30 Best Makeup Brush Sets with Names So You Spot the Right One & Get Flawless Results Every Time

30 Best Makeup Brush Sets with Names So You Spot the Right One & Get Flawless Results Every Time

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A great collection of brushes is a must-have for any makeup lover. Brushes not only help you apply your makeup quickly and easily, but they also help you apply the product smoothly and evenly for a flawless finish. If you're just getting started with makeup, a good set of brushes will make the process much easier. Here is a selection of essential brushes and their uses to add to your collection as curated by professional, celebrity makeup artists.

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Make Up Brushes: An Essential Tool for Looking Good!

Even though you can always apply makeup with your fingers and a sponge, the best beauty brushes and cosmetic-brush sets may make a difference, especially if you want to achieve a flawless, blended finish. What we've discovered is that high-quality makeup brushes are an investment; cheaper ones have a tendency to shed, so it's important to select carefully. In order to learn which brushes renowned makeup artists and platforms recommend, we contacted them.

Always remember that brushes are the only tools that could complete you as a makeup artist! Even if you’re a beginner, don’t compromise on brushes. For your ease, we’ve researched the 30 best makeup brush sets with the names below.

A Comprehensive Guide on Makeup Brush Set with Names!

To achieve a beautiful, airbrushed look that will give you the courage to tackle your day, makeup brushes are essential. However, selecting from a vast selection of makeup brushes available could make you intimidating. Even if you purchase a multi-pack set, you might need help to identify all of the cosmetic brushes' names or their precise functions.

Although applying foundation with your finger is a tried-and-true method, if you want to advance from a beginner to a pro in beauty, you need to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge. Before you know how to use makeup brushes, you must investigate different types of makeup brushes with their respective names and uses. Get the details you need by reading our makeup brushes guide below; you'll be slaying in no time.

Foundation Brush

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Your cosmetic routine should start with an even foundation base. With the proper kabuki brush, applying liquid foundation correctly can be easy. You can apply foundation to your face using a flat brush with straight, flexible, firm bristles. To prevent sharp lines or streak markings, using this flat brush is crucial to work the substance into the skin. These brushes come in many variants, from which choosing the best one is your personal choice. Check out the foundation brush here!

Concealer Brush

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Concealers can mask flaws and brighten up shadowy areas of the face after foundation. A concealer brush is just a very little foundation brush. It has a paintbrush-like form but is slightly denser. There's a great discount on concealer brush on Nykaa!

Powder Brush

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A powder brush is often a broad, full-fibered brush that can be used for various beauty tasks. It can be synthetic or natural. When you want a more natural, less pigmented look, powder brushes are the best makeup brush for blush application. Instead of a dramatic, deep-hued appearance, picture a dusting of rosy cheeks. Get powder brush at affordable prices on Amazon here!

Stippling Brush

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An eye-catching feature of a stippled brush is the presence of two different lengths of fibres. The majority of the brush is densely packed with long threads throughout. When applying different makeup hues, stippling brushes work wonders. With this kind of equipment, blush, foundation, and primer may be used together without issues. PAC's stippling brush could be a great fit here!

Contour Brush

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Contouring is a skill that every beauty enthusiast should be able to master, but it requires practice. The first step is to invest in a quality angled contour brush; these are preferred to flat brushes since they allow you to follow the natural contours of your face. You can get a Kardashian-level contour by using contouring brushes, which give you fine, precise control over the angles. When you are already picture-perfect, who needs Photoshop? Try out this range of RENEE's Contour Brushes!

Fan Brush

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Due to their versatility, these cosmetic fan brushes are essential in your makeup toolkit. Use a fan to softly buff bronzer or highlighter over your cheekbones in sweeping motions. Fan brushes can also be used to diffuse colour. Reduce the intensity of a dark blush by fanning it. Get fan brush at affordable prices here!

Blush Brush

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An excellent blush brush has a fluffy form similar to a powder brush. However, it is smaller to fit on the cheeks. Specific blush brushes include a little slant for a more accurate application of blush. To achieve the most natural look when applying blush, start with a small amount and gradually build it up while blending. Check out this cutest blush brush here!

Bronzer Brush

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One of the best methods to achieve a sun-kissed, glowing look without actually spending time in the sun, which is terrible for your complexion, is with bronzer. Make sure to thoroughly buff it out to ensure that no sharp lines remain. Here's an angled bronzer brush available on Amazon!

