Check out the Top Books on Vaastu Shastra to Bring Happiness and Prosperity in Your Personal and Professional Life (2022)

Check out the Top Books on Vaastu Shastra to Bring Happiness and Prosperity in Your Personal and Professional Life (2022)

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient science of structures to bring harmony and peace in your life. If you are new to Vaastu or are not clear as to where to start then BP Guide is here to help you. We have curated a list of the top Vaastu Shastra books which are easy to comprehend and implement in your life to bring about happiness, good health and prosperity in your life. The books talk about simple steps and modifications which can bring a paradigm shift in your life by eliminating worries, anxieties and failures. Read on to know more.

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Using Vaastu Shastra to Enhance Your Life

How is Vaastu Good for Your Home?

Vaastu Shastra, which simply means "the study of architecture," gives forth the style, plan, dimensions, foundation preparation, spacing arrangement, and spatial geometry elements for a home or other constructed structures. Each home or living area has its own energy, and a house must exude the correct kind of energy to be harmonious and happy. The vibe of the home, at the end of the day, is what will determine its success and affect the spiritual well-being of all living members.

A home's exterior shape, or shell, can assist in transmitting positive energy and preventing negative consequences. Financial growth is promoted by symmetrical or right-angled layouts, which offer happiness and prosperity to the home. Irregular or curved-shaped structures are not favorable, according to ancient wisdom, because they limit an individual's progression and create a variety of health problems, misfortunes, and a general lack of enthusiasm in the home.

Office Vaastu Shastra Guidelines


Because finance is the soul of any company, it's critical to set up an office according to the ancient science of Vaastu Shastra. The office should have décor items set in the right direction to help you navigate obstacles and create the road for success and positivity at work. The proper placement of décor objects will not only assure financial success but will also improve a person's overall health. For instance, according to Vaastu Shastra, entrepreneurs should sit in their offices facing north, east, or north-east since it is considered lucky.

To ensure that marketing and sales professionals are more proactive at work, they should sit in the north-west direction, with the seat facing the north-east direction. For enhanced wealth, accounting professionals should sit in the south-east corner of the office and face north-east. Business leaders should take up residence in a cabin in the office's western section. They should look north-east in order to boost their leadership abilities.

Vaastu Tips for Healthy & Happy Life

There is nothing better than having plants at home to purify the indoor atmosphere and boost mental health – they help liven up your surroundings. Basil or Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Ficus, Pothos or Money Plant, and Areca Palm are some of the Vaastu-verified kinds. Pink rock salt can help to improve indoor air quality. Negative energy is dispelled by the powerful wind element found in these crystals. Water is a significant source of health and prosperity, according to Vaastu, and its misuse can cause serious health problems. Keeping a dish of water for birds and stray animals is an excellent Vaastu treatment that can improve your health.

Books on Vaastu Shastra: 10 Comprehensive Options to Understand this Ancient Science

The Miracles of Vaastu Shastra


Authored by Shanku Shiva Dass, The Miracles of Vaastu Shastra describes a mixed group of air, water, fire and space elements in combination with divine science. Given the incredible effects as evidenced by the author’s personal experiences in addition to his clients’ feedback, the book illustrates the varied Vaastu Shastra principles for homes and different structures. The book also includes the basic foundation of the ancient science as adapted as an Indian way of life. The Miracles Of Vaastu Shastra is priced at ₹ 195.00 for the paperback format on Amazon.

Vaastu Sar


Some of you may have been facing problems like monetary challenges, relationship disharmony, court cases, depression, divorce, disease, and a variety of other issues without realising what was causing them. What if this book can help you figure out what's causing your acute problems? Vaastu Sar, written by Mahesh Gyani, is a clear and simple remedy to a wide range of problems that can be linked to misalignments in a building's structure. The book provides remedial answers to problems emerging from distorted structural designs, with a strong emphasis on scientific reasoning. Vaastu Sar is priced at ₹ 250.00 on Amazon for a hardcover format.

