Say No to Cliché Gifts! Choose a Gift That'll Charm and Steal Hearts! Explore a Treasure Trove of Quirky Gifts

Say No to Cliché Gifts! Choose a Gift That'll Charm and Steal Hearts! Explore a Treasure Trove of Quirky Gifts

Gifting can become stressful when you want to make sure your gift will be loved by the recipient. Boring gifts can dampen the joy so it makes sense to sometimes not stick to the commonplace. You are sure to take the gifting experience to another level by taking the time to find something offbeat!

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Gifting - A Thoughtful Gesture to Show You Care!

We all want to give the perfect gift, don't we? Indeed, the joy of gifting is lies in delighting the recipient and making them feel special.

Giving a gift can be to celebrate a special occasion, to show appreciation, be a gesture of love, or simply 'just because'! Whatever the reason, gifts play an important role in building connection and strengthening bonds. They are a tangible reflection of your sentiment and a way to share happiness.

The Secret Behind Gifting Right

The right gift reflects not only the effort that has gone into picking it out but also the relationship between the giver and receiver. No wonder the idea of picking out a gift can strike fear in the hearts of even the best of us!

Fret not! Finding the right gift is hard but not impossible with these tips:

Pick a winner with these tips!

  • Chosen specially: Choose a gift that connects with who they are as a person. It could be related to something they enjoy, something they care about or something meaningful to them (or the relationship).
  • It's not about the money: Buying a great gift is not about how expensive or flashy it is. A gift that has been chosen with care and has personal meaning will have more impact.
  • Surprise them: It can be tempting to lapse into finding safe choices (think a watch or a tie!) but be a little bold and use your knowledge of the person and their personality to find something that breaks away from the predictable and boring.
  • A personalised gifting experience: Add a handwritten note, think up of fun ways to wrap it or organise a fun scavenger hunt to make it an unforgettable experience.

A One-Stop Shop for Unique Gifts - TinyMinyMo

Going through websites and stores to find that perfect gift can be a tedious chore. The usual mainstream gift options are available dime-a-dozen but getting something unique, well that's not easy for sure!

TinyMinyMo has stepped into this gap to offer a one-stop shop platform to get quirky gifts that are sure to bring a smile to the giftee. Offering over 200 products and counting, the site's curated collection contains cute, unusual and offbeat products you won't find elsewhere.

What's Special about TinyMinyMo?

At TinyMinyMo, you will find products that are far from the run-of-the-mill stuff found in usual online stores. Hand-picked for their uniqueness from around the globe, you will be able to find something that would make the best gift for your friend, family or colleague. From trendy home decor to adorable stationery items and chic tech accessories, the range is wide so you can pick something that best fits the recipient. Products are affordable too, with price points starting from Rs. 45 onwards.

We want to make TinyMinyMo synonymous with “Unique & Amazing Gifts” and therefore we make sure each order we fulfill delivers happiness!

Explore TinyMinyMo's Eye-catching Array of Products

The site's carefully chosen collection includes a multitude of colourful and appealing products. You will find a great choice across different types of gifts - whether you are looking for something practical or something funky. Here are three great products to showcase the range.

Our aim is to do our bit in making our customer's loved ones feel important and special via the small token of love they send through us.

Multi-color Love Neon Light

This neon light speaks to the eclectic collection of the site. The love sign is a perfect gift to shout out your feelings for your girl. Made of ABS plastic, the sign has dimensions of 13 X 34 cm and can be used to adorn a desk or put up on a wall. It comes with a USB interface or you can use AA batteries. Find in on the TinyMinyMo site for Rs. 649.

Mermaid Mason Sippers

Check out the cute mermaids on this sipper. This ceramic mason jar sipper comes with an adorable reusable straw that has a mermaid charm attached. The perfect gift for the young teen girl in your life. There are four variants available, each priced at Rs. 549.

Fur Kitty Sling/Backpack

This fur backpack-cum-sling bag is sure to draw attention. Its unique design ensures that it can be used either as a cross body bag or a backpack as needed. Pretty cool, isn't it? The bag is made of plush and is available in eight colours for a price of Rs. 599 on the site.

Where Can You Find Them?

The Story Behind TinyMinyMo: What Inspired the Site?

Not surprisingly, the idea for the site came about after the founders Mallika Gupta and Ashish Sachdeva found themselves at a loss to find great gifts for their friends and family. Whether it was for a birthday party or a wedding finding memorable gifts was a major task and that's why they set up TinyMinyMo.

Meet the Founders

Mallika Gupta

Starting her career as an Architect, Ms. Mallika Gupta continued exploring her various interests including fashion blogging. Post completion of a Masters in Fashion Business from Pearl Academy she launched TinyMinyMo as her first venture. She enjoys travelling and painting in her spare time.

Ashish Sachdeva

An Engineer and MBA Grad from IMT Ghaziabad, Mr. Ashish Sachdeva currently works in Data Analytics for a multinational company. TinyMinyMo is his passion project that he works on along with his day job. His other interests include a love for history.

Through TinyMinyMo, we wish to spread love and make people feel more connected to each other in this busy world. It has become even more necessary now to stay connected in this social- distanced world.

TinyMinyMo's Commitment to its Customers

  • Quality-checked products: All products go through a full quality assessment and are delivered only after being 100% approved.

  • Great packaging: Extra care to make sure that the packing is safe and of high quality.

  • Return policy: A 5-day return policy for customers looking to return a purchase.

  • Quick dispatch:All orders are dispatched within 48 hours of the order being placed.

  • Prompt service: 24/7 customer service through various channels(email, Instagram & WhatsApp).

  • Personal touch: A handwritten personalised note is added to each order.

We are driven to keep going through the tough times by our desire to reach greater heights and of course, our passion to deliver a smile on when our parcel is opened.

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