Lip Liner Brush

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Lip liners, which are flat and tapered, assist complete your lip look. Line your lips precisely, cover flaws, and contour your mouth elegantly. PAC's lip brush could be the most durable brush available here at Nykaa!

Eyeliner Brush

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Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, and Brigitte Bardot wore cat eyes to create a glam, seductive effect. An eyeliner brush has several uses. The hash or dot approach is an excellent place to start if you want to improve your cat-eye skills. Make small hashes or dots with the eyeliner brush down your lash line, and then add a final dot where the wing's tip will be. To achieve the ideal cat-eye, connect the dots. To ensure that the angles of both your wings match, you can use a stencil or even tape if you want to be precise. Check out this Eyeliner Brush that can be used to apply both wet and dry products!

Eyeshadow Brush

You'll need a variety of eyeshadow-specific makeup brushes if you want to create a complex eyeshadow look. Compared to the face brushes previously mentioned in this post, these brushes are far smaller and denser. You have complete control because they are made to apply eyeshadow in a very exact manner. Although it has a foundation brush-like shape and is relatively small, the bristles on this brush are much denser. Use the brush to pat the shadow onto your lids for the best results, adding more layers as needed.

Wand/Mascara Brush

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While many mascara formulas already include a spoolie brush, it never hurts to have one on hand. The wand of an excellent mascara has a spoolie shape and little bristles that protrude from it in all directions. Firm bristles are best since they make applying mascara simpler. These wands can also be used to neaten the brows by brushing the hairs in the same direction or applying eyebrow gel. Here's your pack of 3 mascara wands at the most affordable prices available at Amazon!

List of 30 Best Makeup Brush Set with Names

To let you embrace new, improved looks, we’ve listed below the 30 best makeup brush sets with names. Most of our selections are quality-focused yet affordable to help you get a bit more bang for your buck!

And, since these synthetic and natural brushes are lavish, we won’t blame you if you scoop sets of more brushes for yourself.

1. NY BAE Makeup Precision Brush Sets

To encourage precision and a natural look, angled makeup brushes are always the best bet! If you’re just starting on your eye makeup art, here’s a set of eyeshadow blending brush sets available at Purplle for just Rs. 235. This NY BAE Eye Love Brush Set may be your perfect fit whether you’re doing smokey eyes, or colour pops, or anything effortless for your eye makeup.

2. NY BAE Pro Powder Brush Set

All cherish a woman's makeup brushes. These wands, known as The NY Bae Brush Set, are all about a little puff, a little magic, and a whole lot of beauty. Your skin will be smooth, luminous, and evenly toned thanks to the natural, soft bristles' ability to ensure that the colors, textures, and strokes mix in uniformly. It's gentle, feels organic, and is quite effective. Use this ideal set to blend, puff, or highlight. It’s an all-in-one set consisting of a powder brush, fan brush, highlighter brush, lip brush, flat brush, and blush brush. This is available at a super affordable price of Rs. 259 at Purplle.

3. Swiss Beauty Makeup Brushes Set

These are a set of 5 Purple coloured makeup brushes set available by the brand Swiss Beauty. However, two other colour variants golden and pink are also available at an affordable price of just Rs. 329. It is a professional makeup brush set consisting of the necessary brushes, from eyebrow brushes to foundation and blush brushes. This set might be a perfect fit for both newbies and professionals looking for a premium range.

4. Allure Classic Pack of 12 Makeup Brushes Set

Here’s an extended version of makeup brushes set by the brand Allure Classic! It consists of 12 makeup brushes set and a travel pouch for just Rs. 560/- at Purplle. This multi-utility travel pouch offers easy storage while you’re on travel to carry your makeup essentials. There’s a powder brush, eyeshadow brush, foundation brush, eye applicator, eyeliner brush, eye groomer, lip filler brush, lip liner brush, mascara brush, angled blush brush, and blending brushes. This pack is built with premium quality to offer durability and class while using.

5. AY Makeup Brushes Set

This is a makeup brush set of 5 pieces with everything essential to create a stunning look. Apart from 5 brushes, you have three sponge puffs in your pack. “Blenders and brushes are super smooth”, says one of its reviewers. Overall, it’s a classy product by the brand AY, which you can buy at Purplle for just Rs. 270. It may not be the professional makeup brushes set, but it might be a must-have set for each beginner out there. As a newbie, you will be getting everything basic to start with!

