Male Grooming Tips Every Man Must Follow to Keep Themselves Fresh & Presentable At All Times! (2020)

Male Grooming Tips Every Man Must Follow to Keep Themselves Fresh & Presentable At All Times! (2020)

As it's said that the first impression is the last, the proverb is even more true for men, who are on-the-go most times and have to meet people all day long, which makes it crucial for them to keep themselves presentable at all times! Keeping that in mind, we've curated below the best male grooming tips that must be followed by every man!

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Male Grooming: Looking Your Best with Just a Little Effort!

Who doesn't like to look good? Earlier grooming primarily used was a woman's thing, but now men are really getting into taking care of themselves, which is a good thing. Everyone should practice a daily grooming routine to look attractive and to take care of their personal hygiene. We intend to encourage men of all ages to start grooming themselves by giving them great pointers on how and what they can do to again look as young as they did back in their teens.

Importance of Male Grooming

Grooming does not mean spending an hour or two at a parlor. You can easily groom yourself right at home and feel fresh and clean. You can find hundreds of home remedies and products to keep yourself groomed with minimal effort and stay positive. Grooming is about keeping yourself mentally and physically presentable. The way you dress and present yourself in front of others creates an everlasting impact on the people you meet. It also helps you gain respect at work as well as improves your relationships.

A man who grooms himself loves himself and the people around him, he likes to look attractive and pleasant and has confidence, which is the truth. If you are a man and have not started grooming yourself other than when you have to go to a wedding, then it is the right time to start it. It will help you make an impression and gain confidence.

5 Benefits of Grooming Yourself

"When I'm feeling blue, all I have to do, is take a look at you", a popular song by Phil Collins, says it all, but if you are not groomed, no one would like to take a look at you. Jokes apart, grooming is essential to lift your mood. You would be surprised how simply putting on a good cream and brushing your hair can change your mood. Here are some benefits you gain by grooming yourself regularly other than feeling good about yourself.

  • If you don't take care of your personal hygiene, you are inviting many infections into your body. Grooming makes you clean and takes care of your hygiene. You will feel fresher and cleaner and, of course, confident.

  • Health and grooming go hand in hand and will make you healthier naturally. You won't fall sick due to skin infections or bacterial growth on your body.

  • We have already covered that a well-groomed man leaves a great impression in his personal and professional life.

  • A well-groomed man appears sincere and trustworthy.

  • If you walk out of the door with messy hair, long nails, and puffy eyes, you'd end up looking like a hoodlum who was up partying late at night, but if you are nicely kept and groomed, you will look like a man of value and mature, and people would like to spend time in your company.

10 Tips on Male Grooming Every Man Should Know

Washing your hair, taking daily showers, and smelling nice are the basics of grooming, but here we have compiled a list of tips that you can use to keep you groomed to the T. There are simple ways of taking care of your body and look charismatic.

Become a Regular at Your Barbers

We completely understand if you don't want to go to the barber every week because it's a lot of hassle. You can simply take care of little things at home, but you should visit your barber at least twice a month to trim your hair. Well-kept hair makes you look poised and, of course, in style.

When you look at yourself in the mirror and feel you need a trim, remember that the others would feel the same way. It simply means that it's time to get a haircut. Getting regular haircut spurts hair growth and makes you look nice and fresh. Find a good barber that knows the hairstyle you like and visit him to give you your favorite look.

Maintain Dental Hygiene

What is the first thing you notice in a person? Women generally check out the smile and shoes of a man when they first meet. Bad breath is awful; therefore, it is crucial to maintain proper dental hygiene. A visit to a dentist is often very unpleasant, but it should not be avoided. The best way to avoid them, though, is to brush twice daily and don't forget to floss each night.

You can also use a good mouthwash to prevent tooth decay and bad breath. Make sure to rinse your mouth after each meal and avoid using toothpicks or other sharp material to clean food stuck between the teeth. If you follow this routine, you won't have to go to a dentist regularly.

Cut Your Nails

Keep your nails short unless you are a guitarist and need long nails. There is no right way or right time to cut them; you can do it whenever you feel the need to do so. If you have hard nails, you can do it after a shower as the nails get softer once soaked in water. You can use a clipper or a filer to keep them short. It is said that a man's hand tells a lot about their lifestyle; therefore, make sure you have clean and well-kept fingernails. When buying a nail cutter, make sure it is sharp to get fine cuts.

Know Which Hair Products Work for You

We all are blessed with individuality and personality, and likewise, we have different skin textures. Not all products are suitable for all skins, and you need to make sure you don't use what your father or brother is using. If you are using a hair product for thick hair, it should have pomade and wax in it, but you can go for lighter products for fine hair. The same goes for your skin. Do the research and look for skin products that suit your skin type. Read the labels and see if it has the ingredients that would suit you and prevent any damages.

Skin Health

Your skin is the protective layer of the body and needs utmost care. You can avoid taking a shower for a day, but you can't skip putting on a moisturizer or a sunscreen at all. Taking care of your skin leaves it smooth and gives you younger-looking skin. Here are some ways through which you can take care of your face and get glowing skin.

