Are You Looking for the Best Standing Desk(2020)?Best Standing Desks for Your Home or Office to Get Your Blood Pumping during the Workday.

Are You Looking for the Best Standing Desk(2020)?Best Standing Desks for Your Home or Office to Get Your Blood Pumping during the Workday.

For budding entrepreneurs and work from home enthusiasts, a comfortable desk means more productivity. The best productivity boost was enjoyed by those who frequently alternated in sitting and standing throughout the day. Here are the Best Standing desks you can buy that will transform your home office and provide you with lasting health benefits.

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Make a Difference to Your Health and Productivity with a Standing Desk


When we are busy at work, we rarely care about our posture. Most of us are content about sitting long hours at the desk. Recent studies have shown that sitting long hours can lead to various health hazards. There is a risk of heart diseases and diabetes. You will also burn less calories when you are sitting for a long time.

A standing desk allows you to stand and work comfortably. There are products with height adjustments that can allow a sit-stand option. So using a standing desk can also enhance your productivity and keep you healthy too.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Standing Desk for Home Office

Space Availability

Given that standing desks are large-ish, you must first finalise the space where you will set up your workstation at home. The ergonomics of working has been changing, and more people prefer to stand and work. The standing desk will be a bit broader too. It is also essential to have a flexible work environment at home. Then you must take the measurements of the space allocated as it will help you to shortlist the standing desks that can help you set up your workplace.

Ability to Withstand Weight


The standing desk must withstand the weight of your laptop as well as some of the other accessories. It may not be prudent to expect to put up a desktop on the desk as it will make it too cramped for space. However, the desk should be sturdy enough to withstand an adequate amount of weight without having to continue adjusting.

Desk Design

There are various mechanisms that these desks use. Some of them may have swing arm adaptors for a laptop or even to allow mounting of a monitor. It helps the user during teleconferences and will enable you to adjust the angle according to your choice suitably. You can also choose a conversion desk that will fit into your existing desk and does not need a separate installation. There are dedicated desks, too, while the sit-stand options are the most preferred ones.

Availability of Height Adjustment Facility

The height of the desk must be adjustable. It may not be only you who will use the desk. Moreover, if it is a sit-stand desk, then it will be necessary to adjust the height. Furthermore, the mechanism can be pneumatic or electrical, which are the most preferred ones. The crank option requires time to arrive at the ideal height.

Your Budget

Like all products, the standing desks are not uniformly priced. The price variation is because of the features that come with a particular product. The main difference is in the height adjustment mechanism. The manual ones usually cost a lot lesser. You may fix up a budget before searching for suitable models. You may also factor in the warranty that will provide an overview of the durability of the product.

Best Standing Desk for Home Office: Top Options Available in India

VIVO Dual Monitor Sit-Stand Height Adjustable Workstation Standing Desk

The current pandemic situation has allowed more people to work from home. You need to set up your workstation, and this sit-stand desk from Vivo can be one of the options. The product allows mounting on your desk with an easy transition due to the presence of a pneumatic spring. One of the unique features of this product is the two monitor screens and the keyboard that allows you to save space as well as have more free space.

There are fully adjustable pneumatic spring arms that allow a tilting option between -35 and 35 degrees. There is an allowance of 180-degree rotation, and the monitor arms and keyboard can be rotated for the full 360 degrees.


  • The set up is easy and allows more free space.
  • It has an elegant design that can enhance your productivity.
  • You can tilt and rotate the desk to allow easier work.


  • The keyboard tray can become loose very fast.

It is available at Rs. 24,614 on Shopclues.

Kurtzy Height Adjustable Table


Kurtzy is a brand known for its unique products that can keep your home organized. They also have a wide assortment of study tables. This unique height adjustable table can be used at the standing workstation for your home office. It can withstand a lot of weight around 10 kilos and also be adjusted to around 35.4 inches. It is compact and does not take too much space.

This adjustable desk comes with four caster wheels that allow you to take it across all the rooms quickly. A locking system also locks the table and cleaning is easy.


  • It is elegant and can be used for working as well as other activities.
  • It is portable and can be carried to all rooms.
  • A locking system keeps the table in position.


  • You have to pay for the installation.

It is priced at Rs. 2,399 on Amazon.

Executive Office Solutions Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk


This elegant desk is made of aluminum and plastic. Though it is lightweight, it can easily withstand the weight of your laptop. There is an edge stopper to prevent your laptop from sliding off the table. The screen can be position in several positions that allows you to work at any position and improves your productivity. It has sturdy legs along with 360-degree rotation ability that makes it an ideal addition to your home office. There is a fan powered by your computer terminal to prevent overheating.


  • There is a fan to cool your laptop.
  • You can easily adjust the height of the desk.
  • It can withstand the weight of your laptop.


  • There is no keyboard tray or monitor compatibility that makes it challenging to work with a desktop.

It is priced at Rs. 15,607 on Amazon.

Apex Desk Elite

If you are looking for a lot of space on the table, then this product could be the ideal option. The Elite product is available in two options, viz. 60-inch and 71-inch options. It uses walnut wood that makes it sturdy too. It has a dual-motor system that allows the desk to be adjusted easily. The lifting mechanism has a controller along with four preset heights. There is a centre beam too that provides additional stability.

