cotton which is soft on the skin, while the 200GSM siliconized fiber filling stitched in between keeps you warm during winters. The quilt has six corner loops to secure a quilt cover, and the 90 inches x 100 inches dimensioned quilt can be ordered for Rs. 1,595 from

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Wash Your Quilt with Care!

You cannot wash your quilt(s) like your regular clothes. Hard washing can cause the colour of your quilt to fade away and can even damage it permanently. You must wash it separately or get it done by professional dry cleaners! However, if you want to wash it at home only, you must only gently wash it with cold water, and very carefully any water that might be absorbed. You can also have a look at online tutorials on how to wash a quilt (we recommend it!).