The Journey of Vaastu Shastra


A fascinating read for interior designers, builders, architects, businessmen and housewives, The Journey of Vaastu Shastra, authored by Abhishek Goel, a Vaastu expert, takes you on a trip of Vaastu Shastra to show you how to examine the Vaastu of any structure. It explains how to manage cuts and extensions in irregularly shaped plots in a creative manner. You'll also discover easy Vaastu correction solutions that don't require deconstruction. This book includes portions with specific Vaastu remedies for money, career, health, marriage, debt-free living, and other topics. You'll also discover the relationship between Vaastu Shastra, Astrology, and Numerology. Priced at ₹ 3,700.00 on Amazon for the paperback version.

Vaastu Shastra: For a Healthy, Prosperous and Happy Life


Vaastu Shastra: For a Healthy, Prosperous, and Happy Life is an in-depth examination of Vaastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science. This book delves into the many Vaastu concepts and techniques for designing houses, buildings, and workplaces in such a way that the structure, nature, and numerous energies are all in harmony. This book is a one-stop-shop since it describes the many guidelines and techniques for identifying and correcting numerous Vaastu flaws in simple terms. Written by Ashish and Nidhi Jain, Vaastu Shastra: For a Healthy, Prosperous, and Happy Life is priced at ₹ 360.00 on Amazon for the paperback version.

Remedies in Vaastu & Feng Shui


There is no doubting that following the concepts of Vaastu & Feng Shui and according to the regulations outlined in Indian scriptures while creating your houses, buildings, business complexes, factories, and other structures brings mental peace and tranquility, as well as prosperity and economic well-being. Remedies in Vaastu & Feng Shui, authored by Dr. Manoj Kumar has been conceived and written in a simple manner so that even simpletons can understand the principles and tenets of Vaastu and Feng Shui, and if there are any flaws, you can take remedial measures to correct the flaws and enjoy a peaceful and happy life filled with all-around success and prosperity. For the paperback format, the book is priced at ₹ 405.00 on Amazon.

Astrology & Vaastu Remedies


Written by Vishal and Renu Sharma, and priced at ₹ 283.00 for the paperback format on Amazon, Astrology and Vaastu Remedies for Happiness and Successful Life** is a one-of-a-kind book, penned with the goal of bringing astrological and Vaastu Shastra-based remedies to people all over the world. In the last 25 years, the authors have practiced and used these remedies, and they have made a lasting impact on numerous people's lives. This book presents remedies for all nine planets and twenty-seven nakshatras in a fairly organised manner, beginning with their basic meanings, qualities, and symbols and progressing through eight distinct ways to execute a prescription for each planet.

Vaastu: The Origin of Feng Shui


Vastu means 'nature and the surrounding environment' in Sanskrit. And Vaastu (with a long a) implies the art of creating living and working spaces that are in harmony with nature. Although you have no control over Mother Nature's universal influences, the science of Vaastu allows you to attract Nature's auspicious influences into your homes and offices, improving many aspects of life such as wealth, health, energy levels, spirituality, prosperity, influence, education, fame, and relationships. Marcus Schmieke shows, with scientific evidence, how certain significant Vaastu flaws can cause disease and how you can greatly improve the quality of your living space in his book Vaastu: The Origin of Feng Shui, priced at ₹ 1,300.00 on Amazon.

Vaastu: The Ultimate Guide


Authored by Mari Silva and priced at ₹ 2,210.00 on Amazon, Vaastu: The Ultimate Guide to Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui Remedies for Harmonious Living is intended for a wide range of audiences, from those who have never heard of Vaastu Shastra to seasoned architects who want to put Vaastu principles and teachings into practice. You'll get to learn about Vaastu's fascinating history, including how it grew and changed over the years and how it relates to Feng Shui. Although the focus of this book is on offering an in-depth reference to the key Vaastu principles, Feng Shui is also taken into consideration. Rather than pitting the two sciences against each other to identify a "winner," this book will focus on developing complementary designs and techniques that utilise both sciences for the best result.