6. GUBB Makeup Brushes Set

This is a set of 8 makeup brushes, all available in a shade of black bristles on Myntra for just Rs. 975. Everything from a foundation brush to eyeshadow and eyeliner brushes is included in the set. This is an easy-to-use set with pretty looks outside as well. They’re super sturdy, even though they come with soft bristles to give you a fluffy feeling every time you get ready. That said, the pack is a suitable fit for beginners and professionals alike!

7. Ronzille White Makeup Brushes Set

Ronzille’s solid makeup brushes are available in a white-coloured set at Myntra for just Rs. 327. For the beauty connoisseurs who are always trying to learn the latest trends or own a few makeup products, adding this white brush set would enhance your panel. Moreover, Myntra also provides a good return window of 15 days if you’re unsatisfied with the product. “It has soft bristles; I love the colour and overall design”, says one of its reviewers. Thus, it might be the best bet if you’re looking for a day, complete makeup brush set without spending more bucks!

8. Swiss Beauty Pro Series Eye Makeup Brushes Set

Are you a pro at eye makeup? If yes, look no further than this Swiss Beauty’s pro series of eye brush sets available at Myntra for Rs. 899. It’s a well-rounded set with purple and blue brush bristles to offer you a premium feel even to look at! You will get a total of 8 brushes from an angled eyebrow brush, eyeshadow brush, blending, contour brush, eyeliner brush, and so on. Whether you wish to draw feathered strokes, intense shots of perfect eyeshadows, or sweeping contouring on your eyes, we’ve got you covered!

9. GUBB Highlighter Makeup Fan Brush

As with any powder product, fan brushes work best for applying just light dusting, which is exactly what you want to do with a highlighter. Reach for the premium highlighter powder and dip this fan brush into the powder for a pro look. After delicately brushing the highlighter onto the tops of your cheeks, lightly tap the brush handle against a hard surface (such as the edge of your vanity) to remove any excess makeup. This GUBB highlighter fan brush is available for just Rs. 199 at Myntra. Grab now!

10. Colorbar Eye Makeup Kit

This is a ‘Ready to Wink’ eye makeup kit by the brand Colorbar that you can buy for Rs. 385 at Myntra. With this functional three-piece Eye Essential brush set, you can line, define, shade, and blend eyeshadow. You may create any eye appearance you like, from delicate and subtle to strong and dazzling, with the limitless options it offers. In the blink of an eye, you will become the belle of the ball. This is excellent for beginners because it makes brush identification simple. All in all, this travel-friendly set comes with ultra-soft and synthetic bristles to become your go-to kit for an everyday look.

11. Ladista 24 Pieces Professional Makeup Brush Set

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It’s a comprehensive 24 pieces set of makeup brushes by Ladista! They are one of the best quality makeup brush sets for their affordable price point. An option of another variant in 32 pieces is also available at Amazon for Rs. 699. However, you can buy a set of 24 pieces for just Rs. 399. These are built with super soft fibres that don’t penetrate or irritate your skin. These brushes are so versatile that they may be used for all makeup components. We admire how these brushes uniformly distribute the makeup over your face, whether you use them for cream, liquid, or powder makeup.

12. MACPLUS Fiber Bristle Makeup Brush Set

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Choose this package if you want to spend money on high-quality makeup brushes. The professional makeup artist-made brushes in this Kit total 24 and are packaged in a stylish black leather box. Everything you need, including blush and contouring brushes, is included in this comprehensive set! At an affordable price of just Rs. 399, you will be getting a concealer brush, one lip brush, one big fan brush, one sponge, one smudge brush, one sponge eyeshadow brush, one eyebrow comb, one contour brush, a lot more.

13. Amazon Brand – Eono Eyeshadow Brushes

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We’re introducing you again with high-quality professional eye makeup brushes set by the Amazon Brand - Eono! This is a set of 15 pieces, including brushes for concealing, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow, blending, eyelashes, and contouring. All this is available for Rs. 1,659 at Amazon India; check out now! Their eyeshadow brushes comprise seven excellent synthetic hair brushes and eight natural hair brushes. They are very delicate to the touch and exceedingly mild on the skin, making them ideal for liquid gels, powder cosmetics, and glitters.

