Looking for the Best Ergonomic Chairs in India(2021)? 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs for Home to Ensure Good Posture and Comfort.

Looking for the Best Ergonomic Chairs in India(2021)? 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs for Home to Ensure Good Posture and Comfort.

Ergonomic chairs are designed to support your body comfortably for the long haul. The best part about an ergonomic chair is that each part of the chair can be adjusted independently according to one's requirements, and body shape. Here, we have listed the names of the top 10 best chairs for homes in India for convenience.

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is not a new term but has become quite popular in recent years. In simpler terms, ergonomics is when devices are designed to fit the human body and its movement. It started with the first ancestors when they started making primitive tools. According to archaeological evidences ergonomics has been seen in the Egyptian dynasties as well as from the 5th Century BCE. It became popular after the Industrial Revolution where the factory machinery and equipment were built with designs that we consider ergonomics today.

To understand ergonomics better we can say that it is a scientific discipline where you are able to understand the interactions between humans and other systems, it also applies theory, principles and methods which work towards the betterment of human wellbeing and performance. It combines anatomy, physiology, psychology, engineering and statistics to create devices that enhance a person's ability and performance. An ergonomic device works with a person's age, size, strength, cognitive ability, experiences and goals.

We all have heard about ergonomics here and there and think that it is related to the design of car controls but it is much more than that, it is related to anything that is being used by humans be it in the workplace, sports, health, safety etc.

People use all kinds of devices and equipment throughout their lives not knowing that it was ergonomically designed and this is when we come to chairs. Since the spread of Covid 19 million of people are stuck at home and have turned their living rooms into workplaces. They are spending endless hours sitting on their chairs and working away on their computers which is increasing the incidents of back problems, cervical issues and tons of different ailments related to posture. The ergonomic chairs are built to provide comfort by using various techniques to help you stay comfortable while you work and can perform better.

We have here compiled a list of the 10 best ergonomic chairs that can provide you optimum comfort. These chairs are easily available online and will help you make life so much easier.

Benefits of Using Ergonomic Chairs

You can find different kinds of chairs online as there are tons of options but if you are looking for the best chair that can support your neck, back and shoulders then you should go with the ergonomic chair. A perfect chair ensures your body's proper posture and supports the spine. Sitting for long hours on a chair helps you in many ways. Here is a list of benefits you get by using one of the ergonomic chairs and be a happy worker.

  • Ergonomic chairs allow you to sit and rest your feet on the floor which avoids leg cramps. Their cushioning is soft and they come with a height adjuster which is great for short heighted people. Most of these chairs have a seat that is 12 inches deep and has a gap between the edge of the seat and the back of your knees that helps to release the pressure of your knees. The soft cushion supports your hips and lower back.
  • These chairs have headrests that are separate from the backrests, this supports the spinal curvature.
  • Sitting for long hours on a chair increases the risk of spoiling your posture. In a non-ergonomic chair, you tend to lean forward and face posture problems. Ergonomic chairs are designed to support your natural posture.
  • If you have different physical problems, you won't be able to be as productive as you should be therefore using an ergonomic chair is the best way to enhance your performance and stay away from all kinds of pain and aches.
  • You will find young people suffering from lower back pain and neck pains and it is mostly due to using normal chairs whereas ergonomic chairs ensure relaxation to the body and support it completely.
  • Sitting for a long time puts tremendous pressure on your hips as the whole-body weight is shifted on it. Ergonomic chairs provide better seating which reduces the pressure off your hips and keeps you comfortable.
  • While working in a normal chair you tend to either lean forward and stretch too much to reach out to things you need which put a lot of pressure on your whole body. Ergonomic chairs on the other hand allow you to sit straight and helps you reach out to things without having to lean forward.

10 Best Ergonomic Chairs for Your Home

Here are the top 10 selling ergonomic chairs you can buy online and start working without having to fear about bad posture or pains.

Beast Multi-Functional Chair

This is one of the top-selling ergonomic chairs online at an affordable price. The chair is basically made for people who love to play games on their computers and spend hours enjoying it. It has a high back and wide armrests that make it ultra-comfortable. Each part of the chair can be adjusted as per your need. You can easily change the height, tilt the backrest and the armrests can be adjusted as well to make it comfortable for you. It is made with an integrated metal frame and class 4 hydraulic pistons and the seating of the chair is of high density moulded foam to support your hips and lower back. The chair comes with 3 years manufacturer's warranty and is available for Rs. 14,231.10 on www.greensoul.online.

Cellbell® C104 Medium-Back Fabric Mesh Office Chair

Source www.amazon.in

Another good ergonomic chair you can check out for your home is the Cellbell Mesh chair. The chair looks very stylish and is perfect for small rooms. It has thickly padded seats with Pneumatic Hydraulic seats. The armrest of the chair is made with high-quality plastic and a quality metal base. It will help you sit upright and the soft cushion will keep you comfortable during your long working hours. It has a tension adjusting knob through which you can tilt the chair and relax when you need to. The elegantly designed chair will not only keep you comfortable but will add some style in your workplace. It can be bought for Rs. 3,699 from amazon.in with 1 year warranty.

