Ready to Give Your Work Space a Makeover(2021)?  10 Best Ergonomic Desk to Provide Maximum Comfort for the User, Increasing Focus, and Work Productivity.

Ready to Give Your Work Space a Makeover(2021)? 10 Best Ergonomic Desk to Provide Maximum Comfort for the User, Increasing Focus, and Work Productivity.

An ergonomic desk is designed to prevent the user from getting injured or working at an uncomfortable angle. Read below for the factors to consider when setting up an ergonomic desk and to find the best desk for yourself from our recommendations.

Ergonomic Desks Can Improve Your Posture

Back problems have become endemic among the workforce as we increasingly do everything from our laptops. It is mainly due to working long hours with a bad posture. It leads to neck and back pain that can reduce your productivity and reduce your sense of wellbeing. Businesses are now considering several changes to the workstations to ensure their employees can have a better posture during working hours. If you are working from home too, you must also consider having an ergonomic workstation to make sure you do not suffer from back issues over time.  

An ergonomic desk setup can prevent any back and neck pain. You can change the height of the desk to align your body while sitting at your workstation. There are sitting cum standing desks that can allow the user to stand and work too. The ideal ergonomic desk can work wonders for your posture when you are working. This article will discuss further the factors to consider when selecting one and the various available options.

How to Choose an Ergonomic Desk

Does It Fit Your Sitting Position?

When you are choosing the ideal desk, always check whether it can fit into your sitting position. One of the benefits is that you can alter the desk's height to ensure that it does not cause discomfort to your back and neck.

You can choose a sitting cum standing desk that will allow you to stand up for some time and prevent any back injury by sitting long hours. Always take the measurements of your sitting area and shortlist the desks that are of suitable dimensions. It will help you select the ideal desk to protect you from back pain and provide ample space for your workstation.

Positioning the Computer Accessories Easily

Once you have placed the desk in position, try to recollect your natural posture and adjust the tabletop height accordingly. Next, the computer accessories must be placed such that they can be easily reached. The mouse and the keyboard must be placed so that your elbows are at the sides. You can also have a keyboard tray if needed.

The screen must be placed at your eye level. Keep in mind that the height of the table must be adjusted based on where you place the screen on the table. You can do a small check. Sit up straight and check whether your eyes are at the same level as the address bar on the screen. These are the primary consideration for computer accessories, and you must consider them when choosing the desk.

The Desk Must Be Compact

If you are working from home, you must select a compact desk that would be enough to place your computer terminal and associated accessories with ease. You must also consider the dimensions of the computer and accessories such that they can be placed on top of the table quickly. The desk must be placed such that you have adequate space to move around.

There must be adequate space for a sitting desk to place the chair, and there should be space to move it too. The setup that you have can also determine the dimensions of the desk. If there is a space crunch, you can also consider a folding desk.

Check the Height

When you have checked the dimensions, you can also check the height of your eye level with the computer. It will help you assess the height of the desk you will need. Most standard desks will allow a height of around 30 inches, but it is suggested that you do adequate research and check the adjustable height.

The perfect ergonomic desk will allow you to have a proper work posture without straining your neck. It will also have adequate space to place the computer accessories and enable you to place the screen at eye level. Always ensure that the screen is at a fair distance from your eyes too.

The Price

When trying to select an ergonomic desk for your workstation, you must choose one from a renowned brand. They may not necessarily be expensive too. If you are buying online, you must also check the number of reviews for the product. Apart from knowing the quality, it also guarantees product quality.

When you have the specifications in place, you must do research and find out the available options. You can do a trade-off on the price and the associated features of the product. It is better to have a budget in mind that you should not cross.

Best Ergonomic Desks in India: Choose One of These and Ensure Great Posture

Pneumatic Adjustable Height Laptop Desk

Rife Technologies specialises in producing arms, stands and mounts for electronic gadgets that help to make your office look more elegant. They are committed to creating ergonomic furniture that takes care of your physical health too. This ergonomic desk ensures that you are comfortable while working and supports the normal standing position of employees. You can change the height of the desk using a pneumatic height level adjusting mechanism.

The wooden top is large enough to fit all desktops and laptops along with the accessories. The desk can be rolled using caster swivel wheels and can stand still where you wish. It has a light aluminum frame that can ensure durability. It can be assembled quickly and has all the necessary components. The product is ideal for freelancers and those who are working from home.

It is priced at Rs. 18,500 on the company website.

Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk 47" Home Office Desk

- This unique gaming desk comes with an elegant carbon fibre smoothness. The design is intimate and ensures that the user does not feel uncomfortable while at work or when playing their favourite video games. When you are not uncomfortable, it is bound to enhance your productivity. The table comes with a tailor-made mousepad. It has a premium rubber base that prevents it from slipping along with durable stitched edges.

The T-shaped base is made from cast iron and has a finish that provides a contemporary look. The table's legs are protected from rust, and the metallic coating offers a unique texture to the product. There is a gaming sticker, height-adjustable feet and rubber locking collars. It measures 47.24 inches X 23.62 inches X 30.12 inches. There is a game controller rack along with a socket holder.

It is priced at Rs. 13,105 on Ubuy.