  • Use warm water and wash off the dirt you acquired during the day.
  • Use a suitable natural face cleanser by gently rubbing it on your face and rinse it with warm water.
  • Now splash some cold water on your face to bring back the pores to its natural size.
  • Pat dry your face, avoid rubbing a towel on it.
  • Apply a suitable moisturizer on your face; you can also use coconut oil or almond oil on it.
  • If you are suffering from dead skin, you can use an exfoliator once or twice a week to remove the dead skin.
  • Don't ever forget to put on sunscreen with an SPF on at least 15 before going out. Apply it at least 20 minutes before heading out to prevent skin damage due to harmful UV rays.
  • Remember less is more; therefore, don't use a whole lot of products on your face. Use a pea size of face wash, sunscreen, or moisturizer to cover your face with it, or else you will be wasting a lot of money on buying a whole new bottle within a week or so.
  • Take care of the region around your eyes. Under-eye creams are not just for women; you can use them to get the same results. It will help you get rid of dark patches and fine lines and make your face fresher.
  • Use blackhead removal strips to clean your nose's tip and edges to get a cleaner face.

Powder Your Balls

Yes, this is very crucial, powder your balls! Sweat accumulates in covered and folded areas, and your private parts are sweaty almost all the time. Imagine yourself dressed up nicely but have a sweaty and itchy groin area, not pleasant at all, not to mention the weird smell it omits. There is a reason why ball powders are in demand! Simply pat yourself dry after a shower and use the powder where it belongs to stay fresh and sweat-free. Remember not to use talk or menthol powder as it may cause cancer or irritation. Also, don't use the powder that may turn into a white paste and leave a stain on your trousers.

Eyebrow Maintenance

A well-kept eyebrow makes a huge difference in your appearance. Undoubtedly, it makes you look more groomed. You can either go to a professional to get them in shape or use tweezers to do it at home. Simply grab the extra hair and pluck them off but make sure to balance both of them equally. Also, if you are taking help from a professional, tell them that you need just the extra hair removed, as men do not usually prefer over-shaped eyebrows.

Take Cold Showers

We all take cold showers in the summers, but you should do the same during winters. Yes, it's tough, but it's good for your health and your skin. Warm water tends to open up your pores and makes you susceptible to infections. When you take nice warm baths in winters, you tend to spend more time under the water as it feels good on your skin, but it also dries up your skin and can cause flaky and itchy skin. Take a quick cold shower to clean yourself and spend more time pampering yourself with lotions and creams for that healthy skin.

Manage Your Facial Fuzz

Beards are in fashion. You'll see most men or boys with beards these days. It gives them a rugged and macho look but only if it is well kept. It is important to maintain a beard properly to look good with it. You can simply trim it at home with the help of scissors or a trimmer, or you can go to a barber and get it done. You'll also find many shampoos or creams specifically made for taking care of your beard. It is good to use them as your face's hair is different from on your head and needs different products. Don't let it grow to the point that it starts to make you look like a Viking. Trim it and flaunt it.

Wear Sunscreen

Women are quite precise when it comes to protecting their skin from UV rays, but men tend to ignore it. A good tan does make you look handsome, but if you overexpose your skin to the sun, you may invite skin cancer. Always use a sunscreen of at least 15 SPF before going outside be in summers or winters. It also helps in reducing fine lines and keeps your skin healthier.

Videos to Learn Male Grooming

Since men are keen on learning the art of grooming in today's times, you'll find tons of informative videos on YouTube on how to do it. These videos are very helpful and guide you step by step on how to take care of yourself so that you can look your best all the time. Here are three such excellent videos that can help you learn the art of grooming yourself. Ladies, if your man is too lazy to start grooming, you can watch these videos for them and teach them to groom themselves. Remember, grooming is an addiction, but a good one. Once they are used to seeing themselves nicer and cleaner, they won't stop!

Men's Grooming Mistakes by Alexa Costa is a good channel that teaches you how to take care of your hair and skin and keep you updated on the fashion trends. The video on 10 grooming tips every man should know is a good video to learn grooming to start with. It shows you different ways on how you can take care of yourself easily at home. You can check out the video here.

Another good video is from Ranveer Allahbadia. He gives excellent tips on lifestyle factors and body grooming etc. You can watch the video on self-grooming on Youtube.

You can also check out the AWxinc by Ashley Weston if you want a women's perspective on male grooming. She is a well-known celebrity men stylist who has a lot of experience in grooming men. She is fun to watch and gives great tips. You can check out her Youtube channel here.

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Do Not Forget to Check if The Product You're Buying is Suitable for Your Skin!

The first and foremost step to start your grooming regime is to identify what kind of skin you have. Next, you move towards buying the right products for your skin. This is crucial; as a product meant for dry skin, if applied to the oily skin, can damage the skin than it already might be! Hence, be wary of looking for the right products for your skin.