14. Amazon Brand – Eono Makeup Brushes 27Pcs Professional

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Everyone loves Eono brushes, even if they’re a bit pricey! Well, the secret lies in their beneficial features. The synthetic bristles' soft, fluffy feel is impressive, and they glide effortlessly for a uniform, blended, and glowing makeup appearance. The bristles' plushness takes center stage, but the metal handles are also notable for their sturdiness, which permits more precise control. You can buy this 27-pieces professional set for Rs. 3,299 at Amazon India. For concealer, powder, contour, cream, blush, and blending, EONO brushes are ideal. Applying makeup to your face is simple and won't waste your expensive products.

15. Bs-Mall(Tm) Makeup Brush- Gold, Set of 14 Pcs

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This rose gold cosmetic brush kit is a popular present for mothers, wives, and female friends for any occasion, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, wedding anniversaries, and so forth. It is designed for makeup beginners and lovers. You will get a total of 14 pieces in this brush kit, including an angled brush, face flat brush, tapered brush, round brush, angled eyebrow brush, angled detailed brush, precis brush, classic eyeshadow brush, lip brush, eyeliner brush, and more. You can buy this set for less than Rs.700 at Amazon India now!

16. Skin Plus Brush applicator (Pack of 10)

Whether you prefer a smokey eye or a more natural-looking glam, these brushes won't let you down. The set includes a selection of premium fluffy brushes for blending in the creases and on the lids and angled brushes for defining foundation, lip liners, and concealer. Moreover, this is one of our budget-friendly yet best-quality picks available for just Rs. 233 at Flipkart. “The brushes don’t have any kind of fallout, and they are a perfect fit for blending purposes”, says one of its reviewers.

17. Yoana Professional Series Makeup Brush Set

This 12-piece set of cosmetic tools contains brushes for applying foundation, powder, blush, concealer, lipstick, eye shadow, and eyebrows, among others. The perfect gift for a girlfriend, sister, or mother who likes makeup is a set of these makeup brushes, which are appropriate for both ladies and teenagers. Moreover, you will get a pink sparkled storage box for a travel-friendly design. The cosmetic brushes have plastic handles and are comprised of high-performance synthetic fibers, guaranteeing their durability. Buy this set for just Rs. 194 at Flipkart now!

18. Foolzy Makeup Brush Set Professional

When in doubt, adhere to the fundamentals. This FOOLZY beauty brush set includes an eyeliner brush for accuracy, a tapered eye shadow brush for blending and layering, a blush brush for enhancing the cheeks, a concealer brush for brightening the under eyes, and a foundation brush for faultless coverage. You can use these brushes in conjunction with liquids, powders, or creams to improve your appearance before going out. Get this set for just Rs. 349 at Flipkart now!

19. Squared Naked 3 Makeup Brush Kit (Pack of 12)

This package is ideal for those new to makeup because it includes high-standard instruments at a reasonable price. This is a set of 12 makeup brushes by the brand Squared Naked 3, which you can buy at Flipkart for just Rs. 219. This bundle of professional-grade eyeshadow brushes, a medium laydown brush, a kabuki brush, and a lip brush has the secret to pulling off stunning glam.

20. Music Flower High Quality of Makeup Brush Set of 24

This is another high-quality professional makeup brush set of 24 pieces available by the brand Music Flower for just Rs. 280 at Flipkart. The angled cheek brush, which brilliantly lifts and sculpts while giving you a highlighted temple and glowy look, is one of our favourites. This lovely package has everything you need for daily makeup, but we wish the bristles were a little softer.

21. PAC Absolute Basics Brush Set

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To accomplish the extreme, use the fundamentals. Bring your basic makeup to a high level of skill. To achieve beautiful outcomes, use these tools from the industry. You can get the most amazing makeup with PAC's Absolute Basics collection of 14 professional cosmetic brushes. Get this extremely premium makeup brush set for Rs. 4,950 at Nykaa! It has the ideal brushes for applying foundation, blending, layering, highlighting, and applying eyeshadow and blush with accuracy. Quickly advance from a beginner to a professional.

22. Plume Professional Makeup Brush Set

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It is a 16-piece premium makeup brush set by the brand Plume Professional. You will get brushes for both face and eyes in a premium-quality bag or marble-designed pouch. Both the professional and essential brushes are in the pouch, namely, the powder brush, angled blush brush, flat top foundation brush, flat contour brush, lip brush, highlighter fan brush, concealer application brush, and all the pro eye makeup brushes. Moreover, it’s a cruelty-free and 100% vegan product built with soft and high-quality man-made bristles. You can get this premium set for Rs. 3,996 at Nykaa now!