Rife Gas Spring Height Adjustable Riser Converter


We include this second entry from Rife Technologies, and this desk can be transformed quickly to the standing mode when needed. The handles can be easily squeezed to the ideal height. The workstations are made using high-quality wood along with PVC film. The flat-top area is 35.4 inches X 20.9 inches. It can support up to 12.7 kgs, and the keyboard tray can hold 2.3 kgs. The table can be used for gaming too.

You can quickly transform it into a sitting workstation. There is ample space to hold two monitors. It can easily maintain good posture as you can change the desk's height using the gas spring. You must hold the platform and press the lever to adjust the height. The desk is sturdy and elegant at the same time.

It is available at Rs. 16,725 on Amazon.

ErgoYou Height Adjustable Table Desk


If you are looking for a simple yet elegant adjustable table, you can choose this product from ErgoYou. The company has a focus on producing ergonomic office furniture. It is also known for its products that can prevent strain on your body and other health issues. The table can be easily adjusted to a height between 710 mm and 1120 mm. TiMotion manufactures the control box and the motor. They are a renowned brand in electronic motion solutions.

It is easy to assemble the table, and all the hardware and other tools needed to assemble it comes with the consignment. There is an instruction sheet, apart from a video and video call assistance too. It has four personalised memory pre-sets. The pre-engineered wooden tabletop is 25 mm thick. It is a two-stage model and can be assembled within an hour.

It is priced at Rs. 38,799 on Amazon.

Featherlite Engineered Wood Rise Table


Featherlite is a renowned furniture brand with a wide presence across the country. It has a wide base of franchisees and has expertise in manufacturing and marketing innovative office solutions. It has a wide assortment of furniture products, like chairs, desks, partitions, retail furniture, etc. They are also known for their high-quality operational workflows and safety management. The brand is a pioneer in the manufacturing process and has introduced robotics and automation in the processes.

The sit-cum-stand desks are a rage these days due to their several benefits. The height of the desk can be altered according to the requirement of the user. The pre-laminated board is 25 mm thick and has a load capacity of around 8 kgs. The height of the table can be adjusted between 730 mm and 1110 mm. There are lockable casters too.

It is priced at Rs. 9,999 on Amazon.

Eureka Ergonomic 43-in Small Gaming Computer Desk


Eureka Ergonomic is a renowned manufacturer of height-adjustable ergonomic desks. They are based out of the USA, have world-class manufacturing processes, and are known for their elegant design and quality checks. The framework of their products is usually made from metals and passes stringent regulations regarding the use of chemicals.

This gaming computer desk is ideal for gamers and provides them with the perfect gaming experience. It has a sleek carbon fibre to offer smoothness and offers ample space for your work too. The desk also features a power strip storage box along with two cable grommets. It is made from commercial-grade steel, and the particleboard is certified by EPA. It can support objects up to 225 kgs.

It is available at Rs. 13,994 on Amazon.

FlexiSpot EF Adjustable Height Desk, Electric Standing Desk

FlexiSpot is among the best brands for motorised standing desks. The product has a quiet motorise lift, and the heights can be pre-set. The ergonomic desk provides room for two monitors apart from a laptop. It is spacious and measures 48 inches X 30 inches. The motor helps to make better adjustments in the height ranging between 28 inches and 47.6 inches. The desk can support weights of up to around 69 kgs. The model is ideal for remote workers and proves to be the perfect standing desk.

It is available at Rs. 22,645 on Ubuy.

Designa Height Adjustable Computer Desk


This height-adjustable desk can be used for gaming or even as a workstation for remote employees. It has a nine-level mechanical lifting mechanism. The desk is made from cold-rolled steel and is resistant to corrosion. The legs can be adjusted to the ideal height, and you can also enjoy the benefits of a mousepad. The mousepad measures 24 inches X 24 inches and is suitable for your work. The desk has dimensions of 47 inches X 24 inches X 24 – 32 inches.

The manufacturer is concerned about your safety, and the desk has rounded corners, and the cable managers ensure that the cables are not entangled. There are adjustable leg pads to adjust the height of the desk accurately. It can also ensure balance on uneven floors. The panels are durable and harmless for humans. The product is also scratch-proof and waterproof.

It is priced at Rs. 15,490 on Amazon.


Mojo is known for its ergonomic and height-adjusted office desks and is the leader in these products. The products can help you have a better work-life and prevent any harm to your back and neck. The products allow you to shift between sitting and standing while at work. This product is an electrical height adjustable desk, and a single motor can adjust the height. The motors are powered by linear actuators that can readily lift the desk to the ideal height.

The desk can adjust the height between 71 cm and 117 cm. You can also customise the tabletop for an additional amount. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 50 kgs. The frame of the desk is made from steel that makes the desk sturdy. The desks are made of plywood or MDF. There is a one-year warranty on the product too.

It is priced at Rs. 25,500 on the company website.

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Take Care of Your Muscles and Eyes Too.

Apart from the desk, you must take good care of your musculoskeletal system. Drink plenty of water, get plenty of exercises, take stretch breaks and avoid prolonged periods of sitting. Avoid eye strain by making sure that your monitor is not too close. You can rest your eyes periodically for several seconds by looking at objects at a distance to give your eyes a break.