Your Fortune from Thy House


R.G Rao's book, Your Fortune from Thy House, describes in great detail the impacts on a house or a family based on the position or placements of various rooms (leading with the main door or even the main entrance). It also explains what the correlative effects are, how the governing planets affect a family or a house with respect to the passage/balcony, the hall, the room, the pooja room, and the kitchen (stores/rear sides) as they are positioned, and what the effects are when the owner makes certain changes (in the name of convenience) regarding the positions of doors and other rooms, and so on. Your Fortune from Thy House is priced at ₹ 650.00 on Amazon.

The Need of Vaastu Shastra


Written by Pratul Chandra Das and priced at ₹ 550.00 on Amazon, the book The Need of Vaastu Shastra is a genuine and noble initiative and an attempt by the author to open the door of opportunities that the architectural science of Vaastu Shastra has to offer to you in plain terms to make your life happier and easier. The book can be described as an encyclopedia of an ancient science that has since long proven useful and can be used as a remedial tool to combat the unexplainable challenges life throws at you every now and then in the tangible world you reside in!

Bonus Tips: Difference Between Vaastu and Feng Shui

Although both Vaastu and Feng Shui attempt to harmonise you with your surroundings, their theories are very different. Surprisingly, Feng Shui was created with the intention of optimising the location of tombstones so that humans could reap the greatest benefits from their grateful ancestors. This later evolved into a method for locating homes and other structures. Vaastu Shastra believes that, like individuals, buildings have a lifespan that diminishes over time. Here are some key differentials in the way both can be perceived:

  • Founding Principles: Feng Shui is based on geographical concerns, but Vaastu Shastra is based on science.

  • Architecture vs. Way of Life: While Feng Shui encourages a positive attitude and increases the flow of positive energy in the home, Vaastu Shastra is primarily concerned with building a home that is suitable according to the theory's standards.

  • Positive Positioning: North is the most fortunate direction, according to Vaastu, because it is the source of magnetic energy. South, on the other hand, is considered auspicious in Feng Shui because it takes advantage of the fact that the sun moves from east to west.

  • Colours: When it comes to colours, Vaastu Shastra explicitly indicates that bright colours, such as red, should be used on the walls, while Feng Shui disagrees. According to Feng Shui, a house should be painted in soothing colours such as white, beige, and cream.

  • Objects: Another significant distinction is the materials utilised by the two theories. While Feng Shui makes use of wind chimes, smiling Buddhas, and bamboos, Vaastu emphasises the usage of basil plants and the proper placement of Ganesh idols.

  • The Issue of North-East: According to both disciplines, the north-east is the zone that governs the mind. While Vaastu recommends placing water here, Feng Shui says this area is ruled by the earth element. As a result, according to Feng Shui, earthen objects should be placed here.

  • Applied Science: The objective of the home's center, according to Vaastu, is to receive the highest quality of energy. As a result, open spaces and courtyards should always be present in the center. While Feng Shui considers the center to be the home's heart. A location where all the energy comes together. As a result, it suggests that you keep this room clean at all times and surround yourself with positive energy.

  • The Welcome Spot: According to Vaastu Shastra experts, the front door should always face north or east, as these are the most fortunate orientations. To determine the optimum direction for your entrance door, split the house into four halves and place the door in the fourth section, although according to Feng Shui, the best direction for the front door is the south. Because colours are important in Feng Shui, you should strive to maintain the main door red, which is the color of the south fire element.
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Implementing Vaastu in Your Structures isn't Difficult

As you would have discovered by now, understanding Vaastu and implementing it in your homes and offices is not difficult provided you go through the easy-to-understand Vaastu books as mentioned above. You can also seek professional advise from your architect or Vaastu consultant while creating the layout structure. We hope this BP Guide will serve as a good starting point to bring Vaastu into your life. Share your experiences with us and stay connected for more such engaging content.