Misuraa Imported Xenon High Back Ergonomic Chair

Source www.amazon.in

The Misuraa ergonomic chair comes with an advanced Synchro-tilt mechanism which lets you sit comfortably on it for long hours. You can easily adjust the lumbar support height, the armrest, the seat height and depth and the backrest. The foam and fabric used on the chair cool the body heat and do not cause any anxiety. The chair is built to support the whole body and is made with a diecast aluminum base with heavy-duty caster wheels through which you can easily roll it on a carpet without putting too much pressure on your body. If you are tired of all the back and neck pains you have been experiencing lately then you should buy this chair for Rs. 19,999 from amazon.in and get rid of it.

Fluid Lite

Like most people, you have also set up your office at home but don't want to ruin your home decor by adding in a bulky chair then check out this Fluid Lite ergonomic mesh chair. You will surely fall in love with this chair as it is made to look elegant and provide you with optimum comfort at the same time. The combination of dark blue and black makes it look slick and the nylon base makes it look dainty enough to keep in your living room. The chair is made to support your lower back and has two ways adjustable lumbar and one-way adjustable arms to help you focus on your work rather than on aches in your body. You can tilt the chair and chill with a cup of coffee during your break and adjust it back when it’s time to work. The Fluid Lite ergonomic chair is available for Rs. 6,340 on wfh.transteel.com.

UV Ergonomic Chair

The UV Ergonomic chair is another good chair to have at your home. You can use it for your office work or the kids can use it to play games on the computer. The chair is in black colour and goes well with all home decors. It is made to provide ultimate lumbar support with 360-degree swivel bases. The seat height can be adjusted with the levers provided in the chair. The chair comes in three sizes, low back, medium back and a high back so you have an option to buy the one that suits you best. This stylish chair would surely enhance some style in your room and will help you turn a corner of your room into your workspace. The chair can be bought for Rs. 4,599 from www.pepperfry.com.

Regent Matrix Net & Metal High Back Black & Grey Mesh Chair

Another classy-looking ergonomic chair is the Regent Mesh chair. This is a high-quality product designed to provide comfort while you work on your desk. It is made with high-quality material and advanced techniques. It has a high back made with a matrix net to give full support to the back. Its wide legs have wheels that make moving around in closed spaces easier. The Matrix net makes it breathable and avoids sweating in case the power is off for too long. The design of the chair makes it look very elegant and mixes well with most home decors. It can be bought for Rs. 4,100 from www.moglix.com.

Tillie Ergonomic Chair

Looking to buy a gift for your husband who is working long hours from home? You can actually buy him this great Tillie ergonomic chair for him to thank you each time he sits on it. This chair is made to give optimum comfort and complete support to the lower back.  It has 360-degree swivel bases. This is a gorgeously made chair and is made with faux leather which will blend it with your leather sofas easily at home. The base of the chair is made with chrome steel and bonded foam makes it very comfortable to sit for long hours. The chair comes with one year warranty and can be bought for Rs. 7,999 from www.pepperfry.com. Buying it will make your husband a very happy man.

Featherlite Liberate HB Mesh Fabric Office Adjustable Arm Chair

Presented by Featherlite, this Mesh Fabric chair can be a great choice for people looking for comfort while they work. This lightweight chair has dual-frame flexible lumbar support that provides ultimate comfort while you work or play games for a long period of time. The headrest can be adjusted to avoid neck and shoulder pains and the nylon casters give you high load capacity and maintain a balanced movement. The chair looks and feels great and is a great buy for Rs. 15,530 on www.flipkart.com.

Savya home by Apex Crusader XI Gaming Office Chair

Source www.amazon.in

The Savy home by Apex Crusader XI is a premium-looking chair and is perfect for game lovers. This is a racing chair that is easy to set up. The chair is a multipurpose chair that is made of premium PU leather with adjustable lumbar support. The headrest has a pillow protecting the spine and neck which makes it one of the most comfortable chairs in the market. It has a thick cushion that gives support to the hips and avoids lower back pain. It is a durable chair that can be used as an office chair as well. You will definitely feel blessed when using this chair for long hours. It can be bought for Rs. 13,799 from amazon.in.

Nilkamal Alba Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair With CTS

Source mccoymart.com

Another great ergonomic chair for small spaces is the Nilkamal Alba Mesh chair. Neelkamal has been one of the most trusted brands in India and can be found in almost all households. Their ergonomic office chair is one of the best chairs you can find which is lightweight and has a compact design. The chair is made with high-quality fabric and mesh and provides complete support to the whole body. This chair is available for Rs. 8,561 on https://mccoymart.com.

Features Your Ergonomic Chair Should Have

If you have decided to buy an ergonomic chair for your home turned into an office then you need to check out the following features that make a chair the best chair for you.

  • Your chair should be able to extend upwards and downwards. It should also be adjustable between a height of 15 to 22 inches so that you can put your feet on the ground while sitting on it.
  • Your chair should provide you lower back support. Your spine has an inward curve and if you sit for long hours in one position it damages the structure of your spine. A good chair should have a lumbar adjustment for height and depth.
  • Your chair should be made of durable material with padding on the seat and the back to make it comfortable for you.
  • Your chair should have adjustable armrests to reduce pressure on your lower back. It should be broad and cushioned to make it more comfortable while you rest your arms on it.
  • Your chair should be sturdy and must have wheels to avoid twisting your back to reach out for things. It should have hard casters for free movement during work. It should also be able to rotate freely to avoid straining on your body.
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Upgrade When Necessary

Every chair has a finite life. If your chair is degraded beyond repair then you must consider replacing them with a new one. Several components cannot be replaced. A well-maintained chair provides optimum comfort and support while protecting it from premature degradation.