23. PAC Eye Series Brush Set (8 Brushes)

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Here is another PAC makeup brush set primarily available for the eye series! These are a set of 8 brushes, all to transform your eyes in the best professional manner possible. Although they are our pricey selections, the quality PAC provides is quite unbeatable. They also offer the best durability possible. Thus, if you’re looking for a professional and super-premium set of eye makeup brushes, go no far than this PAC set, which is available for Rs. 2,925 at Nykaa.

24. PAC Quintessential Series (15 Brushes)

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Here’s another premium pick by the brand PAC! One of the top professional makeup brush sets on the market, the PAC Makeup Brush Set is renowned for its superb blending, cutting-edge technology, and ergonomic design. It consists of 15 multi-purpose brushes, such as all-eye makeup brushes, highlighter brushes, powder brushes, contour brushes, flat foundation brushes, small concealer brushes, and more. This set is available on Nykaa for Rs. 5,395 to buy now!

25. e.l.f. Cosmetics 11 Piece Brush Collection

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Here’s a fluffy 11-pieces makeup brush set by the brand e.l.f. Cosmetics! It has specific brushes for your foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, and powder and is designed to simulate the look of airbrush makeup. This ergonomic 11-piece set from e.l.f is a favourite among beauty fans. One delighted buyer wrote, "Already a fan of e.l.f. products, but their brushes are really incredible! They assist blend makeup smoothly and are soft and of excellent quality. They are also easy to clean and most durable. Without a doubt, I'll purchase another pair." Buy this set now for Rs. 3,500 at Nykaa!

26. Nykaa Blendpro Angular Eyeshadow and Lipstick Makeup Brush & Blush Makeup Brush Combo

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Let’s go minimal now, and just focus on two basic yet required makeup brushes! It is a set of angular eyeshadow and lip brush combo by the brand Nykaa that you can buy for just Rs. 763 on their official Nykaa website. When applying shadow to the crease of your eye, these bristles' angled shape hugs the contour of your brow bone (think of it as a contour brush for your eyes). A lip brush, on the other hand, is a makeup application tool that normally resembles a long, thin pencil and has soft bristles at the tip that typically form a tapered point. It is utilised to uniformly apply lip gloss or lipstick on the lips.

27. Bronson Professional Lip Filler Brush

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When it comes to applying lip lipstick, lip brushes are one of the most important cosmetics. It makes it easier to apply lipstick flawlessly. Your lips will appear plumper and fuller as a result. So, if you’re looking for a specific lip filler brush that is high-quality yet available at affordable prices, here’s the one for you by the brand Bronson on Nykaa for just Rs. 80.

28. Pro Arte Retractable Lip Brush PL37

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The PROARTE line of professional makeup tools is made with the highest-quality synthetic and natural-synthetic bristles available and is built with precision. These instruments are the ideal complement to your makeup expertise when you have a gorgeous body to show off. Here’s a retractable lip brush by this brand that you can buy at Nykaa for Rs. 489. Retractable brushes are made to let you feel professional and luxurious at the same time. You can use this brush on a daily basis for even application of gloss and lip colour as it allows for flawless, smooth application each time you use it.

29. Faces Canada Lip Filler Brush

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Faces' Canada professional makeup brushes are expertly created from the highest-grade materials for flawless makeup. They have a perfect grip and luxuriously soft bristles that will give you a finely defined, immaculate finish to flaunt. This is a lip filler brush that you can use for flawless application of lip gloss or lipstick and even use it for fine blending purposes. Get this brush for just Rs.279 at Nykaa now!

30. Plume Lip Brush - P13

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For a flawless look, try using this Plume professional lip brush which is available at Nykaa for Rs. 310. We know that it’s another pricey pick, but it might be the go-to pick for professionals and people looking to buy the most durable makeup brushes out there. It is further made of high-quality and soft bristles to not disappoint you in long run.

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Final Words: Pick Out the Best for You!

Hopefully, you find this guide super helpful, especially if you're a makeup artist or a makeup enthusiast trying out new products and tools almost daily. We've listed above the 30 best makeup brush sets with names, both for beginners and pros, and there are some premium ones in the list for professional makeup geeks. So, check out now, and comment down below your favorite brushes!