The desk can withstand around 100 kilos, making it a multi-purpose desk that can be used for various other purposes. The steel frame enhances the stability of the desk. The product has a unique structure, and you can assemble it within an hour.


  • It can withstand heavy weights.
  • There is a lot of space on the table.
  • It is made of steel that enhances durability..


  • The speed of the lifting is slow.

The product is priced at Rs. 59,444 on Ubuy.

Uplift V2

For those willing to set up a full home office for longtime use, you will need a durable and sturdy standing desk. This product from Uplift is stable due to the braces that are present. There is also an anti-collision technique that stops the height adjustment when it hits an object. The dual motors help to adjust the height within no time.

The standing desk has several mounting points to attach the various accessories, including a hammock that exists underneath the desk when the desk is at maximum height. The product is available in different colours and sizes, allowing the buyer to choose one based on their requirement.


  • It is motorised, making it easier and faster to adjust the height.
  • The desk is sturdy and has an excellent design.
  • There are several mounting points for several accessories.


  • Though it has several features, it is expensive.

- It is available at Rs. 1,05,709 on Desert Cart.

Multi – Table Foldable and Adjustable


The brand is known to have several products that can be used for different purposes. This product is ideal for your home office and is available at an affordable price too. The tray is made from high-quality plastic while the legs are metallic. It is durable and can withstand the weight. The product can be used for several purposes only. It has foldable legs that can be folded and can be carried around the house.

The height can be adjusted for six levels, and it has dimensions of 20 inches X 15.5 inches. It is easy to assemble and can be done within 20 minutes with no need to bring in the experts.


  • it is a multi-purpose product and can be used for several purposes.
  • It has a maximum height of 30 inches.
  • It is portable and lightweight.


  • No wheels are making it difficult to move across the house.

It is priced at Rs. 1,399 on Amazon.

AboveTEK Versatile Laptop Table Riser


The versatile table from AboveTEK is ideal as a standing desk for your home office. It can be used as a multi-purpose workstation for your office as well as your home. While you may be working long hours, you also need to have the ideal posture; else it could be taxing for your body. You must choose the perfect laptop table for your home office.

The desk has adjustable legs that can ensure that the laptop is at eye level when you are standing. You can also easily change the angle at which the desktop or laptop is placed on the table.


  • There are support clips to hold your laptop in place.
  • It has adjustable legs to ensure the computer is at eye level.
  • It is elegant and enhances the get up of your living room.


  • The desk needs periodic readjustment that makes it a bit cumbersome.

It is priced at Rs. 12,158 on Amazon.

Defianz Height Adjustable Table


The Defianz brand is known for its excellent range of products for your office and home and has a branch in Mumbai. The brand has a keen focus on designing elegant products to improve your convenience. This adjustable desk can be a workstation and be the standing desk for your home office. It is sturdy and can withstand around 50 kilos of weight, thus allowing you to use it for multiple activities.

The height can be adjusted between 21 and 36 inches. The desk has four wheels at its legs, making it transportable across different rooms in the house. There is also a polyurethane lining that can protect your kids.


  • It is durable and elegant.
  • The desk can withstand 50 kilos of weight.
  • The height of the desk can be extended to 36 inches.


  • The installation is not free of cost.

It is priced at Rs. 7,299 on Amazon.

Supreme Scissor Height Adjusting Plastic Table


The next on our list is this elegant standing desk from Supreme. Supreme is a renowned brand and is known for its durable products and premium-quality furniture. This adjustable table has a zigzag and foldable leg that makes transportation easier. The table is wide enough to keep your laptop. It can also be used for studying. It has a maximum height of 34 inches which makes it the ideal height for working.

The legs are made from powder-coated steel that provides the durability to withstand heavyweights. You can also be assured that it is rust-proof. Cleaning is too easy, and you will only need a dry cloth.


  • It is lightweight and sturdy.
  • The product is multi-purpose and can be used for different activities.
  • It is elegant and easy to assemble too.


  • There are no wheels which make transportation a problem.

It is priced at Rs. 2,644 on Amazon.

FLEXISPOT Height Adjustable Desk Frame Electric Sit Stand Desk

We round off this list with this ergonomically designed product from Flexispot. The idea is to have a standing desk that will improve the posture of work for the user. The technology is such that the height of the table can be increased gradually in increments. A monitor mount will allow the user to adjust the monitor according to their needs.

There are several options available, and this 55 X 28-inch product has a controller with seven buttons apart from 3 programmable memory presets that allow the user to have three desired desk heights. It has a motorized lift mechanism too.


  • The desk can be used for work when standing as well as in a sitting position.
  • The height can be adjusted in increments.
  • It has adequate space to carry out various activities.


  • There is a centre bar that makes it difficult to adjust the height.

It is priced at Rs. 31,277 on Ubuy.

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Increasingly, office workers around the world are turning to stand desks as a way to counteract the adverse effects of prolonged sitting. Regardless of the solution you choose, the key principle to bear in mind is to make sure you stay active, eat healthy, and research a lot before you invest in any home office equipment. In addition to shopping from our recommendations, you can also make small adjustments to what you already have in your own home!